Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kurt Sonnenfeld / Political Asylum

Q. Hi Lynn! It's me again. There's a guy (Kurt Sonnenfeld) from the US who has political asylum here in Argentina. He was a FEMA employee and he was (apparently) the only one with access to Ground Zero after 9/11 to document the whole scene.  Little after that, he went to prison for allegedly killing his then wife. He spent several years in prison there in the States and here in Argentina (where he escaped to), until he could clear the homicide/suicide situation with the Argentinean Justice.  Now he remarried and has two daughters. He says they live in fear and under constant CIA harassment because HE HAS THE TAPE MATERIAL OF FEMA-GROUND ZERO IN HIS POWER (I'm sure otherwise he would be dead already).  (I even once tried to reach him to give a lecture on his case for a group of people and the next day my apartment was vandalized, one of my dogs lost in the streets and a funny/weird message on my cell phone, all at the same time.) Needless to say I never tried to get in touch with the guy again. Can you see something about this guy or his wife's death? 
A. I get this man does know the truth about 9/11 and has inside proof hidden away.  I keep getting a visual of a cluster of dynamite taped together, and get that he got a visual of an explosive that either went off but could somehow still be identified (through wording or something) that it was an explosive or saw an explosive that didn't go off..?  He got a video of this- undeniable evidence that the buildings went down due to a planned explosion and not due to a plane. I also get that he not only has taped evidence, but he has something tangible that he took away from the scene (I see him put it in his pocket).    

Q.  How did they know he had it? 
A.  He talked too much.  He was very upset because there were Ground Zero people (people that he knew) that were hurt rescuing people, and when he realized this was an intentional act, it made him irrate.  He tried to approach the media, but since the media is controlled by the top, he wasn't able to properly leak the story (I also get that something happened to the news reporter that he approached with this- it feels very dark??). He also didn't realize that this 9/11 event went straight to the top, but I get an image of the CIA visiting him (and it became clear to him then)..

Q.  Why doesn't he release it?
A. I see a two fold situation going on in his mind... If he releases the footage, he realizes these powerful people will try to block or alter it, and he will soon be found dead.  He may get the truth out to a few, but it will bring certain harm to him and possibly his family. 

If he holds onto this (which he doesn't want to do), he still has some leverage.  I get that he has it, but he has it stored separate from himself and only a few people know where it is [I not share any more thoughts on that]..  He is contemplating releasing it to another country's government and letting them expose the story, but he has to sure up his and his family's protection first.

Q.  Did he really murder his first wife?
A.  He did not.  I get it was a set-up by the government (specifically the CIA) to drive this man out of the country.  He had already talked too much, and he was a wild card, but also had some compelling evidence that they didn't want out.  I see the unknown location of that video is the thing keeping this man alive..

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light-

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Baltimore and Freddie Gray

Q. What do you make of the Baltimore riot situation? Is it another false flag? Is it Martial Law training or a test? Is the government helping lead and provoke the rioters?A.  I get there is a lot going on in this area of the country, and there is a feel of an intentional agitation occurring.  

First, that area of the country is very vulnerable, so there will be a high need to have a military presence there.  I have always seen this thick cord or cable that is in that starts at a military base (I want to say the Massachusetts area) and extends into the Atlantic ocean.  This cord serves as a hard wired communication line.  They (the US military) are in high guard of this line and need to protect it (it isn't the average communication line, but something even more "secure"?).  They know that if Russia (or any other country) were to attack, this would be something that they would not want to lose.  With the uncertainty of outside affairs, they have to be on high alert to be able to defend this "line."  Any reason to keep an overabundance of military in that area is needed to be able to guard against outside attacks..

I also see a secondary reason for the rioting (there and everywhere else) is based on the upcoming elections.  I get the biggest obstacle to winning an election is having a problem and being the solution to be the hero to the people. 

Q. Then I ask how these elections really matter when I see that no matter who wins, the powers that be are the ones in control..
A.  I do get that overall elections serve as a distraction and also give people the illusion that they have a choice.  Then I see an image of a side by side photo [I will see if I can find it and attach it after this reading- sorry couldn't find it, maybe someone out there saw it..?], and on one side is a group of slaves from the south, and on the other is people walking on the streets of New York, the caption says something about all of these people are slaves, the only difference is the ones from the south know it.. Our government, by design, has everyone enslaved into a system.

Then I hear that the reason the elections really matter is because depending on what party is elected, that is who's uncle, brother, niece, cousin, etc gets opportunities to privileged business transactions, and that is what truly matters to the opposing parties.  There are good hearted people that want to genuinely make change involved in the election process- but there is a real controlling force that is much bigger than the candidates and they are all business (and battling it out).

