Friday, January 30, 2015

Five Photos for Friday #2

Hi, all. Back by popular demand, here are another set of five puzzling images where Lynn was asked, "What's going on here?" Please note that, while Lynn has the uncanny ability of determining if something is genuine, these are only Lynn's opinions; anyone revisiting any part of her blog can see the quality of the information, but judge for yourself.

Image #1: The Giant's Finger? Really?
Timeframe: pre-history.
Backstory: Believe it or not, this image is allegedly the finger of a giant from long ago (!), the scale of which can be seen when compared to the foreign money in the top image. Said artifact is about the size of a petite woman's arm. Da-da immediately thought it was the leg of a goat doctored to look like a finger, but let's see what Lynn says.
What Lynn Saw
Lynn saw this as a finger (!), the digit of a giant ape-looking creature that once existed on earth about 20,000 years ago. It lived in a jungle and was terrified of humans (jeez, who isn't?). The one that's missing a finger was captured by said scary humans, and... humans put it to work! No wonder it was scared. Humans were apparently much smarter than these giant creatures, making the latter easily captured, but Da-da has his doubts on that one.

Image #2: The Thing on the Beach
Timeframe: 2011, Japan.
Backstory: This thing washed up on a beach in Japan after an earthquake. What is it?

What Lynn Saw
This was an organic object that came from the ocean floor. It's the shell of a creature like a giant snail, the head of which once darted in and out. There was a small earthquake that allowed it to be washed up on the beach. Something feels toxic about it. If you see something like this, don't touch it with your hands; be sure to use gloves.

Image #3: The Time Traveler Pic

Timeframe: 1941
Backstory: This photo was discovered a few years back and allegedly shows a time traveler -- on the right, wearing sunglasses -- captured in a group shot of bystanders viewing a bridge opening in Canada. He's also apparently holding a modern camera, looking for all the world like a hipster-doofus.

What Lynn Saw
This is a fake. Lynn sees someone using Photoshop to alter the original image. Damn.

Image #4: The Green Door
Timeframe: 2013.
Backstory: This is a pic snapped in Ireland of a strange green light... but all the strange lights in Ireland are green, so there you go. Da-da initially thought this might be reflected light from a window captured by the camera, but let's see what Lynn says.

What Lynn Saw
It's a kind of beacon for a mini portal which is opening, surrounded by a little green tornado of energy. If the pic had been taken three seconds later, you'd have seen a little ET appear! It's how they get from their ship to the ground. (The ship was apparently not far above the house.) The ETs here are like miniature greys.

#5: The Pacific Bubble
Timeframe: 2013.
Backstory: This strange bubble was seen by folks last year in skies over the Pacific Ocean, near Hawaii.

What Lynn Saw
This is a cloaking/force field for a ship coming up from an underground/underwater ET base in the Pacific. It's a bubble around the ship that follows it up and out of the atmosphere. The ship belongs to one group of ETs who have a base on the dark side of the moon. They feel a little dark; not "full" reptilian, but a hybrid type of reptilian.

That's it. Stay tuned for the Friday after next's post, which will be on all things ancient.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Guy That Shows Up in Dreams ALL Over the World

Q. I'd like to know about that guy that allegedly shows up in random people's dreams who have never seen him before, as documented here:  I'm not even sure if this is true or not, but it sure has grabbed my attention  
A.  I do get this as being true.  As I tune into him, I see that in his physical existence he was a monk and had a very religious and spiritual connection to his higher self and a higher source.  I see that during a meditation he was told to that he was "chosen" to stay on earth to guide people to listen to their subconscious- I can't get the term for what this was called- It was as if now he was in training (due to the limitations he had within his human body he couldn't realize his full potential) and in his afterlife he was going to be like an angel (but angel isn't the right word..??)  I see he died in the 1800s and when he did he did not go into the light, but rather stayed in a spiritual form within the spirit realm on earth.  He maintained a high vibration in his physical form, but upon dying his vibration increased tremendously (to this "angel like" state)!  

I see he is called upon during times of stress, and comes to people in their dreams to help them.  It is as if he is a conduit or translator between the subconscious and conscious mind.  When people are experiencing trying times, or having a hard time following with the "universe" is telling them, he comes in to help makes sense of the messages in their dreams.  

