Monday, June 30, 2014

China, Paracel and Spratly Islands

Q. As China is trying to take control over the Paracel and Spratly (already taken) islands that belong to Vietnam, and as you mentioned before that you see no war but conflicts, do you see that China has been or they are using chemical or weather attacks (something similar to chemtrails) against Vietnam? If yes, then what region(s) will be affected the most?
A. When I focus on this I get that China is using some weather manipulation and it is in the form of chemtrails.  My mind takes me to the sky, and I see the chemtrails above me.  I get what they are using has a very quick half life, or rather the effectiveness wears off quickly so they have to seed the sky often.  They also don't want to hurt the land or the people, just make it more difficult to grow food and thrive... China wants the people to need help or relief of some kind making them weak and more vulnerable, which leads to a willingness to surrender over.  I also get that something in these chemtrails is designed to make the people more docile when ingested (it is breathed in)..(Not sure what chemical that would be- it isn't coming through??).  

The region effected looks to be most of the South China Sea and the land directly east of that.  I see unseasonal or unusual weather patterns occurring there.  It will be difficult to grow food or have any consistency of weather while this is going on.  

Here is a link to a previous reading I did over this situation.  You may be interested in reading it:

And that is all I have on this reading.  Thank you.  Link to narrated reading on YouTube.


Q. Hello, The majority of People from Iceland believe in Elves. Do these elves really exist? If so, why can't we see them? What do they look like?
A. I do see elves (and fairies?) existing in a layer on earth similar to that of spirits.  You cannot see them easily walk about because they have a vibration (or frequency)  that is not within the human visual range (just like UV rays from the sun- they exist but you can not see them).  I do get that they have been seen, but it is usually just a glimpse or shadow  and rational mind kicks in and dismisses it (similiar to seeing a spirit, but elves even feel more difficult to visually see- something about their vibration seems different??).  

I see elves as being more nature driven, meaning their mission is to protect and care of trees and other vegetation.  I see one playing hide and go seek behind a tree as I type this.  They act happy, free and have a childlike personality.  I also get this image of a tree trunk, and stamped within the trunk is an image of an elf- I get sometimes they manifest in ways that our physical eyes see, but it is more of an impression than a moving being.

Visually they take all shapes.  They are small, no more than 7 to 9 inches.  Some are even much shorter.  Some are pretty, some are not as pretty (in fact kind of scary or startling) .  I get that their skin comes in different colors, but the one I see looks like a pink tone. Regardless of their appearance, they are of good intention and not to be feared..

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you  Narrated reading available on YouTube.

Curses (Karma and Law of Attraction)

Q. Dear Psychic, I want to know what will happen is a person often curses people who anger or mistreat him/her by wishing them and their family very bad fortune, get killed in car crash, get murdered etc. How will it affect his or her present life? Will this person accumulate bad karma and maybe have a not so good next life. Thank you for your time.
A. I first get that positive intent (or rather intent this is directed in the greater good) is clearly understood and will often manifest, even though it may feel like it comes about in mysterious ways. When you project good intent, things that "feel" good come back to you.  I hear that truly what goes around comes around.  I am given this example- You stay positive, do something nice (like give a homeless person a $1) .  A few days later you realize that you need some cash, don't have time to go to the bank, you grab a jacket you haven't worn in a year and find $20 in the pocket... Good actions bring about good actions and keep that cycle flowing.

The same is true with negative actions, or ill willed intent.  When negative intent (or intent that is not in the greater good) is projected onto someone it can be misdirected, misinterpreted and come back to you in an adverse way.  I get the universe doesn't translate negative intent to same way it does positive intent.  It does not translate clearly and concisely. If you wish or curse something onto someone that is harmful, that wish may come back to you, your family or in some adverse unintended way. 

All intent and actions you project attaches to the karmatic piece of your soul.  It can effect your current life, or a future life until it is processed and resolved.  The universe is all about balance, so positive and negative energies are necessary for things to work (and at some point your soul has or will have to experience both sides of this in order to grow and expand through experience).  The goal is to continue to work through the negative challenges (some are much harder than others) and turn it into a positive experience.

I was left with one last thing... When things are phrased to the universe, you have to chose your words wisely.  For example, negative words aren't "heard" by the universe the same way we hear them.  If you say,'I don't want to get in a car accident', the universe "hears" "I want to get in a car accident'- the "don't" gets left out of the interpretation.  The better phrase would be 'I want to travel safely".  So remember when you say your prayers, put in your intent, meditate, focus on the law of attraction, create affirmations etc... to phrase your thoughts in a way that avoids words like don't, won't, shouldn't, can't, never, not, no..etc.  Be direct, clear and positively oriented.

