Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Q & A XXXVI: Health Questions [Group Post]

Q. I am becoming increasingly concerned about West Nile Virus. Where did this virus originate from and will it eventually fizzle out or keep going strong? Also, is there any herb, supplement, etc, that can be used to prevent contracting this disease? Thank you so much!
A.  The first thing I see is prevention.  I immediately see and smell fresh lavender... I get they don't like the smell. I also see someone burning cedar (kind of looks like smudging) to form a barrier around their home.

If someone contracts West Nile...I see huge amounts of citrus fruits (mainly the rind or the zest of the fruit) being consumed.  This fruit consumption in conjunction with large amounts of water seems more important (even more than food intake).  

(I couldn't see a origination point for this..) 

Q.  Can anything be done regarding ovarian cysts?

A.  The treatment I see with this is acupuncture.  I get an image of a woman laying on her back with a circular shape pattern of acupuncture needles in her abdomen.

Q. Hi Lynn. i believe this is good for all the readers. how can we save our children from drug addiction?? Any good technique to make them stay away?

A. I can't see a full prevention method, but rather the equation that makes the use more probable.  I also get that many that experiment aren't addicts, and addiction is a much more serious form of use that results in harming the self (or those around you) with a lack of will to be able to stop. The use isn't even for just pleasure or an escape, but rather a deep absence of independent will to stop (that has to be found).

In focusing on those with addiction, the image I see is someone sitting with a therapist and they are doing a technique where they are tapping on different pressure points on their body.  They speak mantras while doing this tapping technique and through that it triggers some kind of inner strength and empowerment.  It works different parts of the brain by tapping and speaking while focusing on the words.  I see it taking several times (maybe three weeks in a row, but looks successful. [As a side note, while doing this reading I came across another question that was similar, and realized that the technique above was EFT] 

Q. When will the Ebola outbreak be contained? Will it reach Europe or the US?

A. I see this virus lingering for the next three to four years.  It will mostly infiltrate the third world countries, and I see some of the borders being locked down where safeguards against disease are not great.  

I see random cases reaching other countries, but I also see it being mostly contained.  I see some kind of vaccine being created [eventually] and the fear of the spread has people running to get it.  I don't see specific details, but the vaccine looks to create other problems / issues (causing weakened immune systems for a future attack of a different strain of virus).    

For now I see those that have been exposed (or actually contract the disease) they need to consume high concentrations of citrus fruits (not a vitamin, herb or oil - the real thing in the form of juice).  It will create a PH that makes the virus hard to survive.  I also see that colloidal silver can be beneficial (the amount feels like it would be toxic, however it looks to work (do its intended job) and it then flushes itself out when the treatment is done. 

Q. What is your take on Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping? Can it really relieve pain, release negative energy, eliminate phobia, fear, depression and many other things that people claimed to be able to achieve via tapping. Thank you for your time.

A. [This is what I saw in the portion about drug addiction!!!!  I didn't know what it was called!]
Yes!  The technique looks very effective.  I see that the tapping, thinking and talking works the right brain with the left, the conscious with the subconscious and creates a redirection in the way the flow of electric pulses run through the brain.  It allows a fresh outlook to old ideas and thoughts.  It also allows you to apply rational thought to ideas or concepts that previously felt irrational (and unexplainable).  

Q. Is it safe to use the microwave often to heat up food? I'm worried.

A.  Two things I see... One, if you use the microwave, don't stand near it.  I see a field of energy radiating out of it constantly (just by being plugged in), and when you power it on, the field grows about three times.  Don't stand by it, or look in it while cooking.  

The second thing I see it is that it kills the nutrition in the food itself. For example, if you steam broccoli on the stove top it is healthier than steaming it in the microwave.  Then I hear that is why you cannot microwave breast milk- it kills the nutrition.  Then I was shown an image of someone microwaving water, letting it cool, and then watering a plant- the plant withers and dies almost immediately... Just be cautious and use good judgement.

Q. For a while now, I am facing anxiety. I tried medication, but I couldn't handle it, so I use natural stuff. It goes away and it comes back. I have seen a lot of people facing this lately. From what I've red, it's a process of evolution. My question: is it really because our bodies are adjusting to the new vibration? Or this is our fears and the time to deal with them has come? If so, how are we suppose to deal with this? Thank you.
A.  Anxiety can mean different things for different people.  It may be a natural symptom that you have something in your life you must face or deal with.  For some, they need to really assess their life and to know what is causing it.  

Some people experience anxiety when their intuition kicks in and they "feel" some outside influence or energy is moving about them (could be vibrational, something spiritual / psychic, empathic experience, etc).  Meditation can help with this to gain some insight (and comfort).  I also get that meditating while taking a warm Epsom salt bath can deepen the meditation and also help detox some of the negativity from your system. 

Q. Hi Lynn: Could you please advise why some species of pine nuts can cause pine mouth (bitter taste lasting up to several days)?

A. I hear the word "pine tar" and get there is some substance inside the nut your are talking about that has some kind of tar to it.  I also get that there is an odd acidic base to this that alters the PH in your mouth, which causes the residual taste to linger. You have to wait for the PH to regain balance to regain a normal taste.

Q. E-Cigarettes and the devices that allow you to take in nicotine via "vapor" have become popular lately without any scientific research being done on the long term effects of them. What do you see them being compared to cigarettes? Some of the liquids used in them contain propylene glycol and others use organic vegetable glycerin. How much more safer is the organic vegetable glycerin? And finally, is nicotine safe through this vapor method but has just always been thought of as bad due to it's association with the carcinogenic method of burning a cigarette to get it in the past? Thank you

A. I see the organic version safer (as opposed to any chemical).  The tobacco also seems to be healthier (more pure), BUT I see them first converting people to the e-cigarettes and THEN putting additives into the tobacco to make the tobacco "concoction" more addictive (thus locking in their client base).  