I also see that there is a certain amount of setting up of a situation and seeing what happens.  I get the image of police or officials really pushing the limits just to see what people will do and how much they will take.  There is an element of a test and exercise happening.  I get it is better to do it when we aren't truly in a crisis versus waiting on a major event to happen and then hope your "fire drill" is executed properly.  I also see that police and military from other areas are being brought in to assist, but I hear the reality is it is like they are earning their "continuing education" credits.

Q. Lastly, what do you make of the information that "Freddie Gray’s life-ending injuries to his spine may have possibly been the result of spinal and neck surgery that he allegedly received a week before he was arrested." 
Source: http://thefourthestate.o/2015/04/breaking-freddy-gray-had-spine-surgery-just-one-week-before-arrest/

A. I see that his previous injuries were a factor, but not the cause.  I get he was on some heavy pain pills due to a procedure or injury, which made him somewhat numb in his extremities (he couldn't feel the pain).  When he had the altercation with the police his injuries were made worse, and he didn't realize (because he was a little numb) how hurt he was.  When he got in the back of the vehicle he was dealing with the old injury that was made worse, on top of rough driving (I see his sliding and bouncing about) .  At this point I see a lot of swelling and inflammation occurring which inhibited his nerves from communicating, and ultimately made his extremities lose function.  The actual loss of control doesn't look to be the cause of death though- I see some kind of infection settled in..

And that is all I have.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Karen Hudes and The Vatican... What is going on there?

Q. Will you do a reading on 'Ms. Karen Hudes', former World Bank Attorney and whistleblower. It appears she has worked tirelessly and passionately exposing and informing. She's a force in uniting the international community from diverse key positions to work for humanity together. There are endless interview videos of her and she has her own website showing all her communications over the decade or longer. She knows the laws and history of the banks and Vatican. I've never seen anyone bring her up here before.
A.  I see Karen Hudes as a woman that was very intelligent, but was very unaware of how the world worked until she became involved with the World Bank (was more like a follower than a leader). Once she became affiliated and started really "see" the operation, it started to become clear just how interwoven and how connected these groups were.  It was as if a few controlled the many, but the "many" were so convoluted it was difficult to trace them back to the "few" (and by few I mean the Powers That Be).  Being on the inside gave her the perspective of just how few main groups there were- These "few" were intentionally hiding in plain sight.

Then I hear the phrase that "when you control the money, you control the world" and that is exactly what these "few" were doing.  It bothered Karen so much that she wanted to expose this manipulation to the world, hoping to open some eyes and give the people an opportunity to take back control (or at a minimum expose this small group for what it was).

[I really do have to take a minute and tune into her connection with the Vatican...]  I get that one of the controlling groups can be traced back to the Vatican.  I get that much of the Vatican is viewed as sacred, and that feelings is tied to location, people and their faith.  There is a feeling of "being chosen" or "guided by light" tied to this place. Not everyone shares in these elevated feelings, but the "powers" to this place do.  This feeling of superiority that the "powers" are trying to enhance also lend to control by fear.  

I hear something about the Vatican being lined with gold.  It is as if people have paid high prices for both protection and communication with a higher power (and it feels like in a forced, almost extorted, way).  I ask- Protection from and communication with what?  I get an other worldly race... and I want to say ETs. I also get these ETs aren't here to hurt us (they feel neutral), but their existence and communication with the Vatican is a powerful thing (makes them feel like a powerful thing)  I also get there is some kind of portal that exists near (or in) the Vatican in which these ETs travel. (And Karen is aware of this, and the manipulation the Vatican uses because of this).  

The images stopped there... if there are further comments or questions to push me further I am happy to address them and do a follow-up to this reading...It feels like there is so much more, but it just stopped flowing...  Thank you.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Follow-Up to Operation Jade Helm Reading and Questions on Martial Law

Q. Hi Lynn, I listened to your blogtalk show recently about Jade Helm. I was wondering if you could tell if there are areas that would become more problematic? I live in South central New Mexico about 85 miles from EL Paso. Do you think things will remain pretty quiet around here (Alamogordo/Ruidoso area ) or be disruptive? As I have thought about relocating? Thank you for your time. Blessings!
A.  When I tune into this, I get that Texas will be expected to be the most hostile area.  I see the most resistance and continuous questioning of events and decisions being made around them.  I don't see Texans being passive or allowing too much governmental control happening.

On the inverse, California feels the most passive with regard to allowing troops to move about and following orders (if need be).