I don't see him as fearful or malicious.  In fact I see people feeling better after connecting to him in their sleep state.  It looks like he enables people to find clarity that otherwise feels lost without a little guidance. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light-

Japanese Hostage

Q. Could you see about the Japanese hostage by ISIS?  Are they still alive?  I think it's same case as James Foley which you read before.  If it's so, what is the purpose of US(CIS)?  I also think that the US didn't think that the Japanese would use their technology to analyze the video so well  so I think it's possible that US handed them over to ISIS.  Also I think that nuclear stations will be reactivated and the Prime Minister set right to collective defense because of the US...  I worry about the Japanese future..
A.  I see this exactly like the situation I saw with James Foley (Then I hear they even wore the same costumes??).  If I take a map and zoom out, I see many "pockets" of terrorist activity that are said to be committed by ISIS.  When I go a little deeper I see that ISIS is a front (I get the reference to money laundering???) for a much bigger plan.  ISIS itself (and I feel the name or acronym means something that I haven't been able to fully decipher) feels like a disorganized group of men trying to hold down a plot of land that they have claimed for their own- I get they were promised this land, and all they have to do is guard it and all the supplies, weapons and support they need to do so would be provided to them.  

Back to the map..  many countries on different continents have been effected by the word "ISIS."  I see a war being instigated, but to brew up a war there has to be a cause, and several countries against that cause.   

Q. Who is behind ISIS? 

A. I see this started as dominantly a Britain "project" that grew into something much bigger.  I get that when the plan started to have these men in the Palestine proximity due to the natural resources available.  These resources were to be shared with Britain, and then other countries wanted a part of it.  Then, as ISIS was able to be painted as something to be feared, troops were able to be on the ground.  Eventually there will be bases created to "protect' the world from ISIS, when in reality they are guarding their own natural resource claim. 

Link to previous reading on James Foley:

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Q & A XLIV: Real or Not Real [Group Post]

Q. Hi Lynn, is Lobsang T. Rampa a Tibetan monk that died during the war but came back immediately by taking over the body of Cyril Hoskins who (through a soul agreement) agreed to this (as Cyril was going to "leave" soon anyway.) Or was Cyril Hoskins just a liar who told everyone he was a different person all of a sudden; a Tibetan monk named Lobsang. From then on he wrote 18 books on metaphysical and spiritual matters they were 100% true. "Where" is he now?
A.  I see that Lobsang and Hoskins were in the same "spiritual" place at the same time (as if they both died or were in the state of dying and their souls "met.")  It looks like some communication happened in which Lobsang told Hoskins that his time on earth wasn't done while in the spiritual state of being, and Hoskins came back to his physical body (I get that Hoskins was actually dead for a short time).  When Hoskins came back, he was not Lobsang, but he was able to channel Lobsang (as if Lobsang hung around as a guide or spiritual inspiration- I get they "talked").  Hoskins was Lobsangs "tool" used to spread knowledge and insight that Lobsang gained "on the other side."

Q. Hi Lynn not related so much to this at first sight, but maybe you want to answer it now or later: What does this magnetic anomaly represent which NASA discovered back in 2005 in the minor lake Titicaca, Peru? (the area I refer to is encircled by a black oval, and the image from NASA showing the anomaly appears on the right side of the map.) Thank You!
A.  I get there is very unique stone there- it almost feels like this stone contains an element not commonly (if ever) found on earth.  I keep getting images of a liquid magnet (like this stone was caused out of something liquefying and then hardening as it sat on the bottom of the lake bed).  When I pose how that happened?, I see a UFO in flames (as if it exploded) during some kind of space battle many thousands of years ago, and falling to earth...??

Q. Hi Lynn. Have you seen this video? Is it real? What do you think it is happening?
A. I do see that guiding forces can come into people lives to prevent them from leaving earth before they are ready, but I get this is not a "true" video showing that.  

I see guiding forces nudging you to go in different directions for reasons you may not understand at the time.  For example, in a real situation this man may have crossed the street in a different direction or had a reason to stop his bike... A guide works in mysterious ways.  