I would call this safer (for now), but in the long run equal to the traditional cigarette. 

Q. I am wondering about the radical increase in people getting forms of dementia, specifically Alzheimer's. Has it always been like this and just called old age? What are the main contributing factors? Is it preventable? Is there something one can do to "bounce back" from memory loss?

A.  I see this is due some to genetics, but largely due to the environment.  This response is the brain's reaction to all the electrical waves, chemical, pesticides, preservatives, heavy metals, toxins, etc in our environment.  I get that some people are very sensitive to some (or all) of these things, and they build up (or cause mini mutations) that store in parts of the protein in the brain. After a certain point, the result is memory loss (or Alzheimer's).  

People can try to detox from these items (eating right, drink logs of water, avoid walking around holding a cell phone to your ear several hours a day, etc) to lessen the effects.  I don't see it completely reversible, but can be substantially slowed down.

Q. I read online that eating raw apricot seeds will cure cancer because they contain laetrile. It also says that if a doctor does use laetrile, he risks losing his license and even imprisonment. Do you see these comments as true or false? Here is a web page link: http://www.myapricotseeds.com/faq.html Thank you very much for everything you do. 

A. I do see this as being effective.  I get they don't want it out there because it is effective and cheap to make.  Pharmaceutical companies make too much off treating, and nothing from curing.  I get to be cautious and trust your gut, but this could be very useful as a supplemental treatment (for very serious stages of cancer) or a good primary drug in less severe cases..

Q. Do moles and their placements (in particular parts of the body) have significance? 

A. Some are random, some have a genetic predisposition to be placed (I see that some people in the same family have the exact mole in the exact same location) and some moles represent injuries locations in past lives (you may have been stabbed somewhere, and have a birthmark or mole in that same location). 

Q. What is your take on shy people? Why are some people so shy?

A.  I see it really is a personality trait, and a reaction to how people take in their environment. It is the physical (and emotional) response to the environment based on a stimulus.

Q. Your take on colloidal silver and colloidal gold?
A.  Silver feels safer (and more effective) than gold, so my focus is going toward the silver.  I don't see it as an everyday use item (referring to the silver), but definitely effective as needed.  I also get that it leaves your body quickly, so it goes in, serves as an antimicrobial agent, does what it needs to do and then excretes.  I see the silver as effective, but not for everyday or prolonged use.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Link to narrated reading on YouTube..  

*Please keep in mind I have never been trained in medicine and this is based solely on what I get during a focus reading using my psychic sense.  Trust your gut and good judgement when approaching any medical issue.  Love and light, L

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Reincarnation and Your Memories (How do you get them back..)

Q. In regards to the process of reincarnation, supposedly souls have their memories "wiped" prior to their next life. Yet, these memories can be retrieved through hypnosis, often revealing that people are following a script very similar to that of their previous life, and with the same group of souls. So, it seems these memories are still stored somewhere. Is there any way other than hypnosis to access them? ie, stimulation of certain parts of the brain, specific drugs, etc.
A. When I tune into this I do see we have residual memories or thoughts.  Some people have more than others depending on the soul, experience (if there was trauma the memories or feelings look to "stick" more) and also the level of wiping that occurred in the "light" prior to incarnating.  I see the memories are stored in the more primal part of the brain at the very top of the spinal cord.  I even get an image of that section of brain and my mind zooms into it and I can see what looks like an encapsulated "spark" that wants to release its' thought/energy but cannot (looks like a symbol to show me that we want to see, feel or experience these past memories, but our rational, conscious part of our brain won't allow it.)  I also get that the justification for blocking these thoughts, etc is to protect us from trauma that occurred in past lives, BUT the REAL reason for this is there is a higher power that wants to suppress humans and keep them in the incarnation loop on earth.  If we were too in tune and were able to continue to grow where we left off we could become more intellectual and overcome those entities (and I get a "reptilian" looking ET) that are trying to hold us back.  I also get a message saying something about if enough of us are able to reach to our higher selves we can overthrow those in power and rebuild a "new" type of earth..

Now to tap into these memories...  I see hypnosis, meditation and sometimes yoga type exercises as self taught practices to open this up.  The real goal is to quiet the rational / conscious part of your mind and communicate directly with your subconscious and higher self.  I also get an image of certain drugs (I specifically see marijuana and mushrooms - not encouraging the use, just telling you what I see) in order to reach this connection.  I ask about alcohol, and I get that it quiets the conscious mind, BUT there is an element of fogginess that alcohol creates and does NOT encourage the connection.  The goal is to open your senses, quiet your rational mind and connect with something bigger than the physical plane we exist in now.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading to be posted later.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Future of Religion

Q. I was wondering what you saw for the future of religions worldwide? From my perspective religion is a tool to monopolise the people, and breeds hate, greed and discrimination- the opposite of their doctrines...
Do you see certain religions dying out? Will they always have such control over the masses and such a major influence in society? What is the future like for places like the UK and Australia where extremist behaviour is becoming more prevalent? Thank you x
A.  I do see religions lasting.  Many people "need" something to believe in.  People (not all, but many) like to put all their faith into something else because it reduces their own accountability (we have been trained to think and behave this way since the beginning of religion).  It is easier to say that "XYZ" is punishing or rewarding me for a certain behavior than to realize that you really do have control of your life.. Religion also wants to keep you in fear, making you feel it is needed and necessary because people that are fearful or dependent are easier to control.

