Tuesday, March 17, 2015

*Reminder* Collective Consciousness Meditation and Focus on Positive Energy 3/20/15 (Link to Shared Meditation Music Included)

Hello everyone.  I have talked with some of you, and decided that a group meditation in which we all come together at a specific day and time could be a very powerful and unifying experience.  March 20, 2015 at 6:45 PM EST is the March equinox and is also a Supermoon total eclipse.  The energy around this day is already intense, and it just "feels" right.  Whether you only have a few minutes or an hour, please join me in putting positive intent into the world and focus on the greater good.  There is something synergistic about combining our efforts, and this experience will make you feel more connected to each other and the universe.

*Important Additional Information*
In an effort to enhance the experience Craig Howell has donated some time to create some meditation music so we can be in the same mental zone, at the same time, listening to the same thing (feels amazing to me already!).  You can listen to it directly or download it from his site ahead of time (if you want it on an MP3 player or other device prior to the meditation) HERE.  I made a backup download spot here as well (click here to download from the Psychic Focus box.com).

He has VERY beautiful music and I would recommend checking his sites out at:
Thank you so much Craig!  

I also thought is would be great to share our experiences after the meditation on the comment section of this blog entry (only if you are comfortable).    I look forward to us all coming together!

Love and light to all of you- Lynn


Dante said...

When does Earth and humans ascend into 4D and 5D?
Does that ascension timeframe depend on the collective effort of humanity?

Robert Schoen said...

I've shared news of Lynn's event with the meditation group I belong to, that is also holding a group meeting the same Friday and Saturday after to work with the powerful energies those days. I think it would be important for all of us to invite as many of our friends and family to join in as possible.

Nessie said...

Thank you Lynn, I will try to join in and do my best to add to the positive energy force of this group.

Thank you for the music, I'm listening to it right now, it's really beautiful and calming, a favorite already :0

Nessie said...

For those who would like to join from Europe (like me) the time difference with EST is 6 hours.
So the time Lynn has given corresponds with 0.45 am for most European countries.

Craig said...

Lynn, thank you for thinking of me and my music. I feel privileged, honored and humbled to have helped in this event which I know will do so much good for all and help to heal the earth.

John Casey said...

This is such a great idea. It makes me wonder whether music, humor and laughter are avenues of resistance that many of us - me, for one -- do not make use of often enough.

You go, Lyn. Shine on, babe!

A Man Called Da-da said...

Today, the 17th, is also a global reset meditation day, to be done anytime.


It's basically a gigantic forgiveness meditation. Imagine you're in a hot air balloon (not difficult for Da-da since he's full of hot air), with sandbags all around the outside of the basket. Imagine each sandbag is something you need to "overlook" or forgive -- or get rid of. Take out your sharp titanium-silver knife and cut at those ropes, identifying and cutting away sandbag after sandbag to fall into the abyss, allowing you to go higher and higher.

Raymond G said...

DA-DA.........that is a nice analogy for a meditation for letting go. Thanks. (P.S. Make sure your hot air balloon does not hit any power lines.)

I spent a week at The Monroe Institute a few years ago and at the end of the week we all meditated on the same thing and had a goal of reaching a 'room'. I don't remember the details. But we all reached a room during an OBE. Except for me. When we finished, everyone went down to the meeting room and exchanged experiences and everyone said I saw you and you and you and you in the room ..except for me. I felt like Charlie Brown. Someone said they saw me in a dark room saying 'help me, I am over here'.....and they heard me but they could not help me. I guess my vibration was not high enough.

I had some interesting experiences there and met a group of really nice people with very diverse backgrounds. I felt like I was the one that was least competent in the group. I was having modest results compared to the vivid descriptions that everyone else was sharing. But I still left there knowing more than I did when I arrived. It was a good time.

Anyhow, I wonder ...... if we all meditated at the same time, with a certain goal in mind; specifically a location......I wonder if we could meet each other in the astral plane like we did at TMI ? I will be the one in the dark, asking for help....LOL.

Raymond G said...

A lot of attention is given to meditating during celestial events like eclipses, seasonal equinoxes etc... and even during sidereal time.

But, I guess you need to meditate when you can relax and it fits your schedule.

I wonder if there is any greater benefit or advantage to meditating during these times or if it is just a suggestion to participate in something as a group? Do you get better results? Do you go deeper, meet your Guides more easily or visit the Astral Plane with greater ease ?

Sidereal Time:


YourPsychicFocus said...

@Dante: It does depend on that.. I don’t see a set timeline because too much free will is in place.

