Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Changes (United States Focus) [Group Submissions]

9:54 PM I wanted to do another post regarding upcoming changes.  This was compiled of readers that have a focus on the United States.. 

Q. Hi and Thank you so much for these insights. My question is about war. Is there a war coming within the next 6 months? 1 year? Thank you again.
A. I do see one coming, but it doesn't feel like it happens within the next 1 year.  It feels far out into the future.  I see a the country really divided.  It doesn't look like Republican vs. Democrat, North vs. South or East vs. West.. It feels internally divided.  More like a Rich vs. Poor situation   I don't see a fighting another war abroad, but I see a lot civil unrest to deal with here.  I see that happening NOW and continuing to escalate.  I also see the news media not being totally honest with it.  They will televise the rioting, but not share how bad it really is for fear of adding momentum to it.    

Q. What is going to happen with the housing market? Will it continue to rise? 
(Also, is there any truth in Feng Shui? I have a house that has "bad" feng shui. Is it best to sell it?)
A. The image I get is a graph that repeatedly slopes up and down.  It looks like the housing is on the rise, however, it looks like it is going to burst again and then deflate.  I see the trend that happened before as a cycle.  It looks like a long, and slow cycle.  Meaning, it will take a while for the market to peak, and then drop again.  I see it on the rise for the next 5 years (approx) before it bursts again.  It looks to me that banks are very strict about their policies, but something happens that makes them slack and get careless, and the previous trend looks to repeat itself.

Regarding Feng Shui.. I do get that it is important.  If you have bad feng shui, you may be tied, more irritable, suffer more depression especially in the winter months.  So, good feng shui really can make a difference.  To someone who doesn't know what it is or understand, they still suffer the symptoms, they just don't know why.  If the feng shui in your home bothers you, listen to your gut, and if it tells you to sell, then do it.  Really deep down, you know the answer and know how you personally (along with your family) feel.

Q. What do you see happening within the next ten years to personal freedoms, democratic ideals in the United States and the rest of the world?
A.  I see the use of microchips highly increasing.  I am getting that they will be able to track people much easier.  I see a prisoner being released from jail and having a chip implanted in them for tracking purposes.  I see this as a common practice for a lot of people.  I see it an image of military, high profile people, and some very elite scientists.  Tracking people will be very common is the word (phrase) I want to use.  

I also see storage of data being very small making it practical to record and file all kinds of electronic interactions.  I see somethings that works like Webbot being used on personal conversations such as a email and texting to flag events.  

I also see the government taking personal rights and calling it in our best interest for safety, and that is how they get people agree and relinquish rights.  They try to say giving up our basic rights promotes our personal safety.  I also get a message that we are way more monitored even now that we realize.  That even though we have access to so much information  much of our media is designed to lead us in a certain direction to the point that countries with only 4 or 5 tv channels have about equal tv programming to us (that message is kind of jumbled but I feel like i am being told that we have access to so much on tv, but the info we are given is equal to a country with what we consider to have highly regulated tv).

Q. What is going to happen on the west coast of the Continental United States in the next couple of years? Any notable major events like Earthquakes, Tsunami's, Volcanoes, invasion or an attack from China, South Korea, Russia? Could you also focus specifically on the Seattle area, is it a safe area to live?
A. OK.. I am focused on the northwest part of the country and the first thing I get is wet.  Like a lot of rain.  There will be some flooding.  I also get landslides and a lot mud.  I also get that off the coast of Alaska there will be some earthquake activity tied to a volcano in the ocean, but that won't have too much impact on the continental United States.  After the earthquake, I did see some really huge fish washing up on shore.  And when that even occurs, the whole area for miles will stink until it is cleaned up.  

I'm working on a time-frame  and I want to say spring of 2014.  It will be close to going into summer, because there is a muggy or musty feel about it.

Seattle does feel safe.  You will have weather issues.  The rain and mud seem like the biggest.  I don't see a lot of injuries, just a lot hassle dealing with it, but otherwise, safe.

