Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Law enforcement all over the country seems to be changing from protect and serve to a more blood thirsty entity. They frequently fire on and kill all sorts of non-threatening, unarmed citizens and then their supervisors proclaim it a "good shoot" and no one pays any price. Yesterday I saw a video where police fired on a minivan full of kids when their mother tried to flee a routine traffic stop!!!! Can you see why this happening? Is it by design and the government is training these thugs to carry out atrocities against citizens so they can further their controlling police state? Or have we just become such sheep that the citizens allow this sort of thing without retaliation? Jefferson and Adams would have formed up a militia by now and declared their freedom from this abusive rule!!!

2:27 PM I see a lot going on with regard our country.  It "looks" like the energy is changing.  I see two dynamics forming.  And the government wants to make sure that there is a distinct difference between the "people" and the government.  I see the government holding a lot of fear.  They want to maintain control, however, many people are upset with the way things are going in regard to inflation, diminishing middle class, jobs, etc... They are so concerned with a revolt that they are trying to lead people out of fear, and in most cases it is working.  The government wants to keep the illusion of rights; however, is slowly converting people to follow under a fear based control.  Even when an atrocity is occurring, people are becoming scared to stand up and do the right thing.

Q. There are still good, honest, hard-working police out there, but more and more are being corrupted.  I ask myself, why is this happening?
A.  The image I get is this:  I see a bunch of people all lined up and they are walking as if they are in a trance.  Like they are unable to think for themselves, and they start mumbling and it looks like they are just repeating what they have been told.  This then translates to me as they are hiring people that are easily influenced.  They do as they told even if it feels wrong.  They don't question authority and just go through the motions like robot.  In exchange for doing what they are told they are offered immunity and protection for their decisions.  It looks like they are told how to handle a situation, but they lack the ability to be objective.  

Q. Why the "good" cops don't stand up against this? 
A.  I see they are afraid to.  Its like a cop can talk to a cop about how they feel or how a situation was handled, but they can't go outside of the immediate group.  They can't go to the public about it or they will be hunted down.  Then I see a vivid image of Dorner and I get message that "he tried to do the right thing and look what happened to him."  And it isn't something they are told or is broadcasted, but rather it is just known and implied.  There is some kind of loyalty and brotherhood to being a cop.

Q.  The government is aware of this situation because it has been brought up, so why haven't they changed it or become stricter with the way police handle things?
A.  I see couple things with that.  One,  I see protestor and they are sitting and holding posters.  They aren't causing problems, but they are creating an organized group.  They government doesn't want this happening because it creates problems in the long-run for them.  They need people to fear and react accordingly when the police arrive.  I see it all surrounding fear.  

Then I hear a message about "Fear creates Power because those creating the Fear hold the Power....."

The next thing I hear is that government wants to desensitize the people against how some of these police conduct themselves.  By becoming desensitized people gradually form an acceptance and don't resist it as much..  The last thing I get is that the thing the government fears most is the people rising against it, and making people scared is one step they take to avoid a complete revolt.  

And that is all I have for now.  It is 2:54 PM Thank you.  Link to Audio.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hi, I am wondering about the claims made by Dr Bill Weld that the US government has infected most of the populace with a nano device which can be activated by radio waves, to destroy our immune system, and give us a killer flu/infection. This also sounds like how we may get Morgellon's disease, with nasty nano particles from chemtrails. What do you see about a nano war on the American people?

4:36 PM The first image I get is a screen shot from the show Revolution, and in that shot they show several (must be thousands) of floating man made robots that are microscopic. Then I reflect to our own air and even though they aren't "robots" they are or rather it looks like there is this little metallic confetti.  Then I see aluminum foil.  Then I see someone shredding the aluminum foil into these finite pieces and throw those pieces into the air.  Then they breath it in with the facial expression that it smells wonderful.  

Now that I have taken in the image, I am going to try to understand it.... 

Q. I ask myself if Dr Weld is correct in his thinking?
A.  The answer is that he is somewhat correct.  I do not see it as a nano device that has "infected" the people.  I see we are infected by varying degrees of metal particles that are floating around.  For the most part they are odorless and tasteless, and people are (well most people) unaware to the fact they are inhaling them (hence the image of the person breathing in their "fresh air"). 

I also get that in some cases people that are sensitive to the particles can smell them and/or feel them during specific weather changes.  The image I get is a heat lightening storm in which there is no rain.  if these particles are charged electrically they can be smelled, felt and even tasted, but only in those people who are very in tune with their body.  Most people overlook it or dismiss it.

Q.  Now, I would like to know if radio waves are used in conjunction with these particles to destroy our immune system?
A.  What I get is that it isn't radio waves attacking the particles, what happens is when we ingest these particles we can either flush them out or our body stores them.  They get stored just as any other toxin.  Depending on where they go, our own immune system tries to rid them from our body and then two things happens from that.  One, our bodies become worn down fighting this toxin, so we get sick, [can't fight sickness off} tired, sore muscles etc much easier.  The second thing that can happen is that we have so much toxin that it infects parts of the body [organs, tissues, lymph systems] and it becomes too much for us to fight off, and we get sick from the toxin itself.  

