Friday, October 31, 2014

ET Technology and Fire and Brimstone

Q. Are the modern-day air strikes in the Middle East the same as the "fire and brimstone rained down from heaven" in the Bible? Is this evidence of ET technology in ancient history (that we've only recently acquired in the last 100 years)? It is said most ancient cities like Rome were destroyed by earthquakes but I've noticed the foundations of ancient sites are often completely intact yet the tops are blown off like they were struck from above. An earthquake would have destroyed the foundations...yet they remain. Were ancient cities actually destroyed by missiles and drones?
A. When I tune into this the first image I see are balls of fire being rained down onto earth.  I don't see that it was because earth was under attack, but rather the ETs look to be fighting amongst themselves and the unintended consequence was earth being caught in the cross fire.  I see both images of ships ejecting out beams of (what looks like) fire and also some of the ETs are able to generate (out of their hands almost magically??) this ball of matter/plasma and throw it through the air (which does have a awe-striking, god like appearance as you view it looking up).  It is hard to tell if it is the chemical component of the item thrown that ignites it, or if it from the sheer speed it goes projects through the air that creates the fiery appearance.  

I do see cities being hit by these burning balls of fire.  I see it not only destroying cities, but burning down forest, bridges and ships.  

Then I heard the quote "As above, so below..." and things went blank for a minute, like I needed to figure this out.  The phrase itself can have many interpretations, but then it came to me (like a moment of complete clarity) that humans on earth during this time were trying to survive.  They were building tribes, communities, societies, groups, etc for survival.  They were learning how to evolve and get better.  They took what help they could get (from ETs, spirit guides, meditations, inspiration, etc) and made life better.  As they do this, they begin to see ET wars taking place in the heavens / sky.  ETs are fighting over humans, earth and resources- killing each other, creating fear and hurting earth in the process...all of this is the "AS ABOVE" part of the quote.  Now, present day, humans are doing the same thing- killing each other, causing fear and destroying our earth in the process, which is the "SO BELOW" portion of the quote.  Rather than taking our history and learning about it to become more united and stronger, we are doing the exact same thing as the ETs did and driving ourselves further apart.

Q. First of all, thank you for everything that you and your husband do for this site and sharing your gift with the rest of us.  Can I please get your insight into a topic related to native Earth Reptilians? Back in 1999 someone in Sweden said that they were granted an interview by a being named Lacerta. She claims that her race is the original inhabitants of Earth and that they live under the Earth's surface. She also talks about how her people had wars with an ET race called the "illojim" and that these ET were responsible for genetically modifying apes to become modern day humans. Is everything that she says the truth? Did someone in Sweden actually meet face to face with this Terran Reptilian? Or was this whole interview made up or only a misinterpreted channeling? 
Transcript of the interview be found here:
A.  I can not connect to a physical encounter, but I do see a psychic connection and get a lot of truth in what she says.  I too see ETs living inside the earth.  The image I get is a "ant" looking humanoid, but also get there are reptilian type creatures as well.  These ETs seem to be of lower vibrations and run more on instinct than higher level thought, and are almost absent of emotion (they view human emotion as a weakness).  

There were many ET wars throughout history.  I don't have specifics of the names of reptilian species, but I can see the fighting happening.  What she says regarding this also resonates as true.  

When I look at the creation of man, I see the base part of the DNA being a "humanoid" figure, and that "figure" was modeled after many of the ETs themselves (two arms, two legs, and the more evolved walk upright).  In fact, many creatures (if we dig deep enough) have this similar "base." Apes were one of the first experimental attempts to get "humans," and their DNA was further modified until humans came about.

Q. There is a document known as Blue Planet Project, apparently this document is based on the notebook of a scientist working on a top secret U. S. Government program involving alien research. This book contains notes and drawings made by this scientist as he visited various UFO crash sites. So is this B.P.P. true or just something made up to promote unsealed alien files? Thank you for your answer.
A.  I do see truth to this... There is so much truth that I get the person working on this either has to hide his identity or go under a false name.  I keep hearing the phrase "X Files" like this is real life "X File" activity.  People know the truth, and want to have what they know inside to be true also explained and discussed in the physical world we live in.  Keeping knowledge from people (for some) is morally (and karmatically) hard- and that is why Blue Planet Project is being leaked.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading to be posted on YouTube.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Q. Is there any meaning to dreams at all? Especially recurring dreams about someone or something? Or is it really just the brain trying to cope up from a day's work? I've been dreaming about someone I know in the past every once in awhile lately even though I rarely think of them in my daily life. It really got me curious.
A.  I get an image of someone meditating, and during that meditation they "doze off" but the meditation continues.  My impression from this image is that dreaming (many times) is a way for the body to meditate or connect to the subconscious, but it happens during a sleeping state.

Q. Do dreams have a meaning?
A.  They do have meaning, and that meaning can vary.  And that meaning may not make sense (just as some images we have during meditation make no sense, but offer clarity later).  I also get that rather than try to break down a dream into individual parts (for example a red bird = x and snow = y, etc) look at the dream as a story and see how it parallels with your life.  A red bird or snow may mean something completely different to different people- One person may feel love at seeing a red bird, while another may be thinking of Christmas.  It is the same image with two different takeaways.  I also get that dream books can offer good advice (and be very thought provoking), but look at your life and situations you may be in when you assess the true meaning of a dream.  