And that is all I have.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Dare Stones

Q. Hello I would be very interested to hear what you have to say about Elizabeth Dare and the Dare Stones. What really happened to them?
A. When I first focus on her, I see a little girl.  The town looks like very early town with early settlers, possibly some of the first?? And it seems very small, no more than 50 people.  Then I hear that for that time, the town was actually a good size.  They were struggling with crops and ensuring people were fed.  It doesn't look to be an established town, but rather very fresh in being built up. While the village became more and more like a town, some of the villagers returned home to Europe for food, seed,medicine and to report their status to the people investing in their adventure west.  While these men were gone I see some kind of illness began to take over much of the town. (The image I get is sweating, fevers, coughing, mucus and a pink rash on the cheeks).  It was a horrible illness and people were dying.  

The town was becoming overall weak, and an Indian tribe surrounded the town,  came in and captured the healthy people, leaving the sick and diseased to die.   (I keep seeing images of Little Red Riding hood entering the forest?).  Elizabeth Dare was one of the girls captured and taken by this tribe.

It looks like as the villagers walked to the village of the Indian tribe Elizabeth left these stones.  (Now I see Hansel and Gretel leaving bread crumbs, similar to Elizabeth leaving a stone marker..). It took many days to actually travel back to the Indian village.  It appears that the Indians were travelling east and west when they happened upon these villagers.  it was Elizabeth's hopes that by leaving these stones like a trail, someone would find them when they returned back from Europe.  The stones would tell a message and lead them to Elizabeth and the remaining villagers.  It was a clue, warning and a message for help all in one.  Sadly the stones were not found, and they were not rescued.  

Even though the Indians were feared and viewed as savages, they took to Elizabeth.. There was something about her they liked.  She was a young girl at the time of capture, and was raised and grew up with the Indians.  After several years, she developed a sense of belonging and felt like one of them. 

I get some of the stones discovered were real, but many were forged out of a desire for fame (and to see if they could do it). I hear that Elizabeth Dare only made four stones. .I do see this as a true story and a piece of history.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading available on YouTube.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Q & A XXVII: General Health Questions [Group Post- Part I]

Q. Please do a reading on hemifacial spasm and its cure.
A. My mind zooms in to this parasite that lives on the protein on certain parts of the brain.  The parasite can become dormant, and then stress or chemical reactions in the brain can reactivate it.  When it is active and attacking the protein, it is creating mini "short circuits" in the brain that results in these facial twitches.  I see some times are more active than others, but it is always there a little.

As far as the cure.. I keep seeing black pepper (ground up).  I get that it does something to the parasite, either forcing it dormant or killing it (I don't see the parasites moving when attacked by the black pepper.  I also see someone getting acupuncture on the back of head and neck which looks to give relief (but I don't see the dormancy factor with this, but rather deals with symptoms.)

[As a side note I see the black pepper in terms of pure essential oils, but you can check out a supplement, tea, etc...  The way it is administered doesn't seem to matter, just consumption of pure black pepper looks to help.]

Q. I'm curious about the population control aspect with chemtrails, vaccines, processed foods, etc... Thanks Lynn.
A.  Let me break this down by item... 

Chemtrails:  I see these initially created out of a need for weather manipulation and a defense weapon.  It has grown  (because of a vision from of few of the "powers at be") from that to a way to manipulate weather to create disasters, evoke fear, and make people more dependent on the government.  Dependendency on the government, in a way makes people slaves to the system, enables rights to be taken, and creates an obstacle to a revolution (which is the worst thing that any country wants from their people). As a side note, I see the company Monsanto thriving in this as well because not all natural farming can survive the harsh environment that is falsely being created in some regions.

Vaccines: I see these as a tool that started with a good intention, and slowly became (I want to say experimental) to see how society reacted to certain stimuli. At one time vaccines were just that, and they kept people healthy.  I see two things happening, they started using substandard components in their vaccines that were cheaper.  The second is they took some insight gained on Hitler's Nazi testing on the Jewish community (fluoride in the water and other chemicals) and began to add those items to vaccines to make society more docile too.   

Processed Foods:  I see that they are cheaper, easier (most people live a fast paced life) and big companies make money.  Also big companies have lobbyists that are ruthless in keeping their products in stores.  The focus is making money... 

 Q. I had posed a question related to Whitanina Somnifera also called Indian Ginseng, known commonly as ashwagandha, poison gooseberry or winter cherry.  Which herb promotes cleaning of obstructed arteries promoting cardiovascular health? Is there any other method/technique which delivers the same results?
A.  When I focus on the ginseng I get this tired, "not caring" feeling.  It does seem stress reducing and creates a relaxed feeling.  It looks good for high blood pressure, but not so much for the actual cleaning of arteries.  

When I think of artery cleaning I see dark fruits, and lots of them.  They are mostly blue and black.  Blueberries and blackberries seem to come up the most.  Pure juice (preferably organic) or eating the fruit looks to be one of the best ways to clean this plaque. 

