Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Q & A XLXIII: Health Questions [Group Post]

[As I approach this health reading I need to disclose that I am not a doctor and have not practiced medicine.  I am sharing what I get as I focus on these questions.  Please do your own research and trust your inner self.  Love and light-]
Q. Hi Lynn, I wonder if you could talk a bit about what the Western world calls 'mental disease'. What is a 'mental illness'? Are there different levels? Are pharmaceuticals really the solution? If not, what might help? How can we prevent it?
A.  The first thing I get is that mental illness is labeled as an illness (negative connotation for a deviation of a healthy brain).  I am continuing forward calling it a form of "mental awareness." There are different levels of "awareness" due to the areas of the brain that are "unlocked" or the levels of consciousness that are realized.  The troubling issue that can arise is when the person does not know how to handle this "awakened" part within them and has a difficult time separating the different layers of earth they are experiencing seemingly simultaneously (they get confused between the realms and they all begin to overlap causing a sensory overload which causes anxiety that exacerbates the situation).  It is important to stay grounded in the physical (tangible realm we live in) while experiencing other energies.

Pharmaceuticals create a "band aid" fix to the issues.  They dull the senses and quiet parts of the brain to prevent the sensory overload.  I get that a therapeutic approach is more effective- educating, making them feel not so alone and giving / providing exercises that teach them to be more in tune with their mind what is going on.  I get there is much to learn from people with "mental awareness," but many people hesitate and assume our reality is the only reality without considering that some of what "mentally aware" people discuss and experience actually contain elements of truth.

For people that are debilitated by their awareness, I see some kind of mild shock therapy being used.  It doesn't erase the awareness, but rather resets the brain waves to allow the open parts of the mind flow together more harmoniously- it feels like the sensory overload is decreased, which eliminates the anxiety, and makes the therapeutic outlet more effective.

Q. I also have a beauty question. What can I do to keep my skin/face looking young? Any foods that will help or exercise routines!
A.  I get that you cannot prevent aging, but you can lessen and slow the effects.  It really is true that fruits, vegetables, filtered water and eliminating toxins from your system aid in slowing the effects of aging.  When we take in things that are not good for us, those toxins and free radicals attack our cells, and our body has to fight them off.  That energy being spent to expel these things from our system has a direct relationship to the cells themselves aging. 

Exercise is also important- it helps to stimulate our physical systems which speeds metabolism that results in purging the body of toxins faster.  It is near impossible to be perfect with our diet or even exposure to the environment, but you can do things in your control to lessen the effects.

Q. When are we too old to have babies? People are having them well into their 40s now.
A. [I am answering this from a biological standpoint, and not from a society/moral/emotionally mature etc standpoint.]
I get that as soon as girls begin to menstruate regularly it is ideal to biologically have a child.  You are younger, more energetic, your body bounces back easier.  I also get that by design we are set up that if girls have babies in their teen years (also when you are more fertile) you would have younger grandmothers (for support and to share knowledge and wisdom) and also more great-grandmothers (also support and more knowledge and wisdom) to raise the child.  Society has taken the turn from this, but our body design has not.

When are you too mature?  You are too mature at menopause.  It is not ideal to get pregnant, and many more health risks are involved, but it is still possible up until that point.  When you body is no longer capable of having good odds at sustaining a healthy pregnancy, or the quality of eggs diminishes, the body (by design) prevents you from getting pregnant.

Q. What is your take on Black Mica Water Purification Extract? Is it a scam or it is really a genuine product that can remove those nasty substances in water. Thank you.
A.  I get this is a genuine product, but don't use it long term.  Your body still has to process some kind of bi-product??  It doesn't feel harmful, but more like your system has to work a little overtime to get rid of it.

Q. Can you look into "Structured Water"? There is talk recently that water is way more energetic than previously thought and that most of the energy and life giving effects of it are removed by the way we process it and send it through pipes. People are offering devices that run the water over pebble shapes to reinvigorate it. Do you see these devices as helpful or is there a better way to energize our water?

A.  I see that there is truth to structured water- water that works more in unison with our own natural body.  We are composed highly of water, and by taking in water with a specific vibration we can heal and energize ourselves.  I feel like there is a more natural approach to infuse this vibration (I keep seeing crystals being dunked in the bottom of a glass of water, and to intensify the effects, put crystals in the bottom of a water filled glass container and leave it to sit in the moonlight before drinking..??.  