I do, however, see the southern most borders of New Mexico and Arizona and California as being heavily guarded (as if to protect against illegal immigration while this is going on- treating illegals as refugees.).  I see the borders being very tightly locked down both going in and out of the country.

Q. Why does the government want to enact Martial Law and what exactly would they gain from doing so?
A. As I pose this question I get it is like a fire drill.  They are "pulling the alarm" to see what happens.  Who will resist, who will follow, and who do they have to placate.  They gain knowledge...  The last thing the US wants to do is instigate a war somewhere else, fight off other countries and then have an uprising occur on its' own soil.  There isn't enough time, people and other resources to fend off others and fight an internal revolution at the same time.

Evolution of California's Drought 7/31/14

Q. I read your posting this morning re: Jade Helm, and it made me wonder if the whole Jade Helm operation is the U. S. government getting set for a flood of people coming from California and Mexico because of the drought.  I know you did a reading on the people of California vs. the drought and did not see massive numbers of them moving east to find water.  However, I recently read that Mexico is having a drought in its western areas that is as bad, or worse, than the one in California and the other western states.  There are apparently 40 million people affected by the drought in Mexico.  That is the size of the population in California.  I wonder if the U. S. government is anticipating a mass exodus from the drought areas in Mexico that will wind up with tons of people coming across the border, plus the people of California leaving their homes in southern California.

A.  As I tuned into the previous question I did see the border to Mexico being very solid during this "exercise."  People of Mexico are fleeing to the US now more than ever.  Water is only one of the many reasons, they want a better (and secure life).  I also saw illegal immigrants being treated as refugees of war as they are caught.  I hear something about them being put into POW camps- after so many arrive they are sent back to Mexico to some kind of detainee or detention center before being freed back into their country.. (?).

I can't get a visual on a mass movement from the east coast of California inland, but I see high prices driving up the cost of water.  I also see plans for some kind of costly infrastructure being formed to "pipe" in water from somewhere else (like a mountain top).  Then I get the "powers that be" created this problem (first Fukushima, then a man made drought to prevent radiation from being saturated into the ground) and then create the solution.  Some people will leave (but it doesn't look like in waves, more like gradual relocation) due to the high cost of utilities (specifically water).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Please remember not to live and feed into the fear.  Treat knowledge as empowerment, and a way to make educated decisions.  Nothing more, nothing less- put  your intent out there that you are safe and protected, and you will be.  Love and light-

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Five Photos for Friday #8

Hi all, and welcome to Five for Friday #8.

Image #1: Death Valley Rock Mystery
Backstory: What causes these rocks in Death Valley, CA, to move?

What Lynn Saw
 "I had to think on this a bit... I get there is a "perfect storm" going on here. The area is very dry, and high winds tend to blow away any loose dirt or sand (the friction) on the surface. At night (or during certain times) there is a small amount of moisture that gathers (I see it like dew), and it is just enough moisture to create a slick surface on the (highly reduced friction) cracked bed. I also get that spots on this bed are at a slightly higher elevation (this bed isn't exactly flat). When you combine positioning at the slightly higher end, the wind blown smooth surface, the right amount of moisture with huge gusts of wind -- the rocks travel."

Image #2: U.S. Capitol Beam
Backstory: So, real or fake? This pic looks like a UFO firing on the US Capitol building. If real, is this a transport beam? Who or what are they beaming?
What Lynn Saw
 "This is a communications beam, but it's going from OUT of the Capitol building, firing at the moon. [!] There's a lot of hostility on earth regarding ETs on the moon. It irritates the US Govt, NASA and the military that
we're not allowed to go there, and that we can't overpower the ET species on the moon, since we don't have the technology. They want us to stay away from the moon, which they've claimed for themselves. We can't even work out a treaty, as they want nothing to do with us. But there's some sophisticated kind of communications equipment in the Capitol dome that the govt is using to try to spy on the moon ETs, trying to figure out what they're doing, gain some kind of insight."
Image #3: What Did the Knights Templar Find Under Solomon's Temple?
Backstory: Many know this story. In 1118, the Knights Templar were recognized as an Order by the Pope and were granted a place to live, where they requested, within the sacred enclosure of what used to be Solomon's Temple, known to contemporaries as the Temple on Mount Moriah. They then allegedly spent ten years secretly digging beneath the Temple. What did they find? What's their big secret? And why do they show two knights riding on horseback on their seal? Is it due to influence from the old Cathar religion of the South of France?
What Lynn Saw
"I keep seeing scrolls and scrolls of paper. But then I also see these stone tablets. The tablets were converted to paper by the Templars, since the tablets couldn't be moved 'for spiritual reasons.' The tablets carried some kind of history or ancient knowledge. A lost story of the bible that wasn't included in the final document as it had to do with interactions with ETs in an historical sense. Some first-person descriptions of interactions with an ET, which was withheld as it changes the focus of the bible. Those tablets are still there. This ET thing was the Templars' big secret. Religion is power if you play it right, and having the ET knowledge is something very different. They did find (I saw stone) tablets, and that is what they spent their time transcribing for their own knowledge (essentially a hoard of knowledge). I get the impression that they felt they too could have the relationship with ETs if they had this knowledge -- like learn how to summon them, but I don't see that it ever happened. As for the seal, I keep hearing the word Gemini."
Image #4: Mothman on the Bridge
Backstory: Ok, is that really Mothman on the Pt. Pleasant Silver Bridge, the day before it collapsed in West Virginia, as immortalized in John Keel's excellent book, The Mothman Prophecies? What is Mothman, anyway?