Q. This article says that FEMA has contracted with Russia for Russians to assist in security in the U.S. http://www.infowars.com/russian-forces-to-provide-security-at-us-events/
My gut response to this is that it is not what it seems. What is your feeling on the validity of this information and the real reason the U.S. would bring in Russian security?
A. The first thing my gut tells me is that this is about gold.  Then I get that Russia and China want gold as the unit of currency or at least to back up currency with real gold.  The US is hating this, and is trying hard to hold onto the dollar.The US feels like they are backed in a corner with regards and trying not to make huge enemies.  Russia is

wanting a foot hold here, and we are agreeing as a way to keep some peace.  I see that Russia and China are working with someone high, and I want to say the UN, and we know it here.  "People in Power" know it too, and have a "sell out" feel about them.  Meaning they would sell out before risking losing their wealth which would eventually reduce their power.  Basically, Russia and China want to be here, and "People in the Know" are letting it happen.

Q. Thank you for your work. I hope you and your family are well. I am wondering if you see the Cloud-buster Orgone generating device as being useful against chemtrails and their effects on the environment and living things? Do you see the practice of sun-gazing (Eating the Sun) as helping to mitigate the effects of chemtrails? Lastly, do you see riots and protests starting in the U.S. in the near future?
A. I do see orgone working, but it only works if you are close to it.  I see it as having a bubble of energy around it and you need to be in that bubble to get full effects.  The more orgone you have, the better, because it creates a bigger bubble.  

Sun gazing..I don't see it mitigating the effects of chemtrails, but it does boost your energy.  It looks like it does something with your immune system, like it amplifies healing.  It also looks like it does something to equal out hormone or body chemical reactions.  I feel like I need to say that the moon can also aid in this, but it isn't as intense as the sun.  The moon is more gradual, and less amplified.  

I do see that (referring to riots and protests). I also addressed this earlier in the first question.  But, yes, I do see a lot of civil unrest.

Q. Hi, Thank you for your work. I wanted to know about the East coast of the United States, specifically Florida and Connecticut. Will they be affected by any natural phenomena this year 2013 or 2014? Are there going to be generalized safety issues to be concerned about regarding crime, political turmoil, economic instability? Anything you can think of that will affect these two states? Thank you
A. I see Florida being hit with a ton of rain.  I get the image of a big sea sponge and it is totally saturated.  As if the ground in Florida really can't handle more moisture.  It just feels wet and swampy.  It also looks roads are going to have issues with being washed away, and the wetness or base beneath the road makes it difficult to repair the road.. I also get that insects will be a huge issue too.  Like you get an infestation of mosquitoes or some other bug that is difficult to get rid of.

Connecticut..I see an image of wind.. Horrible wind storms and are really destructive   I don't see a tornado associated, but just terrible high winds.  

Regarding the rest of the question.. FL-I do see rioting, but it looks like it is centralized.  Meaning it is done in public government places, so it is avoidable.  I would call it more protests than rioting.  Aside from being verbal, it is fairly peaceful protests.  The police are actually more violent than the protesters   It looks like it will be one agenda after another whether it is Zimmerman or abortion or Obamacare.. always something feels stirred up there.  Medical insurance  looks like the hot topic in Florida.  

Connecticut- The issues there are unemployment versus the cost of goods.  Meaning, the unemployment seems high and the cost of goods is also high making it hard for people to afford items.  I see that a lot of of the revenue being earned in Connecticut comes from people that travel there.  There starts to be a real issue with revenue because less people start to travel to that area, and that causes political or govt issues as well.  I don't see any protests or safety issues..

And that is all I have.  It is 10:49 PM.  Thank you. Link to Audio.

Snowden (Quick Q & A)

9:22 PM  I had a quick question regarding Snowden that I wanted to address, so here goes...

Q. Where is Snowden?  
I see it as hot, very humid... almost has a wet smell to it because it is so humid.  In looking at a map, it feels east.  I want to say eastern part of Asia.  There are a lot of shipping containers that look like something that would go on a train or boat.  

Q. Is he SAFE? 
I see he is safe.  The word I want to use is inconvenienced.  He is hot and sweaty . I also sense there are a lot bugs or insects around him.  

I get an exact of image of Lincoln Burrows on Prison Break when they have reached Panama.  I feel like this in somehow completely relates to Snowden's situation   I see him in in a button down cotton shirt, but he is very hot and craving a cold shower.  

He is safe, surviving, just uncomfortable.  It seems like he is a part of a very thought out plan.. the steps have been laid out very meticulously.. as long as he stays on this thought out plan, he looks very safe.  

