Thursday, September 25, 2014

Q & A XXXV: Randoms Questions continued... [Group Post]

Q. Could you tell me about Canada's future when the Russia and China takes over the US? Do you see my country being taken over?
A. I get an image of Switzerland when I focus on Canada.  That image gives me the impression that Canada remains neutral during world changes.  I get that Canada doesn't want to be involved in military confrontations.  They can defend themselves (somewhat) but do not want to send mass amounts of troops or be involved in battle.  I get that if Canada segregates themselves, they will remain mostly isolated from all the conflict.

 Q.Can you tell us about the rare respiratory environmental threats spreading like wildfire to children? Can we ease this? Should we be worried?
A.  I get in healthy children, this will appear to be a bad cold, but should be able to be alleviated with rest and plenty of fluids (like many illnesses).  I also get that garlic and oregano ?? seem to be beneficial is helping the body be stronger in mending this illness. 

For children that have compromised immune systems or respiratory issues, I see trying a vapor mist (diffuser) with oregano essential oils added to it.  You can also use wintergreen and peppermint oils to aid with the difficult times. It looks to open up the airways and calm the symptoms while your body supports the immune system.

Q.  Lynn, we cannot stay out of the light forever, right? We have to enter it sooner or later?
A.  If you chose to incarnate, you will have to enter the light.  You can chose to go and start fresh, or I have been seeing images of people who have learned techniques through a self-made vibrational sound that allows you to recycle through the light without having memories completely wiped.  It sounds like a noise (or rather humming sound) that they learn how to create.  I don't have the exact frequency figured out (still working on this), but it is a VERY high pitched tone.  It creates a protection around the soul, and prevents other energetic forces from influencing the soul itself (the image I have is someone with their eyes closed and ears plugged... then there in someone else yelling and saying things... the person shut off from this is totally protected from anything negative being directed toward them.)

Q.Hello Lynn thank you also for this post! "Finding Water With A Forked Stick May Not Be A Hoax...? Could you possibly tell us what forces act when dowsing sticks, divining rods and pendulums answer questions?  Why do both conductive and non-conductive materials work? 
A.  I get it isn't as much the tool, but rather the intent behind the use of a tool that makes it work.  People develop comfort with different items.  Some people gravitate toward a dowsing rod, some like crystals, some use pendulums.  These tools can all be used, and depending on the person using them, there is a different level of comfort with each tool.  

When you chose the tool that resonates with you, and you place the intent of what you want to know, which really puts it into the "universe" Rather than you communicating to the "universe" directly (through meditations, etc), you let the tool act as your conduit for information (you are adding another component to the mix).  The universe gives the answer through the tool (maybe it is a pulse, buzzing feeling, spin, etc) and you find the answer you are seeking.  

Q.  What can you see regarding the Griekwastad Murders?
A. I do see the 17 year old son was guilty I get he had some mental issues, and at the time he committed these crimes he was in a very dark place.  I don't see it was premeditated, but rather came on him all at once.  He hadn't thought or planned any of this, and rather just abruptly snapped one night, killing his family in the process. 

Q. The Tennessee Walking Horse show industry has a history with soring because of the "Big Lick gait". The Billy Go Boy Group wants to end this soring and they hope that the Past Act will help to forbid it. They have only time until January 2015 to get the Past Act through the Congress. Will it go through? How will the future of the Walking Horse industry look like?! Will there still be the Big Lick?
A.  I do see this Past Act getting through Congress.  I see this practice viewed as not just unfair, but very cruel to the animal (I have an image of the practice of soring in horses being viewed like steroid use in athletes- unfair advantage and very unhealthy).  

The Walking Horse industry will be around, but in much smaller scale.  I see them trying other methods that aren't as harsh (some kinds of herbal concoctions), but they are also much less effective. There will also be a Big Lick, but the popularity will be highly decreased.  The energy of it feels like a fad that is passing.

