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Hi there, Q. I would like to know what you see happening for Texas during Obama's presidency. Q. Do you see us needing to prepare ourselves for invasion? I have dreams often that my family and I have to hide in our attic because of my fears of this happening. Q. On a different psychic site I read that technology will be knocked off the grid for awhile and we should prepare by stocking up on food and water. Do you see this happening? If so, When?

1:25 PM
Q. I would like to know what you see happening for Texas during Obama's presidency.
A-I actually see a flag being waved, and it is not an American flag, I feel like Texas is still part of the US but it disagrees with a lot of things happening in the country.  And Texas is either wanting some sort of independence to make their own decisions or they are taking their independence to make their own decisions.  I am seeing cowboys riding around on horses with bananas over their faces and they are shooting handguns like they used to do in the olden days, I feel like I needed to say that before I can go on with my next thought.  It is like I feel Texas is wanting to get back to their roots, and make it's own decisions, almost like it wants to be it's own individual state, and just maintain a relationship with being in America, but at the same time being independent...Hmm....It is like I feel,  I feel like Obama does not care if Texas becomes independent but he does not want a bunch of other states to become independent.  It is like I see him negotiating either a decrease or an elimination of federal funds and programs in exchange for this independence   I think Texas will start the ball rolling by around June or July of 2013, but it will be a long process to actually complete, like maybe up to five years.  OMG is that their flag (see flag uploaded to blog)  that is almost exactly what I saw but I thought it was a confederate flag, it did not have the outline of Texas, but it was the bands of blue and red with bright white stars.

Q-What do you think sparks this need for independence?
A-Most definitely guns.  Um..let me think of anything that comes to me just give me a second...I also feel like something is going to come about with some kind of green energy incentives or something definitely with the energy.  And that is what is really going to tick Texas off and that is the final straw.
Q-Will we see this in the news?
A-I feel like we will, but it will be very vague.  But it will be done in such a way that not a lot of attention will be drawn toward it.  Now in Texas, I feel like it will be all over the news, but it is going to kind of be hidden from the rest of everybody else.

Q. Do you see us needing to prepare ourselves for invasion? I have dreams often that my family and I have to hide in our attic because of my fears of this happening. 
A-I do not see an invasion from another country in Texas, what I do see is a lot of our own military guarding the Texas like during this uncertain time.  I feel like the military is really ramping up around that area.  I feel like your fear is really coming from change, everything that you are seeing on TV, and just the fear of not really knowing what the US government will allow.  I also feel like people who oppose the idea of Texas reinforcing their state rights are going to be blasting a lot of fear through your media in Texas, which ramps up the anxiety and fear in people.  I do not necessarily see you having to hide for safety, but I definitely see you going a worrisome state until things are settled.
Q-The border you see troops, is it US Texas, or Texas / Mexico.
A-No it is the US Texas border.
Q-Do you see people moving or migrating to Texas once they separate or cut their ties?
A-I do but I also see it as hard decision for a lot of people, one because of the uncertainty, but two because individual taxes will go up because they lose a lot of federal funding, so the state has to generate it's own revenue.  I am seeing like 20%.  And I feel it is like a user or some kind of consumption tax straight across the board.  Yes, and their is no income tax, but their is a tax on everything.
Q-Did you know Texas already has a DC electrical TIE to the rest of the US in order to not to have to comply with current electric power generation.
A-No, I did not know that but I do not know how that does with anything, unless that is what pisses them off.
Q-FERC regulates AC electrical power in the US, Texas in order to not to have to comply, changes it power to DC to cross the border so they can be independent now.  All I am stating is that they already value their independence and they supply much of the wind farm electric.
A-So are they energy independent there?
Q-Yes, we need their power. (Digresses into power discussion have to see audio for more)