Q. Hi Lynn, my question is about the latest discovery in antibiotics. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2015-01-07/antibiotic-breakthrough-ends-25-year-discovery-drought.html Is this really something that could help the human race, or should we be on alert? The wide spread use of antibiotics has been recently linked to other health problems.

A. I get that this could be a great discovery for people, BUT use caution with it.  This should be a last resort type drug due to it not only kills bad bacteria, but some good bacteria as well.  I also get that this antibiotic has some kind of mutation type property and needs a "checks and balances" continually done to make sure it doesn't morph into something that starts to attack more good elements in your body versus the bad...

Q. Recently, you recommended borax in one of your readings and it was commented that it is banned. I looked into this, why would a laundry product be banned? It became clearer when I read this: http://www.health-science-spirit.com/borax.htm I have managed to get some borax over the internet. Could you do a reading on its benefits as the pharmaceutical industry are obviously very worried that it will put them out of business.
A.  I get that this mineral based element has the ability to change the acidity in the body to a more alkaline state- many cancers, etc cannot live in this alkaline environment.  I also get that this mineral has a detoxifying effect as well.  It is an abundant mineral, and is cheap to purchase, therefore pharmaceutical companies don't want you to find it.  (As a side note, use caution, and do your own research before using this.  Also, you can find this at most grocery stores in the laundry isle).  

Q. Iodine is also becoming increasingly difficult to source despite its myriad benefits and is no longer used in hospitals I'm told. What is going on there?
A.  I get there is a sensitivity in some people that is associated with iodine, and the fear of the allergy is what is making it more difficult to get.  In most situations it is safe and very effective. 

Q  Why do women suffer PMS? Medical knowledge says its because of hormone imbalance. Does eating salmon help as an all cure? How can women stop having PMS completely?  Is that like saying if PMS should stop then reproductively should stop as well. Is there any way spiritually, medically or food wise to lessen the impact or even make it stop completely?  The PMS symptoms ie emotional rage, bloatedness, confusion, forgetfulness, severe hunger pangs, crying spells, paranoia, acne, insomnia, anxiety, the list goes on. Why do women have to suffer was that the biblical curse of some sort.  Really appreciate your answer
A. PMS truly is the result of the hormonal fluctuations women experience throughout the month.  I also get that in addition to the fluctuations, it is the rate at which they change.  I also get that main hormone causing PMS is testosterone, or the fluctuation of it.  When it is peaking and the level is moving around, women get some or all of the things you described (I get an image of a man having "roid rage" followed by a woman plucking a hair out of her chin).  

It is not a curse, but rather by design women's body's go through this as a protective measure (during pregnancy the effect can be very intensified creating the ultra instinct to "protect the baby").  Once you start to menstruate (and the hormones change again before menstruation), your body knows it isn't pregnant, and you begin to "level out."  

Expelling the aggression that is tied to the testosterone will help you feel better- exercise, meditate, yoga, eating less oily food (was an image I got), and doing things you find calming will help you greatly.  

Q. I read with interest your view of dandelion greens for cancer therapy. Recent research from university scientists in New Zealand show that long pepper fruit, also known as Indian long pepper, had anti-cancer properties. Any chance combining dandelion with long pepper fruit and hemp oil would have a synergistic effect, the sum of effects being greater than the effects of any one part?

A.  I do see that combining the dandelion with the Indian long pepper being very effective.  I see the hemp oil helping (I will describe), but in a different way.  The image I see is the dandelions being dried, as well as drying the Indian long pepper and crumble them up (like a seasoning or spice).  From there it is eaten in your food (I get it will be spicy or hot??).  I see the hemp "oil" in the form of help seeds, and eating those seeds with food prepared with the dandelion and long pepper reduces the "heat" from the spice and promotes better absorption of the nutritional qualities (like a carrier of sorts).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


The Beanpod said...

Thank you for this reading. I'm especially curious about mental 'awareness' as so many people experience it and I really think our Western society has it all wrong, the way to deal with it. Great video here -

What about things like Autism or ADHD? How could we understand these better? I hear of so many diagnoses of children with learning disabilities these days...