Q. Hi I would like to know about two events. One from the present the other from the past. The first event: Who was responsible for the flag changes on the Brooklyn bridge. Recently the American flags were switched with white flags. Why were these flags changed and how? The second event: Who were the Olmecs where did they originate and what happened to them? Thank you so much!
A.  I get that someone in power (much bigger than just the state reps- I can't get a name, just feel this intense POWER) told the local politicians to change the flags.  I don't see the politicians even questioning it, as if the order come from such a high authority that questioning it wasn't an option.  I get the replacement of the white flag was a symbol to other countries (I want to say China) that things are ok, set and we are at peace.  It was as if something was to happen or a deal to be made, and we (the US) are saying "things are good, and we are at peace."

Olmecs..I get that this thriving tribe was killed off due to flooding.  I get this area endured hurricane type activity, and the cycles of the storms came quickly (several a year for a few years straight).  It prevented farming, hunting and thriving.  The area was geographically changed due to this flooding and brutal storms.  

I also see as people started to starve, the ones strong enough to travel went north and merged with other groups or tribes.  I get that some of their "mark" has been left in unexplained locations that differ from their original location.

Q. Hi I have some questions about the so-called Black Knight Satellite. What is it? Where did it come from? What is it doing here? Any more information on the subject would be helpful. Thank you.
A.  I see this as a fixed object that has a metallic base component to it (I want to say iron, but it is a hybrid iron??).  It monitors magnetic pull, vibrations / frequencies and energetic fluctuations.  I see that this is a post that ET use when travel to or near earth to "pre-read" the conditions and to see what portals of travel are safe or open for use at any specific time. It was placed here thousands of years ago when ETs made more galactic travel here (I see many are already in close proximity and have no need for the additional satellite readings).  I also get this is outdated technology from the ETs (however still occasionally used).  I also get that if you were able to "ping" it in some way, you could communicate back to them.

Q. Lynn, will Dick Cheney ever be brought to justice for his role in what you reported here:
A. I do not see him ever being brought to justice.  When I focus on this I see an open book, like a story is being told.  Then, someone takes the book, slams it shut and puts in on a shelf.  Then I hear "Good luck finding that page again..."  It was as if there is a challenge to bring him to justice, and people come very close, but it never actually happens. 

Q. Hi Lynn, just wondering.... American Police recently turn out very very violent on civilians. What is causing this?? For future request....
A.  I see there is a shift (not all, there are still honest people that are independent thinkers of right and wrong) of people being hired to be police that have certain personality types.  I get that psychological testing is critical and more of it is being implemented in the hiring process.  Certain personalities are followers and don't question authority, and those are the desired individuals that are being sought out to fulfill police roles.  They seek out strength, loyalty and the ability to have someone they can control (or rather give the illusion that they are independent, however, still controlled).

The future of our country depends on citizens feeling fear, cowering down,relinquishing rights and being submissive in exchange for protection.  The media spreads fear, the government spreads fear, the police evoke fear.  

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.


Odin said...

Thanks Lynn about the US police situations!!!! America is becoming a very different place than it used to be.....

Ryno said...

Those were some cool topics. I find the website website pretty fascinating and I was wondering what your feelings you have on it. Is what these ET's that are being channeled speaking truth? Also, was Jesus actually married to Mary Magdalene and is the Gospel of Mary real? Thanks.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Whoa whoa, wait a minute. In regards to the light/vibration thing:

"... then there in someone else yelling and saying things... the person shut off from this is totally protected from anything negative being directed toward them..."

Does this mean that, "going into the light" isn't necessarily a good thing? That is, it's not meeting the Oversoul? The Oversoul wouldn't yell at us, Da-da's imagining. So, what else is going on at that stage? Is this going into the light thing actually the artificial, "Archon reprogramming field" people have written about?? Or is there some other light we could go into?

Hm, Da-da knows that high-pitched tone...


A Man Called Da-da said...

Off-topic... Lynn, is this your Red Comet?


Ryno said...

@Da-da: Yeah, the more I here about "the light", the more I'm not so sure I want to have my memories erased and start all over again on Earth.

Interesting crop circle, is the Red Comet, Nibiru, Wormwood, Planet X, etc., finally going to appear?

a2k said...

Dear PF, Do you see wiping of earth-memories from humans after death in re-incarnation cycle, as natural-positively designed system by the creator or more of a trapping mechanism set in place by dark beings?

Unknown said...

How could you send A ping to the satellite. And who would you be contacting

siketa said...