Q. I'm concerned that so many people seem to be so sick and seem to succumb to poor health at earlier ages than previous generations. Will our health ever improve? I know that I hate to be sick and when you do go to the Dr. there seems to be so much red tape and inefficiencies in getting a proper diagnosis and then Doctor just prescribes drugs to mute symptoms instead of promoting real healing. Also the food supply of USA is the worst in the world. In other countries its illegal to sell for human consumption many of the products we consider food because of the lack of nutrients and ability to harm the body. Will our "sick care" system ever get on board with real healing and preventative care instead of prescribing drugs loaded with side effects? Likewise when will farming practices be revised to produce truly nutritious food? Will our lives become more fulfilling and enjoyable vs. stressful with so many deadlines?
A.  The first thing I hear is "Sick people make money, the pharmaceutical companies love sick people."  I also get something about doctors being indoctrinated to prescribe medications- they are influenced and get incentives to get meds in the population.  

Many people have also changed and want the quick fix- instant gratification (not everyone, but some).  Why go through the discipline to lose weight if you can take a pill?  Many people (again some, not all) want to be and look healthy, but don't want to put in the time, effort or sacrifice  (such as cooking healthy meals, giving up that unhealthy snack or growing their own food).. We are so bombarded with marketing tactics too that make it difficult because even those wanting better for themselves are reminded of what we "should" want or "need" to have.

Do I see this changing?  I don't see this changing for a long time... My symbol for a long time is a hand waving down the road- and that is what I see.  To make the change we will have to seek it for ourselves and not wait on someone to do it for us- buy better food, read ingredients on packages, seek out natural / homeopathic solutions and educate yourself. 

Q. Please look into possible cures for diabetes, and what would be the best for Type 1 diabetes patients and Type 2 diabetes patients.
A.  I get that both types of diabetes can be triggered by foods that we ingest (or your mother ingested during pregnancy).  It looks like a food allergy sparks it.  Specifically I see that some people are very sensitive to the artificial sweeteners (all types: Equal, Splenda, NutraSweet, etc) that are put (and sometimes in food you would not suspect) in so much of our foods. When you ingest these sweeteners it does something with regard as to how you make insulin- they damage or alter the way and how much is made. I get the more you ingest these sweeteners, you just keep irritating the way your body makes insulin.  You are better to eat real sugar (or honey or maple syrup) and monitor the amount than eat rather than have any manufactured sugar.

As far as a cure... I see something done that looks like acupuncture needles placed strategically all over your abdomen and looks like one on the top of your head, but it isn't traditional acupuncture because these needles get some kind of electrical pulses- like something is being woken up or put back in sink (please post a comment if you know what this is as I haven't seen this procedure before). 

Q. Can you explain how essential oils work? Are they spirits? Are they more potent mixed? Are some not good to mix? Are they the cure to most disease? Do they work on every level like physical spiritual past life trauma etc?
A.  Essential oils basically capture the true "essence" of a plant / herb / flower.  A good oil is cold pressed to extract the oil.  Many oils are ingestible such as lemon, lime, peppermint, cilantro, etc just the way they are, either in water, juice, tea, and baking, etc.. Some of the stronger oils can still be internal but they are put in veggie caps (to avoid taste or reduce burning- for example, oregano is very hot if taken directly).  They can be mixed, or taken individually depending on what issue you are having.  They can be used to calm you, or some help to detox your third eye to help you open spiritually.  

By capturing the essence, I see what really happens is you are capturing the vibration or frequency of this plant / herb / flower.  In the consuming (either orally, topically, aromatically)  the plant.  You are aiding your body in healing or maintaining health by slightly altering or introducing a specific vibration. 

There is so much to talk about regarding oils.  Here is a link to health concerns and oils that address those issues.  This is a great reference tool that I use for myself.

I am also including a link to essential oils on my blog.  I very much believe in this product.  I use them to manage MS and any other issues my family, friends or myself encounter.  If you view this and have questions, please let me know.  If I don't have the answer I will get it.

Q. Why do so many people get heart attacks and strokes ? What is the best home remedy or herbs to prevent such attacks ?
A. I see heart attacks and strokes as being very different.  I see a heart attack as an electrical misfire in your heart.  Your heart beats out of sink creating a situation in which it is not pumping blood effectively if at all.  I get something about making sure you have proper electrolytes in your system.. I also get that calming herbs can help too because when you get stressed or anxious (especially over a period of time) it cause your heart to seize a bit (get out of rhythm) like a hiccup does in your diaphragm.  I keep wanting to say Valerian root.  I also get something about drinking tea with raw herbs (such as mint or lemon) is helpful too (better than taking a capsule of it).  

A stroke is a blockage in your brain- I see this is a result of thick blood (looks like the consistency of tar).  I see the blood needs to detox and thin when this thickness starts.  I see going vegan, even if for just a day or two a week, can make a huge difference for this and really help to balance your system.

