Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Simon Parkes

Q. This is very interesting.  Please let me know what your psychic impressions are on this man and his information.  His name is Simon Parkes.

I feel that this guy might well be on target, which is a very scary thought.  I have been reading things on the internet for the last couple of days about Russia launching military exercises that are supposedly the largest mobilization that they have had since the USSR invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968.  I also saw a video of American tanks in Germany being moved from one location to another (unspecified destination) which correlates with Parkes' claim that the Americans are moving their tanks into the jumping off position for an attack.  The U. S. has been moving weapons and missiles right up to Russia's border and they, too, have been having military exercises near Russia's borders.  Another item I came across on the internet was a posting by a retired military guy.  He says his contacts report that the U. S. airbase on Guam has now got so many heavy bombers there that they have to park some of them on the grass.  He also says that it is getting very hard to find a place on military transport for Europe (military retirees are allowed to travel for free on a space available basis on military transports).  

Here is a brief video by Simon Parkes that came out a few days before the one that I sent you earlier:

Here is a different video that purports to be put out by the BBC as a fictional account of a nuclear attack on the U. K.  It is says it is a prepackaged news report - what is a prepackaged news report???  I never heard of such a thing.  Does it mean they know exactly what will happen in the future? Or does it mean that it has all been planned out and this is what they will report to the masses when the ICBMs start raining down on our heads, even though the war started in a very different manner?  It takes a little over half an hour to watch.  It seems to be very well done and very realistic.  If you get any psychic impressions about who did this and why they did it, I would love to hear them.  

I find all of this very unsettling and wonder just what on earth is going on.  It is interesting to note that both world wars started in August, or close to it (the first war began in the first week of August and the second began on September 1). 
A. I get that in the big scheme of things Germany has been viewed poorly by much of the world since World War.  They are now the target for a much bigger agenda.  I see the refugees being part of the plan to destabilize their economy and create a strain within their society. Things have been brewing and I see that many countries are on the edge of breaking loose, and the US is trying to keep it contained until after the election (unrest now would just propel Trump, and the PTW are desperately wanted Hilary as she is much more controllable).

Russia is ready to strike against it's neighbors.  They are wanting to reacquire the land that is alongside their borders.  I see when the time comes they go deep into neighboring lands, and then they are forced to surrender, but the ultimate result is a net gain of land.  Russia views this as their rightful land that was slowly (and I hear the word) "stolen" over the years.

I get that China is awaiting the perfect storm of when the stock market declines.  They want to jump in and be the protectors and back the "new currency" that will rule much of the world.  China is working overtime accumulating as much gold as possible so they can prove their solvency when the time comes.

I also see some kind of deal in the works that if Israel and Great Britain help the US get a reason to be in Syria (for positioning and also resources), the US will help Israel get back the German area.  I looks like kind of master plan that is slowly unfolding.

As I look at the "pre-packaged" news report, I see they do this a lot.  What happens versus what they want you to think happened can be very different. (I see flashes of 9/11).  In the event of a false flag, they are preparing what they will tell the world in order to keep the agendas in alignment.

Don't live in fear, just pay attention.  Keep a focus on the greater good.  And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Craig said...

Was just watching a video update for the Germans by Simon. He said that the recent assassination attempt on merkal August 26 was an attempt to start a war like they did in ww1. He said that the power in that area think a war is needed to jumpstart the economy. I guess it's always about money, and/or power.

I have seen a lot of Simons video interviews and I think he is who he says he is, has no hidden agenda. He just wants to help. He has a group that anyone can join that works to combine meditation energy for the betterment of the world and is used to focus positive energy At critical times. He did one focused on cern last year as he knows all about what they are doing there. Anyway, check his site out, just search it. Simon parkes. Good man and a brave soul in my opinion.

Wry Wrath said...

This or any war is not the desire of the real citizens of the United States. Our gubmmt has been hijacked by criminals and does not represent the citizenry.

Anonymous said...

This "pre-packaged" news report, as Lynn said "what happens versus what they want you to think happened can be very different" with prime example of of 9/11, could be performed by hired new breed of Crisis Actors Used In False Flag Operations to feed the mainstream media falsified news, especially in reporting a "war scenario". By the way, is military complex purposely intercepting a mobile communication tonight in Europe, or is it just a Mercury (communication) retrograde?
Any inside on this please?

Joao Gomes said...
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joy said...

I like Simon Parkes much. He feels authentic.

About a week or so ago, NATO have placed ICBMs that could easily be fitted with nuclear device,all around Russia, on the EU side.Then, it was followed by a report from FARSIGHT (remote viewing)INSTITUTE that something spectacular will happen within 2 weeks.
"Geez.......what are they doing..?" I said to myself.

Then came Simon. He claimed the US cabal wanted to murder Merkel to officially start WW3.
"Geez,.........another one."


Joao Gomes said...
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They Live said...

The Sociopaths at Large (PTW) are so annoying and overdone but I digress.
WW3 started sometime ago via psychological and spiritual attacks (media and their lies), biological warfare(chemtrails, poisioning of food, water etc.). Physical wars have been occurring for a very long while now in countries all over Earth. Attention to specific countries deemed part of the world power however- North America(the U.S. part of it) China, Germany, Russia etc.- get special attention as they have been placed as the forefront for WW3, a political manipulation(the basis for all wars)to see who will come out on top as they battle for the ultimate trophy in continuation of the Olympics. Get your popcorn, sit back and watch as they destroy themselves. Enjoy the show ��

jimsjoe1 said...