Q. On a different psychic site I read that technology will be knocked off the grid for awhile and we should prepare by stocking up on food and water. Do you see this happening? If so, When?
A-I still see March of this year, this is when we are going to notice technology not being reliable.  I do not see it as being completely wiped off, I just see it as being inconsistent.  Like you might use your phone and it work fine, and then an hour later it cannot find a signal...and I see that with cars..anything electrical.  I see anything using...I am seeing like a rubber fan belt, mechanical things I feel like are almost unaffected.  One of the biggest inconveniences people will have is not having cash on hand because during down times ATM will not work, credit card machines are not going to work, cash registers....all those type of things are not going to work.  So I feel like it is important to have some kind of liquidity on you.  Having food and water IS important, because I see a lot of chaos in that time as well, and it is not that you can't get food or water, it is just the cost and the selection, and the people around make it more difficult to get what you need.  And if you do not live close to a store you may go there and then your car might not even turn on when you go to leave.  It is like I see broke down cars kind of parked in a lot of different places and I see one of the new things will be to have thieves always going around trying to start cars, because it truly a pot luck of when they work and when they don't.  I do see things being more reliable at night vs. during the day though.  People try to handle their business at night.  I even see a couple businesses like banks and I don't know, business that are normally closed during night will start to offer night shift business because they can rely more on their electronics at that time.  Consequently, people that have day jobs might find themselves working night shift jobs.   That is kind of all I see.
Q-What will the media's explanation of this be?
A-At first they are going to not even talk about it, but when it becomes undeniable they are going to say that we are in a weird phase of the sun and some kind of intensity that is given off from the sun is causing it, and that will be their rational for the inconsistency in daylight and why things work better at night.
Q-Is this the truth?
A-It is a partial truth, because the sun goes through phases and it has not affected us like this before, but the reason that it is doing this now is because as this RED COMET comes near us and starts messing with our gravitational pull, it does something to the magnetic like field that is around earth and creates weak spots in it which allows the suns intensity to enter into our atmosphere.  That is a more full picture of what is actually happening.
Q-When will the electronics unreliability begin?
A-I see it as soon as March, but no later than the beginning of May of the is year (2013 Timeline)
Q-Will any electronics be physically damaged, or just disabled.
A-I feel like it is more of a disabled thing vs a destruction.  It is like they cannot communicate to each other.
Q-Do electrons stop flowing?
A-It looks like they are constantly flowing, but their path is like bent into a different direction...the image I see is electronics going down a straight path and then the sun radiates off to us, and when that is intersected by the path of the electrons, the electrons turn like 90 degrees and keep flowing but go in a completely different directions, so it is really hard for me to interpret that because I do not understand how electricity works.
Q-Will planes be flying?
A-I see most flights at night, and during the day the only planes I see are very small.  I do not really see and huge planes.  And they develop weird rules about what timezone they are flying into.  Like you can only go East and not West and weird stuff like that.
Q-The small planes are they fossil fuel based, not electronic driven?  Like old school?
A-It is like they are new, but they are designed old fashioned if that makes sense.  And the cockpit looks very simplistic, and they do use gasoline, and the cockpit is still big enough for two pilots.  It is like they put a modern twist to an old fashion type of plane.
Q-Well if electronics quit flowing does combustion still work?  Lawnmowers and the like?
A-I see that stuff working fine, it is electronics that seem to be altered by this.
Q-Some flow of electrons must still exist for spark plugs, but not organized and timed electrons?
Q-Will this also be the time when days get longer?
A-I do think that will happen around that time, and I definitely see that happening around March of this year and it will be slow and incremental.
Q-I have noticed yesterday  when setting and old watch, that I have not set for while, that it was over 15 minutes off.  I have seen this several times, an example of this was camera I had not used for 3-4 years, it lost approximately 26 minutes.
A-It lost or gained?
Q-All my items seemed to lose.
A-I feel like we are going to slowly gain, to where the max day will gain about 30 minutes.
Q-Is this due to the RED COMET?
A-Yes, I feel like it is tugging at our gravitational pull and slowing our rotation down.
Q-Is this time loss I am seeing normal, or pre-influence from this RED COMET?
A-I feel like it is pretty normal, I feel like this comet has not really had too much influence on us until about a year ago, depending on how these items were that you had.
Q-Will people die when this electrical phenomena first occurs.  Like people in planes and cars?
A-I feel like once you actually get your car started or a machine started, it is able to stay started, it is more an issue of not being able to get the start up to occur, rather the continuity of it once it is going.
Q-Is the whole world affected?
Q-Does anyone know that is this going to happen or are we ALL in the dark.
A-I feel like there are people who highly speculate it is going to happen like scientists and researchers, but no one is sure of it and know the exact time, but I feel like they know it is highly probably.
Q-When do you see all this stuff passing?
A-I feel like if we just get through to summer time which is June of 2014, things will be so much better.  I see things going more back to a normal, and people just feel happy.  It feel like a better time to me, I don't know....
Q-Is this something to fear?
A-I think it is going to be a difficult and trying time over the next year, but once it is over it kind of feels....Like I have this good feeling about me, in a way I just feel like things are going to end up OK and things will be better.
Q-Is this upcoming event why the Government is trying to crack down on on assault weapons OR are they pretending to do so to make  the population arms themselves for this upcoming event?
A-I feel like they are trying to strategically determine where all the assault rifles are and who has them, I feel like they are even mapping out the areas with the highest population of assault rifles.  And I feel like there is some dirty dog deal with another country and that is why they want to obtain all this information, but it is like I see maps with big red dots over areas with a high population of assault rifles.  And it looks like they are mostly in the south and the east.
Q-Would you register your rifles if a law was passed?
A-My gut is telling me no.
Q-Is there really and ammo shortage.
A-Yeah, because the government is buying it all, I feel like the government is taking ALL the surplus.
Q-Why do they want it.
A-I am getting the phrase because it is worth more than Dollars.  But I do not necessarily feel like they are trading it.
Q-Will the US Dollar collapse during this event?
A-I don't see a collapse, but I see a huge inflation.  And I see some places not taking the dollar, but what they do is they make you exchange the dollar for their currency...I am referring to travelers.  It is like they do not want to hassle with having our dollar.
Q-If I were to invest in a single type of item now, that will have the greatest return on it's value, what would that item be?
A-Hmm....I am seeing jewelry, but in my mind that translates to precious metals and stones.  I even consciously asked if it was guns, and it is not.
Q-Gold or silver, which will rise more?
A-Hmm...It is coming to me that it is gold because somehow everything is measured against it's value vs gold.  And I am getting the phrase "It is worth it's weight in gold" like gold is the standard that everything else is measured to.
Q-Should we invest some physical gold soon?
A-I would say yes, but it is more of a long term payout.
Q-What are your thoughts on this reading?
A-I actually feel pretty good about it, things felt clear and usually that means they are pretty accurate.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I was wondering if you could focus on "cancer" and give some idea as to the cures. Also, focus on the medical establishment's answers to cancer (chemo, radiation, surgery) and the millions spent a year to find a 'cure'. Also, why they can't seem to find a cure. Thank you.