Q. Do all dreams have meaning, or can some be random?
A.  All dreams have some kind of purpose.  You may experience a sunny day in a dream which has nothing to do with a dilemma, situation, etc in your life.  Not only does sleeping connect with you subconscious, but when your brain is discharging at night it may need to process emotions.  You might have had a great day, and as some of the joyful emotion is processed you visualize a beautiful sunny day.  Dreams can result not only from an action or experience you had or need to do, but from emotions and feelings as well.

Q. What causes recurring dreams?
A.  When I tune into that question I hear (rather sternly) that there is a message being relayed and the receiver isn't listening.  It is as if during that dream there is some action that needs to take place and until you do it, you will continue to have the same dream.  

If the dream is regarding a person, first, analyze why you are thinking of them.  Is it a past love you miss (and need to consciously process those feelings)?  Is it someone that wronged you (and you need to forgive)?  Is it an old friend that you wish to reconnect with (and haven't done it)?  Or, maybe there is a change you need to make in your life that is in your greater good.

If you dream about something else repeatedly, you still need to look at your life to interpret the meaning.  Do you dream of flying (and in your physical life you experience restraint or feel limited) and want to feel free? Maybe you drive down the same road (and in life you are stuck and need to pick a different path)?

Dreams can be powerful and insightful when you look at them.  Your conscious mind can rationalize things away, but your subconscious holds the truths.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading to be posted on YouTube.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Nostradamus and MABUS

Q. Hi Lynn,  Nostradamus refers to the third and final antichrist as MABUS. Who, exactly, is MABUS? And what significance does the date 9-18-12 have to do with MABUS and the antichrist? It is also said that WWIII will start when MABUS dies. Are we all going to be affected in a horrible way?

A. As I focus on MABUS I see a zoomed out to an image of a desert with white sand.  Then I zoom into the picture and see a white cloth head wrap with braided cord around the man's head, and the man has dark skin, but the skin tone doesn't fit the area.  I get this is a middle eastern area, and this man has dark skin that has been altered in a way (bleached??) to not appear as dark as it naturally would.  I also get that this man's heart is true to this region and this culture (even religion), but he is in disguise and living somewhere else so when the time is right he can attempt to bring the two worlds together (the world he is tied to and the world in which he lives).

I definitely get two sides to this person.  He can't be who he truly is where he is (he current residence), but he also can't be who he is where he wants to be (in the heart of the middle east) or else whatever following he has established will be lost.   I also see that a trigger date or event happen this man tries to get the majority of the world to follow the belief system of this middle eastern culture- and feels this is the "Holy" or "Blessed" lands in which Jesus walked.  There is some kind of biblical or religious premise behind him and his mission that makes him feel justified, and also gives rationale for others to follow.

Q.  Who is MABUS?
A.  I see the description of him as I gave above, but I do not get a formal name.  The nickname I get is "Barret" but it has a "joking" feel to it and I see "MABUS" roll his eyes when he is called that?? I also get that MABUS isn't his real name and MABUS is a made up acronym given to this person.  I see this word in two parts "MAB" and "Us"- like "MAB" means something and then the word "Us." I see this person didn't chose this life freely, but was chosen and programmed from a very early age.  It is as if he is a representative for a group, but has been given enough power that he can be the spokesman while others control him. I want to use the word "Manchurian candidate" like this person doesn't even realize what they are about to be used to do, but when the switch aligns they will rise.  Then I hear the phrase "he is a puppet and doesn't even know it."

Q.  What is the significance of 9-18-12?
A.  I'm not sure the context that this date was spelled out, but when I tune into this I see the numbers jumble up, and then they reposition themselves to show September 1812...  I get the numbers or date are related to a battle (or war) but on a different time frame.  I also get the events of the battles of this time frame (technology, culture, geographic boundaries) were significant.

Q. Does war start when MABUS dies?
A.  War has secretly been going on for a long time, it just hasn't been broadcasted.  War isn't waiting on MABUS to die.  MABUS has been active in putting ideas into different countries to "stir" things up.  Things just remain in chaos. (I have an image of a bird flying somewhere, pecking on the ground, then flying somewhere else and pecking on this ground- the bird does this over and over).  In some areas we do have boots on the ground, but in others we are using weather manipulation and now a virus has broken out.  I get the next war will be like no other with technology, and most of the people won't even realize what is happening because it will appear to be "natural."

Q.  What happens to all of us?  
A. Some of us will perish, and the strong will survive.  People that have paid attention and have not followed everything they are told (literally- all the immunizations, physically- to the government centers) will already be at an advantage.  The people in the underdeveloped countries are at the highest risk- I hear their land is "up for grabs."  The weaker countries will be picked out first- the goal will be to acquire them or have them under control for resources.  I don't see countries changing their names, but many smaller countries will be dominated by stronger countries.

Then I am left with an image of someone opening up a history book, and that book had another chapter added.  This, what we are going through now will be a new chapter.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.  Real Time reading posted to YouTube.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Ouija (The Movie and the Boards)

Q. The recent release of the movie 'Ouija' left me a little worried.  There is this sinister being that has absolute control over the board, tormenting users throughout the word. It goes by the name of Zozo. There was another movie based on this entity released not too long ago. I feel the film makers are actually encouraging this practice despite their apparent attempts of 'warning' people.