Thank you for much for your generosity!

Odin said...

Hi Lynn!! I read that pregnancy after the age 30 increases the risk of down syndrome. Is this true or fake???

Alex said...

Hi Lynn,

Could you please have a look at this red plant when you have some time.

Does it remove plague in our blood vessels as claimed? If not, what is the main function of this herb?

It's called 'red Sessile Joyweed' or 'Alternanthera Sessilis'

Picture as below

Alice L. said...

Regarding menstruation, some girls are starting to menstruate at 8 years of age or younger because of the growth hormones in food. Surely such artificially induced menstruation make them too young to have babies. And since hormones are in so much of what we eat, that would skew our sense of when is a good time.

Me too said...

I like this post, very good

Vortex Spinner said...

Hi Lynn re mental awareness why is it that people who suffer from mental health issues seem to focus on the negativity/problems in their life?

Vortex Spinner said...

And how does one stay grounded while experiencing these energies?

Unknown said...

Would you please also read on abortions? Is it strictly 'no-no' or the universe permits the women's choice? If the universe is pro-choice, till what time this procedure should be done? What do babies experience when abortions are done in later stage and babies feel the pain? It's probably one of the most extreme tortures of mankind since doctors often cut live bodies in parts without any pain protections for the babies (and parents often aren't even aware of that). How these choices to kill by torture, knowingly or not, effect parents souls after death?

Unknown said...

Do you see truth in that anti depressants cause permanent calcification of the brain in the sensory lobe?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Da-da was always too old to have babies.

@Watch said...

Hello Lynn thank you for this post! Could you possibly check into split personality and if there is, at least theoretically, a way to reverse it? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

@ Vortex Spinner. I think they experience more negativity because they sense so much, they are misunderstood, rejected by those around them and then they are in society that wants to drug them in order to shut them down. Attempts are made constantly to dumb us all down. It is very difficult to be positive when everyone around you is calling you crazy and they do not understand or support you.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Beanpod: Thank you for the information. Regarding autism and ADHD- I have done readings in the past. If you go to the search on the front of my blog and type “autism” some entries will pull up that you may be interested in. There is a lot to understand, and many times I see the effects can be reduced due to a toxic build-up that needs released or therapies that can be done (it really does vary by the person as to what sensitivity brought it on). There really is hope for these children.

@Baku: I have read that too-- I see what happens is downs syndrome is genetically caused by the 22nd chromosome. If you carry this mutation, you are at odds regardless of the age.

@Alex: I see this plant as an antioxidant, and the side “benefit” of it is that it helps to thin the blood to where the blood itself looks to get filtered (or cleaned??).

@Alice: You are completely right. I was referring to a natural and normal onset of menstruation (of around 13 years old) and NOT an artificial induced time.

@vortex and Diane: Great question. When I focused on this I saw someone that was labeled “mental” in a park singing to a tree. Then I get it is because people that are happy and not harming anyone are ignored. There are happy “mentally aware” people too, it just doesn’t make it into media or talked about as much.
For the ones tuned in to the negative, Diane, you are right- it is the frustration of trying to share what feels so truthful within to be rejected by others. Imagine knowing something and wanting to share or warn someone, and they treated you “crazy” or worse- it would be very challenging and difficult to maneuver through life.

@Compassion: This deserves its’ own post, but what I quickly get is that the universe works in terms of energy and not judgment. To use the term positive and negative or good and bad is a label we have created (I use it too to convey a basic understanding). I try to speak in terms of high or low vibrations when referring to the universe because that is what is recognized. Every situation is truly unique (was it the life plan of the baby, mom, was the baby not ready to incarnate…so many questions). It really is specific to the person and the situation.

@Blimpy: They create a dumbed down feeling and numb what is naturally flowing. If you stop and cleanse your body you can regain your sensations/thoughts/feelings.

@Dada: xoxo

@Watchandknock: It really depends on the situation. Sometimes trauma brings about a “split” as a self=defense mechanism. I also got a fleeting image of multiple souls trying to fight over the same vehicle (ie body). It takes a lot of grounding, and a huge focus on right brain/left brain, conscious/subconscious therapy to reverse this. In the event of a current or past life trauma a past life regression can help for the person to see the event from the third person to process it, gain closure and move forward- maybe they need to forgive someone (even themselves).