I was wondering if you could focus on "cancer" and give some idea as to the cures. 
Also, focus on the medical establishment's answers to cancer (chemo, radiation, surgery) and the millions spent a year to find a 'cure'. Also, why they can't seem to find a cure. 

8:40 PM - The cure....The first thing I see is a ton of green bubbles...And I feel like it is some extract from a plant and it is traveling throughout the body and it specifically is derived from the leaves...It works by detoxifying your body and it helps to regenerate new cell growth.  I feel like it smells and tastes sweet, I had the word Honey come to mind, it is in reference to the plant itself, and I am going to try to figure out what plant this is...the image I get is of dandelions. 

Hmm...and it is like I am seeing them do studies on these raw leaves, and it is like this guy has found a way that most cancers,  I do not want to say the word cure, but it is like a way of detoxing and your body purging these cells that are foreign.  But it's...let me think....but I feel like he is a bad man, the guy that has this cure...I keep seeing the villain on Despicable Me, Vector, and I feel like he has the knowledge, but he is unable to obtain like the money and power he wants in exchange for the knowledge.  And he is like hugging his notes and guarding them against anybody.  And that is all I see on that part of the quest.

Q-Rather than focus a cure, what is the cause of cancers?
 A-Hmm..Um..the way it is playing out in my mind is I see what looks like dirt particles entering into a person's body, and a lot of times we cough them up, like in your phlegm.  But other times they are absorbed into your body through your skin, or through your nose.  And when some of that dirty toxins are not released out of your body they get stored in what looks like congealed fat, so like fat cells.  And it is fine when they very first get there, but depending on the toxin some of them create like a little tiny infection which causes your immune system to respond, and when it does respond, it looks like some kind of a chemical reaction happens with the toxin in the immune system, that creates some kind of a resilient cell.  And then that resilient cell begins to multiply and then cancer grows from that.
Q-What is the main source of these toxins?
A-I saw it as metals, like metallic dust, and in my mind I kept thinking aluminum a lot.  And then I got a panicky feeling thinking about deodorant that has aluminium in it.
Q-Is it also in Chem trails?
A-I am getting yes, and I am getting some sort of a metal and I am hearing Oxide, like O X I D E.  And I am getting NEVER to wear clinical strength deodorant.
Q-What about what people eat does it contribute?
A-I am getting it is not what they eat, it is what they do to it, and then I got a picture of a big bucket full of apples and they are spaying it down with some kind of spray.
Q-What about the mainstream cures.
A-I am getting that they DO work, but they are only temporary...but whatever this like herbal remedy is from the dandelions, has true long lasting purification properties to it, and it is not harsh on your body.  And then something about you excrete it naturally, and then it was in some kind of lingo like you might smell  funky when it is working.
Q-So the dandelion remedy makes you excrete the cancer causing toxins.
A-Yes, it is detoxing you through your urine and your normal excretions, but it was something about your body itself might have a funky smell if you consume these dandelions.  But not to worry about that smell, it just means that it is working.
Q-People used to eat dandelion salads, can consuming them in the raw form be beneficial?
A-I feel like yes, but it is not in the yellow tops it is in the leaves.
Q-I think the leaves is what they consumed?
A-Oh..I don't know I have never eaten them.
Q-Why can they not seem to find a cure?
A-Two things, one they do have a cure, I feel like this guy has some kind of patents, and he has it so red taped that other people cannot access it.  And then two, I see the main focus being on the drug treatments and enhancing them and trying to increase their effectiveness.  That more money goes towards the drug side of it and dealing with the problem instead of going to the proactive side and looking at those types of medications and homeopathic routes.
Q-Can you see how this remedy is made?
A-First, the optimum time to get your dandelions is when the white fluffy tops are on the top.  They take the leaves when they are still juicy and green and they chop them up into little bits...And then they press the leaves really flat, and like some moisture comes out when they do that, but they save every bit of it, the moisture, the wetness and the leaves.  That entire combination they put into a glass container....and they heat it in such a way, it has two venting tubes off of it, one like pulls water off, the other one it looks like golden some kind of dandelion oil.  And it that oil, like I am seeing someone put it under their tongue, and I am getting that it tastes really bitter.

Q-So they are extracting dandelion oil?
A-Yes, out of the leaves.
Q-So each year I fight to kill off the cure for cancer growing in my yard.
A-Yes, I guess.
Q-Is this the best cure and what percentage will it work for people.
A-I am getting that it is best natural remedy if you use it for prevention and you get cancer in it's very beginning stages you can have like and 80-90 percent success rate.  It is much harder to treat it once it has progressed, but it is still possible, but I am getting that cancer that has been untreated for a long period of time has like a 50-60 percent success rate.
Q-So would recommend eating dandelion leaves to be healthy?
A-Yes, after this reading I definitely want to try it.  I am also going to Google dandelion supplements to see if they exist.  I might try it.  I mean who would think that it could be that easy.
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Can you focus on the Antarctica please and the recently discovery of pyramids there. I would also like to know if it was once a lush paradise and whether there was a civilization there and if so how many years ago it thrived. If there was a civilization could it have been Atlantis and what technology did they possess if any. If not Atlantis then what kind of people lived there. Many thanks for your time.