What Lynn Saw
 "I get this is real. When I think of the Mothman I get this image of the Grim Reaper, this negative, lower vibrational stuff, just dark and heavy. It's dark energy, with almost an evil feel behind it. Where did it come from? It came here through some kind of portal, materialized out of nothing. I see that it came from this darker place. Something aligned perfectly and opened a portal and this thing came here, but it didn't belong, so it went back to where it's better served. It's gone."

Image #5: The Marfa Lights
Backstory: The famous Marfa Lights of Marfa, Texas... which look like orbs in this pic. What are they?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that these are positive ETs, celestials drawn to that spot. It feels good, it feels protective and healthy. These orbs are the energetic form of the ETs leaving their physical bodies and appearing on earth. They are protecting the people (and trying desperately to connect to the subconscious layer of earth). I want to use the term Pleiades when I think of them -- something feels magical about it (in a good way)."

Darn, that's the end. Da-da could do this all day. Join us Friday after next for episode #9!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Why Did Wal-Mart Close Their Stores...?

Q. Lynn, can you please look into what is going on with Wal-Mart and the stores they have closed on short notice for six months to work on "plumbing issues?" What is really going on? Is this part of Jade Helm or something else? What are they hiding?
A.  As soon as I tune into this I get an image of the inside of a Walmart- only it looks like a warehouse rather than a store. Things are on metal shelving that resemble scaffolding (much like that of a Sam's Club or a Costco big box store).  Supplies are in boxes, and nothing is set up- seems like a distribution center more than a store.  I do see this as being tied to Operation Jade Helm... 

I then realize that these are both military and FEMA camp supplies on the shelving.  Things are in brown boxes with numbers spray painted on them- like an inventory coding so someone can't come in and just take things without having the difficult time of opening up boxes to see what is in them.  

I am trying to determine if these buildings are set up to house people, and I just see supplies.  I also get that they will use Wal-Mart semi trucks to transport goods from location to location rather then military trucks.  Regarding people, I see other structures being set up to house the people- they look "tent like" (the image I see is a circus tent with a chain-link fence around it).  I also get that more permanent structures will be built as needed, but since this is to happen during the summer, these tents will work for their purpose.  I then hear that if there is a FEMA drill and people see tents, the less permanent "feel" will make the people believe (and trust) it really is a drill - there is some psychology involved in this..

Q. What about the rumor that the stores closed due to the threat of a labor union?

A.  I get that (the labor union story) is the favorable theory they are hoping will stick.  Most people are too aware and realize that plumbing is not the real issue.  There are rumors that the closing is tied to the threat of a union being imposed.. The union threat is real, but that is not the real reason for the closing.  I see the government actually leaked the union being the cause (got the rumor going) when the plumbing story didn't stick because that was a more ideal story than to admit what they are using the stores for during Operation Jade Helm.  I also get that as things progress and people start to "chatter" about the real reason these Wal-Marts closed, the media will  stir in the idea of the union issue to distract from the military objectives.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-

Link to previous reading on Operation Jade Helm: 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day! *Reminder*- Group Meditation Tonight at 8 PM EST

Hello everyone!  In celebration of Earth Day thought it would be a good idea to take some time and raise our vibrations together.  I would like to plan another meditation for Wednesday, April 22nd at 8 PM EST.  Please join in if you have a few moments.  I look forward to seeing some of you there!  Love and light-

Love and light- Lynn

Monday, April 20, 2015

Russia, Ukraine and Chinese Economy

Q. What are your thoughts on this article. Apparently Obama is sending tanks to the Ukraine?
A.  I do see the US aligning and preparing for some kind of attack. I get this impression that there is a sequence of events lined up (I see an image of dominoes aligned and ready to fall), and a trigger event will happen that will give the US/Ukraine permission to attack Russia.  I get the US doesn't want to appear to make the first move, and would rather attack on a defensive appearance (I hear something about that is how they want their "PR" image).  