 I know this thing is a nuisance since my mentor from the U.S dabbled with the Ouija and conjured this being long before it became an Internet phenomenon.  If it is not too much of a strain could you do a quick reading about this spirit? Knowing more could help me warn others.
A. Ouija boards should be taken very seriously.  In the right hands (someone with experience, proper protection and proper intent set) they can be a useful tool to communicate with a guide or spirit.  If you are unsure what you are doing, you could connect to something positive or you could connect to something of a low-level vibration that you don't know how to clear.  

There are many spirits / entities that want to be heard in our layer of earth, so when they see a conduit, they flock to it- I see it as a swarm or stampede toward something.  With the proper parameters, only certain vibrations can connect, but some lower level beings that are powerful look for loopholes into our dimension (maybe the intent was forgotten, or someone wasn't taking this seriously and lowered their own personal vibration, etc).  You have to be prepared (where experience comes into play) for many situations so you can close the connection and send the spirit elsewhere.

Q.  Why are film makers almost "encouraging" using these boards and why are they sold in the children's game isle?
A. It feels like there is an underlying force out there that wants us to have an open door to things in the spirit world.  I get this force resides in the subconscious of some humans, and comes out in the forms of entertainment and is magnified under the premise of "curiosity."  This force tries to make us override our thoughts of what is right, with the impulse of being curious and doing things that we deep down know we shouldn't.  It looks like this is in part a way to keep our overall vibrations low by adding a different perspective of fear to our reality.

Q. What is this "force"?
A.  I get there is a group of people / beings that want to keep our vibrations low and prevent us from reaching our full potential.  The same "group" wants to keep us submissive so we are more easily controlled and follow their agenda rather than create our own.  I wanted to use the word "reptilian" but I cannot get a clear visual or confirmation (as if the image is inside a shadow??).  I feel like I am being hidden or even protected from the true being behind this "force."

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  Narrated version to be posted on YouTube.  

Friday, October 24, 2014

Questions Involving China... [Group Post]

Q. When and how will World War 3 starts ? Which countries would form the two opposing teams?  Some psychic has predicated that Muslim countries and Russia would form one team while USA, Western Europe, China and Japan would form the other team.  Do you see any truth in this ?
A. I actually see this as three opposing teams.  I see a group of Russia, China, Japan and smaller countries are in the that proximity (like Malaysia) being on one of the sides.  The smaller countries get grouped out of location (and fear because of closeness to the other powerful countries) rather than their own personal viewpoints.  China and Russia form a very strong team, and have a lot of influence.  

Muslim countries start as their own group, and hold strong for a while, but then later merge with China (China sort of recruits them)  The Muslims lose some strength due to the original fighting, and their resources start to deplete. They are being fed some resources now (I get the impression that the US is funding the Muslims, yet fighting them all at the same time??) but that eventually stops when certain deals and alliances are not formed.  I also get the impression that many of the "Muslims" are actually affiliated with the CIA or branch of it to either infiltrate or influence the Muslims (I get a picture of an American CIA wearing a Muslim Halloween "costume"), but it doesn't seem as effective as they hoped.  When the CIA starts to back out, resources are withheld, China scoops them up to try to build some kind of strength in numbers.  

The third group is the US, Canada, much of  Europe and Australia.  I see this group strong in regard to intel, resources and technology.  The weakness is the financial backing.  Most of this group will continue to use the inflated dollar regardless of the value, but to branch outside of this group is difficult, and financially that will be the struggle.  I get the impression that there will be some "bullying" tactics first, followed by some ruthless "secretive" tactics that don't involve the loss of life from this group, but rather they use technology to their advantage (i.e weather manipulation, subtle chemical attacks- something like a chemtrail effect).  Harsh weather, natural disasters and unexplained amounts of illness will be the result (weaken people are easier to fight).  I also see food supplies to opposing "teams" being altered.  

Now to see how it starts....  It is slowly ramping up now.  I don't see a moment of anyone proclaiming "it starts now" but rather it just happens.  As the dollar gets threatened by other currencies (like the Shanghai Gold Exchange) and our need for oil (and wanting to control it) increases, the US wants both a presence overseas to monitor the oil and to create situations to distract from the idea and stability an alternate currency backed by something real would hold.  As long as the US prints the money, they hold the power, and they want to keep that power.  Other countries know it, and want a piece (or I hear "their turn) of the power too.  

Q. With China becoming a world power in the near future, do you see any South East Asian countries (neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar) being incorporated into China the same way as Crimea was annexed into Russia? 
A. I don't see China taking the land and calling it China, but I see them having some kind of control and ownership of it.  For example, I don't see the country Thailand being renamed to be a territory of China, but I see China having a control over it and being able to tell or highly influence their government on what to do (alliances, trade, currency, etc).  I see countries fearing China, like being cut off or not having good relations is detrimental to their ability to thrive.

Q. China seems to become a major power in the world, but democracy , law and justice, and human rights are highly suppressed. Do you see if these aspects will improve considerably in a time frame like five to ten years, or if things will stay the same for a long time? The Chinese government cannot tolerate even peaceful protests. With the advance in technology and military power, everything is under government surveillance and many people feel helpless and hopeless. Is there anything ordinary people can do to bring about the change?  Thank you !