8:32 PM - I mean initially I see a lot of sand and palm trees.  I feel it was more dry than lush...I see a few tall grasses, and a few palm trees, but there is not a lot of growth of any other plant life.  I do see a lot of colorful fish, my instinct is that the people that lived there lived mostly off of the food that they caught in the ocean because it does not seem like an environment in which a lot of different plants will grow.  And the image is being shown to me that at one time the earth had a much more significant tilt and that is why it was so warm and they had that type of climate.  It looks like the earth slowly came to it's current angle, but I do not see a significant event making that happen.  It is being shown to me as the earth being much closer to the sun and as the orbit started to expand, that is what created the gradual change in the axis.

People...I do not see people...but what is coming to mind are...(whispers) what is that.....Dinosaurs that live on both land and water.  And I keep asking the significance of these colored fish....and then an image of a woman that looks like some prehistoric woman with a long pointy javelin runs into the water and stabs these fish.  So now I am starting to feel like there were like a prehistoric tribe of people that lived there.  And the coexisted with some of the dinosaurs or an animal that lived on both land and water, it kind of looks like a alligator but it does not lay as close to the ground, like it's legs are a little bit longer.  And she (the prehistoric woman) is wearing a necklace made from like the teeth of this alligator.  It makes me feel like they used to kill these animals and use all of their parts to survive.

Q-Did these people have any technology.
A-I do not see any technology, it's a very prehistoric feeling.
Q-Was this before humans were given the golden knowledge?
A-It does absolutely feel like that.  I feel like they lived to survive and not much thought went past that.
Q-How many years ago are you looking into the past.
A-I keep getting between 6 to 7 thousand B.C. It might be 67,000 but I think it is 6000-7000 B.C.
Q-Are there pyramids on Antarctica, currently or in the past.
A-It does not look like a pyramid to me, but the thing that I keep seeing is as structure that looks like a trapezoid, and on the flat top, I see a spot where it looks like the leader or chief of the tribe would sit, and they would either do sacrifices or they would pray, and it was significant to that tribe, I feel a lot of power around it.  I see a lot of fire burning on top of it, like they did a lot of things at night.  I mean I can see why you would think that it would look like a pyramid, but it was like the top of it was completely flat.

Q-How many of these structures are there?
A-Ok the way it looks to me is that the largest one was in the middle, and then there were eight smaller ones surrounding the larger one, kind of like in the shape of a clock.  And I see them positioned around like....I am trying to think of the easiest way to say this....there was something significant about north south east and west.  So the line of sight from the middle from each of those directions was left blank.  And in the empty spaces, there were two pyramids equal distance apart.  So a pyramid between North and north east, like clock positions 1,2, 4,5, 7,8, 10, and 11.
Q-What were these pyramids for?
A-Looks like for religious sacrifices,  it looks like certain members of society when they died, they would hold like a ceremony...I am seeing like a celebration with certain star alignments in the sky.  It is like I see fire on the tops of all these pyramids, like they worship some guy or thing with fire.  It is like I do not see people on these eight surrounding pyramids, I just see like these enormous bonfires.  I mean people are ONLY on the huge one in the center.
Q-Who built these pyramids?
A-I feel like it was that civilization that lived there that built them, and they extracted the rock from like the ocean and brought it in.  I do not really see them excavating the current land, but I feel like the rock was like from the ocean, like corral and ....I do not know like it was massive amounts.
Q-Do you see this land returning to be being more temperate?
A-I do not.   And when you asked me that, over the years as it started to get colder, these people found some kind of a like cave system, like a cave in the land and they retreated to it for shelter and protection from the cold, and it is like I am seeing this woman's face through like a chunk of ice, and it almost makes me feel like she is mummified in this ice where she had frozen to death.  And I almost feel like she has not even been discovered and may people do not even know of their existence.
Q-What are your thoughts on this reading?
A-It was interesting and different, I do not really have any other final thoughts.  I wish I could have made it more exciting but that is all I could see.
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Are zombies real?

7:15 PM
Something in me made me want to do this reading. ..  I actually do see people and they look like they are running around in a jungle setting.  Visually they look hysterical, dirty and have pieces flesh falling off their face and parts of their body that I can see that are exposed....  I sense they are diseased and the reason they are in this jungle setting is because they have been "exiled" from their towns or tribes.. Almost like they have been sent to this place so they don't infect others.. and they pretty much roam around until they die.. and the ones that are living, because they are still humans with basic needs turn to cannibalism to survive..   I'm seeing a visual of an infected person that is roaming the jungle and they are mentally very much aware of their diseased state; almost roaming in desperation for help.  They are starving and look very dehydrated and that is what's giving them their pale appearance.  Then I look over and I see several people in the same situation and they are flocked onto a deceased person trying to eat because they are starved.  I keep getting the word "leprosy" over and over in my mind, and can't help but feel that this disease that is plaguing this group is somehow inter-related..