Alex said...

Hi Lynn

Could you please give more details as to what is meant by 'blood gets filtered or cleaned'? If blood vessels get partially blocked, does it help to dissolve the blockage?

a2k said...

Dear PF, you mentioned that teenage when girls begin to menstruate,is the ideal age for conceiving the child. But what about men in general. How do we decide when is the best age for a man to mate with a girl?

Raymond said...

When you do follow up questions to your posts...much like these replies...how long does it take to get an answer? Is it instantaneous, or do you have to concentrate and go into a meditative state for 30 minutes? I was just looking at all the replies you made to so many different questions and it seems like it would take forever to get that done.

I get a mental image of you answering all these diverse questions like the guy at the White House answering all the questions from reporters.

Do you have any lessons or suggestions on how someone can learn to Remote View or reflect inward like yourself? Or is it a gift you need at birth ? Do you think that there will be a time when you go to the doctor and get electroshock or another simple procedure that will awaken the sixth sense within each of us ? Can that be done now ?

January 21, 2015 at 1:09 PM Delete

AKKL said...

Do you see oil pulling as being beneficial to our health? My apologies if you've already answered this.

Unknown said...

@ Vortex Spinner: I think negative thoughts are often self-punishment. We often too hard on ourselves. We need to learn to forgive, love, believe and enjoy ourselves, accept who we are with the pride and respect, unconditionally (we are all perfect in the eyes of god - believe and honor that!). All positive thinking starts with self - joy, seeing the beauty in ourselves regardless what others think and say about us. It helps to be outside more, stay longer in nature. Try to see not only the beauty in everything, but also the bigger picture around you then just your own thoughts and problems - its especially easy in nature, and don't be shy to talk, dance, sing, and laugh with yourself while watching what a beautiful life is around!
To feel more grounded lay down on the ground and make /feel connected to the earth, touch the ground, plants, trees, stones, animals, or open your arms fully /wide, and stay for several minutes looking to the sun / sky.
I also think the negative focus can be related to unbalanced body nutrition, like low vitamin D, magnesium and other minerals, so pure food and a lot of fresh water are important.
Balance in all aspects of ourselves, both physical and psychological, is the main thing to watch, check and correct all the time. Everything what's going wrong is just our dis-balance, physical or emotional. Start any correction with your food and your thoughts. Be proactive to stop negative thoughts and change them to positive - allow yourself only positive thoughts and words, and never negative. I'm not an expert in anything, it's just my own observation and collective knowledge. Best wishes! (Staying under the sun with the open arms was given me as advice by one British lady when I was grieving after my mom's death, and I bet I felt the difference!)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Alex: It looks like the blood is somehow filtered by this, and the parts of the blood that are not flowing (and I sense healthy) are purged from the circulatory system, leaving a nice thin smooth blood. I keep getting references to changing the oil in your car- but in this case it is your body.

@a2k: I get late 20s- It has something to do with being able to protect the “mom” which in turn helps his offspring to survive, keeping the bloodline alive.

@Raymond: It really varies with the question… Some questions I am able to answer quickly because I can mentally go back to the image, and I know the answer (as if during the reading I knew the answer, but didn’t include the detail when I originally wrote it). Sometimes it takes a few minutes to really focus on it and allow things to come through. Occasionally I may get a few things quickly, but it is too intense or too much depth to the question to go into it all and I will note that I should save it for a different reading. It can be short or lengthy depending of the amount and type of questions. I do read all the comments and do my best to address everyone.

I believe everyone has this gift, and with practice we can all tap into it. It was told to me like this by one of my mentors “Everyone can sing, but some people can sing opera without ever having taken a lesson, whereas others practice their whole life to get what some have naturally. Psychic abilities are like that too. We all have them, but for some it is natural, and others have to work at it.”

The best thing you can do it meditate, and try to rid yourself of toxins that block you (fluoride, preservatives, and for some people meat). If you are fortunate enough to have a group in your area that deals with the metaphysical, that can be hugely beneficial too.

@AKKL: I do see it beneficial. I would recommend coconut oil.

Thank you everyone for the great comments and questions! L&L