A. I focused on this for a while, and saw two different time lines develop.  In the first, China (along with many other countries in the world) are having less tolerance to any type of organized outcry regarding topics that aren't supportive of the people in power  or the "Powers that Be".  Not only do things not change, they get to the point where speaking out at all is not tolerated (even in a peaceful type venue), and we allow that type of authority to be accepted.  It doesn't happen all at once, but rather over a period of time. 

They (governments) create fear (disease, famine, natural disasters), they come in a save us from those fears to build trust and that trust allows them to take our rights because we are under the illusion it is in our own good.  Then I see an example of government banning all guns to protect us from harming ourselves- they have us convinced it is the best way to remain safe- then something happens from outside our "bubble" and we have no way to protect or defend ourselves.  That happened because we didn't fight to keep our rights, but rather said "here you go, you can take my freedoms, just promise to protect me."

The OTHER time line I saw involved people uniting and reaching a breaking point where enough is enough.  People stand together, and by doing so we create our biggest allies and supporters of people.  We are actually very strong when we unite, and we take back ourselves.  It is a long road to build what is right, but our lack of tolerance forces people in authority to make change.  Then I hear that "rather than divide and conquer" (which is what they do to us) we need to "unite and stand strong."

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading to be posted on YouTube.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Q and A XLVI: Mysterious Deaths 4 [Group Post]

Q. Hi Lynn. I would like to ask you about the recent death of a D.A. in my country, Argentina, who was accusing our president (Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner) and a few more politicians in her wing of letting the Iranian government escape from justice in relation to a bombing we had in a jewish building in the 90's (a very dirty matter that apparently was finally coming to light).

In the accusation, there's plenty of evidence regarding our president about making a deal with the Iranians to let the case go in exchange of an economic deal. The day before the DA (Alberto Nisman) was to present the evidence in the congress, he was found dead in an apparent suicide in his bathroom with a shot in the head. There were TWO ambulances prevented from entering the scene. Our secretary of national security (Sergio Berni) who was first in the scene, says he was in the apartment but didn't enter the bathroom out of precaution, to not mess with the crime scene, though he says he didn't even know at the time if the guy was dead or not (and he is a doctor!).  As you can see, it is all too suspicious (there's even more mafia like details but I would have to write for hours) and the whole country is frantic about this. 

Can you see what really happened to Mr. Nisman? Are we ever going to know the truth about his death? Will our president ever have to face the justice about this?
A.  I see that the government which felt good in its' infancy (like it was genuinely created to help organize and protect the people) is becoming more an more corrupt.  It also visually looks like there is a darker group centered at the core (like a gang or mafia), and the arms that branch out from this core look like they have good intentions, but the dark core in the middle is slowly infecting these branches through fear and bullying tactics.  

I also get the impression that Argentina got into a deal with Iran, it was much more than Argentina could handle.  What started out as small negotiations in exchange for protection and alliances, (I get there is a drug ring tied into this too???) turned into much larger demands.  Argentina got in way over their head.  I also see the Iranians penetrated the Argentinian government and it is so saturated with both people and connections, that it is hard to reverse.

This death will be covered up.  There will be speculation and debate, but no confirming answers shedding truth on this will be released.  I also get the impression that as things progress (I see more to happen in getting the government aligned with the true agendas), you will see more and more mysterious deaths.  I also get that at some point soon it will be "illegal" to discuss, post or question the government activity.  It feels like a tactic used to stall people while they get their inner core insulated.

Q.Two days ago in Argentina, the burnt body of a woman appeared near the building a DA was killed. Now there's a journalist saying 'unofficially' this woman was murdered along with the DA back in January, and her body was dropped and burned now.  He's talking about an illegal agreement with Iran and the involvement of Venezuela is these murders. Today a witness came out to he media saying she was afraid, and telling about a lot of irregularities in the crime scene.  The country is paralyzed by this.
A.  I get that the local governments are being bullied by Iran, and anyone blocking this powerful agenda that is trying to grab ahold is being eliminated.  Soon people will be too scared to speak out, which is exactly what the Iranians want (and local governments don't want trouble or retaliation).  I get the local governments are too scared and intimidated to stand up at this time, so they feel their only option is to go along with "whatever happens."

The next question I pose is How to overcome this?  What can the people do? It is coming to me that the only way to escape this is for the people to band together.  The government can "pluck out" a few that go against the plan, but on a massive scale they can't overcome it.  United efforts (even if it is the demanding of truth which forces accountability) is the answer.

Q. Dear Lynn, Bill O'Reilly recently published a book called "Killing Patton." There have been theories over the years that General Patton was assassinated by either the soviets or even some elements within the U.S. government. Can you see any truth to this, or was his death the result of a simple car accident?
A. I do get Patton was killed.  At the end of the war I get there were "truths, and versions of the truth (which in theory are lies)."  Patton refused to go with the norm (Germany is bad, Hitler is evil, we must stop them all).  He spoke out against the "versions of truth" which very unpopular opinions during that time when history was literally being rewrote.  The Powers that Be took him out due to the level of respect many had for him, and also credibility he held (they were scared people would listen and question).  This part of the reading is also taking me back to a previous reading I did regarding Hitler (this keeps coming up over and over as if something won't let it drop in my mind!!).  I get that Patton held many similar views as what was described to me in that previous reading, and expressing those views led to his death.  

