Monday, August 4, 2014


Q. Would you please take a bit of time to focus on the Ebola situation unfolding in west Africa? This outbreak is different than the past Ebola outbreaks from what I've been reading. From what I've read, it just appeared in the area, but not in the usual way. Did the virus in this outbreak mutate naturally, or was there manipulation involved? Some nurses in discussion forums are wondering about this also, along with many others. It sounds like this type of Ebola is airborne, since doctors and nurses using CDC protocol using protective barriers, have caught it, some already dead from that. Will countries outside of Africa begin having outbreaks? 2 planes, include 2 different airports, were infected by a man that was contagious. A. I see two things happening with this recent outbreak. One, a natural strain that appeared to be semi active came back full force..And two, the attempted creation of an antibody or immunization (created from a dead or semi active Ebola virus) caused an even more serious strain to infect people. I see experimentation with the original Ebola was occurring with the anticipated hope of an antibody / cure which led to the original Ebola being transmitted, and no way to stop it. [But the antibody / immunization failed, creating two different, but similar strands of the same disease].

Q. How did the natural strain come back and get so aggressive to the point that it is on the news?
A. Experimentation was being done. I get the atmosphere / climate / situation of Africa makes this a natural place to do testing. I get that people were working on an immunization, thought that had it under control, went there to help people (semi experimental) and now they have a hard to contain problem because the symptoms of the genetically made Ebola virus are different than the original virus. At first they thought the antibody / immunization was ineffective, and then later realized that it actually created a mutated version of the current virus. No one is taking accountability for this genetically modified Ebola.

Q. Is this related to population control?
A. There is definitely an element of secrecy to this as if the creation of the antibody / immunization was being kept quiet. I get the phrase that it is the "next great find." The developers were so happy, thought they were helping the world and hoped to make a lot of money in the process. I don't see malicious intent, but rather over zealous, not fully testing products being pushed on humans prematurely. It also feels private sponsored in some sense- not affiliated with the CDC, and the CDC wasn't involved until it was too late and the virus was reported.

Q. Will it spread?
A. I see it spreading to small pockets of towns in Africa, but mainly stays in that area. I see some countries shutting down all air travel to and from this area to eliminate a spread. There will be some scattered, random other cases, but for the most part people will be under a certain level of quarantine if exposure is a risk. Governments really do not want this to spread.

Q. Most importantly, is there a cure how do we protect ourselves?
A. As I focus on preventing or curing this, my mind automatically want to go homeopathic.. Then I get a message that everything we need to heal ourselves can be found in our environment.. So I tune into Africa, and focus on trees (an earlier reading focusing on Ebola took me to an image of tree bark found on a big mighty tree).. I felt like trees were the clue, so I did take a second to google African trees, and the first image that IMMEDIATELY resonated with me was the boabab tree- I see people eating something from or off this tree, and this tree is of major homeopathic significance to this area.. I get this area should be explored.

I also had a conflict come to me because many times I feel a person's body is too acidic and their PH is out of balance. In this situation, I feel the more acidic you are, the more hostile the environment is for this disease to live in. Eating anything acidic or citrus can really make a difference in fighting this off or strengthening your immune system to prevent getting it. [10-16-14 I wanted to note that I have later learned that eating these citrus foods can actually have an alkaline effect on the body. That is why I had the conflict, but alkaline is the way to go, however, I kept seeing the citrus type foods).

The last thing I am left with is to not get paranoid, be educated, cautious and aware.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you. Narrated reading on YouTube.


Lisa said...

Jim Stone has posted on his website that the cure are huge amounts of vitamin C.
It looks like that Ebola is leading to a complete lack of ALL vitamin C in our body, which causes the bleedings.

So this fits with your recommendation of an acidic ph!

Thanks for this great reading!

samferina said...

hi just trying to figure out exactly where did the FIRST ORIGINAL virus come from? was it bush meat (monkey,bat),mosquitos, genetically created and used Africa as a testing place like for a bio weapon or something else? I also read it has the same protein compound from mad cow disease and sars so did like the gov made a new virus from these diseases??


YourPsychicFocus said...

@samferina: I tried to connect to that question when I first did this. The thing I would see is that it went from a rodent type animal (I see mice- but that could be symbolic for another rodent) and mutated to a strain that could live in humans. I get it was around (existed) in this rodent for a while, and I do get it was induced chemically into the rodent in some way (I then see a picture of war and feel it has to do with some chemicals of war.) I get the impression this disease has been around for a while, but really isn't that old (within a 100 years this came about.)

curious said...

I've been hearing reports of 3,000 ISIS Ebola martyrs already in the United States.They are being called an Apocalyptic terrorist group. Also claims that they have been targeting and infecting health care workers in Africa to test their methods. Is there any truth to these reports?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@curious: That is not resonating as true (even though the idea in my conscious mind seems like it is plausible). I will update people if something comes to me (either in a dream or meditation).

Carol said...

Is this telling the truth?