When I tune in a little deeper it looks like a false flag is being set up, and at the moment it occurs Russia will be blamed.  The US troops will be already aligned in the Ukraine (and also in key locations in the Midwest due to Operation Jade Helm) because as soon as the "blame game" starts Russia will want to attack (and the US and Ukraine need to be ready).  

The US appears to be unsure if Russia attack the Ukraine, US or both first, so a defensive plan is being set up. 

(Previous reading on Operation Jade Helm linked here.)

Q. Do you see SCALAR weapons being used in the US, Ukraine or Russia?
A.  I see that both Russia and the US have the capability of SCALAR weaponry.  I don't see it as being effective enough (or have the ability to control it well enough) to be able to use it in a tactical situation.  I also get that the US would be willing to experiment with it, but they are unsure if it would "backfire" on them and end up disabling their own equipment.  I also get that many tests have been done with it, and it works in a very unreliable way- as if they waves come out in a full radius (like an unpredictable bomb) versus a straight line or directional (which is the goal)...?

Q.  Can you see what will happen to Moldova?
A.  Moldova feels safe.  I see troops and a lot of movement, but it doesn't have a hostile feel to it.  I don't see war activity.  Moldova feels far enough away that it won't get involved.

Q. Hi Lynn, JJ here. It seems to me that China is undergoing a major downturn economically... overabundance of property, too much debts/mortgages given out that maybe bad... Do you still see us investing in China currency (as you've read before) or will we need to pull out of our investments and businesses in that country? This must be good for the United States and other countries who don't rely much on China to keep it's exports and businesses sustained.  More on the "China Crisis" here:

A. I see China being calculated in their business decisions.  I am going into this question with the intent of seeing what the wealthy investors are doing.  It looks like they are doing this tactic where they buy up what they can (especially over seas), pay the minimum payments (but consistently pay and have good credit) and are intentionally diversifying themselves very thin.  The goal looks to be to have claim on a lot of properties.  When the dollar fails, and the value of gold and gold backed currency kicks in (which they will control), they can easily pay their debt (because they will be in control of the money, and their money has a lot of value).. I don't see China being in a bad economic position.

And that's all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Operation Jade Helm

Q. Hi Lynn, Can you do a session on "operation Jade Helm 15" that the military will be doing a unconventional exercise? This has been a hot topic online. And the military is pushing back on the publics concern. As many think this could be a prelude to martial law. 
A. As I tune into this several things start to jump out.  The US is very concerned with an attack.  I keep hearing the phrase "They have been poking the bear for a while now" and my impression is that it is referring to Russia.  The US has several countries against it, and they have used their strong military and power of the dollar to protect themselves.  I see that power is fading... Other militaries have realized that with combined efforts and the advancement in technology they can overpower the US. Once the dollar fails (and gold or gold backed currency takes effect) the US loses even more power and influence. The US is being put in a very vulnerable situation.

Even though the targeted areas for attack that stand out are on the east coast (New York and DC) and west coast (San Jose area), the ideal place for occupation of outside troops exists in the more central part of the country (they ultimately want to own the growing land).  

When these exercises commence I also see some high government using this exercise as a reason to get their secondary governmental base up and running in the Denver location.  This secondary location will ultimately become the primary location (I don't see them ever going back to the DC area).

I see this "exercise" used as an excuse to erect little "mini bases" all through the strategic states involved.  The government doesn't want to be on the coasts, but rather nestled in between them where they know other countries want to ideally occupy. These structures are being set up quickly with materials that appear to be temporary, but I don't see the bases being disassembled, but rather more permanent structures being added as time progresses.  It looks like the government is concerned with this area/location, and they need something quick in order to move troops to that area, and more permanent buildings will be added as time goes by.

I also see a desensitization occurring.  By calling this an "exercise" the government is able to have massive quantities of troops and supplies located throughout those states, and it gets people "used to it."  If and when the exercise converts to something real, the people are used to their presence and the shock factor (that could turn into a revolting situation) isn't as apt to happen.

When the exercises begin (or this is still in the status of exercise) they will start small testing locations of martial law.  I get that Texas is the real concern (and that is why in the "exercise" it is labeled as the "hostile" in that area- it is symbolic of something real they are facing.)  They need Texas on board during the "real" attack and not rebelling.  The US can't fight an inside and outside battle at the same time.