[Link to previous reading]

Q. Hi Lynn, I was recently shown this article that gave some rather compelling evidence that Tupac faked his own death and is still alive. Do you see any truth in this? Did he really fake his death? If not, why is there so much questionable evidence? Is he still alive? If so, who knows that he is? The article suggested that he would reappear sometime in 2014. Do you see this happening? Do you see any other celebrities who faked their death? Would it be them who faked their death or someone else who wanted to, (such as government, etc) ? Thank you!!!
A. The first thing I get is that it isn't uncommon for a celebrity to fake their own death.  It can be for a variety of reasons from avoiding the law for an illegal act, or knowing they are on some big radars due to their personal outspokenness.  I get that being in the public eye can be like being in a gang, and you are either with them (The Powers that Be) or against them.  And, if you area against them you better be cautious....

I see Tupac was definitely his own person, and viewed himself as  "free agent"  He didn't walk around in fear, and did what he wanted.  When he realized he was in trouble, he planned his escape, and "left."  I get he isn't in the country and doesn't want found...I hear he is taking a sabbatical (??) with no plan to return soon.  At this time I don't want to push the topic as it feels invading (and somewhat detrimental) in his personal space.

Q. Hi again, thanks so much for your continued work, it is invaluable for so many people.  Could you shed some light on how David John Eason died, he went missing in 2001, and his body was found two years later. Numerous searches failed to find his body, despite the fact his skull was found just yards from a path on Fraser Island where he vanished. What exactly happened to him?
A. I do see this was a accident.  I get a visual of him in a desert looking area- I see dirt, sand, dryness and heat.  I get that he was either lost and then got injured, or he was injured in an area in which he felt lost (it was unfamiliar which made it feel more complicated).  I get the died of dehydration and internal injuries.  The reason there were so many questions regarding the location of the skull were due to animals finding his body... (I am stopping my images there...)..

Q. The CEO of French oil company Total was killed in a freak accident at a Moscow airport after making comments in public that there was no need to trade oil in US dollars any longer. His death: accident or assassination?
Here's a link to the Reuters article on his death:
A.  I get as soon as someone talks about oil, the dollar or gold, people perk up and start to pay attention.  The US does not want to lose control of their purchasing power of oil.  Right now many talks are going on all over the world concerning trading oil in gold versus the dollar.  I am left with the phrase that "The US will do whatever it needs to do to maintain control."

And that is all I have for this reading.  I have several more questions regarding this topic, so if I didn't answer yours now, I have it saved for a future reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Explosion on Mars

Q. Hey, Lynn. What happened on Mars in this video from 10/19/14?  There's a huge explosion. What caused it? [Direct link to video of explosion: ]
A. When I first tune into this I get that the explosion was not the result of natural causes (something colliding, something breaking off and hitting mars, etc).  There is a forced feel that something man (or ET based) intentionally went in the direction of this comet and blew it up to "prevent" it from continuing on its current path.  There is something protective happening around Mars.

Q. Who or what blew it up?
A.  I get there are military bases and "camps" set up in various locations all over Mars.  There is a much larger attempt to colonize Mars and make it habitable than what most people could imagine.  Part of protecting our interests on Mars  as humans is to have some kind of defense located on Mars- This defense is needed for protection from some ETs (which we cannot fully compete against on our own) and space objects (such as Comet Siding Spring).  

I also get on Mars we use completely different weaponry- there is something about the ratios of gas (lack of Oxygen, etc) that force our machinery / technology of operate differently.  I have never seen this type of apparatus before- It looks like a stainless steel,remote controlled military tank (controlled from a remote location- Earth?) that has the capability to shoot rockets / missiles.  The fuel or explosive property is controlled by a purple liquid that has a nuclear base, but is also metallic / magnetic. Somehow the gases needed to propel the rocket / missile are infused within this purple liquid ??  (I keep being shown this purple liquid as if there is some significance to it).

I get this comet (Siding Spring) has been watched for a while.  Anything that comes close to earth or the surrounding planetary (or moon) bodies gets a lot of attention.  Mars was on high alert because of the "plan" we have for it later.  Defenses we have on Mars had to be used to protect our interests.  I also get an impression that on Mars we work with ETs and they are guiding us there (can't get a lot of clarity without going deeper, but we have the help and involvement of some ETs- that is for a different reading though).

Q.  How destructive was this? 
A.  I am viewing this from the perspective of being on Mars and looking up.   I see that this explosion was further into the atmosphere than how it looked observing this from earth.  I get that Mars did feel it, but the experience I have watching it feels like a flash grenade- intense blinding light, some sound.  I also feel and see the ground beneath me shake to where it knocks me off my feet.  The sound vibration and energy waves sent off the explosion hit Mars versus the debris.  I don't see lasting physical damage after the dust settled.

Q.  Why does this event feel hidden or not on mainstream media?  
A.  The government doesn't want to admit we have other military bases (especially not even on earth), talk about ETs or disclose anything they are working on regarding Mars.  There would be too many questions and shake up the paradigm of too many people.  I also get that money for these projects is being funded under a strange title that only those that "know" realize where it is going- way too much to explain to "the people."