Q. I would now like to know about Morgellons disease.
A. When I focus on Morgellons disease I see this as a skin infection that we cannot or they can't fight off.  It looks like sores that I would describe as sores I see on people with Lupus.  Either you do get the sores [with this disease], or  it is [a disease that is] exacerbated by an autoimmune disease or function [like Lupus]. The trigger does appear to be these environmental factors (meaning the particles).  I don't see the particles being the reason a person has Morgellons, but for someone that is sensitive or genetically predispositioned, it can greatly increase your risk.  

And that is what I have for now.  It is 5:02 PM.  Thanks.  Link to Audio.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Was the flooding in Northern Colorado created by HAARP and was it because they are trying to get a FEMA presence there and stop the Northern Colorado secession movement?

2:37 PM  I will say that as I ask that question, it rings truth to me.  It is as if my inner self is saying "Ah ha... that feels completely logical." But I want to try to go a little deeper..

HAARP was definitely a major contributor to this flooding.  It is like I see the mastermind working "HAARP" trying to get it just right, and when they do, there is the erie smug look on their faces.  They have little regard for the damage and heartache they caused, it was about fulfilling a mission and being pleased that they succeeded. 

Q.  Now I ask myself, Why did they do it?
A.   The answer I get is "they" meaning "Powers at Be" want to make Colorado feel like they need the government and the government is here to save the day.  It was in part to get FEMA there, but more so to make them realize they need to have something bigger than just themselves to rely on and to keep them safe.  

I also get this image that Colorado is in their radar.  Like I see a [literal] radar and Colorado is being somewhat targeted.  I see they are in for a rough winter.  Very much the government doesn't want them to succeed in breaking away.  Not just because they are breaking away, but because they are worried it will start a trend.  I see that part of Colorado breaking away involves them [citizens of Colorado] creating new either rules or guidelines or laws that aren't in alignment with other states..  The government sees this as very much a threat.  

I also get that part of Colorado being in the radar is because as long as they have other issues to focus on that are more immediate it creates a distraction to make it a little harder to reach their goal of breaking away. I see that it is important for people living in Colorado to be cautious and prepared.  I also am getting a very strange metallic taste in my mouth.  The taste makes me want to cough and choke (as you can hear).  I feel like may be an indicator of upcoming rough weather in that if you taste this metal taste, HAARP is at work and just be cautious!  I see that taste as a warning.  

And that is all I have for now.  It is 2:53 PM.  Thanks. Link to Audio

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I have heard about the shift and the sun/radiation possibly killing off at least 80% of humanity in the near future. I see you do have a post relating to the sun strengthening and becoming more of a threat, but I was wondering if you see it being strong enough to kill off most of our planet or if it will be less intense than this. Thank you

2:18 PM I definitely do see the sun being more intense, but other factors are involved.  In addition to the sun being more intense it looks like an atmospheric change as well is going on.  It looks like the the consistency and the temperature of the air is altering.  

Here is what looks to be happening to the air.  There are more particles  you can call it pollution in the air.  These particles create an environment that allows more static charge than normal high up into the sky...high altitude   I actually smell the odor of an ionic breeze machine when I think about this air.  And, I also see these particles float toward one another, and as they do they discharge a static charge.  It looks like that activity is increasing. [Referring to increased pollution/particles in the high altitudes and increasing static electric charge.]

Now back to the sun [and its' interaction with our evolving atmosphere]... Even though the sun is more intense, it isn't just the sun that is causing harm to the earth, specifically plants and vegetation.  It is the quality of the atmosphere that is causing harm too.  It looks like the sun is growing in it's intensity along with our "electrically charged" air.  Both of those elements combined are the real problem, not just one singly.  

It looks as though plants are more effected than people.  I see a plant withering away in the bright sun.  I see people that grow gardens having issues because the sun is either not present enough (hid in the shadows of clouds) or too bright / hot when it is available.  I also see more and more gardeners using a filter around their gardens in the form of plastic drop cloths or a makeshift greenhouse type structure.  This serves to filter out some of the intensity...  I also see a newer device coming about and it looks like people use a greenhouse, but it more resembles functionally  what I would call a terrarium   It creates a steamy environment to promotes moisture and reduce evaporation and also protects the plants from the elements.  I also get the message that this type of tent/terrarium shields plants to keep them truly organic and eliminates environmental toxins.  

As I focus on humans, I don't see a death rate of 80%, or anything even close to that.  I see people being cautious of their skins.  I see skin disorders and skin sensitivity increasing.  There looks to be more skin cancers and age spots.  Older generations are much more cautious of this than the younger generations.  I see older people wearing long sleeves and hats, being very proactive in guarding themselves.  Younger people are not as attentive (not all, but most are not as attentive.).  I see a lot more warnings of skin cancers.. Health companies will even try to increase the awareness.  Tanning salons will slowly become extinct, and new fads to create a "tan" will emerge.  I just see a lot caution with regard to the sun.  There will even be days that there will be advisories on sun intensity just as there is on humidity or air quality..

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  It is 2:45 PM Link to Audio