Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Unsolved/Solved Cases. [Multiple Submissions]

2:38 PM I decided I would do another group posting.  This time I thought I would focus on court cases and crimes in the media.  I have had a lot of requests for this.  

Q. Will you do a reading on Elisa lam? Was she murdered or was it a tragic accident? How did she end up in a water tank? Was she being followed or was she possessed? Why did she travel to LA alone?

A. The first thing I get is a feeling of a bully situation.  Like she was trying to help either a family member or someone she viewed as family.  That other person [family or friend] got involved with someone shady, and it got way over their head.That other person ended up dead and Elisa didn't accept that.  She knew there was more to it, but was also scared. She went to LA in search of some answers or help... there was a good feeling about being in LA.  I see her in the city staring at all the buildings and her heart was pounding.  The building she sought out had an emblem with a bunch of circles.  It looked like an Olympic symbol but all the circles were complete spheres.  She was caught snooping or talking about her family member/friends death, and that is what what got her killed.  It was made to look like an accidental death, but something isn't right with her lungs...?? [It is coming to me that her friend/family member  was involved in some kind of hacking.] Whoever these "shady" people are, they used Elisa to make an example of her... 

Q. I'm very curious about the details surrounding the Amanda Knox story. My heart goes out to the families involved and I would really like to know what happened in Italy and if she is going to have to go back to prison. They just annulled her release and trial will start all over again.

.  A. Ok Amanda Knox.  I do get a feeling of innocence about her.  I also see that she acts weird or may say off the wall things because inside she is very scared.  Even though she didn't do it, she is holding onto a lot fear.  I see it coming out in weird personality traits.  Like saying something that isn't right [proper].  I do also see a very long drawn out trial.  I see that Amanda was friends with her roommate, and hung out from time to time, but her roommate was into some kind of partying that Amanda didn't really enjoy.  This "partying" was related to her roommates death.  I don't even see Amanda being around when she died.. The family and even the country are trying to blame someone [the judicial system in the country are very passionate about this case], and since they have no one  they keeping focusing on Amanda.  They are really going to try to brake her spirit and get some kind of "deal." I see her being exhausted and serving a little time, but not her whole life.

Q. You have said that Adam Lanza was in a sort of hypnotic state. As if he was out of it, in some sort of trance. James Holmes of the Aurora shooting seemed to also be out of it and has said that he doesn't remember any of it. The product, Ambien, a sleep aid, is a hypnotic medicine. Users have been reported to be active and "awake" but in unaware of their surroundings. Monsanto manufactures Ambien. Is there a connection between Adam Lanza, James Holmes,the use of Ambien to place them in a hypnotic trance, and Monsanto somehow providing the possible pharmaceuticals to the real agents for use in the shootings?

A. The first image I get is someone snorting something.  It burns and has a weird feeling in your throat.  Like it is really thick in your throat.  It is as if as soon as you snort it you get a ton of mucus runs down your throat.  It actually give me a gagging feeling.

I can't get a Monsanto association.  I definitely get the above described drugs were used in both scenarios.  Even though a pharmaceutical was used, I don't get that the drug manufacturer orchestrated the shootings.  The shootings came from a secret group within the government.

Q. Hi could you do a reading on Leann Rimes the country singer? She's been in the headlines lately with her infamous cheating scandal in 2009 when she went after a married actor Eddie Cibrian. She is suing a special education teacher Kimberley Smiley for "bullying" her on twitter? I don't buy it because I think its lies. Leann Rimes is a liar and psychopath. What will become of her and the school teacher? I feel bad for the school teacher.

A.  I see this case eventually blowing over.  Looks like Kimberly Smiley heard some personal stuff that Leann Rimes is not going to want revealed.  [She admits to knowledge of an evil wrongdoing] Even though the tape won't be admissible for some reason, the info on the tape will eventually leak and cause some embarrassment for Leann. Once all the negative stuff gets out Leann will just want it go away.  Kimberly looks to get a fine or probation or something minor, but I don't see anything huge resulting from this. I also see Leann using this moment for some kind of publicity, but in the end she is going to just want this to go away.

Q. Karen Hudes is a whistleblower exposing fraud and corruption at the highest level of the World Bank. Will she be successful in bringing the criminals to justice? If so, how will this affect our world?

A. I see her as being successful.  The high people at the World Bank didn't take her serious at first, and now she is telling her story and has the support of a lot of people.  I feel like she tried to explain or had a desire to fix the corruption, but it went on deaf ears.  Like the higher ups didn't care.  I do see this story reaching a peak point and then fizzles out.  Like there is no stamina to keep it going.  I see a few corporations/entities getting fined, but no major review or reorganization happens. The biggest thing I get is I see a ton of energy and momentum in this case, and then it completely drops from the media.  I see people having to really search to hear more or see what is really going on.  

Q. Is Snowden a real whistle-blower or a plant designed to scare journalists into not reporting embarrassing things they discover about government? And a way to get people slowly used to the idea that privacy is slowly going away? 

A. I see Snowden as a freedom fighter.  He is really frustrated with the US and our government.  He believes in what our country used to stand for.  He also see so many things that we condemn, but do our self.  He blew the whistle in an effort to let people see what the US was really like.  He sees so much denial and this was done out of frustration and in his view, a need for change.  More than making us used to having privacy taken, he is trying to show people how our rights are being taken.  Our country steals privacy, and other countries are doing it back.  We do it to our own people.  Really, he is trying to wake people up.  I see him as a person that has a strong desire to get back to our roots.

Q. Sandy Hook: Is Victoria Soto still alive? Where is she now? Are the children who were supposedly killed still alive? Thanks - great site!
A. When I think about her, I get a disconnect between her name and face.  Like the name Victoria doesn't go with her physical being.  I sense she may be alive, but not using the name Victoria.  

Where is she now?... I see a white beach, palm trees, and sailboats.  One boat has a white sail with blue, actually two blue vertical stripes.  She is very much south... I want to say Caribbean.. 

When I think about the kids.. I want to say that they are alive.  Honestly, the vision I get with the whole event/shooting is that it was set up like a Hollywood film.  There is so much acting.  Like I see a person with many different personalities. It is as if who you "saw" wasn't really who you saw...

Q. What will be the outcome on the Trayvon Martin case??
A.  When I think about this case I always draw back to seeing OJ on the stand.  It is as if no matter was evidence they bring up to the defense, it gets shot down.  I see Zimmerman getting off, however, he isn't accepted into society well.  I feel like he goes into hiding.  

And that is all I have for now.  It is 3:42 PM.  Thanks. Link to Audio


Anonymous said...

Do you see riots breaking out if he is acquitted? If so, just in the FL area or all over?

Bilal said...

I miss more of your post about world event and upcoming great awakening of human kind. Your timeliness seems to fit in to my timeliness about future event affecting human consciousness.

What do you feel about this red dwarf star that is same time great purifier of this world ?

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Hi, what can you tell me about the real zombies they plan on unleashing on the public? Thanks.

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Just saw not guilty on Zimmerman. You nailed it.

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Right about Snowden after he already expose most of NSA operation.