One interesting thing I do see is people are starting to open up and take on a new type of religion or belief system (more and more as people awaken) that is centered on the self.  I don't mean in a selfish way, but rather a way that people heal, align, and embrace life in general.  They seek out answers.  In the process they become more deeply connected with each other (and other living things).  People see life in general- animals and plants too. Through this awakening and change in belief system.  It is as if a veil is lifted and the complexity, yet simplicity of life is seen.  People are more free thinking and are able to "read" and "feel" truth.  I get this type of thinking has been suppressed, discouraged and discounted, but the energy is changing, and people are caring less about the judgement of their belief system and more about themselves and what type of life they want to live.  

In connecting to the greater good in all this, I feel compelled to tell you that it is ok to believe in something (gods, ETs, universal consciousness), but not to the detriment of yourself or your family (financially, physically, emotionally, mentally).  The universal consciousness (or god, etc) doesn't need you to pay a fee (tithing) or harm yourself (giving your life) in order to live, love, learn and enjoy (and be frustrated) by lessons here on earth.  All of that other 'stuff" has been added by man- not by a god, alien, being or energy. Then I heard this phrase come into my mind... "Eating at McDonalds doesn't make you a hamburger any more than sitting in a beautifully adorned church makes you a religious person connected to a god."  You can be spiritual or religious and connect to your own higher being / self wherever you feel the best connection (home, park, yard, etc).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  

Friday, September 26, 2014

New Addition on the Georgia Guidestones "2014"

Q. Your posts on the Georgia Guide Stones were very insightful and now as of September 21, 2014 a new cornerstone has been added to one of the stones that simply reads "2014" ...Do you know it's significance? Were the same people behind the original stones behind this "add on"? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_jz5c3GVVg

A.  [I took a minute to look at the link above that showed the additional stone reading "2014."]  I do get the same people that erected the monument also added the stone. I get that people "in the know" have seen and heard events being talked about, and eyes and ears of those close to them have also seen things aligning (namely the people that set up the original monument).  This stone serves as a cautionary symbol to "wake up and pay attention... things are beginning to happen now."   I also get that another stone will be added indicating the completion date (but I cannot see it just yet).

With ISIS issues growing, internal US fears growing, false flag attacks being discussed and the dollar about to collapse, it creates the perfect storm for a real "event" to occur.  I get that many false flag attacks have been prevented do to the chatter on the internet, sharing of information and people that are leaking things and coincidences (that aren't really coincidences) for the world to hear.  Since many of the original false flags have been prevented, the new tactic will be through illness... and in comes manufactured ebola and also a new respiratory virus that is really rough on people with breathing problems or weak immune systems.  The other "newer" thing will be to try to force or scare people into more immunizations (flu, shingles, etc) which is reality just weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to something else even if you don't catch what you were immunized against (Then I hear this questioning my mind that "How many of us had our most unhealthy year the SAME year we got the flu shot?").

Be cautious of your environment, and even more cautious of what you allow into your body.  Then I hear the best defense is a good offense, meaning keep yourself healthy.  If you begin to feel sick, start drinking tons of clean water with lemon oil (direct from the rind).  If an illness really grabs you start taking garlic and if you have a diffuser add oregano to it (then I hear a little laugh as if it may not smell the best, but it will work... just like your grandma told you it would??).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading available on YouTube.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Q & A XXXV: Randoms Questions continued... [Group Post]

Q. Could you tell me about Canada's future when the Russia and China takes over the US? Do you see my country being taken over?
A. I get an image of Switzerland when I focus on Canada.  That image gives me the impression that Canada remains neutral during world changes.  I get that Canada doesn't want to be involved in military confrontations.  They can defend themselves (somewhat) but do not want to send mass amounts of troops or be involved in battle.  I get that if Canada segregates themselves, they will remain mostly isolated from all the conflict.

 Q.Can you tell us about the rare respiratory environmental threats spreading like wildfire to children? Can we ease this? Should we be worried?
A.  I get in healthy children, this will appear to be a bad cold, but should be able to be alleviated with rest and plenty of fluids (like many illnesses).  I also get that garlic and oregano ?? seem to be beneficial is helping the body be stronger in mending this illness. 

For children that have compromised immune systems or respiratory issues, I see trying a vapor mist (diffuser) with oregano essential oils added to it.  You can also use wintergreen and peppermint oils to aid with the difficult times. It looks to open up the airways and calm the symptoms while your body supports the immune system.

Q.  Lynn, we cannot stay out of the light forever, right? We have to enter it sooner or later?
A.  If you chose to incarnate, you will have to enter the light.  You can chose to go and start fresh, or I have been seeing images of people who have learned techniques through a self-made vibrational sound that allows you to recycle through the light without having memories completely wiped.  It sounds like a noise (or rather humming sound) that they learn how to create.  I don't have the exact frequency figured out (still working on this), but it is a VERY high pitched tone.  It creates a protection around the soul, and prevents other energetic forces from influencing the soul itself (the image I have is someone with their eyes closed and ears plugged... then there in someone else yelling and saying things... the person shut off from this is totally protected from anything negative being directed toward them.)

Q.Hello Lynn thank you also for this post! "Finding Water With A Forked Stick May Not Be A Hoax...? Could you possibly tell us what forces act when dowsing sticks, divining rods and pendulums answer questions?  Why do both conductive and non-conductive materials work? 
A.  I get it isn't as much the tool, but rather the intent behind the use of a tool that makes it work.  People develop comfort with different items.  Some people gravitate toward a dowsing rod, some like crystals, some use pendulums.  These tools can all be used, and depending on the person using them, there is a different level of comfort with each tool.  

When you chose the tool that resonates with you, and you place the intent of what you want to know, which really puts it into the "universe" Rather than you communicating to the "universe" directly (through meditations, etc), you let the tool act as your conduit for information (you are adding another component to the mix).  The universe gives the answer through the tool (maybe it is a pulse, buzzing feeling, spin, etc) and you find the answer you are seeking.  