Lynn, if we decide not to go into the Light and just hang around in spirit form, how can we evolve and reach higher realms/existence? Is reincarnation really needed or we can achieve that goal in some other way?

Marc Switch said...

Hi Lynn,

Do you think Throat Friction is the humming sound that you describe here before entering the light?

Searching Throat Friction via Google will result the following and others:


Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Ryno: I did go to the website, and I do feel she is authentic. I feel her shyness in opening up, and her liberation of finally being herself and sharing her gifts. I feel she has put a lot of time in developing and putting her work into a format that others can understand. It does feel honest (both her work and the communications).

@A Man Called Dada: I get that when you go to the light, memories get wiped to begin your next incarnation “fresh.” You will have some residual stuff remain, but for the most part you are starting all over. There is a technique that I see has been around for a long time in which souls have learned how to increase their vibration upon death through this humming sound so the energy that resides in the light (the energy that or presence there that wipes the subconscious) cannot do it’s job effectively. You may lose some things, but you retain much more in your subconscious that will come forward in your next life.

Regarding the comet… I don’t think it is.. I still see it as being on the other side of the sun and from the pics I didn’t interpret it that way..

@a2k: It does feel like a trap to keep us incarnating in these 3D bodies. We are so limited by our physical being that we cannot reach the full potential of our subconscious.

@michael: You would have to be on the exact frequency that it uses to do its communication (I see it like an old fashioned CB). It would be a conduit to ET beings.

@siketa: You can hang out and expand and grow through experience, but if you want to experience life with you gained wisdom you will need to go to the light in order to incarnate into a physical body.

@Marc: Very interesting! I never heard of this. I will say when I “heard” it, it was a very high pitched sound (like a dog whistle). I don’t know that this technique can produce high sounds (seems more deep) BUT definitely worth looking into!

siketa said...

Lynn, while we are in the Light preparing for our next incarnation, do we really plan it (choosing our parents, time and location of birth) or this happens randomly?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@siketa: I see we chose the lesson, and the result is fairly random..

@Watch said...

Hello Lynn thank you for the info on the legendary black satellite!
Above 12,00 Ft. therefore still high up lies the Salar del Uyuni Salt Flat in Bolivia. Below the salt crust one can discern what looks like a "floorplan" of an ancient city (
). May I ask who and when built this, and what did they live from? Was the climate warmer/humid then? Are the overlying salt deposits somehow related to episodic volcanic activity (SA's supervolcano, the now dormant Uturuncu lies 100 miles away)? Thank You also for elucidating the dowsing topic!

AKKL said...

Do you see the manipulation with the light ending anytime soon?

Chatty Cathy said...

@Psychic Focus - Speaking of residual memories from past lives, are the birthmarks many of us are born with carryovers from events in a past life?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@watchandknock: Very interesting! I will save this for a separate reading.

@AKKL: I don't see it ending... I get it has been this way for a very long time.

@Chatty Cathy: I see moles, birthmarks, and even scars (that we might not remember where they came from) all being the result of things in our past lives coming through..

AKKL said...

Sounds a bit like we're doomed.

Unknown said...

Hi Lynn,

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift with us.

I had a question about popular youtube spiritual teacher Teal Swan. She has a past of allegedly being abducted by a cult leader and sexually abused that she has used to gain a platform and I was wondering if there is any truth in that?I have listened to her material and there is no harm in it as it is positive but it does sounds like regurgitated spiritual teachings. However, as an empath, when I watch her I pick up this strong feeling of greed. What says you<

Thank you

Hope said...

Psychic Focus,

What experience were you referring to when you said "hang out and expand and grow through experience"?

You mean there is life in the "after-death but before re-incarnation" realm? If many souls decide not to go to the Light, who is running this realm? Or are they just wandering soul? Are they what we consider as ghost (lost soul) in our realm? Can these soul come to our realm and see us in our daily life?

If someone who has committed heinous crime while living, can they chose not to re-incarnate to avoid bad karma in the next life?

Is it true that if someone is strongly connected to his higher self, he can go to this soul realm and guide them to the Light?