I do get that people can be put in situations that they should "die" but remain unharmed- For example, this man could have been hit, flew off his bike and remain unharmed (as if an energetic bubble of protection surrounded him), but to be swiped away doesn't have a "true feeling" to it..

Q  Hi, Lynn. Are the unusual objects shown in this short video real discoveries by noted Egyptologist Sir William Petrie of Ancient Egyptian contact with extraterrestrials?
A.  Something about this feels off.  I do see that these artifacts represent interactions with ETs, but the dating of the elements found doesn't "feel" to match the time frame in which I see these interactions took place.  I want to date the physical interactions back thousands of years, and I get in looking at many of his findings they are only hundreds of years old.  I do think he found things that tell a story, but the story feels rewritten.  For example, I see a story of ET interactions carrying forward hundreds and hundreds of years to a person and what Sir Petrie found was that persons interpretation of the story that they documented.  The time frame is not authentic, but the story is...??

Q. Is the Mothman ( Chupacabra ( and the Dover Demon ( creatures from another planet?
A.  When I focus on this, I get a connection to this these being true entities, but I can't get a strong connection as to why (specifically) they presented themselves, or how they got here... I get they are drawn to low vibrations (areas of death, destruction, negativity) as if these locations are like a beacon, but then they leave as the negative energy dissipates.  They come, feed (literally) on the fear and panic, and when that fades they move on elsewhere.  I cannot get a lot of these creatures. (I think it is in my greater good not to "go there.")??

Q. Wow, thanks for your amazing work. My question is about the book "The Key" by the writer Whitley Strieber. In it, he claims while on a book tour in 1998 a man came to his hotel room in Canada and they had a long conversation about more or less everything. The man may have been Archangel Michael. Is the book an accurate portrayal of what happened or was Streiber the object of some deliberate, human psychological operation?

A. As I focus on this, I see a man sitting in a hotel room, and he is having a conversation with himself.  I get the impression that there is an energy or presence with him, but you cannot see it.  I see that this is a mental communication versus a verbal communication.  I get that Whitley could not "see" this entity with his eyes, but rather "saw" him in his mind very vividly- like how you would feel in a daydream. I do get that there was a spiritual interaction in which Whitley was in tune with something that was there, and not in a physical form.  I do not get it was an angel, but like a higher self/higher source type energy.  I feel his book and discussions of this experience are genuine and honest.

Q. Would you know when they plan on releasing these?  Link to YouTube:
Many thanks and blessings!
A.  I get these are in Beta testing now.  They will be live and ready to go (to enemy territories first) within the next 2 to 3 years.  

I am closing this reading for now.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, January 23, 2015

Swiss Central Bank and the Franc

I would like to suggest that you do a public reading on the recent actions of the Swiss Central Bank to remove the currency exchange cap on the Swiss Franc against the Euro.  Business Week had an article that said:

"The franc soared as much as 41 percent against the euro and strengthened against other currencies after the Swiss National Bank scrapped the three-year-old policy on Jan. 15. The Swiss currency climbed on Tuesday amid a continuing fallout." 

There are several angles of this that I believe merit a public reading: The action of the Swiss Central Bank was abrupt and without warning (and were the opposite of its public statements only a few weeks beforehand that it would support the cap).  Abrupt, surprising actions are normally avoided by central banks all over the world because of the disruptions they can cause. 

Q. Why did the Swiss Central Bank act abruptly and without warning?

A.  I get the bankers in the Swiss Banking system have been cautiously watching all the markets to see what is fluctuating, and what is effecting different changes in the valuation of certain currencies.  These bankers have a lot of pressure (I get even death threats??) to make sure the Swiss Bank stays afloat.  Many people in power have accounts there that house, millions if not billions of dollars.

I see the Swiss Bank being the strongest (and most solid) point in the financial system.  They have stayed fairly true to the valuation of their currency (and not to let inflation take over).  The problem is that if they remain tied to the Euro, if the Euro fails (and I get the impression that someone "in the know" knows that things are about to fail- like there is a secret being shared), it would have a detrimental effect on the Swiss Franc.  Also, the Swiss Central Bank doesn't have control over the Euro despite having voiced their feelings and concerns many times, but they do have control on how they handle their own affairs.  By breaking free of the ties, they also regain more independent control.