Q.  I'm asking myself, what time period this was all going on?
A.  I keep getting  around 700 to 800 A.D.  It feels somewhat close, but we are removed from it. too.

Q.  I'm thinking about where this was?
A.  I keep focusing on the central portion of Africa.  I see trees, but it feels humid.  It definitely has jungle feel.

Q.  I want to know why they are called "zombies".
A.  I can't get definition or place of origin for the name, but it was term created to explain these individuals.. People feared them because of how they appeared, their erratic behavior and nature of their contagious disease.  

Q.  Now I want to ask myself where this disease began.
A.  I see someone eating something that looks very tough.. As I zoom in it looks like the heart of an animal.. I'm getting that the culture of that time was to eat the entire animal, and nothing waste.. it feels like a very poor time.  It wasn't done completely out of respect for the animal but a necessity for survival.. So my impression is that people were eating parts off of an infected animal, and that's how the disease transferred to humans.. and I side note it looks like under-cooked meat too...

At this time this is all I see... I don't know why I was drawn to this.. and what I saw was very clear.  It was a very different reading for sure.
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I have noticed nearly all TV shows, especially reality TV, feature a character who has problems conceiving a child OR is concerned that she will not be able to have a baby and thus looks into "freezing her eggs" to preserve them. Are the powers-that-be using the TV to program us to think infertility and scientific means such as freezing eggs and in vitro are "the new normal"?

7:25 PM - Hmm....Ok, I am visualizing researchers in a scientific lab, and they are trying to like study the whole fertilization process and trying to determine what genes do what, and I am seeing like this board on the wall.  And it will say blue eye, and like have notation beside it, it is not legible to me and written in scientific lingo, and then it will say like brown eyes, blonde hair, like all these different attributes like a person could have.  It is a huge list.  And they are trying to scientifically figure out how to create humans with certain physical characteristics and intelligence.  Then the next thing that I see is a couple and they are in a waiting room in a doctors office, and it is like the guy is holding the woman's hands and she looks like she has been crying.  And my impression is that they are wanting a child, they cannot get pregnant, and they are at that desperation phase.  The I see a Dr. take them back and start to explain different fertility options, and then the doctors are handing the couple a menu, like they can custom order their baby.  And it feels to me that Dr.'s are preying upon emotions of people who cannot have kids, collecting huge amounts of money for fertility procedures, to fund the bigger picture of studying and learning how to customize babies.  I feel like these reality shows are out there to one let people know that all these procedures exist, but secondly, to desensitize you to everything that they are doing.  And it is like I am hearing some futuristic slogan of "Why adopt, just customize your baby" or something like that.  That is all I initially get.

Q-Why do feel many couples are infertile?
A-I see a person standing...and they have what looks like these waves, like bombarding their body, even going through their body.  And it feels like we are so bombarded with electronic or magnetic waves that it pollutes your body.  And that is why I feel like when you are younger it is usually easier to get pregnant than when you are older, and that is in part due to the toxin buildup in your body from these waves that are constantly bombarding it.
Q-Do you feel people today actually select their true genetic mates, based off nature, pheromones and a mate that is a compliment to their own DNA?  vs. less compatible mates based on other factors.
A-I see that as individualized for the person, so some people yes, and some people no.  But the thing that I do see is that people with long lasting relationships that are created from their own free choice, are generally more compatible.  The less compatible people I feel have very short lived relationships.
Q-Do you see all babies being test tube babies in the future, and if so how long from now.
A-For the first part, I do NOT see all babies being test tube babies, I feel like the test tube babies are more for the wealthy, or people who are able to come up with the funding for it.  I feel like it is going to be in the late 2040's or early 2050's, when it is like launched and society starts to accept it.  I see there being like a huge controversial thing leading up to it and it will take a while for this to be acceptable, and part of the media now is just to, kind of in small doses, get people familiar with alternative ideas.  And I keep feeling there is a huge amount of money to be made in this industry.
Q-Is it motivated by money more than by helping.
A-YES, because I just keep feeling that money part of it.
Q-When does conception start?
A-I keep seeing it as when the first cell divides.
Q-Time frame from when sperm meets egg.
A-I keep seeing 1, it might be 1 minute, but I am leaning towards 1 hour.
Q-Define conception, when soul, spirit, life force, whatever enters the cell.  What is it?
A-I see it as a golden light, shooting into the woman's stomach, and as a cell divides, it starts to glow, and I feel like it is combination of spirit, with universal knowledge..,that nugget...enters the cell right in that moment when it divides.
Q-So with In vitro fertilization, the sperm and egg are combined outside the body, does conception still happen without the woman?
A-Yes, but it is weird, I am getting a picture of a person, and they look like they are catatonic, so I feel like until it is implanted in the woman, like the warmth and personality does not penetrate the embryo.  It is like something is not right with the fertilized egg until it is in the woman.
Q-Have children been born, without the use of a mother or surrogate?
A-I am getting no, because you still need the placenta to provide nourishment to the baby, and there is no way to replicate that.
Q-Why can human embryos not be implanted into animal host mothers?
A-It has something to do with their blood, there is some kind of blood exchange or something with the blood that makes it not possible.
Q-Like why can a primate, not carry a human embryo?  Is that combination possible?
A-I do not know, I just keep getting something about the blood.
Q-Do we pick our own parents when we incarnate?
Q-I do not feel like we pick our own parents, but we pick like the situation, or circumstances we live complete our life lessons and to spiritually evolve.  I feel like on the other side of life we all have the same goal, to evolve to the next dimension, but it is unclear to us now in our earthly bodies.  But I think that when we die, all of that becomes very clear.
A-Is abortion wrong?
Q-Well there is two sides to it, one that is the individuals choice and they have to live with the decision that they made, but then the second side of it is in some ways I feel it might be fate, that maybe it was soul that jumped in too soon, and it just was not ready to incarnate yet.  In some ways it is even a life lesson for the person that is experiencing the abortion because I see a person walking around and it is almost like they are hunch backed, with a big weight on their shoulders and they have to carry that emotional weight of that decision forever.  And I feel like maybe that is one of their life lessons during their existence.
Q-Is the US or other countries currently producing "menu" babies?
A-They are not producing now, but there are other countries studying, and on a map I see the central part of Europe lighting up, and also the middle of China lighting up.
Q-Do you see this as a good or bad thing for humanity?
A-As soon as you said that, it wasn't necessarily good or bad, but I heard the phrase "Is it moral or immoral" and then I see these like wealthy parts of society and everyone looks so similar, I feel like it just takes the randomness out of life.  The movie Stepford Wives keeps playing in my head.  It is like everybody is so so similar.
Q-Do you have anything else to add, and what is your impression of this reading.
A-I do not have anything else, I think it was a really interesting reading, before this I had never really thought about science going in that direction.  As I did the reading I feel uneasy that society could move that way, I feel like it really segregates people, like there is this average population of just like normal folks, and then there is like this elite population of what people define as beautiful people, and it just feels really strange.
Q-I think there was movie called Gattaca with a similar concept, but only the elite could have certain jobs, like there was a lot discrimination, to the natural born.
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Friday, January 11, 2013