And that is all I see for this reading.  Thank you.  Link to narrated reading to be posted on YouTube.  

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Black Hole

(I have had this question asked a few times, and I wanted to take time today to address it...)
Q. Dear PF, please do a reading on the most mysterious thing of the universe, i.e. a Black Hole. What really is a black hole? Anything which is sucked inside a black hole is permanently absorbed into it, even light! What is at the other end of the Black hole?
A.  When I focus on the "Black Hole"  my mind sees this brilliant universe containing stars, floating dust (looks like dust floating in the sunlight) and planetary bodies.  Everything feels full of motion and life except for this one spot that is completely absent of everything (and dark), so I mentally draw myself to it (i.e the Black Hole).  Then I am shown an image of someone hoovering on the edge of the hole as if they can see in, but don't want to completely go info this blank spot (they are clinging to this edge in what looks like a fearful way).  As they position themselves near the hole I see what looks like some kind of energetic plasma enter the hole- the closer the energetic presence gets, the faster it moves until it is absorbed into the hole.  Then I get that "energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be relocated."  

As this person hangs onto edge of this hole and peaks in, inside the hole itself it looks like complete darkness with these "blobs" of energetic plasma floating around.  I  get the impression from the image that the "Black Hole" gets its' energy from this collection of plasma that enters.  It looks like the hole is living in some way, and feeds off of the matter and energy that enters.  The way the person clings to the edge of the hole also leaves the impression that once something enters (matter, energy, etc) it cannot leave.  It looks like a one way vacuum in, and once it is there it is trapped like a prison.

Then I hear the person say "I'm done, I'm leaving."  I feel fear and anxiety regarding this hole.  It feels full of negativity and a sense of panic enters me, as if using this person to show me the way was enough (I feel panic for the person).  This person doesn't want to completely enter the hole (there is this look of terror at the thought) and I don't want to experience it, so I am releasing the thought and letting us both leave this experience.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading to be posted on YouTube.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

What is the secret meaning behind the encouraging of drinking by tv show hosts?

Q. The hosts of NBC's The Today Show, Kathie Lee and Hoda, both have a glass of wine on their desk every morning and they encourage their audience to sip with them. The host of Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen, has a drinking game on his show every night. He literally encourages people to "drink until your liver screams" or "drink until you pass out". I am wondering why major networks are encouraging audiences to consume alcohol beginning in the mornings and also on weeknights. Your thoughts?
A. As I scanned through the request, this popped out at me immediately... The first thought I had was "MK Ultra" (actually a a lecture on it) and my mind went from there.  I got that many people, either consciously or subconsciously are under the influence of some form of reptilian influence.    I took this a step further and realized that many people have a twinge of the feeling or little voice that promotes negative thoughts at some time (selfish, self harming, etc) and this is the way the reptilians connect to us and keep their agenda going.  Many people intuitively try to fight these feelings off, but the more we are bombarded, the harder it is to fight off. I see this as a "re-energizing" of the thoughts to keep the weak or unknowledgeable under control (then i hear the phrase to beat someone when they are down.)

Then I got the best way to influence others subliminal is to bring them "under your energy field." I see someone sitting and watching tv as if they are in some kind of trance, and that trance is further heightened with the dumbed down effect of alcohol. I also get that during these tv "programming" shows there are many subliminal messages being sent (comments, images, etc).  I even get the image of someone watching tv in slow motion and getting a whole new meaning- it may not even be the tv show itself, but rather the advertisements.  The reptilian agenda has some kind of "code" or "truth" saying that they have to reveal their intentions, however, they reveal their plan in some of code or "magic spell" that many people are unable to understand or realize (I am drawn to an example of a discussion I had with some intellectuals friends taking about how our language that was changed from saying "Thee and Thou" to saying "You" when the reptilian sense is calling us "Ewe" a flock of sheep - as one of MANY examples in which we are cast under their spell repeatedly)  

Q. Are the tv hosts in on this?

A. I do not see that they are.  They look like victims too of a higher power or influence.  I see these marketing "strategies" are sent to them from a much higher "Power at Be" that encourages this behavior.

Q.  How do we fight this as a human race?

A. We as humans are very strong, we just need to believe it.  If we as a majority can wake our subconscious mind to all the "spells" and "play on words"  we can reclaim our earth.  As long as we stay in this "trance" we are going to be controlled.  Take a conscious perspective of your thoughts - determine what is yours and what is being projected on you.  Some negative thoughts may be yours- process them and release them.  Some may be from  an empathetic nature where other people attach their negativity to your like a vampire, taking your positive energy with them.  Other times it may be of a reptilian base where you have to consciously  and subconsciously connect to that and acknowledge they are not your thoughts and tell them to leave.  

The human mind and soul is a beautiful and powerful thing.  Don't let the negative voice tell you otherwise.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  LInk to narrated version to be posted on YouTube.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Q & A XXXIX: Mysterious Deaths or Missing People Part II [Group Post]

Q. Hello Lynn.  Thank you for this wonderful post! Could you please do a reading on Rick D. Husband, William C. McCool, Michael P. Anderson, Ilan Ramon Kalpana Chawla, David M. Brown and Laurel Blair Salton Clark? They disappeared February 1 2003 and are the crew of space shuttle Columbia! What did actually cause their disappearance? Thank You!
A. I get they really died on this shuttle.  I cannot connect to a malicious or intentional act (negligence on the part of NASA, yes).  

