Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What is the purpose of crop circles? Who makes them?

What is the purpose of crop circles? Who makes them?

8:37 PM - 5 minutes pass while focusing...Who are the aliens that look like us, the ones with the white skin, I keep getting the name Nordics in my mind but I thought I called them something different.
Q-Albino Humanoids on the moon?
A-Yeah that is what I see and it is a woman and she is actually kind of floating in the air, I cannot see her feet, she is wearing a blueish greenish gown that is really flowing and not form fitting, she has a very pale complexion, blue eyes, pale lips and long blonde hair that almost looks white.  That is the first thing that I see and I will go back to her and start asking her question in a minute, but as a side note while it is in my mind there is something magnetically not right about crop circle when you are in it, I do not think a compass works correctly and bees get really confused and fly around and do not really seem oriented, there is something about bees specifically in crop circles and I think people even study it.  Now let me go back to the girl...4 minutes pass....I can tell you that when they are bending the crops they do it with some kind of a sound vibration and I am picturing a dog whistle so I it is something you cannot hear.  I am actually seeing the aliens, like more than one of these women kind of hovering over top of a crop circle and the sound is coming out of their mouth and it looks like their breath, but I cannot hear it.....Finally, OK....When these messages are left in the crops I was trying to figure out why the do it and what is the reason and it finally came to me, the message is not for us, it is for the other aliens out their as if to put a stamp on earth or a place on earth to signify that they were their and I am seeing what I call the Greys in my mind looking down viewing a crop circle and in my mind I am hearing damn it they did it again.  I have always felt the Greys do not want others messing with us, I have always referred to them, the Greys as being a parent figure and humans the child, and they want to see us do well, but they want us to do well without interference.  But it almost like another alien tribe is testing them like HA, we were here.
You can start asking me questions now that I have finally got that connection.
Q-Are these like planting a flag, or a graffiti artist tagging something?
A-I keep hearing in my mind "They are showing off" so more of the graffit thing because they are not trying to claim the land or own it, more like carving or writing "I was here", but even more so like I was here, what are you going to do, like they are saying they are the superior race.
Q-Why are they symbols so intricate?
A-They are showing off, a plain square would be boring, something beautiful draws attention.
Q-The women are they ghosts?
A-They do float like ghosts, but their faces and upper body look exactly like, Nordic, for some reason Nordic keeps coming into my mind, it is not the Nazi Albino moon ones, it is what I called Lyrans in my previous readings.  And I will say in my brain like I am being yelled at Nordics, Nordics, Nordics that is what they want to be called.
Q-Why only or mostly in England?
A-Alright the first thing that popped in my mind was the phrase was because "They are the Eyeball"  so then when I asked for an explanation it took a scope and shined down over Stonehenge and it made the shape of an eyeball, so then I said "What does that mean" it zoomed me out a little bit further, gave me an aerial view of Stonehenge with a circular scope (Like a rifle scope) and it said because they are the eyeball.  Which means to me that this area is like the central point of energy that draw everyone in.  
Q-Do you mean the cannot create them elsewhere?
A-Oh, I believe the can create them anywhere, I just feel like most eyes are on this one area at Stonehenge so that is where they get the most attention.
Q-Is it just these Nordic aliens or do others leave crop circle too?
A-I am only seeing the ones that call themselves Nordics.
Q-Do they intentionally leaves certain types of circles to screw with humans, or mainly Greys.
A-I feel like this is mainly directed toward other alien races, specifically the greys, and they are very proud of what they do, I feel like they cannot tell me enough times, that it is the Nordics, very clear and repeatedly in my head I keep hearing it.
Q-Do you think that is because they feel they are getting recognition finally.
Q-Should we not post this reading to keep from stroking their ego.
A-I feel like they will not let me sleep tonight If I do not post this....That is weird, it is like they quit doing that in my head and I think it is because you typed that out.
Q-One requester once thought that you might be getting interference or false information.  In your future reading can you ask your spirit guide to only allow truthful messages to come through.
A-Yes, that is actually good advice.
Q-For a real ego boost, maybe we can request these NORDICS, to put a particular crop circle on a particular date, and your prophecy is full-fulled then it proves it was them.
A-I am not sure how it works or how much premeditated thought it takes but sure we can ask.
Q-Let look at Google for a geometric shape to request.
A-Lets see if they can reproduce this symbol.