Q.  What can you see regarding the Griekwastad Murders?
A. I do see the 17 year old son was guilty I get he had some mental issues, and at the time he committed these crimes he was in a very dark place.  I don't see it was premeditated, but rather came on him all at once.  He hadn't thought or planned any of this, and rather just abruptly snapped one night, killing his family in the process. 

Q. The Tennessee Walking Horse show industry has a history with soring because of the "Big Lick gait". The Billy Go Boy Group wants to end this soring and they hope that the Past Act will help to forbid it. They have only time until January 2015 to get the Past Act through the Congress. Will it go through? How will the future of the Walking Horse industry look like?! Will there still be the Big Lick?
A.  I do see this Past Act getting through Congress.  I see this practice viewed as not just unfair, but very cruel to the animal (I have an image of the practice of soring in horses being viewed like steroid use in athletes- unfair advantage and very unhealthy).  

The Walking Horse industry will be around, but in much smaller scale.  I see them trying other methods that aren't as harsh (some kinds of herbal concoctions), but they are also much less effective. There will also be a Big Lick, but the popularity will be highly decreased.  The energy of it feels like a fad that is passing.

Q. Hi I would like to know about two events. One from the present the other from the past. The first event: Who was responsible for the flag changes on the Brooklyn bridge. Recently the American flags were switched with white flags. Why were these flags changed and how? The second event: Who were the Olmecs where did they originate and what happened to them? Thank you so much!
A.  I get that someone in power (much bigger than just the state reps- I can't get a name, just feel this intense POWER) told the local politicians to change the flags.  I don't see the politicians even questioning it, as if the order come from such a high authority that questioning it wasn't an option.  I get the replacement of the white flag was a symbol to other countries (I want to say China) that things are ok, set and we are at peace.  It was as if something was to happen or a deal to be made, and we (the US) are saying "things are good, and we are at peace."

Olmecs..I get that this thriving tribe was killed off due to flooding.  I get this area endured hurricane type activity, and the cycles of the storms came quickly (several a year for a few years straight).  It prevented farming, hunting and thriving.  The area was geographically changed due to this flooding and brutal storms.  

I also see as people started to starve, the ones strong enough to travel went north and merged with other groups or tribes.  I get that some of their "mark" has been left in unexplained locations that differ from their original location.

Q. Hi I have some questions about the so-called Black Knight Satellite. What is it? Where did it come from? What is it doing here? Any more information on the subject would be helpful. Thank you.
A.  I see this as a fixed object that has a metallic base component to it (I want to say iron, but it is a hybrid iron??).  It monitors magnetic pull, vibrations / frequencies and energetic fluctuations.  I see that this is a post that ET use when travel to or near earth to "pre-read" the conditions and to see what portals of travel are safe or open for use at any specific time. It was placed here thousands of years ago when ETs made more galactic travel here (I see many are already in close proximity and have no need for the additional satellite readings).  I also get this is outdated technology from the ETs (however still occasionally used).  I also get that if you were able to "ping" it in some way, you could communicate back to them.

Q. Lynn, will Dick Cheney ever be brought to justice for his role in what you reported here:
A. I do not see him ever being brought to justice.  When I focus on this I see an open book, like a story is being told.  Then, someone takes the book, slams it shut and puts in on a shelf.  Then I hear "Good luck finding that page again..."  It was as if there is a challenge to bring him to justice, and people come very close, but it never actually happens. 

Q. Hi Lynn, just wondering.... American Police recently turn out very very violent on civilians. What is causing this?? For future request....
A.  I see there is a shift (not all, there are still honest people that are independent thinkers of right and wrong) of people being hired to be police that have certain personality types.  I get that psychological testing is critical and more of it is being implemented in the hiring process.  Certain personalities are followers and don't question authority, and those are the desired individuals that are being sought out to fulfill police roles.  They seek out strength, loyalty and the ability to have someone they can control (or rather give the illusion that they are independent, however, still controlled).

The future of our country depends on citizens feeling fear, cowering down,relinquishing rights and being submissive in exchange for protection.  The media spreads fear, the government spreads fear, the police evoke fear.  

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) Impact on Souls

Q. In cases of IVF where embryos are created outside the body, does the soul enter at the time of creation of the embryos?  
A. I do see that it does.  I even have this image of several eggs being fertilized in one dish, and the souls are all hovered around it.  It looks like they are layered and all clustered in a group.  Each one is individual, but yet clustered together  I even see one fertilized egg (in some cases more but in the example I am shown it is one) looking to be "chosen" and at that very moment the remaining souls go back to the consciousness.  It was as if the souls decided who was going to be chosen for this life, and the rest went back to try again later when it "felt" right.

Q. Does selection of sex by the parents cause the unwanted embryos with the wrong sex to suffer pain?
A.  There is no pain.  The way I see it come through is the souls sort of "pick" amongst themselves who is staying and IF the chosen one at the soul level isn't the desired sex, then you get nothing... You may have a choice, but you don't get to make the ultimate choice. Then I hear the better way to think of it is that you have "influence."

Q. Do many souls wait to queue up when these multiple embryos are created in the labs not knowing whether it might be aborted in the labs shortly afterwards?
A. Yes.  Souls that consider coming here for this life will group together.  I get the souls really have the choice.  There is some free will, but it doesn't feel as "free" as people make it seem to be.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Pedophilia Rings and People in Power

Q. Hi Lynn, today I found this horror story on the net – if this is true, everyone needs to be informed. Fancy trying to clean this mess up!  Is this true? Have all the people as indicated below really been involved in attending (and /or) participating in these hunts, raping and killing of children? Is the Mafia wife speaking the truth? Will she be safe now?  Are the children orphans from Belgium (and have no families) with no one to turn to, although seemingly according to the story the kids don’t stand a chance anyway. Was it the chosen ‘life purpose’ of these kids to suffer this horrendous pedophilia..? Were the kids perpetrators in their last life? 