I also get some "behind the scenes" talks have occurred where these powerful people (or powers-that-be) have laid out the future of currencies including the dollar and Euro.  The Swiss Central Bank knows that something is about to happen causing detrimental effects to the stock market and valuation of currency.  It has been falsely inflated and manipulated for way too long.  Then I get "You can't make something from nothing forever, eventually it will fail."  I always saw this happening around Christmas 2014 or January somehow feels delayed, as if freewill or some intervention is happening, but that too can only last so long, and those in control know it.

Q What outcomes will be caused by this action as its impact continues to ripple out?
A.  I see much more scrutiny on all the financial systems- this action has created feelings of caution in areas that felt "safe and secure."  I also see people with money in other systems starting to pull their money out and put it into more secure avenues.  The Swiss Bank looks to get stronger, and other countries look to get weaker.

I get some mixed signs- it is as if there is a dual cause and effect going on.  Analyzing the currencies caused the Swiss Bank to detach from the Euro, and the detaching from the Euro will cause even more weakness in the Euro (along with other currencies) which will ultimately strengthen the Franc.  The visual I get is a constant down spiral of the Euro, while the Franc remains strong.

I also see a panic with the "just printing of money."  I see countries slowing this process while they "regroup."  The stock market will start to hold less value as people withdraw (it is at a false high now- then I hear the term "pump and dump" as if the people that hold a lot of money in it are getting their last little bits before they pull out.)

Q. Will this action cause a financial crash in the derivatives market worldwide?
A. I do see this trickling down into other  markets.  I see people getting a panic (out of the abruptness of the Swiss Bank) which makes them get an urgency to get their money somewhere safe "just in case" but the collection of the "just in case" activity exacerbates the already declining situation in the other markets.  I look to see the Swiss Bank emerge as a "haven" for investors and people with money. I also see China emerging as a strong power because of the amount of gold they have in reserve.  The stage is being set beautifully for China to come in with a new world currency backed by real gold.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

John F. Kennedy (Death)

Q. On July 16, 1999, John F Kennedy Jr. died when the Piper Saratoga light aircraft he was piloting crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coat of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.  What were the events or were there other players involved?
A.  I get that John F Kennedy Jr. was very much like his father.  I hear the term he "Followed in his father footsteps more than people realize." He too found himself stepping outside of his relationship (like his father did with Marilyn Monroe), BUT don't let that jade your opinion of him as a politician and his desire to spread truth and help the people.  I get an impression he saw how the American people were living in a fog, and he wanted to give clarity.

JFK Jr. knew the "story" released regarding his father's death was false, along with many other "convenient" deaths, and he felt that he was a public enough figure that by voicing his thoughts (along with very compelling evidence) he could evoke awareness, stop the behavior and bring down the "powers-that-be" that were orchestrating this using the CIA as there strongarm.

JFK Jr. also wanted to cleanse the government of "dirty" politicians and a monetary system that was failing (or doomed to fail) the American people.  He had a vision that aligned with his dad, and I see him wanting to take a powerful office (maybe even president) to try to finish what his dad did, but with a happier ending.  He was suspicious of the "powers-that-be" but somehow felt that they wouldn't harm him- He had a false sense of security.

I also keep seeing Ron Paul and get a strong impression that what JFK Jr. wanted for the country was similar in Ron's ideals. Then I hear Ron yell "Audit the federal reserve!!"  There are major concerns with this.  This is completely the opposite of what people that were making money with the current system wanted.

Q. What political figures come to mind as being involved, or who knew about it?
A.  I immediately get CIA, and then hear "they are the ones that get their hands dirty."  I ask myself who coordinates this, and I hear "Big Bush Sr" and his son George knew about what was about to go down, and his only job was to keep quiet.  Then I get an image of Bush Sr, and his ears keep morphing from human to reptilian (not his entire person or even face, just ears??).   There is a very dark energy surrounding this...[Note:  It came to me after this reading that this "ear" symbol could mean that he isn't a reptilian, but he is listening or influenced by the reptilian agenda.]