 Why do so many have heart attacks or strokes?  Lifestyle- people aren't living their joy and are confined to cubicles, traffic, issues and situations that are unnatural.  The food is not as pure, nutritious (I see a scale and 1 apple then is equal to 10 apples now) and lack of exercise- people used to walk, have one car, ride bikes more, etc...

Q. Hi Lynn, Thank you for your recent post on animals! I have always wondered what the reason is behind allergies, specifically allergies towards animals such as a cat or a dog? I find it so frustrating that there are people out there with a love for animals who cannot have one in their life due to allergies. Is there anyway to overcome these allergies, by means other than pharmaceuticals? Thank you for your wonderful readings!
A.  I see over the years and being a part of a civilized society people have been more removed from exposure to animals (as a mass population- you aren't sleeping in nature as we once did).  The lack of exposure to animals has created a sensitivity in some, for even the most avid animal lovers.  

I do see a way to overcome this, but you need to see a homeopathic doctor.  What they will do is create a medicine that is part your blood, and part of the allergen (in very small doses that gradually increases) and inject it into your body.  By giving yourself small quantities that slowly increases, you are building your own resistance to the animal dander to where your own immune system kicks in and knows how to tolerate the animal..  

Q. How do you prepare dandelion for cancer treatment? Do you use the root or the seeds?
A. I see you eat both the yellow part and the leaves, not the stems.  You eat it like a salad raw.  You can mix it in a salad, or eat them plain.

Thank you everyone for your contribution on this.  If I didn't get to your specific question, no worries, I am forming a new rough draft with those saved questions.  I still have your Facebook, email and thread submissions.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading available on YouTube.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hollow Earth - Follow Up Post

I would very appreciate it if you can do another blog post on the Hollow Earth.

Q. Previously you mentioned that the Earth is like an onion with many layers of reality/existence. Do you see the Earth being hollow in the physical reality or is the Earth only hollow in the higher realms?

A. I see the earth being hollow existing in both the lower and higher density.. It looks like the inhabitants of the hollow earth are dominantly the lower density ETs (however still have telepathic ability- very intelligent, but the "feeling" side is absent) because of their inability to expand their thoughts. Specifically, they tend to operate on autopilot and their actions (not movements, but how they function) reminds me of some kind of robot.. They do what they do because that is what they have always done. I also see that the hollow earth ETs lack compassion and are void of emotion as if their soul has a defect in that way..

Q. Are lavas from volcanoes a shallow phenomenon or do they go deep into the Earth? How do you see volcanoes and Hollow Earth coexisting? 
A.  It looks to me that we have (starting from the exterior) the crust, mantle, core layer (that really isn't the true core and this is where lava is housed) and then the inverse happens.. We have another layer of the mantle, internal crust, and a large empty space with a mini sun in the middle.. I will list it out better in a way that may help you to visualize it:

  • External crust (where we live)
  • Mantle
  • Core (Not the true core of the earth, but has the same properties that we are taught.  This is where lava is stored.)
  • Inner Mantle
  • Inner Crust (Where kidnapped humans live in addition to lower level ETs)
  • Empty space- like their atmosphere with a mini sun in the middle. 

Q. Do you see the center of gravity about 400 miles deep in the Earth? If not, where is the center of gravity on Earth?
A. I don't see an exact number, but I get it resides in the inner mantle layer closer to the core layer.  I get that the inner sun helps to equalize this also.??

Q. Where is the easiest way to enter the Hollow Earth world if the Earth is hollow physically? Are volcanoes doorways to the Hollow Earth? Does Mammoth Cave in Kentucky lead all the way to the Hollow Earth?
A.  I don't see volcanoes as a doorway, they just go to the "core" layer, and the inner earth extends much farther than that.  There is a location in Washington state, it looks like a huge mountain with a cave at the base.  This cave appears to be nothing significant from the outside, but once you get deep enough into it takes you straight down.  I get that ETs are able to fly in and out of the location with their crafts.

I also see a location at the top of earth, near the north pole.  This location appears to have some kind of energetic vortex that allow them to teleport back and forth from the inner earth.

The other location that lights up for me is a deep (reminds me of a crevasse?) in the Atlantic Ocean.  I see ET ships can physically come and go through this location as well.  As I try to understand how water doesn't flood the inner earth through this location I see that the gravity "holds" the water in this layer.  Once you get so deep the gravity and centripetal force of earth spinning holds the water in place. ?

Q. Will the Earth being hollow be eventually accepted generally? 
A.  Living in the hollow earth will only be accepted if the external earth is uninhabitable.  It will become a reasonable idea only if we have no other choice.  Right now I don't see the inner earth as being very hospitable because the ET life there isn't friendly (in a compassionate type way) toward humans.  They treat humans how we treat farm animals and not like beings with independence.