I also see that practices for evacuation and a "camp" situation will occur... Then I see a bug flying toward a lighted bug zapper with a message of "don't fly into the light." I take this to mean if they start to evacuate and send people to "pretend camps" DON'T GO!  They are testing complacency and what people will do and how they will react.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Don't live in fear, but stay educated and alert to what is going on around you.  Question everything, and listen to your gut.  Love and light-

Friday, April 17, 2015

Today's Interview on Mark the Rabbit Hole 4/17/15

Mark, Thanks again for the opportunity to be on your show!  I had a great time!  We touched on a lot of powerful things:  

  • Operation Jade Helm
  • 9/11
  • Activity of Silver
  • David Wilcock
  • Overall Energy Shift 
  • Boston Bombing Event

To everyone- stay balanced and keep your vibrations high.  Love and light- Lynn 

Click HERE to listen to today's show.  

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Chinese Myths

Q. Hi! I love reading your blog and comments! There are three Chinese myths / beliefs that I've been curious about: 
Seven month ghost festival - the one month in the year when the gates of heaven and hell open and spirits wander the lower realms. Does this actually happen, is there any validity to this? 
There is some validity to this.  I see that hundreds of years ago this day was declared sacred because it celebrated a death and life of change.  There was some kind of energetic rebirth that people of a higher spiritual state of being connected to.  In celebration and respect of this "energetic shift" this time was reserved and celebrated yearly.  It is celebrated on a specific day, however, I see the "energetic shift" as a floating event that occurs "around" the same time every year.  There is some kind of planetary alignment or constellation present signifying the actual event.. People that are very spiritual see this death and rebirth as an opening to lower and higher vibrational beings until the cycle of rebirth is complete- they see and feel the energetic beings walking the earth until they move on to where they are better served..

A baby's first month is spiritually unclean (something to do with the spirit of the baby cementing during this time??)... Attending the celebration or eating food from the celebration can cause all sorts of bad luck to the person .
I see that they believe the soul and spirit are somewhat two different things.  The soul gives you life and you are born with it, but the spirit (who you are, good or bad) is something that is ingrained in the baby during the first few weeks of life.  

They feel that who ever the baby is around, or the energy around the baby can alter their spirit and make them good or bad.  The reason it is considered "bad luck" to eat food there is because the energy presence is very critical, energies are heightened, and the possibility of an energy transfer (they feel) he highly likely.  Beings that are like "energy vampires" are present (they think) at these festivities, and not just the food, but the festivity itself is viewed as negative (and makes a person vulnerable),

Wearing / carrying a pomegranate leaf can ward off harmful spirits, bad Luck and all things spiritually negative. Is there any truth to this? Does the pomegranate leaf have some sort of special vibrational frequency that does this? 
Thank you!
Pomegranates and their leaves in general are versatile and helpful with different health ailments.  This was known by ancient Chinese people that practiced medicine.  I see in some situations the use of pomegranates and/or their leaves could even save a persons life.  I see them feeling lucky (or thankful) to possess the leaves or the fruit because those items were viewed as a positive (and a valuable) thing to have. The positive traits of them caused them to be viewed as a  "good luck" item. Then I get the analogy that pomegranates and their leaves are viewed how many people see a "lucky rabbit's foot" today. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Time for Another Meditation... Earth Day April 22, 2015

Hello everyone!  In celebration of Earth Day thought it would be a good idea to take some time and raise our vibrations together.  I would like to plan another meditation for Wednesday, April 22nd at 8 PM EST.  Please join in if you have a few moments.  I look forward to seeing some of you there!  Love and light-

Here is the link to the previous meditation (in case you would like to access music or read over some techniques). 

Radio Show Tomorrow - Mark The Rabbit Hole

Hello everyone.  Tomorrow, April 17th at 11 AM EST I will be a guest on a radio show called Mark the Rabbit Hole.  (Mark, Thank you so much for the opportunity!) Please tune in if you are available.  I will post a link to the recorded show when it becomes available.  

The show line-up includes the following topics (time permitting):  

  • Operation Jade Helm
  • 9/11
  • Activity of Silver
  • David Wilcock
  • Overall Energy Shift 
  • Boston Bombing Event

Love and light- Lynn 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Alternate Solar System and Sister Sun

Q. Hi Lynn, You've done previous readings, including a recent one, that mentions this other solar system that is merging with ours. Your latest mention said that it is now IN our solar system. Will there be a time that we can see the other planets and/or sun within this system from Earth? If so, when? I've had a couple dreams about seeing another sun in the sky so I've wondered how this is going to play out. Thank you!
A.  I do see a time when we will be able to see it.  I get on a clear day we would be able to see it now.  If you were to look at the sun, I see an image in the 10 o'clock position that appears to be a very large, bright start.  In reality it is the sun that is tied to the other system (and is also our sister sun).  I don't see the sister sun ever appearing to be as large as our sun, it will remain a much smaller fraction of the size, but will be much larger than just a star.  It will be obvious that it is something..