Has any past civilization on Earth had the level of technology that we have today (i.e. iphones, 3D technology, wireless technology, satellite imaging, the internet, etc.)? If not, is the global interconnectivity of the internet the foundation of the "5,000 year conspiracy for global dominion"? Thank you.

8:05 PM - The image I am getting is people had a high mechanical technology, I am seeing like gears interconnecting and powering motors, and it looks like a sophisticated set of gears setup in this geared system.  My impression is that civilizations that existed, geographically stayed close to their main place that they lived, but I feel like they were very advanced in their mechanical abilities...I am seeing a hand drawn design and it looks like a conveyor system that was used to lift items that were over a story tall.  It was made completely out of gears and a thick material that looks like canvas, it might be leather but it looks very light in color like canvas..... I do not see any form of computer technology, I see a system that was in place that people travel on horseback to deliver written messages and it was setup much like our current day postal system.  I mean what is coming to me is "Little House on the Prairie" like they advanced that far and got stuck.

Q-Some believe that much of our modern technology was given to us or reversed engineered from alien technology, is this true, is this what got human above the "Little house on the prairie"? 
A-This is strange so I will just describe what I am seeing, I am seeing an alien's hands unfold, and inside those hands is a ball of golden white light and they are presenting it to a human like a gift.  And the human cautiously takes it and they are holding it in their open hands and they take a deep breath and when they do that, the ball of light looks like it vaporizes and the human gets this ahh haa look, like they have awakened something within themselves.  So it looks to me like they gave them the knowledge how to do it, but did not necessarily show them the technology.
Q-Are you saying they created the inception in the human, the idea and drive?
A-I am saying they did not show them how to do it, but they gave them the intelligence to make them capable of doing it themselves.  To even have the idea and know how to follow through.
Q-Was Tesla such a human?