@Robert: Thank you. I also put up an event announcement on Facebook- feel free to share it.

@Nessie: Craig did a really beautiful job. I can’t thank him enough!

@Craig: Thank you again! Much love to you!

@John: xoxo

@Dada: Thank you for the beautiful image (and laugh at your funniness).

@Raymond: If you have time to meditate, I suggest it. It is an overall healing and spiritual strengthening at the same time. I feel celestial events enhance energy flows, but don’t hold out for one if you feel you need a calming look at your inner self or touch base with your higher self.

Bilal said...

I have very strong knowing about this gateway on solar eclipse. Many month ago I could see this as STRONGEST energetic shift for those who are already in tune with shift. I feel this will be powerful awakening and accelerated biological functions for many people. I feel also that Dada will be 1,5 cm taller after 20 Mars ;-)

Hannon said...

Super big hat tip to Graig, thanks a bunch!

@ Raymond G Cool story. If we all go out for a drink on the Astral plane, I'll be the guy lost in the Astral parking lot with you, looking for the entrance to the Astral Pub.

Juli T said...

I can't wait!!! :D

razi09 said...

Thank you Craig for your beautiful input!

And thank you Raymond G for sharing your fascinating story. It was funny.

I'd say you are more competent than most on the planet if not one small group. (Although they sound like good mentors.) Spiritual growth comes in spurts like a child's physical growth. Just find "Your" method. Everyone meditates, prays a little differently as well as receives answers in different timeframes.

My friend achieves levels and receives almost instantly. I take about 3 to 4 days to get answers but I get them. I'm spotty in my intensity levels but that could be due to my own attentions I put toward it. Get kind of sidetracked by the day-to-day, although that helps me stay stable if I get too deep. Whatever. Just stay centered with you.

Thanks again.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Raymond G: if we could all meet astrally, we could put go-to-meeting and all those online meeting services right out of business. And don't feel bad. Da-da can't consciously do OBE well enough to actually SEE someone and communicate with them. All he sees are empty parking spaces, and the sound of a zamboni lost in the fog.

In Da-da's last meditation, he tried to send Lynn the name of a place, one that she'd not normally hear, but it must not have worked. (Lynn, I didn't tell you b/c I didn't want to mess up the experiment.) Oh, well. We have plenty of time to grow and develop, especially now that the world is growing golden by leaps and bounds. After The Big Thing(s) happen(s), perhaps we'll be able to do more than we could before. Definitely looking forward to that. At this point, Da-da can barely tie his shoes and wind his watch while levitating over the omelette he's making via mind-controlled squirrels.

@Bilal: Da-da's pretty sure you're confusing him with the squirrels.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Btw, Da-da put up some countdowns on his site that might be helpful for Friday.


Sue Farr said...

Can anyone tell me Sydney time for this event? Daylight saving included.

Blimpy Peach said...

@sue Farr 9.45am daylight saving time

Blimpy Peach said...

Saturday morning!

Sue Farr said...

Thank you very much Blimpy

Lilian said...

Psychic Focus, I read in a blog that Human scarify do occur during Solstices and Equinox period, even one for 21/3/15. I thought the energy around will be high/positive during this period, so why such cruelty? It chills to my bone to see the long list of dates for such scarify/dark acts!

Will it not be more powerful and unifying experience if we all put out the same positive intent/thoughts into the world?

Thank you for Craig’s link (and thank you Craig) - it’s a good start for me. I did listen to that meditation music – so calm and relaxing that I almost fall asleep while typing at the keyboard then - lack of sleep due to my hay fever.

@Dada - I did try the reset meditation but I don’t know whether the cabals heard me! :) From my own experience, forgiveness did liberate me and help me to move on.

I look forward to join you all on this group meditation – my FIRST! Sigh! If only I have learnt Astral projection earlier, then I could have meet you all on the Astral plane! :)

Rajesh Gajra said...

I will attempt to join in. It will be 5.15 am on Saturday for me.

Look forward to it and if I do join in I will be very happy.

Meng Yew said...

I will be joining in from Jakarta :) Looking forward to connecting with you all. Can't wait!

Light and Love,

Me too said...


can you give some basic points on meditation? I am not sure if I know how to do right?

Anonymous said...


I'm kinda gravitating towards this for myself. I need to loop it.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Me too: I did a brief post today along with a reminder. Check my front page. :-)

@Diane: Please do what resonates with you. I am so happy you are joining in. L&L

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Lynn for organizing this and thank you Craig for the music!!

Oh and thank you Dada for always making me laugh :-) I will be ready here in sunny warm Northern California!!