This is a story of a woman who’s husband is Mafia member. She has come forward to verify the raping and killing of children (by the hierarchy seemingly worldwide) Mafia Wife Says Royals, Politicians, are Killing, Raping Children For Fun (video) The video is hard to hear in the below link – eventually I could hear it better on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbhMfZRhsXw&feature=youtu.be  THE LINK : http://beforeitsnews.com/celebrities/2014/09/mafia-wife-says-royals-politicians-are-killing-raping-children-for-fun-video-2469656.html?currentSplittedPage=2 

Below is a list of people who apparently have been involved.

According to the ITCCS website ( http://itccs.org/ ) - over sixty eyewitnesses have identified members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult as Anglican, United Church of Canada and Catholic Church officials including Popes Francis, John Paul II and Joseph Ratzinger; Catholic Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon, a Dutch Cardinal, other Catholic Cardinals; the UK’s Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Phillip; Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, UK High Court Justice Judge Fulford; in the Netherlands the consort to Queen Wilhelmina of Holland, former Dutch ministers, the top man of the Dutch Army Force, head of the Dutch Parliament Geert Wilers, Belgian royals King Hendrick, Netherlands Bilderberger Founder Dutch Crown Prince Alfrink Bernhard, his daughter Belgium Queen Beatrix, her son Prince Johan Friso, Friso’s wife Mabel Wisse Smit, Friso’s psychiatrist Guus Pareau Dumont, Dumont’s wife and President of the Court in Amsterdam Carla Eradus, the present under secretary of the Raad Van State in the Netherlands, Vice-Roy next to Queen Beatrix, former minister of the Netherlands law department Herr Donner, former Minister of Justice Ernst Hirsch Ballin, head of Netherlands judges Van den Emster, former head of the Netherlands military department Dick Berlijn, a prominent Netherlands journalist, a prominent Netherlands judge, head of the Netherlands PVV political party and President of the Netherlands Mark Rutte; officials of the Canadian, Dutch, Australian, UK and US military and governments including the USA’s CIA, plus prominent government ministers, judges, politicians, businessmen and celebrities in the US, UK, Belgium, Holland, Canada, Australia, France and Ireland.
A. [As I tune into this, I immediately get this very dark feeling.  My rational mind didn't want to believe this as true, but the deeper I get into it, there is some truth behind these accusations- very dark, and get an energetic impression that I am not suppose to "go there" so I will do my best..]

It is coming to me that abuse of humans and power over other people goes back to the beginning of time.  I also get these actions aren't just inflicted on children, but adults (I get an image of adult women being forced into prostitution) have been victims of negative or ill will toward humans as well.  There have been versions of human torture for personal entertainment since very ancient times (I get an image of a group of gladiators fighting ill nourished peasants in the middle of an arena).  Some peoples' minds have the idea that these weaker, more powerless people are insignificant or "don't count."  They justify these actions as if they are doing some kind of "cleansing" of the earth.

As I read through the list of perpetrators, I get an overwhelming sense of truth.  When I go through the names I see an image of a face and they keep shaking their head up and down as if to say "yes, keep going."  Then I pose the question who could do this to another person, and do they not think of karma?  I immediately I see a face turn to me and before I can recognize their face and identify them the image I get is their mouth opens so wide it is as if their jaws come unhinged and a snake pops out with a forked tongue and hisses at me!  My immediate impression is that those involved have some type of reptilian DNA that runs on primal instinct and a very "me" centered way of thinking- they are not capable of higher vibrational thoughts and are very focused on their current life and the "right now."

Q.  Why were these kids chosen for this life?

A.  When I focus on this, I see that within this group of kids there are fighters born... As if karma is working through this kids, and the children don't realize it, but there are very strong souls born into this group.  It looks like it is destined to happen where one of the almost victims or "underdog" will rise up and kill someone of power, turning the table. (I get an image of a peasant rising up and defeating the gladiator.) There is some incarnation loop occurring where this handful of strong, very strong souls, keeps reliving this, and one day one or more will rise up and fight against this and have some shocking results.  I see the victims taking this ring down, and not an outside influence.

Q.  What will happen to the mafia wife?  Is she safe?

A.  I see her living in hiding for the rest of her life. She had to get the story off her chest (I see it being a huge weight to where she couldn't breathe holding it in.).  I get for personal protection she used an alias when she came forward.  People suspect who it was, but there is no definite proof.  She will be "ok" but never be able to admit that she was the one that came forward.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Homicidal Sleepwalking

Q. Hi Lynn! I was wondering if you could do a reading on sleepwalkers and homicidal sleepwalking.  You always hear stories of people driving and going places while sleeping.  How do they avoid accidents? 
A.  I see your body is like a vessel or vehicle. When you sleep your vessel is essentially on idle while your subconscious processes and discharges energy and the conscious mind syncs with the subconscious.  [I also see your soul being statically stuck to your physical body (its' vessel) but has the opportunity to travel some too (astral travel).]  When you sleep if the conscious mind is distracted and not syncing properly, and the subconscious becomes overactive in its' process a situation can occur during certain cycles of sleep that allow physical "waking" behavior to occur.  It looks to be on the cusp of REM sleep, but not actually occurring during REM sleep. 

They can avoid accidents because they are still "here" even if more spiritually than consciously.  They are being "driven" more by their subconscious connection with themselves than anything.