Q-I do see him as what I would call an awakened soul, I do not see him having the alien interaction but more that he was so open and accepting to ideas and concepts that most people were not, it enabled him to tap into a higher knowledge.  And in my vision of him, as I am just seeing like this person with a funnel on top of their head, and he just seems like a higher spiritual being capable of receiving and understanding.  And I feel UNDERSTANDING is the key word, the information that he received.
Q-Do all of us receive this type of information at times?
A-I feel like the information is there for everyone, but some people are blocked to it because they cannot accept the information, some people do not pay attention to the information, and then their are some people who really open up, accept it and embrace it.  And I feel like the people that are blocked are the ones who have not spiritually evolved enough to get that information.  And I keep hearing the phrase "You can't handle the truth", and I believe that pertains to blocked people.  It feels like a self defense mechanism.
Q-How does this relate to the aliens with golden light?
A-It was handled so delicately that I felt like this light was a gift for someone who was capable of handling what they were receiving.  And it was highly coveted.  Like it was handled so fragile, and it was if the alien knew that this person with certainty, would be able to handle this information.
Q-What does this information pertain to, religion, technology....
A-The first answer is what this golden light did was that it unlocked something in your brain.  Now let me focus on the second part...Ok here is how it is coming through to me, society at that time bases a lot of what they did on rituals and what they were told to do.  People just accepted that and moved on not straying from what they were expected to do.  And what this golden light did was it opened up a part of their mind that allowed free thinking, allowed people to question and analyze the way things were done, maybe solving problems and creating solutions.  And it was just a way for humans to advance themselves and not strictly do what they always did, and that branched out into all areas of life.  I keep seeing math equations in my mind and I feel like it really propelled the whole math and science thing, so I do not feel like this golden light did one thing, but several things, I almost see like for lack of a better word a robot society, before people were given this golden light of intellect I guess.
Q-Is this the "Apple that Eve ate"?
Q-I am feeling keep seeing a bunch of fireworks going off, which is like saying YES you made the connection, but at the same time it was not an apple, and it was given to a man, but I feel like the concept made a complete connection.
Q-I do not think it ever was a literal apple from the tree of knowledge, but was it a DNA upgrade that allowed intellect?
A-I will tell you what I am seeing maybe you can help translate, on the beginning of the Matrix Movie, it shows all those 1's and 0's going up and down and up and down vertically.  And I just keep seeing that image over and over as if that is supposed to answer that question, I am locked on that.
Q-Maybe it is telling you we actually live in a matrix, just like in the movie.
A-It is like I see a human brain, and it looks like it is dissected with these 1's and 0's running through it.  It is like we are computing it or we are analyzing it...and it looks like it is about 3 inches behind where you eye socket would be.  It is almost like the more I talk the faster the number go it is like speeding up.
Q-Maybe is like Tesla's quote I am putting in this reading.  We are receivers, and what you are seeing is the message you are getting and it speeds up as you speak because this knowledge is not from yourself but you are receiving like a data stream.
A-I cannot even get a confirmation of that, it just keeps going, and it is going so like I feel like the message is angry that I do not know intuitively what it means.
Q-What does it look like when a human is sleeping? is really slow, and it looks like 0, followed by 3 1's and then a 0, and it has a slight static sound to it.  Like a very quite white noise, that noise is not there when it is going really fast.
Q-When is the stream the fastest?
A-I just saw someone having like a complete OCD anxiety attack, and it was a line worker at a factory and they were getting backed up on the line and they were trying to get caught up, and then this person just completely had some kind of a freak out at work.
Q-What is the source of these 1's and 0's
A-Like where does it come from...It looks to me like that is your bodies way of interpreting outside stimulus, that is the original source of it, but then thoughts on how to deal with that stimulus perpetuate the 1's and 0's.  And I see it as "Oh here is a problem" which originates it, and util that problem is followed through, it just keeps creating those 1's and 0's.

Q-Is this where inspiration comes from?