I see eventually (like 3 to 4 hundred years from now), a purge will happen in hollow earth.  It appears that we may have to go underground (and other planets, moon, etc) to allow the surface of earth to heal ? and when that time comes nearer the "good" (for lack of a better term) ETs will battle those less compassionate ETs currently underground to pave the way for humans to enter.

Q. Does it really get hotter and hotter the deeper you go into the Earth all the way to the Hollow Earth or does it only get hot until a certain point deep in the Earth? 
A.  It is warm and very humid- it looks like a tropical rain forest.  I also get an image of a terrarium... The peak of the warmth resides in the core and it dissipates / radiates out from there.

Q. Do you see an entrance to the Hollow Earth in Mount Rainier (Washington state)?
A.  I always see Washington state as one of the entry points and it is at the base of a mountain. I don't have a name, but Mount Rainier rings some truth within me.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated read on YouTube.

The following is a picture that was emailed to me.. I thought it was interesting because this looked a lot like what I saw in my mind (I didn't get the pyramid connection though):  

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sleep Paralysis

Q. Could you please do a reading on sleeping paralysis? Is there a spiritual cause/meaning behind that? Why is the sense of negative being near to you when you have this sleeping paralysis? Can you use this state to develop your astral travel ability? Thank you very much for sharing your gift with us.
A. I see sleep paralysis as a state of existence where your physical body and rational mind are here in the present, and your subconscious mind is somewhere else and hasn't quite "caught up" to where your physical body is at that moment.  (Almost like you woke up too fast for your deep subconscious to wake up with you). I see when you sleep, you rational mind is quiet and allows your subconscious to wander.  You may be here on this physical plane of earth, you may be having a deep connection to the universal consciousnessness (I see this happens most after meditating a lot), or just wandering and processing information.  Your deep subconscious sort of "disconnects" from you when you sleep.  Occasionally your conscious / rational mind wakens before your subconscious realigns with you, and when you wake, your conscious mind is working but hasn't had a chance to sink back up with the subconscious causing this paralysis feeling.  

I don't see as much a spiritual cause or meaning, but rather showing you the gift of being able to explore different things even though your physical body is intact where you left it.  The fear or negativity is caused from the shock (sort of a trauma feel) of what is happening- it is a very unnatural and helpless feeling (panicky).  The negative feelings are manifested within your own mind rather than an external feeling, but nonetheless, very real, and very valid feelings to those experiencing it.

This feeling (or state of being) of a disconnection from your physical body is exactly how you would astral travel.  You can astral project while meditating when you mentally relax yourself and create a situation where your mind sort of "floats" off.  You can also create that situation for your mind when you are about to go to sleep or are asleep (it really is more about the relaxing and tuning out your rational mind that allows your subconscious to exercise to travel). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading available on YouTube.

Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project (Mini Update)

Q. Hi, Lynn. Have you already covered the Philadelphia Experiment and/or the Montauk Project in any of your blog requests? Did they actually happen; and, if so, was there any degree of success? I'm specifically wondering if there could be any connection to this type of experimentation with the missing MH370. Thanks!
A.  I get these experiments did exist.  A vast amount of genetic testing was done.  They were successful with mutating animals and creating hybrids, but the issue was life span- the alteration of these animals shortened the life span on many.  

I also see these experiments involving a large amount of drug testing, along with immunization testing.  Not everything went to plan, and some unintended consequences arose after this testing such as lyme disease (I see the root of lyme disease was the result of one of these tests).  

I don't get a connection to these experiments / projects to the missing plane though.  They could be, I just don't see it.  

I have attached a link to a blog entry I did explaining what I saw with these projects.  You may be interested in that. 

And that is all I have.  Thank you.  Narrated reading available on YouTube.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Near Death Experiences

Q. I need to know about NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES? Some people claim that they saw their deceased love ones at the end of a very bright tunnel? Others claim they saw hell? Is there a heaven and hell? Some physics says that your brain goes into a chemical imbalance while dying and all of this is imagination? What happens after death? Thank you so much?
A. I first see that a calm comes over you.  It is a calm like no other- you are at complete peace and ease. Then I get this feeling that is like a jerk or pulling of your body (similar to that feeling you get of falling when you are half asleep, only you are being pulled up and not downward).  At that moment of the jerk I see your soul or spirit leave your body- It looks like the exact shape of your body, but transparent.  It looks as if when you return the the heavens you have your same physical shape, and once you are absorbed into the "oneness" or "collective energy / knowledge" you stay there in the shape of a ball of energy. 

I did have an image of one death in which when the person passed (and this person had a rough life, made many decisions that weren't in her best interest, was difficult to deal with, and really exercised her right of free will) I saw a visual of her healthy sized body being unzipped like a costume, starting at the head and going to her belly.  Out came the most beautiful angel.  It was as if her soul was here to experience a hard life and experience what it was like to go against what her guides told [rather encouraged] her was the best thing to do.  It was very difficult for her to make the choice that was in her greatest good.  This angel soul was exhausted and the look of relief and the hurried motion of this beautiful angel returning to the oneness was amazing- as if this angel felt trapped and wanted back.