Q. I was wondering what you can see about the Dennis Martin case. He was a 6 year old boy that disappeared in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. That was in 1969. It has been 45 years and that family has no idea what really happened to him. It was a very big case at that time around the whole nation. 
A.  I hear a phrase saying "it was supernatural, like the heavens opened up."  I see a craft above him (I get a vision of the movie Taken) and it looks like a beam of light came down, and rode the beam of light back up to the ship.  I see his face during this time, and he looks as though he is absent of feelings- he isn't scared, happy, excited, upset, just kind of numb.  He was in a totally numb looking state as he rode this beam of light to the ship.  I also get there were some UFO sightings (but maybe were hidden, or recorded off the books??) at the time this happened.  Once the government got notified of this, I get there was a huge investigation (again, not totally on the books) to research, investigate and try to make contact with these beings.

Why did they chose him?  The first thing I hear is that he was "at the wrong place at the wrong time."  It really was very random.  There was no energetic connection or seeking this boy out, it was really random (and to some extent Dennis's destiny).  I see he is still on board this ship, but he stopped aging as a teen??  He has actually made peace with the situation, and looks to these ETs as his family (this was learned over many years, at first this was not so accepted by him).  They keep him in order to learn.  I don't see physical experiments being done on him, but rather mental ones.  I see Dennis communicating telepathically to the ETs aboard the ship.

Will he be released?  I do not see him being released, and to some extent Dennis is psychologically able to acclimate back to earth.  I cannot connect to him being here on our physical plane again.

Q. Dear PF, could you please help us solving the murder-mystery of Arushi Talwar here in India? Some say that Talwar's servant Hemraj murder Arushi (a teenager girl, daughter of two influential doctors Mr. and Mrs. Talwar) while some say Arushi's parents only killed her. On that murder-day only 4 persons i.e. Mr. and Mrs. Talwar, Arushi and Hemraj was present, out of which Arushi was murdered first then later Hemraj was found dead. Who is the actual killer of Arushi and Hemraj?

A.  I immediately got that the parents are involved in this, but indirectly.  I get they hired someone to come in and kill their daughter, and the servant got in the way and was killed too.  There was never an intention (or payment negotiated) for the servant to be murdered,, but because of his presence and witness of this (something was strange about his routine) he was killed to protect the identity of the real murderer.  

I also got that they may have checked the phone records of the parents, or even what they are able to see with the daughter and servant, but the plans that were made between the hired assassin and the parents (I am pulled more toward the mom) were done on an alternate anonymous phone (which the records are unable to be found).  I get details were given, and the plan was put in motion when both parents had a good alibi.  The key to solving this case is finding the "real" phone used to make the plans.

Why do this?  I hear that  "money is the root of all evil" and get this impression that monetary gain was to be made (along with fame, but money was more the motivator).

Q.Teoh Beng Hock: April 20, 1979 – July 16, 2009. On 15 July 2009, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) took him into custody for questioning about allegations of corruption. He was found dead the next morning on the rooftop of a building adjacent to the MACC offices.  Teoh's mobile phone was still in the possession of MACC officials when he was found dead at 1.30 pm despite the MACC's claims that Teoh was released at 3.45 am. A royal commission of inquiry ruled Teoh's death as suicide resulting from abusive behaviour by MACC officers, a verdict which was rejected by the victim's family. Nobody believed that he would commit suicide as he has planned to register his marriage with his fiance the day following his death and that his fiance was pregnant.  It was heart-breaking to see that his fiance still go ahead with the traditional Chinese marriage ceremonies on 15 August, so that her name could be engraved in his tomb as his wife.  Without further proof what really happened to him, the family is still waiting for a closure
A.  I do not see that this was a suicide, but rather a murder.  I see he was questioned about what he knew, and he stood true to what he was saying.  Their government even tried to bargain with him (get him to share information) and talk to him in a way that feels like a "mind trick" to make him think he didn't know what he really did know, and it didn't work. He realized there was no "win" in the situation, and kept true to himself.  

The government was frustrated with the line of questioning, and his lack of compliance.  At the conclusion of the interview something happened, and they "talked" him into killing himself and making it look like a suicide, when in reality it was forced.  I get that he was a very strong person, but then they made real (and believable) threats on his family which terrified him.  He was very scared, and did what they wanted.  (I feel blocked from going into this more.)
Q. Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed: 1955 – April 6, 2011 He was a Malaysian customs officer from Port Klang. On 6 April 2011, according to MACC accounts, Ahmad Sarbani was brought into a room on the third floor by an officer and disappeared a few minutes after 10:15 am. He was then found dead in the open air badminton court on the first floor at 10:20 amHis death coincided with the MACC's investigation into allegations of corruption in the Royal Malaysian Customs. The MACC insists that Ahmad Sarbani was not murdered, nor did he commit suicide, but rather fell to his death trying to escape from the building. In September 2011, the coroner's court ruled the death an accident. His family and colleagues said that he was a calm and patient man with high integrity. Another family who could not accept the court’s ruling.
A. I get a clear image of a man being taken and thrown from the rooftop.  It looks like there were 3 men holding him and literally threw him off.  I don't see questioning, or any explanations.  The government was so sure of his involvement with the Royal malaysian Customs that they wanted him silenced.