A-Yes, I feel like it is and to further elaborate on the 1's and 0's I see the 1's being like this little tiny electric spark and the 0's being the intermittent space between those electric sparks.
Q-Are you seeing brain synapses?
A-Yes I would say that the image that I got did feel like that.
Q-Do we live in a computer simulation?
A-I am not seeing anything that would support that, that does not mean that I am right, I just do not see that.
Q-Like does the world really exist or are we living virtually within the constrains of the laws of the universe.
A-It is coming to me that we really do live in this universe, but we experience different spiritual planes all at the same is like we have these layers of our life that overlap each other but we only are conscious of the one we are currently experiencing.
Q-What does an autistic person experience in reference to what you saw.
A-This is a little confusing so...the first thing that I see is that they are very hypersensitive to their surroundings and what is going on.  Even though they might not express it they exposed to all type of stimulus and it is hard for their mind to filter it out.  And then I saw a picture of like a persons head and it looked like towards the back of their head, and I think it was even on the right site, like YOUR right.  At the top there was a black part that was filled in as if their mind or their brain is clogged in that part of their brain.  And the message was something like even though their mind was blocked in that part, they still experience everything that you experience, they just express it in different ways.
Q-What causes that block and is it the same for all of autism.
A-.....Alright this is coming really slow um.. the first thing I am getting is that metallic taste of blood in your mouth.  It is like there is something either in or something with their blood...and I feel like all autistic kids have it kind of from the same source, but the level of whatever this is in their blood is higher on the more severely autistic..(whispers - what is that?)....I got an image of some really jacked up teeth.
Q-Can I tell you what I think it is..
Q-Some feel that it is heavy metals, that may be introduced via outside sources such as vaccines, also there is mercury in many old fillings. was some jacked up teeth.  Like the ones that look like the Hollywood hillbilly teeth that you put in your mouth at Halloween.  And now I am getting an image of someone shaking like an old time thermometer like yes, your are right, your right.
Q-Is there a way to cleanse these metal out of the body?
A-I want to say yes...and there is some type of like and electronic or ionic way to do it.  It is like I am at a loss for words because I do not know the procedure, but I keep hearing like ionic...I think water is involved....I would have to google it but it is like some type of ionic hydro therapy.  And it creates some type of detoxifying affect on your body.  And I am getting to that it is good for everybody not just autistic people.
Q-Is that water treatment that we read about in popular science about water with bond between the H and the O and having the angle changed.  Supposed to cure cancer.   Or is something else.
A-I feel like it is founded on the principals that your body is mostly water and it is someway to charge the water that exists in your body to have anything toxic to your body stick to it so that it can be flushed out.
Q-Is it water you consume?
A-In my mind, I see electrodes hooked up to various parts of your body, to put some kind charge in your existing fluids to flush it out.  I mean consuming water aids in the process, but you are not consuming altered water.
Q-Can this be done with one treatment or many?
A-I feel like it is just one treatment.  I do not even know if this exists, I hope it does.
Q-Is there any way for the home user to produce such a device and with what.
A-I really see this at a medical office, I do not see this at your house.  I keep hearing one of those TENS machines in my head but on a much bigger scale.
Q-Why are autistic folks different, are they just more sensitive to this metal, or do they have more of it.
A-I feel like they just have more of it, I feel like we all have it, they just have more.  And it is something too about most folks are able to cycle it through, which I interpret as excrete it.  But they have not been able to filter it through, and then I am getting something about that it attaches to protein if it is not passed quickly and that is what creates the buildup in their brain.
Q-Is there a more natural or homeopathy to remove it?
A-Ok, this is weird, a.  I keep seeing a ton of green leafy vegetables and then I saw the word vitamin K, almost like a consistent consumption of that would help the detoxifying process, but not like eating one salad a day, I am talking about a big diet of green leafy vegetables.  And I feel like you want to eat them in their raw form and not necessarily take the vitamin, because I am very vivid in seeing these big greens, your supposed to eat it that way.  And now I am seeing a cartoon of Popeye saying yes, like that is what you are supposed to be doing.
Q-If someone were to change their diet, how long would it take to see results?
A-I keep seeing 6-9 months, and it is on a scale and it is leaning towards the 9.
Q-Is it permanent?
A-Yes, I feel like once all that toxin is out of your system it is permanent.  I feel like you are more able to build it back up, but the effects are permanent but you have to be cautious because you have a tenancy to build toxins up on your body.
Q-Would this help all people?
A-Yes, I feel like it would.
Q-What is the main source of these toxins.
A-I keep seeing that it is almost absorbed by being in the proximity of it, like smelling it almost.  I feel like it is environmental, just being around it....Like I do not think it is anything forcefully coming into your body, your are just exposed and your body sucks it up like a sponge.
Q-Going back to the original request, is the global inter-connectivity of the internet the foundation of the "5,000 year conspiracy for global dominion.
A-I see it at it's inception as having the intent to be like a marketing tool, and then like the secondary reason for it's existence was to gather information.  And it is evolving through different purposes, it's original intent was not for obtaining global power, but as it grows more and more I see it eventually turning into that.
Q-Who invented the internet?
A-Hmm..I know it was brought about during the cold war by the military, but as the cold war was ending I feel like the political group that was in power was able to lobby against the military which brought the internet out for the public to use.  And from there they used it as a way for people to obtain information and for people with money to market and advertise their goods to the public.
Q-Can you see the internet of the future, say 10 years from now.
A-Hmmm....a...I got a picture of a person and the way they logged on to their laptop is that they sat in front of it and a scanner went over their eyeball and from that point their computer knew everything about this person and as they searched online and looked at their email, it is like everything that pertained to them were advertised or talked about, so I see the internet of the future becoming very personalized depending on the computer user at that time.
Q-Can you see phones of the future 10 years from now?
A-They look like a little ear bud  and all the controls for the phone are a completely separate unit you put in your pocket, but it looks like everybody is walking around with these little controls the side of a USB device in their pockets.  They just leave the ear bud in their ear.
Q-Do you see gun in the future?
A-Hmm...hh...I a...I feel like our current day guns will be around, but they will be like antiques, like functional but old technology.  I see people somehow harnessing different sounds to inflict harm.  Almost like devices that have different frequencies that can be directed towards their target.  It might not even be sounds we hear because I am seeing a dog whistle, but I see that as the wave of the future.

Q-Are these sound that require air to travel, or electromagnetic frequencies.
A-I feel like it is both, I am not really leaning towards one or the other.
Q-Will these work on masses of people.
A-I mean I can see it aiming on one small target like, deer hunting, or a huge population like a bomb, I just see our advanced technology leaning towards different sound frequencies.
Q-When you say inflict harm, permanent or deadly?
A-I see both, almost like you can adjust the intensity of the effect.  I keep hearing in my head "Is it a warning or for real" like it can be dialed in for it's specific intent.
Q-Does this exist now, and can it explain the random new anchors who had garbled speech etc on the air.
A-I feel like it is in the testing phase now, I am getting an image of like a lab, but I do not think it is fully understood enough to be effective.  Like I feel like this is just starting, it is a pretty new concept.
Q-Another prophet, Mitar Tarbich stated that in the future there would be cannon balls that would burst overhead and put populations to sleep.  Can you see this?
A-I am not connecting to anything like that...a...I am not sure what that would be.
Q-How can one defend against these types of weapons?
A-Um...Ok...I went from hearing sonic the hedgehog in my mind, to some kind of sonic waves.  Like the defense is made out of that, and I will be honest I do not completely understand what that means.  And there is like a beacon that emits this type of a wave, and that somehow defends and area.
Q-Like interference?
Q-Do you see anything else, and what is your opinion on this reading?
A-I am not seeing anything else, and...I do not know what to think about this reading because once it gets to a certain scientific level I do not really understand it, so I do not know if I am explaining it well.  And at times I do not even know what I am saying, so I hope it came off like I was making some kind of sense.  That is it.
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