I also get that as it (the sister sun) approaches our sun, our sun is behaving a "strangely."  I get that our sun has this strange glow around it that it never had.  If you were to look at the sun, the glow around it looks larger due to the gravitational field interruption from the second sun.  I see that is why it is difficult to look at the sun and see this sister sun without a filter.

The other planets will need to be viewed with a telescope (they won't be as obvious), but will be becoming more more visible.  
Q. Hi Lynn, on Project Camelot there is a gentleman by the name of Bob Dunn, he has taken film of a large object near the Sun. He says this is the real thing and we will find out in May. Please what is your take on this. By the way my son took a photo of the recent eclipse and in the left hand corner close to the Sun there appeared to be an object illuminated by the Sun.

A. I do see this as true.  I get that we can see it now (only with a filter), but the enlarged "glowing" ring around the sun makes it very difficult .  As the sister sun breaks away from this "glowing" field and rotates further away, we will be able to see it with our naked eye.  I see this happening more toward the end of May or early June.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, April 13, 2015

Orbs... Beings, Color and Size

Q.  What are orbs?  Does their color or size mean anything? Are they positive, negative or neutral?
A.  I want to start by breaking the question down into parts. 

Q. What are they?  
A. When I tune in to orbs I see them as balls of energy.  As I go a little deeper I see that they are the energetic presence of many different things.  The dominant thing they represent are spirits of beings that have passed that are still here on earth.  A spirit may show itself as an energetic "orb" or project itself they way it wishes to be seen (as human, ET, etc).

They can be also be the energetic manifestations of beings that currently exist, but have a higher vibration and can alter their physical being to separate their spiritual energy from their physical body.  For example, other worldly beings and ETs that have a high vibration can leave their physical body, form and orb from their spiritual energy, and travel.  I also get that when we practice astral travel, our appearance as we "travel" is that of an orb.  When we see other astral beings during travel, we may see their orb appearance or we see the physical being (as they wish to project it).  

I also want to use the term "magical" as if things we associate as magical, like fairies and forest beings are able to manifest as spiritual orbs.

Q. Why would they disguise themselves into an orb? 
A. I get they do this as a way to travel without using their physical body.  It is an efficient and also protective way to maneuver.  Then I hear that if a fairy were to visit you in a true physical form, you could capture it, but if it was energy (in the form of an orb) it can move about and through objects.

Q. Does color or size mean anything?
A.  The larger the orb, the more energy it contains.  The smaller the orb, the smaller the amount of energy.  For example, a fairy would have a very small orb, whereas an ET would have a much larger orb.  

The color also depends on the type of energy contained in the orb.  During a human astral travel, the orb created would represent your aura.  Other beings work the same way- the aura of the being is the color of orb shown.  

Q. Are they positive, negative or neutral?
A.  Orbs can be spiritual energy of all things, therefore, the energy carry can be all types.  Treat them as you would a spirit (because that is essentially what they are).  Don't be fearful- but be respectful, approach them with intentions of the greater good and be mindful of protection.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, April 10, 2015

Five Photos for Friday #7

Hi all, and welcome to a relatively quick and startling Five for Friday #7. Can't believe we're at #7 already. Anyway, get ready. Every time Da-da does these with Lynn, he learns something amazing, if not mind-boggling. This instalment is no different.

Image #1: North Sea Viking Rock
Backstory: Not sure where this is. Honestly, Da-da has no idea why he saved this, other than wondering where it is and if it was an ancient sculpture. Any idea where and how old?

What Lynn Saw
"I immediately got the images of Vikings. They used this as a landmark for navigation. It used to have a head or a face carved on the top. It's from 400-600 AD, and is located in the North Sea." [Bet that face is somewhere around there in about 7 meters of water.]