Q.  What really happened on or to the plane JFK Jr was in?
A.  As I watch this I want to say there was an issue with the gas that caused an explosion.  It looks like there was something put into it that after a distance/temperature/altitude (??) created this explosion.

Q.  What was the aftermath?
A.  I get one negligent action after another.  It was ruled an accident, and proper care wasn't taken.  Nothing was treated as evidence, but they "knew" what really happened.  People weren't given proper closure and everything was done is haste.  I get an impression that there was some kind of race to get him autopsied and buried to end the discussions (again, "Following in his father's footsteps.").

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.

Easter Island

Q. What is the purpose, date, thinking and people behind the building of the statues at Easter Island? 
A.  I see at one time, thousands of years ago, giants came and inhabited the earth.  I ask, "Where did they come from?" I get during that time when giant ETs visited the earth frequently.  Some of the ETs were also giant in nature, and eventually these ETs began to breed with humans creating a half human, half ET being.  The "giant ETs" would come and go, but the offspring were left on earth to be nurtured by the humans.  These human giants grew to be just that; giant, strong, protective and very intelligent.  The problem with their biological design was that they had very short life spans (I want to say lived to their 20s), so this race of giant humans died off.

The people during that time (which I see what looks like an indian tribe living on Easter Island- it wasn't called that at the time, but I cannot even pronounce the sounds I hear) embraced and looked at these human giants as honorable beings that were gifted to them from the giant alien race that visited them.

I see it was these human giants that actually built these monuments as a way to honor this alien ET race (and encourage their frequent return).

The giant ETs started to visit less and less, and giants as they knew them phased out due to the DNA being diluted down.  I get that even today there may be a very tall or larger person within this "tribe" but it is nothing like "giants" of this ancient time.  Those giants were easily 8 to 9 feet tall, whereas "tall" to the tribe now is around 7 feet +/-.

 A time began to lapse and the giant ETs did not come back, but their stories carried forward from generation to generation. The tribe began to endure many hardships regarding weather and availability of food, and felt they needed the "protection" they once had in order to save their people (survival was becoming very difficult).

Q. Where did the giant ETs go?
A. I get they are not even in our solar system anymore.  The conditions for their race to survive do not exist here.  They require a planet that is close enough to a star to provide heat and ability to grow food, an atmosphere that nurtures their systems (I get the breathe oxygen too) and a gravitational presence on the planet that is much less than earth.  I visualize this planet, and from a distance it looks orange/yellow, but I don't have a name...

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Q & A XLXIII: Health Questions [Group Post]

[As I approach this health reading I need to disclose that I am not a doctor and have not practiced medicine.  I am sharing what I get as I focus on these questions.  Please do your own research and trust your inner self.  Love and light-]
Q. Hi Lynn, I wonder if you could talk a bit about what the Western world calls 'mental disease'. What is a 'mental illness'? Are there different levels? Are pharmaceuticals really the solution? If not, what might help? How can we prevent it?
A.  The first thing I get is that mental illness is labeled as an illness (negative connotation for a deviation of a healthy brain).  I am continuing forward calling it a form of "mental awareness." There are different levels of "awareness" due to the areas of the brain that are "unlocked" or the levels of consciousness that are realized.  The troubling issue that can arise is when the person does not know how to handle this "awakened" part within them and has a difficult time separating the different layers of earth they are experiencing seemingly simultaneously (they get confused between the realms and they all begin to overlap causing a sensory overload which causes anxiety that exacerbates the situation).  It is important to stay grounded in the physical (tangible realm we live in) while experiencing other energies.

Pharmaceuticals create a "band aid" fix to the issues.  They dull the senses and quiet parts of the brain to prevent the sensory overload.  I get that a therapeutic approach is more effective- educating, making them feel not so alone and giving / providing exercises that teach them to be more in tune with their mind what is going on.  I get there is much to learn from people with "mental awareness," but many people hesitate and assume our reality is the only reality without considering that some of what "mentally aware" people discuss and experience actually contain elements of truth.