Q. Have you heard of the mysterious black woman wandering around Hillsboro? She's so mysterious that nobody recognizes her.  Is she perhaps an angel or another entity in disguise? Or just some human being?

A.  I see her as human and she is on some kind of spiritual quest (the image I have is of a nun that has taken an oath of silence).  She began her mission that is both physical and spiritual to become closer to her higher self. I will say that as I tune into this more, she is carrying some negative energy with her (it looks attached and following closely behind her as she walks), and I get that in addition to reaching her higher self, she feels this journey will rid her of the negativity that feels to be connected to her.

Q. Who killed Meredith Kercher? Was it Amanda Knox? Will this case ever be solved?

A.  I get that Amanda Knox didn't do the killing, but was somehow involved or knowledgeable and protecting someone else (someone she cared about or even felt she loved??).  She regrets not coming forward now, but in a way feels it is too late to change her story, and by changing her story now she will get worse consequences because the true story does show her involvement.  This case feels twisted because there are many truths mixed with lies (and mislead or misrepresented evidence).  It is difficult for the legal system to sort out the truths.  I cannot see a real "truth" being revealed with this case, but I also hear something about justice being served. ??

Q. Can you focus on Arturo Gatti's death?

A.  I see this as a true suicide.  I get he was taking something artificial to help enhance his skills while fighting (not a steroid but something like that).  I get that this drug also gave him fluctuating mood swings- not really happy or sad, but rather super anxious and very depressed.  He was in a depressed point, and mixed that emotion with some kind of recreational drug, which made his out of his mind and led to him taking his life.

And that is all I have for this reading.  I have MANY more question on this topic that I will continue in a future reading.  Thank you. Narrated reading to be posted on YouTube.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ebola Scare and Ferguson, MO (Strangely Related Topics)

Q. Since Ebola seems to be blowing up right now and you've said that there will be a vaccine that is not helpful but harmful: Are the outbreaks that are occurring in the US right now real and getting worse or are they fake and being used as a scare tactic to get people to use the vaccine when it comes out? Either way, I fear people are scared enough already that when that vaccine does come out there will be a staggering amount of people lining up for it.
A. I do see in Africa there is a real issue and valid concern for Ebola.  When I visualize it, Africa looks to be the "experimental" place.  It is far enough away from major leading countries, that it feels confined and able to be contained (not perfectly, but close).  I see some testing of medications / immunization derivatives have been used in Africa, which had adverse effects and allowed the Ebola to leave its primary location and spread slightly to other parts of Africa (people were injected as "case studies" with these drugs, and these drugs weren't ready for the human population).  It looks like what has spread in Africa isn't a genuine Ebola, but a manufactured (or artificial) form- something about the transmission and effects on the body feel like a "robotic" interference causing a reaction versus a viral reaction (the image I have is of little microscopic nanobots entering the body through bodily fluids- mucus, saliva, blood, etc).  What is being seen as an epidemic feels controlled rather than random.

I then focus on other location (like the US) where cases are being seen.  I can't get a valid confirmation that these are real cases or there is a real threat from a genuine disease.  It feels mysterious, or like an illusion- then my mind tells me it is like a magic trick and we are the audience.  I cannot get a visual or pick up on any energy of a person or family in distress here in the states.  The more I focus on it, I get the show Sleepy Hollow coming to me- the alleged victims are faceless and nameless as if they are not real.

I do see hysteria and panic going on.  A fearful nation is a submissive one.  Then I hear that "There is nothing to fear, but fear itself"... then I hear a chuckle and the phrase is finished by saying..."until the immunization comes out- fear that." I see is coming out soon, before its ready, and that will be a true threat to health.  Then I hear to "turn off the tv and quit allowing them to program you."

When the immunization does get released, I see two groups of people emerging:  those that run to be first in line, and those that sit back and watch.  I get the ones that rush are going to have experience with horrible illness, and to steer clear of those people because once they become ill they will be contagious to even those who didn't get the immunization.  The people without the vaccine actually have a much better chance at fighting off the illness, but still doesn't look pleasant.

Then, I saw the following question in my queue, and I realized that this is actually related in a different, however, important way.
Q. What is really going on, behind, in Ferguson, MO?
A. I see this area being a test ground on many levels to see what would happen, what people will tolerate and how people react to certain things in midst of chaos... (a different form of chaos than what ebola introduces, but chaos and control still the same).  I see that something tragic did happen in Ferguson, but there is some kind of force there that won't allow for closure, and feels almost antagonistic to those that are there. It is like there is an intentional forced delay at peace to allow government to analyze people and how they will react.  Will people allow rights to be taken?  Will people join the cause or be scared?  

A different perspective is also being taken on the enforcement in the situation too.  In the midst of chaos or upset people, how well do certain people take orders (even if they feel they are wrong).  What types of people emerge as leaders, "yes men" or followers? Do people go against authority.  These are all things being studied on a real live scale versus case studies.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading to be posted on YouTube.

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