And that is all I have for these questions.  It is 9:30 PM.  Thank you.  Link to Audio. (The recording to this was accidentally combined with the previous blog entry's recording.  This blog entry begins at 13:50.  I apologize for the inconvenience)

Trayvon Martin [Quick Q & A]

8:47 PM  Today I wanted to do a short response to some questions I recevied on the Zimmerman case.  So here they are....
Q. With regards to the Trayvon Martin case. Did it really happened the way Zimmerman said it did. Did Trayvon threw the first punch? 

A.  I definitely see that Trayvon was uncomfortable...  I also get a suspicious vibe.  Like Martin didn't do anything yet, but it was because he felt he was being watched.  I'm getting an image of someone working security (undercover security  at a department store and watching someone (being Martin) to make sure they don't steal something.  The person watched, doesn't realize it at first, but they are "lurking around" and not just going from point A to point B.  I just see this lingering....

Then there comes a point where Martin realizes that he is being watched...  At that point he gets angry.  More that his "lingering" got interrupted more than the straight up fact that he was being watched.  I see that he (referring to Martin) felt like Zimmerman was a rude interruption to something... exactly like he was rudely interrupted.  

Martin got really defensive, and I see him as the first to yell.  It was in an irate way.  Zimmerman didn't back down and stood there confidently   I see Martin had the chance to leave then, very early on, and he didn't take it because he was so angry. At this point I start to hear a lot of foul language.. The F word is being used both ways and i hear the phrase "pissed" and "pissed off" with that focusing more on Martin.  

Now I see Martin doing some kind of a boxers tip-toe dance and bouncing around.  It was like Martin knew there was going to be a fight, and he wanted a chance to have the first punch.  Martin wasn't scared, he was so full of adrenaline   My heart is beating hard.  Martin was focused.. It does appear that Martin did throw the first punch.

Q. Was the screaming Trayvon's? 
A. As I focus on that I hear Martin's side yelling, but not making words.  Just sounds as they are fighting.  More like a growl.  It was as if when he exhaled it was a "sound" rather than a breath.

I do see Zimmerman yelling... which leads to the next question that was asked...

Q. Zimmerman's account does not add up. If he had a gun, why would he be screaming for help?
A.  I see he had a gun, but didn't want to use it.  He was screaming trying to get people to help so Martin could be restrained and taken in.  I don't see that he sought out to shoot him.  He wanted Martin to realize that he was being watched so if he didn't intend to do some kind of crime (or tell he friends about a possible crime) that his appearance had been known.  I keep flashing back to Wisteria Lane on Desperate Housewives and feel the neighborhood had a closeness about it as Wisteria Lane did, so to yell for help feels right and normal.. I see that Zimmerman carried a gun like an insurance policy, never really thinking he would ever need to use it.  Even as he grabbed he was kind of awkward.  Like he didn't make a fluid motion for it.

And those are the questions I have received so far.  It is 9:11 PM  Link to Audio (The audio from this reading and the next were accidently combined into one audio recording.. This recording ends at 13:50.  I apologize for the inconvenience) 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Unsolved/Solved Cases. [Multiple Submissions]

2:38 PM I decided I would do another group posting.  This time I thought I would focus on court cases and crimes in the media.  I have had a lot of requests for this.  

Q. Will you do a reading on Elisa lam? Was she murdered or was it a tragic accident? How did she end up in a water tank? Was she being followed or was she possessed? Why did she travel to LA alone?

A. The first thing I get is a feeling of a bully situation.  Like she was trying to help either a family member or someone she viewed as family.  That other person [family or friend] got involved with someone shady, and it got way over their head.That other person ended up dead and Elisa didn't accept that.  She knew there was more to it, but was also scared. She went to LA in search of some answers or help... there was a good feeling about being in LA.  I see her in the city staring at all the buildings and her heart was pounding.  The building she sought out had an emblem with a bunch of circles.  It looked like an Olympic symbol but all the circles were complete spheres.  She was caught snooping or talking about her family member/friends death, and that is what what got her killed.  It was made to look like an accidental death, but something isn't right with her lungs...?? [It is coming to me that her friend/family member  was involved in some kind of hacking.] Whoever these "shady" people are, they used Elisa to make an example of her... 