Q-Lets see if they the NORDICS as they prefer to be called can put this into a circle within the month of September 2012.  Preferably in the United States if it is possible.
Q-Why do you only see women creating these?
A-That is just who does it and they are in groups of three.
Q-It takes three to create them?
A-They do it in three and I do not know why.
Q-When a question is asked, why do you not ask it but rather say you do not know.
A-I guess because I am seeing it happen.
Q-Does only happen at night and if so why?
A-It does only happen at night and it has something to do with using the moonlight
Q-Is moon light really just reflected sunlight, or does it bouncing off the moon change it somehow?
A-I am seeing the moon act like filter and when it reflects off you are not getting 100% of the sunlight.
Q-Can the male Nordics create these formations?
A-It keeps going back to these three women so my impression is no.
Q-Do humans have the ability to create these using non mechanical methods.
A-Well the three women just laughed at me like it was a ridiculous question so my impression is no humans cannot.
Q-What is their view towards the human made ones?
A-As part of the last question they called us silly humans, so they must not have too high of regard for them.
Q-But that just makes the Nordics women silly pranksters.  Is the the most that a superior alien race can do, why not help to better humanity?
A-Well it was explained to me that they are not to affect our way of life, introduce technology, alter our world and this is a way of showing a presence without changing any of that.
Q-So they must be obedient to a higher authority correct?
A-I am hearing UN of aliens, whatever that means?
Q-Who is speaking with you, a Nordic?  What is their name?
A-...Yes..their name...something like Or-Ish-Sha
Q-Male or female?
Q-How old is she in Earth years?
A-I am getting 67.
Q-Is she aware of the Galactic Federation as referenced in the RA material in the law of one?
A-Yes and I think they called it something like Blue Ha.
Q-Is talking to you not interfering with the humans or is it OK if you request contact?
A-I feel like spiritually it is OK to connect with them, but on the physical plane of earth it would be pretty difficult.
Q-Where does this Orisha reside?
A-It is like I see her on the other side of our moon, not like on our moon, but maybe like in a ship on the other side and maybe our moon blocks us from being able to see it.
Q-Do they need spacecraft to travel to earth?
A-No because when I see the women come down and then they kind of wisp away their is no craft involved. 
Q-Can humans see these entities, and if so what do humans perceive them as?
A-I do not think that humans see them, but when they are making a crop circle if a human would view in that area it would look like really dense fog because I actually see their breath when they blow out is white, and it looks like smoky fog.
Q-How long does it take for them to create one?
A-It feels fast like 10 minutes, because one they let those sound vibrations out in their breath and it is out their they can vanish and the vibrations do the rest of the work.
Q-Is Orisha up to our image challenge?
A-I feel like she is not the one in charge, but she is like YES she will try to see it happen.
Q-On another note, does she know if 9-11 was an inside job?
A-Can we save that for tomorrow?
Q-I am just curious since you have her on the "Phone"
A-Alright let me see what I get?   Alright I am going to just start spouting it out as it comes to me, first I see the twin towers and they are in a photograph, now graph paper is being laid on top of them, that graph paper is now being turned into a blueprint....Certain squares are being colored in with white out and other squares are being colored red, let me try to figure that out...I am feeling like the red squares have something to do with where the fire alarms are..And the white ones have to do where,  I am being show it looks like clay and looks like that crayola model magic that I use to do projects with the kids.
Q-That is the white squares?
A-Yeah but it is like putty it is malleable.  It is like clay like I do use with a craft project.
Q-Do you not know what this represents? Is it not obvious?
A-Model magic?
Q-I would say plastic explosives.
A-I thought dynamite was like red sticks.
Q-No more like C4, let me show you on Google.  I do not want to jade your opinion.
A-Well wait till I am done,  anywhere they white square represent where you need to put the model magic.
A-Laughter...I a... Yes I think they knew it was going to happen, and I am not even a musical person, but the song that came into my mind was, the one that goes TIC TOCK TILL YOU DON'T STOP, and I do not even know the rest of the lyrics, I just keep hearing that over and over.
Q-Is that rap song?
A-I think it is, I think I heard it at a club.
Q-What does it mean?
A-I do not know, I felt like it was time like tick-toc, like when I hear that I think of a stop watch.
Q-Was explosives intentionally planted?
A-Yes by people that wore white suits that zipped up.
Q-How many where there?
A-It is like 6 of them and they are using flashlights like they did it at night time.
Q-Was it really planes or missiles that hit the buildings?
A-I am seeing a torpedo out of a submarine, but that means a missile to me because I do not think a submarine shot a torpedo out.
Q-Are you aware that submarines do shoot missiles out of the top?
A-I was not aware.