Q. What do you see when you pass?
A. I get that you see everything around you, but you see it hazy.  You are able to look above you, under you, around you.  You have a 360 degree view of your surroundings.  When you are detached from your physical body it feels as if you are guided.  You are floating, but don't have a complete control of your direction.  It is as if you are not driving your soul, but rather something is tugging it.  

I also get that at first it is confusing and it takes a couple minutes to even realize or have a comprehension that you have passed.  You are too busy taking it all in and the experiencing the strangeness- not scary, just like nothing you have ever seen..  You may be trying to reach out, touch or speak (it is instinct from being in your physical body) but nothing happens.  

I also get once you are separated from your physical body, your soul's true abilities kick in.  You aren't restricted by the limitations of your physical body or rational mind. You are part of the universal oneness that is also connected to the soul's of your loved ones that have passed.  If you wish to communicate or see them, you can.  It feels like an unspoken mental communication, but happens.  It is very possible to communicate with love ones that have passed if they have not already incarnated.

The other thing coming through is when you reach the "oneness" or "universal energy" you begin to realize that you can see colors that you can't experience with our human eyes.  There is a much larger color spectrum than we could ever imagine.  

Q. If souls automatically go up to the heavens, how do souls stay on earth?  
A.  I get that when you pass if your are out of balance (trauma in this life or a past) you may need to process that experience to some degree before you can move on to the next.  Some trauma or karma can move forward, but sometimes it needs to be resolved.  I hear that when people say "they have work to do, or unfinished business" it is directly related to their own personal balance that needs to be achieved. 

Occasionally a soul needs nudged, or needs some kind of permission to go back to the "oneness," and I get that is still some association with balance (but I couldn't get a clear visual on that). .

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Link to narrated reading on YouTube. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Silver in July

Q. We are getting close to you previous prediction about Silver moving up in July. Do you see any price level silver may reach during the rest of 2014?
A.  When I focus on silver I see the image of a saw tooth... Many jagged ups and downs, but the overall motion is up (when it comes down it isn't as low as the previous low).  I see silver doing really well in July with prices getting in the upward amounts of $40 during the peak rises.  I don't see the bigger jump until toward the end of 2014 (beginning of 2015) when we run into issues with the the value of the dollar. I see during that time (late 2014 to early 2015) it getting closer to $48 (possibly a little higher)  per ounce... It takes a long time to get to a "true" valuation using gold as a standard due to the market being flooded with paper silver certificates and being falsely manipulated by the wealthy "in the know" people. 

And this is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading available on YouTube.

Powerball and Megamillions

I wanted to answer a question that I hear or am asked often... 

Q. Hello I would like to know is there a software or secret strategy out there that I can buy or use that will help me win more when I play the powerball or megamillions.
A. When I focus on this (for myself or others), I get blocked to this information.  I may get an impression, but it is inconsistent.  I meditated on this to know why, and it came to me that if you are meant to win, it is in your greater good and determined for this life path, you will win.  You can try to do something to increase your odds, but the reality is that if you are to win a powerball or megamillions (or sweepstakes, drawings, etc) you will.  If a psychic tells you numbers, and you win, it is because your life journey intended for it to happen and not because it is told to you. 

You might think (I hear questions running through my mind), How is this not in my greater good? Then I get that some people that win end up self destructing (through behavior, mismanaging money, etc)...  Maybe your life path is to learn about overcoming struggle, developing inner strength, humility, work ethic, etc... Winning a jackpot of sorts alters that and prevents you from completing your intended life lesson.  You may end up less happy or in a worse position that you were before the win.

The next question I hear is If I don't play, I can't win.  What if I am meant to win during this life but I never make that opportunity?  I get that if you are meant to come into money, it will find you.  You will inherit it, win it in some way, have it gifted, do well in your work, have a get windfall in the stock market, etc... The money will find you.

The last question I hear is What about the Law of Attraction?  Can I focus on it and have it (the money) come to me?  I get to some extent the answer is Yes, but it also has to be in your greater good.   It has to make your life and / or other peoples lives better and help you to fulfill a life lesson / path. 

And that is all I have on this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.

Monday, June 16, 2014

What is Going on in Iraq?

Q. What is going on it Iraq?  What is the real story?  Is there more to this than what the media is releasing? 
A. I see a lot changing in this world.  China is amassing large amounts of gold and land, and positioning themselves to rise to the top.  This area around Iraq is a (I hear the phrase "black gold mine") filled will natural resources.  People who want power may not have the gold, but know what to do to still have wealth which leads to power.  This new leader that has emerged, Baghdadi, which is tied to al-Qaeda has a vision for wealth and power, but to get there he needs to take control over the land with the resources.  