For people that are debilitated by their awareness, I see some kind of mild shock therapy being used.  It doesn't erase the awareness, but rather resets the brain waves to allow the open parts of the mind flow together more harmoniously- it feels like the sensory overload is decreased, which eliminates the anxiety, and makes the therapeutic outlet more effective.

Q. I also have a beauty question. What can I do to keep my skin/face looking young? Any foods that will help or exercise routines!
A.  I get that you cannot prevent aging, but you can lessen and slow the effects.  It really is true that fruits, vegetables, filtered water and eliminating toxins from your system aid in slowing the effects of aging.  When we take in things that are not good for us, those toxins and free radicals attack our cells, and our body has to fight them off.  That energy being spent to expel these things from our system has a direct relationship to the cells themselves aging. 

Exercise is also important- it helps to stimulate our physical systems which speeds metabolism that results in purging the body of toxins faster.  It is near impossible to be perfect with our diet or even exposure to the environment, but you can do things in your control to lessen the effects.

Q. When are we too old to have babies? People are having them well into their 40s now.
A. [I am answering this from a biological standpoint, and not from a society/moral/emotionally mature etc standpoint.]
I get that as soon as girls begin to menstruate regularly it is ideal to biologically have a child.  You are younger, more energetic, your body bounces back easier.  I also get that by design we are set up that if girls have babies in their teen years (also when you are more fertile) you would have younger grandmothers (for support and to share knowledge and wisdom) and also more great-grandmothers (also support and more knowledge and wisdom) to raise the child.  Society has taken the turn from this, but our body design has not.

When are you too mature?  You are too mature at menopause.  It is not ideal to get pregnant, and many more health risks are involved, but it is still possible up until that point.  When you body is no longer capable of having good odds at sustaining a healthy pregnancy, or the quality of eggs diminishes, the body (by design) prevents you from getting pregnant.

Q. What is your take on Black Mica Water Purification Extract? Is it a scam or it is really a genuine product that can remove those nasty substances in water. Thank you.
A.  I get this is a genuine product, but don't use it long term.  Your body still has to process some kind of bi-product??  It doesn't feel harmful, but more like your system has to work a little overtime to get rid of it.

Q. Can you look into "Structured Water"? There is talk recently that water is way more energetic than previously thought and that most of the energy and life giving effects of it are removed by the way we process it and send it through pipes. People are offering devices that run the water over pebble shapes to reinvigorate it. Do you see these devices as helpful or is there a better way to energize our water?

A.  I see that there is truth to structured water- water that works more in unison with our own natural body.  We are composed highly of water, and by taking in water with a specific vibration we can heal and energize ourselves.  I feel like there is a more natural approach to infuse this vibration (I keep seeing crystals being dunked in the bottom of a glass of water, and to intensify the effects, put crystals in the bottom of a water filled glass container and leave it to sit in the moonlight before drinking..??.  

Q. Hi Lynn, my question is about the latest discovery in antibiotics. Is this really something that could help the human race, or should we be on alert? The wide spread use of antibiotics has been recently linked to other health problems.

A. I get that this could be a great discovery for people, BUT use caution with it.  This should be a last resort type drug due to it not only kills bad bacteria, but some good bacteria as well.  I also get that this antibiotic has some kind of mutation type property and needs a "checks and balances" continually done to make sure it doesn't morph into something that starts to attack more good elements in your body versus the bad...

Q. Recently, you recommended borax in one of your readings and it was commented that it is banned. I looked into this, why would a laundry product be banned? It became clearer when I read this: I have managed to get some borax over the internet. Could you do a reading on its benefits as the pharmaceutical industry are obviously very worried that it will put them out of business.
A.  I get that this mineral based element has the ability to change the acidity in the body to a more alkaline state- many cancers, etc cannot live in this alkaline environment.  I also get that this mineral has a detoxifying effect as well.  It is an abundant mineral, and is cheap to purchase, therefore pharmaceutical companies don't want you to find it.  (As a side note, use caution, and do your own research before using this.  Also, you can find this at most grocery stores in the laundry isle).  