Professional assassins don't use a baton, tear gas, a cement block and handcuffs to murder someone. Merkel is a globalist and that is why she allowed all the refugees in and keeps the sanctions on the Russians in spite of the sexual attacks and violence and the hurting Germans firms financially by keeping the sanctions. Why get rid of a very useful puppet?

A Man Called Da-da said...

You all have significantly more power than you realize, a near-infinite amount. Meditate -- or just imagine -- that all the tanks and trucks and planes WILL NOT START. For anyone. It's a cold and frosty morning and nothing works. Guns don't work. Bombs and rockets are inert. Systems computers flash the Blue Screen of Death. Set a time limit of 48 hours. Then... relax. In 24-36 hours, do it again. And again. 10 people thinking the same thing is 10^10th intent. More is better, but even a few working together are very powerful. Don't be sheep, be ALL-POWERFUL PSYCHIC SHEEP. Don't be afraid, be AWESOME. You are limited only by your imagination.


Anonymous said...

This just came out this morning of the explosion on this rocket being tested.

SpaceX - Static Fire Anomaly - AMOS-6 - 09-01-2016

If you slow the youtube video down . At 1:12 coming from right of screen . It looks like the rocket was shot at .


Anonymous said...

Somebody please tell me you see incoming on Spacex video at 1 o clock at the 1:12 point . I slowed video down . It is way obvious this was on purpose.

PimpMyBrain said...

Yes Erin, you are right. I see clearly this little round object fly by and "zap" on the rocket. You are not crazy, it is clearly obvious. And you can see it on other videos with different angle. Strange enough, the MSM shows only the exact moment of the explosion and not the time before...mitiging the view of this object.

This "Israeli satellite that was to provide Facebook broadband to Africa " seems to have piss of somebody about it reals objectif...

Anonymous said...


Thank you!

The nothing to see here commenters on you tube came out fast as soon as I mentioned it .

Sad really . They keep pushing what flavor of Koolaid to drink.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for all the great comments! Much to think on, and yes, we do have a lot power. More than we all realize!

joy said...

Erin Crook, THIS rocket explosion might just be the big news that the FARSIGHT INSTITUTE saw in their remote viewing about a week ago or so.

Buddhist Lady said...

How strange. When I heard about the explosion, I felt immediately that someone/something had blown up the rocket.

Erin...I see a lightning beam or strike (like the Israel directed energy strike I referenced last week) coming from the upper right-hand direction of the video at 1:11-12.

I, frankly, feel that no one better could be in charge of Russia than Putin at this time. I get the impression from him that he is a man capable of visualizing minimally 5-6 moves ahead in a chess game.

The Elite are vulnerable because of their greed. Greed can cloud your perspective...whereas knowing you're a target can actually lend a clarity of sight and thought. We need look no further than the end years of Atlantis with Human Angelics utilizing 4-D powers, which became "clouded" with arrogance and power "tripping." I feel the Elite are in disarray right now. Have fun with it!

I think too many countries now know that the U.S. has been taken by forces behind the government who have insatiable appetites for violence, profit, and winning (note I don't say victory). They are keeping their distance from America...knowing the U.S. has something very wrong with its direction and governance at this point. Awareness creates different energy.

I hope everyone will re-read Da-da's post. He's right. Do you understand that our mere imagining of the scenario he envisions has powerful consequences? It does. The Elite may have certain 4-D powers; however, may I remind you that Human Angelics with accentuated 3-D powers have an unimaginable power never before demonstrated? Awareness + imagination within a group create a "mental" directed energy strike. Have fun with it!

Buddhist Lady said...

You might not have seen the following from The Washington Post October 8, 2015:

How America can counter Putin’s moves in Syria

"One can hear the disbelief in capitals from Washington to London to Berlin to Ankara and beyond. How can Vladimir Putin, with a sinking economy and a second-rate military, continually dictate the course of geopolitical events? Whether it’s in Ukraine or Syria, the Russian president seems always to have the upper hand....

Third, we must “de-conflict” our military activities with those of the Russians. This is distasteful, and we should never have gotten to a place where the Russians are warning us to stay out of their way. But we must do all that we can to prevent an incident between us. Presumably, even Putin shares this concern.

Finally, we need to see Putin for who he is. Stop saying that we want to better understand Russian motives. The Russians know their objective very well: Secure their interests in the Middle East by any means necessary. What’s not clear about that?

Condoleezza Rice
Robert M. Gates"

Maybe The Elites have been rattled by the lock-down...or too many revelations...or too much cosmic energy...even the Zetas have fled momentarily (from Lynn last week)?

Aaahhhh. Great fun!

Buddhist Lady said...

All of these posts can get a little heavy and, instead of just one feel-good news story, I bring you an entire site! They're mostly very short; some have a short video. Don't miss the dog they pulled from the quake rubble after 10 days!! Whatta dog!!! You go boy!! Or the girl who asks her dad to sign adoption papers for his birthday present...causing him to cry his eyes out like a baby!! Yahoo, good news!!!

(And The Elites are sittin' in the corner going..."What the hell is that? What's so great about that? Where's the money?')

Anonymous said...

@Buddhist Lady

I always look for sights to get a few laughs . Thank you.

Just watched a guy in Canada set down his Gopro camera in a park to video squirrels . The squirrels came down the tree , grabbed his camera. The next minute or so we got to see the life of a squirrel running through the trees . Before he got a chance to stop and pick at it .Quick little buggers. No harm. he dropped it so the owner got his camera back. lol

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for all the comments, both serious and the light-hearted ones. Much love- Lynn