Q. If someone had thoughts of killing a person and it came true in their sleep, does it just happen with no previous intent on killing anyone?
A. I see that when you are running on your subconscious only it can be a beautiful thing in helping you open and get in touch with your higher self.  In the cases of homicidal sleepwalking I see that you are opened up (with your subconscious) however, you don't have the parameters in place with regard to protection, intent, etc and your more primal part of your brain kicks in without having your rational/conscious mind fully functioning to block or filter your free thoughts.  It is like you are running on animalistic urges or instinct, and just go forward.  I don't see it as intent, but rather having a thought and going for it.  Then I hear "everything is a good idea when the subconscious is not in harmony with the conscious mind."

Q. And if someone kills another while sleeping, what would be the karmic process for that? Is it still considered as being consciously done? 
A.  There is a karmatic process for everything, good and bad that you do throughout life.  If you kill someone, or do something that isn't in the greater good, you will have a debt to pay to regain balance with karma.  Even in a "sleepwalking" state, the act of harming someone sill occurred by your actions.  I see it being viewed by karma in different degrees.  The example, I am shown in a murder situation you have first, second and third degree murder.  I see a sleepwalking homicide much like third degree murder.  it isn't as severe as first degree- but your actions did harm another person.

I also see that many times if a homicidal sleepwalking episode were to occur, that person doing the action (whether it be done by car or in person, etc) lives much of the karma though guilt, regret and self punishment almost immediately during their current lifetime.  I get it is rare (most times) to carry that karmatic debt to future lives because the negative feelings that are put on ourselves and the pain we see from those effected impact the murderer so deeply.  Their life and experience here on earth is forever changed.

In closing, I do see this as rare.  It has to be the perfect alignment of the subconscious and conscious mind being out of sync at the same time you reach a specific point in your sleep cycle.  You also have to have the thought to complete an action at the same time your protective energy (from guides) is ignored.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Sacred Male

Q. Hi Lynn - this is off topic for this reading but I was wondering whether you could do a reading on the 'sacred masculine' vs the 'shadow masculine'. I feel like in this society, to be a man means possessing qualities that tend to be associated with the 'shadow masculine' - meaning being aggressive, a bully, domineering, controlling and power-hungry, rather than the 'sacred masculine' which is to be a protector, a provider and ultimately a 'hero'. Do you see changes in this society coming where the 'shadow masculine' will evolve into the 'sacred masculine'? And is the 'shadow masculine' that drives many men (and women) behind much of the negativity that exists on this planet (including wars, rape, corruption and greed)?
A.  I see that in the more primitive societies people had more defined roles.  Men hunted and protected, and women had children, gathered and nurtured.  Women may want to do what the man did (and vice versa), but that wasn't an option (unless absolutely necessary in times of famine or war), so it kept women and men clearly focused.  Survival depended on the men and women doing what needed done in order to survive.

As society changed, so did the clarity of the roles. There were opportunities and choices that people never had before.  I see the change occurred first (and much more aggressively) with the women, and the men shortly followed.  Men went to war, women joined the workforce.  New identities formed, and how men and women defined themselves changed, and I see it radically changing over the past 100 years in comparison to the years previous.  

TV "programming" and marketing told people how they should look and what they should want and deserve.  Women started to lose the prideful feeling of being at home and slowly wanted to become more involved in the working world in order to have and feel the way they were told to feel.  The prideful feelings the generations of the past had regarding their important roles became viewed as submissive.  

I see the altering in male roles really peaked at the moment women craved being the in the workforce, being a staying at home mom/wife didn't feel as prideful or glorious and men looked at wealth as a way to substitute the gathering and hunting (because those things could be bought now).  In some way I see men watching women (and also themselves) be "programmed" into wanting the things they need to be happy, and they want to provide those things for their women.  The things that can be bought seem of more worth than hunting and protecting from sheer strength (whether true or not, that is the "thought" energy I see).  Men are providing now in the way they think women want cared for (and things they want too), and I see this change occurring like a huge wave.  The focus has become money, wealth and power- you don't need to be a good hunter and protector because you can throw money at those things, so money, wealth and power has turned into the new form of measurement for some people.

Many (not all) of the problems are because we are doing things and not embracing what deep down gives us pleasure.  As a society we even resent doing some things that would give us the most joy.  I see an example of someone hiring a lawn service to mow their lawn, while an angel sits on their shoulder saying you should do that- you would enjoy that.  I see we don't take opportunities we have, and easily dismiss things that would make us feel good and accomplished, and build self-esteem.  Then I see a woman hiring a maid service, and then running on a treadmill at a gym. 

Overall, I see so much suppression of our true selves, and much comes from what society tells us to think and feel.  If we listened to our higher self, and dismissed the judgement, we would be much happier and true qualities would seem more clear.  I do see a movement to get back to our roots- People are starting to grow their own food, more families are having a parent stay home, people are more active and getting off meds- when you look at those people and families that have taken that leap and ignored the "programming," they look happy. [The evolution of the people leaving the "programmed way of thinking leads to a more fulfilled life.  Those stuck in the "programmed" way of thinking will be caught in this loop.  There really is a divide between those groups of people.]

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated version available on YouTube.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Microchips and the New World Order

Q. Regarding the New World Order - especially the part where they want to microchip every living human on this planet! This microchip will not only be use for surveillance and tagging, but also to manipulate people mentally, emotionally and physically from a distance through a chip embedded under the skin.  This is to control the masses and billions of people. They call this the mark of the BEAST OR THE DEVILS number namely 666! OR THE NUMBER OF THE ANTICHRIST!  In my church they told us if we ever take the mark of the BEAST we will go to hell!! So if the new world order forces humans to take this number or else be killed? My question is..............if you accept this microchip what repercussions will this have on your sole or after-life? WHAT WILL THE IMPACT BE ................AFTER DEATH ?????? Or are these stories only to control the masses or people? THANKING YOU SO MUCH!!