Q-If it were submarines, who were the "dead" passengers in the "planes:?
A-I do not know because I cannot see them, I can only see the people that died in the towers.
Q-So you see no one dying in planes?
A-No, I cant, I do not see it.  I am starting to feel uncomfortable like I am getting into an offensive area to, just so you know.
Q-Just report what you see, do worry about preconceived notions or what you have been told by the news.
Q-Pentagon, missile or plane?
A-It feel like a missile that was launched from the sky or up high, I do not feel like it was land based, it came from up high.
Q-Who was the mastermind behind this?
A-Dick Cheney, does that even make sense?
Q-Just report,  What was the motive?
A-It was something about trying to create unity within the country, get a hold on oil, boost the economy, and at one point Halliburton popped in my mind, and I feel like there were a couple other big corporations that this helped to get a boost, that this boosted.  And I feel like there were a couple of financial institutions that financed some stuff related to this that got a big boost from us going to war.  I am also hearing something about um...trying to get better control of the citizens, like this allowed government to tighten the reigns and get a little better control of the citizens.
Q-Were there hijackers?
A-I feel like there were people that were um setup to be hijackers, but when all of this happened they were watching it happen on a TV.  Like they were not even near it.
Q-Will the truth come out eventually?
A-I had a weird image of Obama when he is really old, like 80's will write a biography and in that I feel he will talk about it because he deep down feel really guilty so I think eventually it will come out, but it will be many many years from now.
Q-Obama?  Bush was president at the time?
A-That does not mean that Obama does not know what happened?
Q-Was he in on it, or did he find out after he took office?
A-I think he found out right after he took office.
Q-That is enough for tonight, how did you feel about his reading?
A-Pretty good, and hour and a half is a long time.
10:14 PM Link to Audio

UPDATE: 11-2-2012
It was brought to my attention that a crop circle DID appear in September of 2012 in my vicinity of Ohio.  It is not as pretty as most, but I am not sure what the best crop to make circles is.

I will say it is odd that one appeared close to me in the month I requested, but I will not go as far as to say that the circle resembled my picture challenge.


Anonymous said...

Intense, fascinating.

Anonymous said...

That's a great reading, thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Lord help us all. I am so happy I am a bit enlighten and needs to be more aware...thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

I know 100% planes hit the world trade center because I saw it with my own eyes from a near by building. I do not know however why building 7 came down and what hit the pentagon.

Anonymous said...

Planes that had no passengers.....can be remotely operated...the military is 10 yrs or so advanced than the general populace

eilene hasting said...

This reading sounds pretty accurate. Thanks for this reading (nice to have some true insight....loads of ideas out on the internet and nothing to back them up with).

Anonymous said...

That's fascinating that a cropcircle appeared in the US in September. That's the same month that I uploaded a cropcircle-sound to youtube,9-11-2012.
Also the same month that pi mysteriously appeared in the sky.

Your cropcircle also confirms the design that went into creating the cropcircle sounds. Perhaps it's all related somehow. Cheers.

audible-cropcircle's Louis

Anonymous said...

Truly amazed at the crop circle deal. I went, no way, and had to look it up... I am nothing short of astounded.
Have you talked to those people investigating it? I suppose not, but wow.
(still giggling @womens work... who knew? Women are really amazing no matter what species, eh?)


Andres said...

About Stonehenge/eyeball I found this.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Andres: I just looked at this. That is really strange (and interesting...)