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Changes (United States Focus) [Group Submissions]

9:54 PM I wanted to do another post regarding upcoming changes.  This was compiled of readers that have a focus on the United States.. 

Q. Hi and Thank you so much for these insights. My question is about war. Is there a war coming within the next 6 months? 1 year? Thank you again.
A. I do see one coming, but it doesn't feel like it happens within the next 1 year.  It feels far out into the future.  I see a the country really divided.  It doesn't look like Republican vs. Democrat, North vs. South or East vs. West.. It feels internally divided.  More like a Rich vs. Poor situation   I don't see a fighting another war abroad, but I see a lot civil unrest to deal with here.  I see that happening NOW and continuing to escalate.  I also see the news media not being totally honest with it.  They will televise the rioting, but not share how bad it really is for fear of adding momentum to it.    

Q. What is going to happen with the housing market? Will it continue to rise? 
(Also, is there any truth in Feng Shui? I have a house that has "bad" feng shui. Is it best to sell it?)
A. The image I get is a graph that repeatedly slopes up and down.  It looks like the housing is on the rise, however, it looks like it is going to burst again and then deflate.  I see the trend that happened before as a cycle.  It looks like a long, and slow cycle.  Meaning, it will take a while for the market to peak, and then drop again.  I see it on the rise for the next 5 years (approx) before it bursts again.  It looks to me that banks are very strict about their policies, but something happens that makes them slack and get careless, and the previous trend looks to repeat itself.

Regarding Feng Shui.. I do get that it is important.  If you have bad feng shui, you may be tied, more irritable, suffer more depression especially in the winter months.  So, good feng shui really can make a difference.  To someone who doesn't know what it is or understand, they still suffer the symptoms, they just don't know why.  If the feng shui in your home bothers you, listen to your gut, and if it tells you to sell, then do it.  Really deep down, you know the answer and know how you personally (along with your family) feel.

Q. What do you see happening within the next ten years to personal freedoms, democratic ideals in the United States and the rest of the world?
A.  I see the use of microchips highly increasing.  I am getting that they will be able to track people much easier.  I see a prisoner being released from jail and having a chip implanted in them for tracking purposes.  I see this as a common practice for a lot of people.  I see it an image of military, high profile people, and some very elite scientists.  Tracking people will be very common is the word (phrase) I want to use.  

I also see storage of data being very small making it practical to record and file all kinds of electronic interactions.  I see somethings that works like Webbot being used on personal conversations such as a email and texting to flag events.  

I also see the government taking personal rights and calling it in our best interest for safety, and that is how they get people agree and relinquish rights.  They try to say giving up our basic rights promotes our personal safety.  I also get a message that we are way more monitored even now that we realize.  That even though we have access to so much information  much of our media is designed to lead us in a certain direction to the point that countries with only 4 or 5 tv channels have about equal tv programming to us (that message is kind of jumbled but I feel like i am being told that we have access to so much on tv, but the info we are given is equal to a country with what we consider to have highly regulated tv).

Q. What is going to happen on the west coast of the Continental United States in the next couple of years? Any notable major events like Earthquakes, Tsunami's, Volcanoes, invasion or an attack from China, South Korea, Russia? Could you also focus specifically on the Seattle area, is it a safe area to live?
A. OK.. I am focused on the northwest part of the country and the first thing I get is wet.  Like a lot of rain.  There will be some flooding.  I also get landslides and a lot mud.  I also get that off the coast of Alaska there will be some earthquake activity tied to a volcano in the ocean, but that won't have too much impact on the continental United States.  After the earthquake, I did see some really huge fish washing up on shore.  And when that even occurs, the whole area for miles will stink until it is cleaned up.  

I'm working on a time-frame  and I want to say spring of 2014.  It will be close to going into summer, because there is a muggy or musty feel about it.

Seattle does feel safe.  You will have weather issues.  The rain and mud seem like the biggest.  I don't see a lot of injuries, just a lot hassle dealing with it, but otherwise, safe.