Image #2: The Wreck of the... WHAA?
Backstory: There are several Titanic conspiracy theories, but the most intriguing is that the Titanic was actually her sister ship, the Olympic! (Here's a good link, and a nuts-n-bolts one.) The Olympic had been damaged in a collision with a Royal Navy ship, and was not all that seaworthy, so the story goes that her nameplate and sundry were switched with that of the Titanic, berthed right next to her, and then purposely swung against an iceberg against her weak spot. This would serve to: 1. Get rid of the damaged ship; 2. Collect on the (suddenly increased) insurance policy, and; 3. Get rid of high-profile passengers who were opposed to the installation of the Federal Reserve System, invited on board for free to discuss the matter. Yup. And J.P. Morgan, contracted to build the Titanic and head of the White Star Line, was scheduled to be on said maiden voyage, but canceled at the very last minute -- and had all his art removed from the holds -- while three of the richest men in the world, Benjamin Guggenheim, Isador Strauss, and John Jacob Astor, were given free tickets and took the ride. These three men were the strongest opponents of the Federal Reserve, and they all died. So... true or false?

What Lynn Saw
 "It's true! [Wow.] I'd never thought of this before. I get the phrase, 'It was the ultimate dupery of that time.' It was entirely orchestrated. Certain people make a ton of money from devastation and loss of life. But some of the people they wanted not to make it off the ship actually did, and they were really mad." [Perhaps it's time to revisit the wreck on the bottom of the Atlantic... which should now be considered a crime scene.]

Image #3: I Saw Something Fairy in the Woodshed
Backstory: Ok, this is allegedly a photo of a fairy, though Da-da suspects it’s an insect, or a photoshop job. Real or fake or bug? Or perhaps a real fake bug.

What Lynn Saw
 "I get that this is a photoshop job, not real. A real fairy is too intense, you'd never get one on film."

Image #4: The Game Rocks of Scotland
Backstory: These carved balls have been found all over Scotland. Are they from a game? Were they projectiles? Are they demonstrating some form of molecular theory? Or were they hidden Easter candy that kids failed to find and have turned to stone?

What Lynn Saw
 "They were projectiles AND part of a game. Giant people, at least 7 feet tall and enormous, are throwing these balls at each other, trying to hit and hurt each other. It looks to be a malicious form of dodgeball, like shotput, dodgeball and tennis all in one, designed to cause harm to the other person. Your goal was to disable your opponents, and it would go one for an hour or more." No wonder the giants died out.

Image #5: The Mars Monolith
Backstory: This is a monolith photographed on Mars (there are others on Phobos, and throughout the solar system). Are these commemorative structures, with Martian writing on them? If so, what do they commemorate? Or just markers? Plain ol’ perfectly shaped rocks?

What Lynn Saw
"These function as some kind of antenna. They serve for navigational purposes, to access various portals."

And that's it. Da-da's still reeling about the Titan... er, Olympic. Hopefully your version of the world is still intact. Join us Friday after next for episode #8!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Verdict on Jahar Tsarnaev

Q. Can you give an update on Jahar Tsarnaev? Today, he showed some emotion when hearing one of the 30 "guilty" verdicts, hugging himself briefly. He gave an emotional response only (as far as I know) once before, when his long-time best friend testified against him. Jahar looked up and gazed right at him. 

This is a sad day. Although for many Bostonians, it is apparently a happy day because they genuinely believe that "the bad guy is off the streets, justice has been served, and America is safe again." 

Can you get a feel for what is happening to this hapless kid? Is he grieving? Angry? Missing his mom? Wanting the death penalty? He probably won't get it here in Massachusetts. Did he even tell his attorneys of his and his brother's experiences? Did he get a say in what his attorneys did (saying "It was him" for example).

A.   When I tune into him I see this boy in bit of shock.  He was prepared for the worst, and some how knew he was going to take the blame, but he had some hope that someone would be strong enough to go against all this.  There are key people that know the truth, and I get that during this process someone came forward in some kind of discreet way to share evidence (like a whistle blower), but his attorneys disregarded it.  This was fairly recent (they came out close to the trial), and Jahar had a glimmer of hope, but during the trial the "surprise" he was hoping for never came to fruition.

I get when he went into this trial, he already knew how it was suppose to play out.  I see this image of his attorney's reading a script- and nothing really deviated from the script.  I get that many of the witnesses also read off of a script.  He didn't agree with the "script" but wasn't really allowed to go against it.  

He feels betrayed by friends and people that knew him and his brother, but yet he understands (they are dealing with powers much stronger than themselves).  The biggest thing he is working on right now is forgiveness because he really doesn't feel hope in any other way.  He is at a difficult low right now. I get that he doesn't really care if he gets the death penalty or not- he just has a wish to talk to his mom in person.  The guilt he carries is for the pain his family has endured through all this.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light to everyone touched by this horrible event-

[Note: I have done several readings on Jahar and this topic.  If you are interested in viewing those past readings please use the search feature on the upper right side of the blog.  L&L-Lynn]