Q. Iodine is also becoming increasingly difficult to source despite its myriad benefits and is no longer used in hospitals I'm told. What is going on there?
A.  I get there is a sensitivity in some people that is associated with iodine, and the fear of the allergy is what is making it more difficult to get.  In most situations it is safe and very effective. 

Q  Why do women suffer PMS? Medical knowledge says its because of hormone imbalance. Does eating salmon help as an all cure? How can women stop having PMS completely?  Is that like saying if PMS should stop then reproductively should stop as well. Is there any way spiritually, medically or food wise to lessen the impact or even make it stop completely?  The PMS symptoms ie emotional rage, bloatedness, confusion, forgetfulness, severe hunger pangs, crying spells, paranoia, acne, insomnia, anxiety, the list goes on. Why do women have to suffer was that the biblical curse of some sort.  Really appreciate your answer
A. PMS truly is the result of the hormonal fluctuations women experience throughout the month.  I also get that in addition to the fluctuations, it is the rate at which they change.  I also get that main hormone causing PMS is testosterone, or the fluctuation of it.  When it is peaking and the level is moving around, women get some or all of the things you described (I get an image of a man having "roid rage" followed by a woman plucking a hair out of her chin).  

It is not a curse, but rather by design women's body's go through this as a protective measure (during pregnancy the effect can be very intensified creating the ultra instinct to "protect the baby").  Once you start to menstruate (and the hormones change again before menstruation), your body knows it isn't pregnant, and you begin to "level out."  

Expelling the aggression that is tied to the testosterone will help you feel better- exercise, meditate, yoga, eating less oily food (was an image I got), and doing things you find calming will help you greatly.  

Q. I read with interest your view of dandelion greens for cancer therapy. Recent research from university scientists in New Zealand show that long pepper fruit, also known as Indian long pepper, had anti-cancer properties. Any chance combining dandelion with long pepper fruit and hemp oil would have a synergistic effect, the sum of effects being greater than the effects of any one part?

A.  I do see that combining the dandelion with the Indian long pepper being very effective.  I see the hemp oil helping (I will describe), but in a different way.  The image I see is the dandelions being dried, as well as drying the Indian long pepper and crumble them up (like a seasoning or spice).  From there it is eaten in your food (I get it will be spicy or hot??).  I see the hemp "oil" in the form of help seeds, and eating those seeds with food prepared with the dandelion and long pepper reduces the "heat" from the spice and promotes better absorption of the nutritional qualities (like a carrier of sorts).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Intent and Baby Gender

Q. I read somewhere that children choose their parents before incarnation. Is it possible that parents can ask for a specific gender to be born? If yes, how can one do so?
A.  I first get this is much more complex than a simple yes or no- so let me explain...

In some instances you can choose if your baby is a boy or girl- You can will it through intent.  I see this working similar to the Law of Attraction- you visualize it, feel it and see it happening.  There are no "if" or "wishing" statement, but more absolute statements that feel like a mantra you say to yourself saying "I love this healthy baby boy/girl" or you have images of your baby.  

Also, don't focus on what you do not want.  I see an image of a woman during ancient times fearing she would have a daughter that would be killed because the boys were what was wanted to fight wars.  She was scared and thought about "not having a girl," and she ended up having a girl, because that was the energy she put out.

BUT, there is also a universal element involved too.  What I mean by this is if in your life you have a lesson, or purpose that involves a gender specific child, you will get what you need to learn and grow through that experience.  Then I get an example coming forward that you may be someone who doesn't accept homosexuality- you may have a boy that is a homosexual as a way for you to learn and grow through experience, as well as love and nurture your child that is different that your original set of ideals.  You both learn, grow, expand and become more evolved.

Q.  What if you wish something that you do not get?  Does visualizing and putting intent toward a boy/girl and you get the opposite, effect the baby?

A.  I get the the universe (above all) values love- it creates some of the highest vibrations.  If you love and have gratitude for the life you are given, the baby will be in the best possible state of being.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Five Photos for Friday

Hi, all. Here's a new segment where Lynn gives quick impressions of anomalous, obscure, famous, and often infamous pictures, chosen and written up by A Man Called Da-da (he's called a lot of other things, too). The images were presented to Lynn with no information, just the question: "What's going on here?" This first set of images were all out-of-this-world, if you will; no idea why, it just sorta happened that way.