A. I don't see taking a microchip as a tool for sending you to hell (unless you call incarnating back to earth to learn and experience more because your personal space/freedoms were invaded and intercepted from their own growth).  I see having a microchip most always stunts spiritual growth by limiting ability.  The chip itself I see gives a pulse or a frequency of a lower vibration, keeping your own personal vibration down and making it very hard to spiritually advance or explore anything outside the physical plane in which we physically currently.

If you do not take it (the chip), you will continue to live and grow on your current life path.  If you do chose to take it, you will physically grow, but I see your spiritual growth halted, cloudy or stunted.  For some it is their life path to have to make that choice (to take it or not)- and I hear that "many of the hardest choices create the best results." The difficult path most often leads to the greatest accomplishment..  Meaning, do you go with your gut or go with the norm?  I see people that chose to take this chip being caught in an incarnation loop here on earth.

Q. A news headline last week said that 1 in 3 people are already micro-chipped through dental work. Do you find this to be true? Are dentists 'in on it'? 

A.  I do not see dentists doing this through dental work, but I see many of them "programmed" in other ways to help you stay passive and submissive.  They have been trained to push fluoride on their patients and told that this is a good thing for your teeth, when in reality those studies are not true.  I have an image of bright white spots on teeth that have had a lot of fluoride exposure.  Then I see the word "WARNING" flash in front of me.  I see many dentists really believe what they have been taught (I have an image of a row of dentists all shaking their heads yes). They aren't pushing fluoride to be malicious, but rather have never done their own research.  

I see the US found that Hitler was successful in making the Jewish people more docile with incorporating fluoride (and lithium??  I got that word too) into the water.  The US many years later started to incorporate it in our public water as a precaution to keep us more docile too (and decease a chance of an uprising).  The US needed a reason or excuse for doing this- and using healthy teeth was the way they got this through (even though there is a poison control number on fluoride toothpaste saying NOT to ingest it, yet we DRINK, bathe and cook with it in our public water every day).

Q. What can a person do to find out if they're chipped?  How can we avoid this, or remove it if it's already there? 
A. I see someone running a highly sensitive device over their body.  I want to say it is an EMF device that is set or able to read very small changes / fluctuations (if it isn't an EMF radio it could be symbolic for something else that I don't have in my "mental dictionary").  

I do get that most times if you have it, you have agreed to have it placed (or given consent to have your children, pets, etc to be chipped.)  I don't see "sneaky tactics" to do this yet- it looks pretty direct.  I also see pictures of military people, and get that most of the people that have them for their "safety" are in the military, but the reality is they are testing the effectiveness to see what the potential is for having a chip.

To have this removed, it would need to be surgically removed.  I get that when you do remove it, there is a series of paperwork and waivers.  I feel like you need "permission" in some sense to have it taken out.

Q. What are TPTB (the powers that be) doing with the chipped people, if anything? What are their plans? Thanks so much, I look forward to your column daily! Light & Love to you!!

A.  They don't know what they are doing.  Right now I see this as all experimental and they are looking for their "options."  This somehow still has a "game" feel to it..??  They know they want to do something with this technology, but the image I have is a bunch of kids playing with something, and there are so many choices they don't know which one to pick...??

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated version on YouTube.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Q & A XXXVI: Random Questions continued.. [Group Posting]

Q. Please could you do a reading on Elliot Rodgers? Like why did he have such strong feelings of hate towards women? And was he 'programmed' to feel that way? I feel what happened was really sad, and that they are a lot of Elliot Rodgers who are out there but are too scared to act out like he did (or they have a conscience). What do you think is causing such feelings of despondency towards themselves? Could it be that it is the way society is that is producing such individuals with such feelings?
A.  When I focus on him I get this feeling of sadness that is overwhelming in a way.  I feel like he has issues growing up, and he was a sad kid that "faked" being happy.  He wanted to be happy, but just couldn't really "feel" happy.  He was different (I get the word eccentric) or his beliefs and actions- not in a bad way, but in a way that made him always feel this sense of not belonging, loneliness or rejection.  At times he would blame these internal feelings on others because he saw that the "world" judged him and caused the pain, rather than love and accept himself for who he was.

I see that he went over various scenarios many times before he actually did it.  The thought of going through with it felt therapeutic or calming (in an odd way) to him.  He also even took his inability to act on his feelings as something to internalize as being weak- until one day he couldn't take it.  He couldn't take the rejection, pain and loneliness that he felt.

Society is better about being inclusive of others, but has a long was to go with regard unwanted or needed judgements.  People need to focus on how we are the same, embrace differences and see the ways we are unique as character.  

Q. I was wondering if you would have at look at this article and see if you can get any connection.  Rarotonga in The Cook Islands has an arsonist running loose, and the police still don’t have any suspects.  

Two schools, a bakery, cafe, restaurant and private homes have become victims, the last attack just a few weeks ago.  Here is a link from the local paper: http://www.cookislandsnews.com/item/45417-arson-investigations-lsquo-frustrating-rsquo-heather
A.  I get the Cook Islands has some kind of resource that people want (land?), and a special interest group was hired to create some kind of instability and hardship so another country can go in and "rescue them." By doing this a debt is created from the Cook Islands toward this other country (I can't be sure what country, I hear broken, but yet English words being used).  The Cook Islands will be forced to give this country what they want out of fear and the need to remain safe. I keep hearing to watch who comes to the rescue, because they are responsible (and also why it is so hard to catch them- they are professionals and good at what they do).  Then I hear something about "keeping your friends close, but keep your enemies closer- but the real challenge is to determine who is a friend, and who is an enemy"..?

Q.I was sent a news article from the UK about this strange mark that appeared on a child and it has since populated into a disturbing phenomenon that is happening all over the world. I put together what I know on this link. 
A. I focused on this, and really tried to tune in.  I cannot confirm that these are authentic markings- something feels off with this, as if what we are seeing is not true based.  If these are real, I cannot connect to this.??

