Friday, April 3, 2015

Environmental Changes... Sea Life Deaths and California Droughts

Q. I have a reading idea. The sea life off the coast is suffering something serious and I was wondering if you can peek into this and see what is making this happen particular to this one case here in the following article 
A. When I tune into this situation three things come forward.  First, I see the west coast and areas of the Pacific Ocean that lie to the west of the west coast have a lot of activity going on.  The dominant thing I see is the Fukushima aftermath.  The ocean has pockets of high toxicity.  I see it more like puddles of nuclear waste that are effecting the wildlife.  Some of these pockets float on the surface, and others pool together underneath.  It will take many years for this dissipate, but the real problem is that I still see it seeping into the ocean (as if the problem was never fully fixed..??).  Not only are we going to see wildlife deaths, but I foresee animal deformities being found as a result of this.  

The next thing I see are the massive amounts of chemtrails in the air, and the process of HAARP manipulating the weather.  The toxins in the air, "electronic pulses," extreme and random weather fluctuations makes it very difficult for both animals and plants.  What we experience on the ground, they experience in the water (hot spots, cold spots, altered food supply-- it is a whole ecosystem). 

The third thing that came forward is the earth wobble.  It is more than just a wobble... It contributes to the extreme weather and also effects animals' sense of magnetic north.  I see they get turned around, like their travelling paths are disoriented, which can create what feels like hostile environments for these animals. 

Q. I read in the WSJ this morning that 37 million people in California are living in drought conditions.  The entire population of the state is only 39 million, so 95% of the people are now in drought conditions, and the valley area where all the food is grown looks to be in the worst of the drought.  So, don't expect to be eating a lot of fresh veggies.  Also, the snowpack was officially measured yesterday, and it is only 5% of normal.  The article said that snowpack provides about a third of the water.  The reservoirs are bone dry, and they provide probably another third of the water.  That leaves ground aquifers, which the farmers are, of necessity, sucking dry even as we speak.  A NASA scientist recently came out and said that he estimates there is only 12 months of water left (except for the aquifers, as I recall).  I think we will begin to see a mass exodus of people from California, probably starting about a year from now, and could involve up to half the state population over a two year period, in other words 20 million people, all getting their cars and heading east, abandoning their homes and jobs and migrating to who knows where.  It will be like the Dust Bowl of the 1930s with Okies and Hoovervilles, only this time it will be FEMA camps.
A. As I addressed above, Fukushima is starting to show more and more in California.  Regarding rainfall, I see the drought as being man-made in order to prevent further nuclear dust particles from falling to the ground.  I get they are frantically working on trying to figure out how to neutralize this pollution, but until they do, they are going to continue to force a drought.

The first thing to be effected is the the farming and vineyards- it will be very costly to keep these areas irrigated.  Eventually I see a rationing of the water going on (if it isn't already).  I don't see water being non-existent, but I do see it needing to be shipped in and being extremely costly to purchase.

I don't see it getting as severe as it did in the days of the Okies and Hoovervilles, because the means to transport it and get it there is much easier than it was then, but the cost of water is a huge concern for people (I do see some small farmers going bankrupt due to it).  I also see people moving away from California, but the move doesn't look to be in huge waves.  

It is true that FEMA camps are established, but I see those reserved for corralling people due to the sudden onset of violent weather and false flag attacks- the drought situation looks to be long and drawn out (doesn't have the sudden onset feel to it).  FEMA camps look tied to some kind of chaos and mass hysteria (I see something tied to New York and also some kind of hurricane activity in the Gulf of Mexico). 

In closing, a final thought entering into my mind is instead of focusing on and worrying about this situation, put your energy toward positivity and healing of the earth.  Imagine a light cleansing us of all the toxicity that is bogging down the earth and our physical beings.  Allow the protective forces to come in and aid us in the process (I get they desperately want to help us, but need permission to do so..)..  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


M M Bourget said...

Thank you for putting the positive spin at the end of your reading. I appreciate that you are encouraging people to see light and spread love and joy. We are the solution and we must invite help. Thank you very much

Robert Schoen said...

What a depressing state of affairs! I know our intents and connection with the Sylphs and using orgone can help, but the monumental abuse of Haarp has gotten too extreme. Is there some type of cosmic law that can disable the rampant abuse of such technology? I know about free will and all, but the exercise of free will by a--holes being imposed on the rest of us without 99% of us knowing about it is another thing!

Maybe we can do a group intent meditation on this to see if we can help in some way.

John Casey said...

Oh, it's painful to see those photos of the seals, and all of it man-made and secret. Maybe it's because the seals have a sort of human face. I love your idea of sending out healing energy. I wonder what would happen if it became known that these are man-made problems. Would anyone care? I'm always amazed that no ACT UP-style protest movement had surfaced, over issues like these or by people dealing with children who have autism-spectrum disorders. Anyway, I'm sending out high vibes for all.

mobius CDXX said...

Yea no doubt. Lik..seriosly..what the f** is their deal. Why do they insist on killing the only home world sooo baad! How did the planet make these individuals with such endless hatred.they have everything.. I understand "depopluate" but..its mind bogging..of the degree one goes to torment the only place their kids will have for survival. What you think paper money and gold will create oxygen?!? ugh!! Its so frustrating.."some men arent looking for anything logical, like money, they cant be bought. Bullied. Reasoned or negotiated with..some men just want to watch the world burn"....sorry yall just ranting dense energy. Feels lik this is a community left of hope thatll change the ways of our livehood...cause were all thats left sane enough to understand vibrations and participate in balacing the distortions..thank you unconditionally PF Lynn

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Robert: I am in the process of organizing another meditation. I think it would do many of us (and our environment) good.

I agree, we need to send out some positive energy and welcome it in as well.

Lilian said...

"Allow the protective forces to come in and aid us in the process (I get they desperately want to help us, but need permission to do so..)..


Your statement above reminded me of this video that I came across last month "Alien Message to Earth - Do you wish that we show up?"

I have tried a few times but all in vain, unlike some in the comments. I have always wonder what is beyond our universe ever since I was young! And I have always wanted to meet one, a friendly one tho' :) Perhaps those who are more spiritually developed will succeed?

I just wish the Alien forces could just swash in and bundle away all those "powers-to-be", stop all the wars, clean the Earth etc - just like Michael Jackson's song "Heal the World" Another wishful thinking of mine!?!

And yes, please, do organize another meditation. I will look forward to it.

Thank you.

Juli T said...

Great! Another group meditation! I'm so in!

Fukushima is so much more than they tell us.
Are humans going to get directly in touch with those 'pockets' of nuclear waste? Or they are too far in the ocean?


AS said...

Hi Lynn ~ I live in the central valley where drought is and believe me we need all the help we can get. We would definitely appreciate a group meditation and all the positive energy that comes our way!!

Lisa said...

Now, I got this question about Fukushima. Do not know if you already answered... but this, I wondered the whole time:
why do not want the Japanese the help of other countries to clean up Fukushima? Is it solely because they do not like the meddling into their "own" affairs, i.e. "want to save their faces"?
Why is this allowed by the other countries? Why do they not try to get Japan "forced" to the help? Or is this pollution even wished by the PTB?

mobius CDXX said...

Request for a group meditation be set for Earth day april 22?

YourPsychicFocus said...

Hello everyone! I do think a group meditation is needed. Let me work on putting it together! L&L-Lynn