If you ever decide to write an e-book about life after death, I would be glad to buy one. Perhaps I should re-compile your articles about souls to slowly digest all that you have written. You have that rare gift of sight, sound and feel and THANK YOU for sharing with us.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@lillian: I do mean there is a layer of earth that consists of souls that have passed but not gone to the light. Some label them as a “lost soul” but I get there is a lot of knowledge / wisdom in that layer. Some may be lost, have unfinished business or really know what they are doing and chose to stay.

If you do something horrible (against the greater good) karma will follow you. You can incarnate and process the energy that way, or if you don’t incarnate, you will still process the energy, but in the soul form- you can learn and expand outside the physical body.

If you are connected to your higher self, I do see at death you will be guided (if you focus on your higher self and not the light itself).. I still see it as a process where you have to reach a certain vibration and the “wiping” of memories is lessoned and you come back with a richer memory (or more easily tapped into) of who you were.

Thank you for the comment on the book- that is something I am considering in the future.

Hope said...

Psychic Focus,

Thank you for your replies.
Sorry if one of my earlier question is not clear. What I meant is -

“Can a human being who is strongly connected to his higher self, go to that layer of Earth which consists of souls that have passed but not gone to the Light? He will then guide “lost soul” to cross-over to the Light? Once done, he can return to human Earth.” Usually this is done by request and the passed soul knows him while living then.

Do you see any possibility in that? Or is it just his humane way to console us, human beings on Earth that our passed loved one was in good hands? I was told that he never lies as he believes strongly in karma.

I look forward to your book then!

Resident of town outside of Boston said...

"...when Russia and China take over the U. S." !?
I'm pretty new to this website, so may appear clueless... But, where did this seeming-to-be fact come from?
When is this supposed to happen?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Resident... It is just what I have seen in my mind. I see it is starting to happen now (buying property and businesses), and will slowly increase to where it is blatant.

Resident of town outside of Boston said...

Sorry to perseverate on this topic, but...
When you/your readers say "take over" do you/they mean we would no longer be the USA? That a Chinese or Russian ruler would replace the president/ Congress/Senate etc.? Or do you mean more subtle/covert taking over. Do you see this in our lifetime (within the next 50-60 years)?

Resident of town outside of Boston said...

Oops-- to clarify-- do you see this take over being complete (pretty obvious) within the next 50-60 years?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Resident: It starts as subtle, and then increases to more obvious. I see the US being divided at the Mississippi- the east remains similar to how it is now, and the west is more Chinese / Russian. Def within the next 50 to 60 years.

Unknown said...

When you see a divide at the Misdissippi, do you see a physical divide or a cultural divide? I am asking because some have seen a physical divide due to earth changes at that location. I think it had something to do with the Madrid Fault rupturing and causing geographical changes.

Resident of town outside of Boston said...

Just to be clear-- You see that the whole American system of government (president, cabinet, congress, senate, etc) will be dismantled (overthrown) within the next few decades? Will there be war on our soil, as there typically is in other countries that experience a takeover?

I have a 7-year-old daughter of Chinese descent. We live in New England. How would this takeover affect American citizens of Chinese and of Russian descent? Will they be ostracized or punished by their American friends and neighbors? By others?

Thanks, Lynn, for returning again to this topic. I'm trying to wrap my head around it. It's terrifying to think about...

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Resident: I see that east of the Mississippi things will remain similar to how they are now. To the west the Chinese and Russians will begin to take over. It will be slow, and silent at first, then grown and be much larger. They are smart on how it is done- out govt allows it to happen. I see them doing this to have some of our debt forgiven (trading land for debt owed). I don't see it like a war, but definitely a change.

Your daughter looks to be fine. I don't see treatment of Americanized citizens being cruel... True Chinese people will have some issues (those that don't speak clearly will have it the worst).

Hope said...

Psychic Focus,

Just curious, if 9/11 was an "inside" job, then why did Osama bin Laden claim that his group did it?

If it's an "inside" job, did they plan to have such devastating human loss or did their plan go wrong?

I wish I have known your blog earlier. There's so much to read and learn from you. Thank you!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@lilian: It was absolutely an inside job.. They needed a reason to to to war (over oil) and get a presence over seas. Osama was involved (more like a fall guy). He used to be employed by the CIA and things went bad.. You can also search my site and see a few readings on the topic. :-)