Q. I'm very curious about the details surrounding the Amanda Knox story. My heart goes out to the families involved and I would really like to know what happened in Italy and if she is going to have to go back to prison. They just annulled her release and trial will start all over again.

.  A. Ok Amanda Knox.  I do get a feeling of innocence about her.  I also see that she acts weird or may say off the wall things because inside she is very scared.  Even though she didn't do it, she is holding onto a lot fear.  I see it coming out in weird personality traits.  Like saying something that isn't right [proper].  I do also see a very long drawn out trial.  I see that Amanda was friends with her roommate, and hung out from time to time, but her roommate was into some kind of partying that Amanda didn't really enjoy.  This "partying" was related to her roommates death.  I don't even see Amanda being around when she died.. The family and even the country are trying to blame someone [the judicial system in the country are very passionate about this case], and since they have no one  they keeping focusing on Amanda.  They are really going to try to brake her spirit and get some kind of "deal." I see her being exhausted and serving a little time, but not her whole life.

Q. You have said that Adam Lanza was in a sort of hypnotic state. As if he was out of it, in some sort of trance. James Holmes of the Aurora shooting seemed to also be out of it and has said that he doesn't remember any of it. The product, Ambien, a sleep aid, is a hypnotic medicine. Users have been reported to be active and "awake" but in unaware of their surroundings. Monsanto manufactures Ambien. Is there a connection between Adam Lanza, James Holmes,the use of Ambien to place them in a hypnotic trance, and Monsanto somehow providing the possible pharmaceuticals to the real agents for use in the shootings?

A. The first image I get is someone snorting something.  It burns and has a weird feeling in your throat.  Like it is really thick in your throat.  It is as if as soon as you snort it you get a ton of mucus runs down your throat.  It actually give me a gagging feeling.

I can't get a Monsanto association.  I definitely get the above described drugs were used in both scenarios.  Even though a pharmaceutical was used, I don't get that the drug manufacturer orchestrated the shootings.  The shootings came from a secret group within the government.

Q. Hi could you do a reading on Leann Rimes the country singer? She's been in the headlines lately with her infamous cheating scandal in 2009 when she went after a married actor Eddie Cibrian. She is suing a special education teacher Kimberley Smiley for "bullying" her on twitter? I don't buy it because I think its lies. Leann Rimes is a liar and psychopath. What will become of her and the school teacher? I feel bad for the school teacher.

A.  I see this case eventually blowing over.  Looks like Kimberly Smiley heard some personal stuff that Leann Rimes is not going to want revealed.  [She admits to knowledge of an evil wrongdoing] Even though the tape won't be admissible for some reason, the info on the tape will eventually leak and cause some embarrassment for Leann. Once all the negative stuff gets out Leann will just want it go away.  Kimberly looks to get a fine or probation or something minor, but I don't see anything huge resulting from this. I also see Leann using this moment for some kind of publicity, but in the end she is going to just want this to go away.

Q. Karen Hudes is a whistleblower exposing fraud and corruption at the highest level of the World Bank. Will she be successful in bringing the criminals to justice? If so, how will this affect our world?

A. I see her as being successful.  The high people at the World Bank didn't take her serious at first, and now she is telling her story and has the support of a lot of people.  I feel like she tried to explain or had a desire to fix the corruption, but it went on deaf ears.  Like the higher ups didn't care.  I do see this story reaching a peak point and then fizzles out.  Like there is no stamina to keep it going.  I see a few corporations/entities getting fined, but no major review or reorganization happens. The biggest thing I get is I see a ton of energy and momentum in this case, and then it completely drops from the media.  I see people having to really search to hear more or see what is really going on.  

Q. Is Snowden a real whistle-blower or a plant designed to scare journalists into not reporting embarrassing things they discover about government? And a way to get people slowly used to the idea that privacy is slowly going away? 

A. I see Snowden as a freedom fighter.  He is really frustrated with the US and our government.  He believes in what our country used to stand for.  He also see so many things that we condemn, but do our self.  He blew the whistle in an effort to let people see what the US was really like.  He sees so much denial and this was done out of frustration and in his view, a need for change.  More than making us used to having privacy taken, he is trying to show people how our rights are being taken.  Our country steals privacy, and other countries are doing it back.  We do it to our own people.  Really, he is trying to wake people up.  I see him as a person that has a strong desire to get back to our roots.