Q. What do you see the Karmic repercussion being for killing insects? What if they are destroying your home? Or what if you just want to kill fruit flies because they are annoying? Also does the amount matter? ...then can we slide the question over into larger animals until we get to humans? Do you see the whole thing being like a chart of how severe the karma is depending on how consciously evolved the being is or is it all equal?
A. Karma exists in everything.  A balance is always trying to be found.  If something isn't causing harm to you (or someone you know), the karmic view would be to let it be.  If it is causing you a health issues, destroying your home, causing some kind of personal harm- see if you can find an alternative to killing it.  

The thing with karma too is the intent.  If you kill something for sport or have malicious intent, that is negatively balanced.  If you kill something because you step on a spider (for example) on accident, that is viewed differently.  

Most times if you trust your gut, you know the right thing to do and how it influences your karma and energy.  

Q. I don't know if you are familiarized with the literature of Carlos Castaneda.
In my view he was taught to keep his mind, experiences and thoughts in the after life. If so, what was the purpose? To save incarnations?  Was the content of his books real?  Did he really pass away because of a cancer.
A. I see this man as very spiritual and had a deep understanding of himself and his higher self.  He did meditate and had a plan in his mind on how to behave or what to do once he passed and his soul left his body- as if he prepped himself for that moment.  In each incarnation he became even more spiritual with himself, and he didn't want to lose the progress that he made- his goal was true enlightenment and he knew that if his memories and knowledge were wiped away at death in the "light" then it would be very hard to attain his current level again (it would take many lives). 

I see this process of him dying, and his soul leaves his body.  At the moment he see the light he starts making this noise- like a hum- that creates a vibration to his spiritual energy that counteracts the energy in the "light" (Never seen this before!!!).  He maintains this sounds/vibration through the entire process until the incarnation occurs.  It was as if his vibration was completely the opposite of the vibration of the light energy (I see a wave of light, and his vibration was exactly the inverse of that wave.) Some thoughts/knowledge are lost, but the majority is retained (AMAZING- I have never seen anything like this!).   

I do see him as authentic and his books feel like they are based on positive intent.  

I do see he really did die of cancer (even though something was "odd" about the situation).  

Q.  Hello! Can you also do focus session on deja vu? What is it, and how does it occur? Is it a misconception in the brain or something more spiritual? Thank you
A. Deja Vu is a true working of your subconscious.  Our current physical being is somewhat shaped on who we were in past lives, where we have been, and also places we go in our dreams / meditations through astral travel (we have the ability to disconnect from our physical bodies when we sleep just as we do when we meditate).

When you go somewhere, hear something, or feel like you are reliving a moment, that feeling of knowing is Deja Vu.  Your subconscious is poking through and creating that familiar feeling (because it is familiar and you have had the experience before.)  You may not realize it in your conscious/rational mind, but you cannot hide from what your subconscious knows.

Q. I enjoy your website & appreciate your time and effort. I have the question about Daniel Dunglas Home, anything about him how he got his energies to levitate etc. But it could be labeled under shadow people as one evening when I was ill I was meditating on him and suddenly a tall (or floating) shadow person with a fedora hat appeared in the hallway in front of my sons room, at the same time my sons ceiling light literally blew up,sparks falling from it, and shadow person disappeared. I have wondered if that was Home showing his flair, or if shadow people are lower dark entities like I have heard. Thank You!!!
A. When I focus on Home, I feel he had a negative attachment to him.  He was gifted, and had talent, but the source of his talent feels very dark.  As if he opened himself up to a higher power, but didn't properly protect himself in the process, and a negative energy attached to him.  

Regarding shadow people and dark entities...They are lower level vibrational beings, but I also get they also serve a purpose and are necessary in the universal balance.  We will always have good and bad, and positive and negative, because they are necessary to define each other.  Then I hear the phrase "the sweet isn't so sweet without the sour"- we need both perspectives to truly understand (and challenge) our higher selves.

Q. Can you look into and somewhat describe what everyday life, culture, and societies for Native Americans would have been like today in the Americas if they haven't been colonized and conquered by the Europeans (and for that matter any other people)?  Also, do you see any reasons as to why Native Americans were conquered by the Europeans besides Europeans wanting to colonize the world? Why did Native Americans suffer such fate?
A. I see life as not that much different if North America wasn't conquered.  If the Europeans had not come here (and no other country came here) and the Indians were left on their own to grow, thrive and evolve, I see them living much like they did before.  They would celebrate the earth, and have a connection to nature.  I see them content in their ways, seeking slight improvements (with medicines and concoctions), but overall happy with their life.  I see some tribes rising against the others (the need for power and control is found in every type of society), but most tribes are satisfied with a certain level of space due only so much can be controlled.

I see the main reason for the Indians being allowed to suffer this fate was because humans were created on this planet to learn and evolve (that is why some of the negative emotions are tied to us such as judgement, competition, etc- to force us to evolve).  The Indians were content and living their own life- they were more primal and not advancing much as regarding evolutionary growth (they were much more spiritual).   

Then I see that some kind of mental exchange occurred between eastern groups (Vikings, Europeans, etc) and ETs in which an inspiration to go west was placed in some individuals (human) minds by these ETs.  I get the idea to go east really came about quite random to these "chosen" people, and that is because there was an intervention occurring and ETs were influencing these people directly, but through an indirect channel.  I get humans had a certain amount of time on this planet to reach a certain level of evolutionary growth, and we were not meeting the time frame for the necessary growth.

It was not set that someone from Europe had to conquer North America, but rather enough nudges were put in place that someone from the east would be inspired, almost overwhelmingly inspired to make a voyage west.  And, out of those traveling west, someone would be inspired to conquer and claim land.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Narrated version to be posted later.