Q. How did Iraq fail to protect themselves?  
A. I see that the people didn't feel protected or treated fairly by the current Prime Minister.  I see various groups rallying up all over the country, all wanting something different, and their wants / demands fell on deaf ears.  Some of those groups were so upset they actually joined the opposition because the opposition gave the hope of a better life, bigger voice and fair treatment.  

I see the goal of the opposition (uprising ISIS group) is to gain land, resources, money and power.  In exchange for aiding in that fight members will be given a more socialist type life, which in comparison to what they have now sounds great.  The opposition is slowly gaining more members because of fear and need of survival- and the promises and hope given.  They are also told that if they aren't with the group they are considered against the group, which in turn creates a feeling of terror.

With a different perspective, more unifying government and better leadership, I see this situation could have been avoided.

Q. Why aren't they being stopped? Why is the US standing by?
A. I see there is some underlying force suppressing a rescue on this.  To some extent I see they  (other countries) want them to fight their own battle, and when it escalates to a certain point other countries will interfere- it feels too fresh and new.  Other countries are analyzing this and seeing what the positioning is going to be.  I also see outside countries wanting to join forces and combat as a team rather than going in alone.  Countries (especially right now at this current time, with the current devaluation of the dollar) aren't as eager to jump into battle, and are very calculated about the approach due to the time, resources and money involved.  I see that confrontation with other countries will happen, but it will closer to the end of 2014.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Link to narrated reading on YouTube.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Catholic Religion and Sex

Q. Hello psychicfocus :) I would like to know your thoughts about the Catholic church's stance on pre-marital sex. Why is it considered a sin, as if it's such a condemnable act? I am living in so much guilt and to be honest it drives me nuts how a natural human occurrence that is sex can be considered a sin, especially when you are staying chaste to only one partner. What is your view on this?

A. Before I get started, I am clearing myself so I can open up to the point of view (from the church).  I don't want to give my opinion, but rather why the church has these feelings... What is the story behind the idea?

The first image I get is a man standing in the middle of the circle.  He is surrounded by a woman and several children. The woman and children are circling him as if it was a dance, and the man reaches his hand out to bring the woman next to him while the children continue to circle about both of them.  Then everything sort of "freezes" and an imaginary line is drawn from each child back to the mom and dad, as if without question these children were all the offspring of these two people. 

Then I get that when the Catholic religion came about, in order for the religion to grow the members needed  to continue to have children to carry on their tradition and faith.  The bigger the family, the bigger the following (why birth control is so frowned upon.)  They (the religion) want you to have as many children as possible to keep the Catholic religion going.. 

Rules regarding sex were created to promote family unity. They want you to wait until marriage and be with only one person to ensure you know who the father of the child is and keep the family unit strong.  Back before DNA testings, the mom is known because the child comes from the woman, but the dad really has to go on what the woman tells him, and what he feels to be true (seems harsh, but is true).  If you wait until marriage you create a bond (like a contract) that you will be with this one person only and this contract is sealed when the marriage is consummated.  It was a much different time then, and those customs and beliefs have carried forward.    

Waiting until after marriage also helped to strengthen the family bond. Men felt they had women that were only with them.   They fathered children and the paternity was known.  Most men naturally feel compelled to care for their children / family.  And strong families with many children are what the Catholic religion needed to survive and strived to support.  

Thank you.  That is all I have for this reading.  Narrated reading on YouTube.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Vegetarian Lifestyle

8:43 AM 

Q.Will there ever be a time when people who choose a vegetarian life style and/or are more in tune with nature, will be the majority on earth rather than those who consume without even caring how the food ended up on their plate or how much waste was generated to make the product that they are buying? 
A. I see people especially in the more developed countries being much more cautious of what eat or take into their body.  It isn't 100% of society, but a good majority I see rising up and really demanding more purity to their food.  Right now, some people are in-tune with what they eat, but others eat processed food and fast food without really thinking about it.  I see later on, years now, like 10-15 years, people start to really wake up to what's happening to our food.  

With regard to eating meat... I see if it available, people will eat it.  People will turn focus onto animals that are raised in a more healthy, "roaming" environment (I see cattle and chickens roaming about).  I see that eventually the standards are going to be forced to change.. These "farms" that pack chickens in so tight that chickens don't even see the light of day will eventually kind of "outcast" by society.  I see these farms operate (and I hear term "in plain sight") meaning, these farms are in open sight, but people don't stop to pay attention to it.  I get with media, socials medias, all of that, these farms or treatment of animals will become so public that people can't ignore it. 

So back to eating meat, people will eat it, but they pay a premium to eat it because it costs more to raise animals in a proper environment.  I see wild meat like deer / venison becoming more popular.  People will eat more fruits and vegetables, not because that is what they want, but that is what will be more affordable. Meat will feel like a luxury. 