Q. Sandy Hook: Is Victoria Soto still alive? Where is she now? Are the children who were supposedly killed still alive? Thanks - great site!
A. When I think about her, I get a disconnect between her name and face.  Like the name Victoria doesn't go with her physical being.  I sense she may be alive, but not using the name Victoria.  

Where is she now?... I see a white beach, palm trees, and sailboats.  One boat has a white sail with blue, actually two blue vertical stripes.  She is very much south... I want to say Caribbean.. 

When I think about the kids.. I want to say that they are alive.  Honestly, the vision I get with the whole event/shooting is that it was set up like a Hollywood film.  There is so much acting.  Like I see a person with many different personalities. It is as if who you "saw" wasn't really who you saw...

Q. What will be the outcome on the Trayvon Martin case??
A.  When I think about this case I always draw back to seeing OJ on the stand.  It is as if no matter was evidence they bring up to the defense, it gets shot down.  I see Zimmerman getting off, however, he isn't accepted into society well.  I feel like he goes into hiding.  

And that is all I have for now.  It is 3:42 PM.  Thanks. Link to Audio

Monday, July 1, 2013

Fact or Fiction [Group Submissions]

4:15 PM I thought I would do a group posting regarding various submissions I have received on subjects that people wonder "Are/Is this true or false?"  So here goes....

Q. I read this story. Is there any truth to it or just falsehood?!
"Hello guys. I have some startling information that has not been reported on yet. I grew up in Moore, then moved away to Kansas City a few years ago after I graduated high school. I have many friends who live in Moore still and have been in constant contact with them all day today. What they are telling me is extremely startling, mind boggling, and inconceivable….they are all fine and they say there are no fatalities or injuries! [regarding the tornadoes that recently happened in the Midwest] I am going to list the different bits of information I have received below that prove that this is 100% a false flag attack. [again referencing the tornadoes that occurred in the Midwest]
1.Prior to 3pm there, military and police went door to door in the area that is now completely demolished. They told all residence to leave the area and head north.
2. On there way out they saw multiple bulldozers and wrecking ball like machines moving into their neighborhoods.
3. One of my friends saw a huge projector/hologram output device the size of a building. He said while driving away he saw this projector turn on and it created a hologram tornado in the sky that eventually blocked out the area that was supposedly “hit”.
4. One of my friends that was nearby, said that while the hologram tornado passed overhead, all of the bulldozers and equipment began demolishing EVERYTHING! He said explosions were also heard. He said that every person driving a bulldozer and demolishing houses was wearing a yam aka and have a big nose. Also the bulldozers had an Israeli construction company on the side. He said it was very hard to see this activity going on, because the hologram tornado was blocking the view mostly.
5. All of my friends are now being told to shut up and not to talk about what they seen. They are saying that if they don't stick to the official “:tornado” story that they will not receive any type of financial support, relief, etc.. to rebuild their homes.
6. One of my friends heard a self-proclaimed Zionist talking to a shape shifting white guy. They said that all the earthquake in Oklahoma lately are a result of massive underground construction  they were talking about how the Jewish race wishes to expand rapidly and that they are building massive Jewish settlements and Palestinian slave labor camps under Oklahoma the reason… supposedly ak-la ham aer, which sound like Oklahoma, means “Jews are the best, screw the rest” in Hebrew."

A. Ok.. let me focus on that..I can't get details that support the above outlined points, but what I do see is a lot of "hot" looking fog.  It is steamy and smells like the fog out of a Halloween fog maker. I'm getting the impression that prior to these tornadoes that was the atmospheric conditions.  In fact, that was how the air and sky felt immediately before they broke out.  This also wasn't what it felt like on the ground level, this was way up high. On the ground it much cooler.  The image I get shows that the the air was being "cooked" from the sky down. I just keep seeing, smelling and feeling "hot" fog.

