Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Snowden (Quick Q & A)

9:22 PM  I had a quick question regarding Snowden that I wanted to address, so here goes...

Q. Where is Snowden?  
I see it as hot, very humid... almost has a wet smell to it because it is so humid.  In looking at a map, it feels east.  I want to say eastern part of Asia.  There are a lot of shipping containers that look like something that would go on a train or boat.  

Q. Is he SAFE? 
I see he is safe.  The word I want to use is inconvenienced.  He is hot and sweaty . I also sense there are a lot bugs or insects around him.  

I get an exact of image of Lincoln Burrows on Prison Break when they have reached Panama.  I feel like this in somehow completely relates to Snowden's situation   I see him in in a button down cotton shirt, but he is very hot and craving a cold shower.  

He is safe, surviving, just uncomfortable.  It seems like he is a part of a very thought out plan.. the steps have been laid out very meticulously.. as long as he stays on this thought out plan, he looks very safe.  

And that is all I have for these questions.  It is 9:30 PM.  Thank you.  Link to Audio. (The recording to this was accidentally combined with the previous blog entry's recording.  This blog entry begins at 13:50.  I apologize for the inconvenience)

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Anonymous said...

Right about that Hong Kong shipping port where Guardian reporter interview him.