That said, please note that while Lynn is simply giving her impressions on the following images -- though Da-da's yet to find an instance where Lynn was wrong -- it should be noted that she does have the uncanny ability of determining pretty quickly if something is genuine. So... hoaxers beware. Ready?

Image #1: Surface of Mars  
Timeframe: Last Week.
Backstory: This is a recent Mars "Curiosity" picture (don't get Da-da started on NASA) of the Martian surface. Looks like a bunch of rocks, right? Well, not so fast, Timmy. Some have postulated that this pic showcases alien skulls in the upper left hand corner. I didn't tell Lynn this, o'course. Like for all the images, I simply asked: "What's going in this picture?"
What Lynn Saw
Lynn initially said, "tar pit, with fossils" -- then quickly realized it's not earth. Whatever it is, it was once totally buried, but has been exposed by the wind. She immediately thought "ancient times" when viewing this, but no actual date. Lynn got an image of a civilization of people and animals that inhabited Mars. She saw Mars as a once-thriving planet with a lot of activity, back when the solar system was "much smaller," but something happened that destroyed it. Martians then fled to other star systems -- and to Earth, which was seen as a kind of oasis. Mars used to be in a similar orbit as Earth, but something happened that caused the planets to spread out. Mars was once a thriving, lush planet that went through a drastic change that wiped out life.

Image #2: The Thin Dark Line
Timeframe: 2013
Backstory: This is a shot taken by a vacationer in the Caribbean. See that thin dark line? No one knows what it is, and the online speculation was amazing. The truth was as simple as the photo.

What Lynn Saw
You're seeing an elevator from the earth to a spaceship obscured by the cloud. You can actually SEE the ship glowing inside the base of the cloud. Lynn kept getting images of the dark side of the moon, as well as Grey aliens. Note that these aren't the X-Files Greys; they're not malicious at all. There are obviously all different kinds of aliens, just like people, but these Greys are friendly.  

Image #3: The Arctic Anomaly
Timeframe: September, 2012.
Backstory: At the time, Da-da joked that this was a shot of the door to Santa's Workshop. Seems this is a video still from some miners working a mining facility in the arctic. Apparently, it happens all the time and the multiple witnesses weren't fazed... which seemed stranger than the actual phenomena.

What Lynn Saw
It's another transport pic. What you're witnessing are ETs teleporting people or animals from a ship to a spaceship above, hidden in the clouds. Lynn saw people in fear, running, so whomever was taken was in a panic, as they were taken unawares. But overall, she saw that those in the spaceship had our best interest in mind, and that these specific aliens took these people without knowing that it was causing fear/panic/emotional harm. The ship in the water felt like an enormous ship, but with few occupants (?). Military or fishing, Lynn wasn't sure. Seems the ship was about to approach something bad (bad energy?) and the aliens were trying to help.

Image #4: The Cumberland Spaceman
Timeframe: The '70s.
Backstory: Ah, the famous "Cumberland Spaceman" photo. I couldn't resist getting Lynn's take on this one. Basically, a father on holiday snapped a pic of his... son? daughter?... and when he developed the film (back when you had to develop film), he allegedly found this weird spaceman apparently standing behind his kid -- or perhaps stuck in her head. Either way, it was weird, and whole chunks of books have been written on it.

What Lynn Saw
This is a hoax; a double-exposure job.

Image #5: The ISS/NASA feed-cut Anomaly
Timeframe: last Friday.
Backstory: This is an apparent screen capture (by Toby Lundh) of a UFO that was snagged by the video cameras aboard the Int'l Space Station (ISS) right before NASA cut the feeds. So, the question is: is it real, or another fake?

What Lynn Saw
It's just your basic, cool-looking UFO going from here to there: a ship in transport. It's definitely real. A lot of higher ups in NASA are aware of ETs and such, but it should be noted that astronauts are conditioned NOT to speak on topics like this. They've been exposed to a kind of "Clockwork Orange" treatment, where the astronauts are shown images of UFOs or aliens then intentionally made sick somehow, providing the ultimate in negative reinforcement to preserve government secrecy.