Q. There is a nagging question I have about Katrina. There was a story about a woman who was walking her dog and saw the water pull out and then come flooding in. To me, that always felt like earthquake/tsunami. Is there any way you can see if there was an earthquake at the time of the hurricane? Were the USGS sensors turned off?? Why??? There seems to be a lot of evidence that not all quakes are being reported on USGS. Can you see if some are being withheld and/or recorded as less strong? The 8.3 in Russia was very deep, yet very few aftershocks were reported. Did this quake fracture the plate? There are reports on the Steve Quayle site that dignitaries are being evacuated from the Bay Area. Do they know something about that last quake?? Thanks!
A. I am getting that Katrina really was a hurricane.  I do not see a quake associate to it.  The "pull" in and out had to do with the hurricane winds.  I'm getting that some kind of a vacuum was created out of the wind and that is what the "pull" in and out of water was.. .

Regarding the USGS, let me think on that...I am getting that what is recorded and reported are two different things   The quakes are all recorded, but the reporting  is very limited.  There are quakes every day.. They occur at all levels of severity. They are not broadcasted for fear of creating panic because there are so many.  Regarding accuracy.  I see that there is a hidden code the recording.  Such as if it ends in a ".1" you have to take that number by a multiplier   I see it as a "code" but super complex.  Like ".1" is code for "it was much bigger, but we are going to announce it."

Q. Thank you for sharing your gift with us!
Why have the "powers that be" encouraged our U.S. population to grow so much?? (So much sex on tv, popularity of having babies, blocked access to birth control, lax enforcement of immigration, benefits for low income mothers to continue having babies, etc, etc.)

Now it seems that "they" are now trying to depopulate the U.S. (purposely poisoning our air, water, food, vaccines, etc....our toothpaste has low doses of poison, created disasters that kill many at once...
Is it to harvest souls? Steal power? Use bodies? Make us more dumbed down? Thanks for the answer if you get to this one.

A. Let me think about this.  First question regards population growth.. I get that both questions have to do with making money.  The first part with growth has to do with consumption.  More people buy more things. That makes the Powers at Be richer.  Also, more people that have more things (tvs, phones, gadgets, cars, food, etc...) pay less attention to the real issues of the world.  Bottom line is that the Powers at Be want more people to be able to buy and consume their stuff.  I'm also getting that we need more people to "buy into" our tax system (then I see that our social security numbers are like cash to the IRS).  The dominant part of the message in my mind is "buy our stuff."  

The depopulation aspect... um..I get that it still comes down to money.  I see the weaker, poorer people dying.  The people with money that can "feed" the system buy water, expensive organic food, higher quality products, PHARMACEUTICALS and continue to keep the system going.  I also get that they over populate the system, so they can filter it with the "quality" citizens that they desire (the movie Purge is blaring at me!).  [Almost like our government is committing a legal purge of its own people.]

Q. What is the real reason they are collecting so much data on us from Google, our emails and phone calls? I got a flash but it was so fantastic I need verification. Hope you are well.
A.   Two things come through to me.  One, our government is paranoid.  They are very worried about an internal revolt.  Many countries are tired of the US controlling everything.  I am hearing that "all good things must come to an end." and our reign over everything is slowing decreasing.  We are trying desperately to maintain and it is to the point that our government is paranoid.. I am see flashes of the character Monroe from the show Revolution   It is all about keeping power.  

The second aspect is in regards making money and constantly bombarding people with things they don't even know they need yet.  It is about distractions and entertaining people to the point they can't even free think because so many other things are going on to fill their minds.  Even as I type this I see several advertisements in mind.. I went from a big mac, to a gold watch to a purse, then hair products and a purse.  It is selective advertising to suck people in, spend money and take their mind off serious issues.

Q. Can you do a reading on the fires in Colorado? Will they be getting worse? Are there any areas to avoid? How was the Black Forest started? Who was responsible for it and what was their motive? You're amazing! Thank you for your readings!
A.  The first images I get look like glass shards.  Then I see a magnifying glass, then I see a smoldering under a bed of mulch..and now I want to clear my mind and see if I get story or something....

I'm getting pollution  like this area contained a spot that someone or company used as a dump for trash.  It was extremely hot and dry, which created conditions for the fire start.  The sun super cooked this trash and it got so hot that something looking like pine needless sparked.  Eventually an entire tree was burning and by the time it was too big to contain.  I don't see this as an intentional act, however  it could've prevented if someone didn't use this area as a dump or at least  exhibited precautions during this hot, dry time.  

At this time, that is all I have for this reading.  It is 5:04 PM Thank you. Link to Audio