Q. Will there ever be an end to animals being exploited and treated so abhorrently for their fur, scientific testing and food, or at least will there be an improvement?
A. I do see a change... with the reduction (almost an outlaw feeling) of these "farms," animals will be held in a much higher regard.  There will be strict laws against any kind  of abuse or mistreatment.  There will always be those people that do malicious things, but I see a big penalty tied to it.  I don't see society accepting this treatment.

Q. I have a hard time understanding that if higher beings are involved in evolution and life on this planet, that there is so little done for animals. especially in certain parts of the world where they have no rights whatsoever.  Could you do a reading on animal life in general and see if and how they are protected and cared for by the universal energy source? 
A. I see animals, just like people, have a soul.  They also have a vibration and are very much apart of the spiritual chain, meaning at some point the souls that reside in humans will be in an animal.  You may have already experienced this life, or you may in future, but at some point you will. I get that people that are more understanding or connected to animals have already lived that life, and that is what makes them more compassionate and understanding... I also get an image of someone being scared of a dog- as I try to sort out the image I get that this person was a dog in a previous life, and had experiences with that interaction in a negative aspect- and that past life carried with them.  Phobias or fear isn't always from this life, could be a past human OR animal life that carried residual thoughts or energy forward.  

To ask how they are protected- there IS a karmatic balance.  Then I hear the phrase, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." How you act now could determine what life lesson or path you take in your next life. If you do malicious acts toward animals, you may be that animal in your next life.  If you are loving, caring and sensitive, you may come back to a great home as someones dog (I get an image of someones lap dog sitting on a pillow, completed adored by the owner.)

And that is all I have for this reading.  It is 9:03 AM.  Thank you. Link to live reading on YouTube.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dyatlov Pass

Q. I recently saw a program regarding the Dyatlov Pass Incident where 9 people died under mysterious circumstances in the Ural Mtns in 1959. Apparently most of them died violently, whereas 2 of them escaped whatever happened, only to die of exposure. I've read it was the Soviet military, yet none of the 9 were shot. The program I saw suggested that it was a Yeti, however my understanding of the Yeti/Bigfoot phenomenon is that these creatures are usually quite shy, not aggressive. Would you give some insight into what happened to these unfortunates?
A  When I focus on this on this I am looking at this from the perspective that I am viewing this through the eyes of one of the hikers (I see myself switching in a out of third person, but will let my images guide me through...). .. I see the following.. It is getting late, everyone is tired and most everyone is in their tents.  Everyone had been in their tents a while now.  The sound of the wind makes it hard to sleep.  There is a distinct whistling that seemed much louder than normal.  There is also a certain unsettling feeling going on, but you can't quite figure out what it is. It is as if there feels to be something in the air- that feeling you get when something is about to happen, you just don't know what. (That feeling when you mind is racing, you can't relax, and you have that anticipating feeling.).  

The next thing I see this brightest flash of light coming from the sky.  It was so bright I saw it even through my tent- not a window but rather the side of the tent.  Everything went silent (it was either a silent burst of light or something was so loud it popped / silenced my hearing).  At that same time I feel so much pressure hit me that it knocks the air out of my chest.  The outside force / explosion forced the tent across my face so tight (I get an image of how a plastic bag can suffocate you if it were put over your head) that once I am able to get my wits from this blast of pressure hitting me, and then try to breathe, I realize I am being suffocated by my own tent.  

I can't breathe, can't scream, I just start tearing apart my tent.  I am frantic, and an anxiety attack cannot even describe that feeling of pure fear.  Then I get that when someone is faced with death, there is a weird quiet calm that comes over them, like an acceptance.  Even though I think I knew I (referring to this person) was going to die, there was this feeling of terror in my body and I never got the "quiet calm."

I also get a sense of being out of my mind.  Like i was hallucinating and slowly lost control neurologically.  It was as if I ran on adrenaline for those first few minutes and then I just couldn't physically go... A certain paralysis took over.  

A few people ran.  They didn't even know what happened or what they were running from.  One lady I see dropping and praying..  They went as far as their physical bodies could take them before the paralysis set in.

Now I see myself zoom out and view all of this happening from a completely different angle.. It looks like some kind of device floated above these people.  It does look to be some kind of weapon.  It is a rather unique weapon that never made it to be a commonly used device.  I see that this weapon goes off like a bomb, but rather than an explosion it directs this huge "puff" of air in a specific direction.  It is like some kind of sonic push of air. Included in that "puff" of air is some kind of chemical.  The thought is that if you direct an intensely forced wind stream containing chemicals onto a location you aren't destroying a large part of land or people.  A bomb is very disastrous even to the outlying parts of the blast location.  They could fine tune the "puff of air" location and maintain better control of the damage.

And that was all I have on this reading.  Love and light go out to these souls.  Thank you.  Narrated read available on YouTube.