Q. This article says that FEMA has contracted with Russia for Russians to assist in security in the U.S. http://www.infowars.com/russian-forces-to-provide-security-at-us-events/
My gut response to this is that it is not what it seems. What is your feeling on the validity of this information and the real reason the U.S. would bring in Russian security?
A. The first thing my gut tells me is that this is about gold.  Then I get that Russia and China want gold as the unit of currency or at least to back up currency with real gold.  The US is hating this, and is trying hard to hold onto the dollar.The US feels like they are backed in a corner with regards and trying not to make huge enemies.  Russia is

wanting a foot hold here, and we are agreeing as a way to keep some peace.  I see that Russia and China are working with someone high, and I want to say the UN, and we know it here.  "People in Power" know it too, and have a "sell out" feel about them.  Meaning they would sell out before risking losing their wealth which would eventually reduce their power.  Basically, Russia and China want to be here, and "People in the Know" are letting it happen.

Q. Thank you for your work. I hope you and your family are well. I am wondering if you see the Cloud-buster Orgone generating device as being useful against chemtrails and their effects on the environment and living things? Do you see the practice of sun-gazing (Eating the Sun) as helping to mitigate the effects of chemtrails? Lastly, do you see riots and protests starting in the U.S. in the near future?
A. I do see orgone working, but it only works if you are close to it.  I see it as having a bubble of energy around it and you need to be in that bubble to get full effects.  The more orgone you have, the better, because it creates a bigger bubble.  

Sun gazing..I don't see it mitigating the effects of chemtrails, but it does boost your energy.  It looks like it does something with your immune system, like it amplifies healing.  It also looks like it does something to equal out hormone or body chemical reactions.  I feel like I need to say that the moon can also aid in this, but it isn't as intense as the sun.  The moon is more gradual, and less amplified.  

I do see that (referring to riots and protests). I also addressed this earlier in the first question.  But, yes, I do see a lot of civil unrest.

Q. Hi, Thank you for your work. I wanted to know about the East coast of the United States, specifically Florida and Connecticut. Will they be affected by any natural phenomena this year 2013 or 2014? Are there going to be generalized safety issues to be concerned about regarding crime, political turmoil, economic instability? Anything you can think of that will affect these two states? Thank you
A. I see Florida being hit with a ton of rain.  I get the image of a big sea sponge and it is totally saturated.  As if the ground in Florida really can't handle more moisture.  It just feels wet and swampy.  It also looks roads are going to have issues with being washed away, and the wetness or base beneath the road makes it difficult to repair the road.. I also get that insects will be a huge issue too.  Like you get an infestation of mosquitoes or some other bug that is difficult to get rid of.

Connecticut..I see an image of wind.. Horrible wind storms and are really destructive   I don't see a tornado associated, but just terrible high winds.  

Regarding the rest of the question.. FL-I do see rioting, but it looks like it is centralized.  Meaning it is done in public government places, so it is avoidable.  I would call it more protests than rioting.  Aside from being verbal, it is fairly peaceful protests.  The police are actually more violent than the protesters   It looks like it will be one agenda after another whether it is Zimmerman or abortion or Obamacare.. always something feels stirred up there.  Medical insurance  looks like the hot topic in Florida.  

Connecticut- The issues there are unemployment versus the cost of goods.  Meaning, the unemployment seems high and the cost of goods is also high making it hard for people to afford items.  I see that a lot of of the revenue being earned in Connecticut comes from people that travel there.  There starts to be a real issue with revenue because less people start to travel to that area, and that causes political or govt issues as well.  I don't see any protests or safety issues..

And that is all I have.  It is 10:49 PM.  Thank you. Link to Audio.


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Could you comment on the effect of the changes to London where I live.

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Thank you so very much on the reading for the housing market and feng shui. I have a house that was foreclosed on and all the other owners/tenants undercame huge financial struggles. Come to find out my house has a kitchen in the NW and a bathroom on the floor above it. There is no cure for the kitchen. The kitchen means loss of money for the breadwinner. I think it's time to think about moving. It's just hard to move due to a "feeling". Thank you again

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Do you have any thoughts about October? See enclosed video:


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Will commodities be a good asset like Gold, Silver , Copper in the next 5 years?