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Can you focus on the Antarctica please and the recently discovery of pyramids there. I would also like to know if it was once a lush paradise and whether there was a civilization there and if so how many years ago it thrived. If there was a civilization could it have been Atlantis and what technology did they possess if any. If not Atlantis then what kind of people lived there. Many thanks for your time.

8:32 PM - I mean initially I see a lot of sand and palm trees.  I feel it was more dry than lush...I see a few tall grasses, and a few palm trees, but there is not a lot of growth of any other plant life.  I do see a lot of colorful fish, my instinct is that the people that lived there lived mostly off of the food that they caught in the ocean because it does not seem like an environment in which a lot of different plants will grow.  And the image is being shown to me that at one time the earth had a much more significant tilt and that is why it was so warm and they had that type of climate.  It looks like the earth slowly came to it's current angle, but I do not see a significant event making that happen.  It is being shown to me as the earth being much closer to the sun and as the orbit started to expand, that is what created the gradual change in the axis.

People...I do not see people...but what is coming to mind are...(whispers) what is that.....Dinosaurs that live on both land and water.  And I keep asking the significance of these colored fish....and then an image of a woman that looks like some prehistoric woman with a long pointy javelin runs into the water and stabs these fish.  So now I am starting to feel like there were like a prehistoric tribe of people that lived there.  And the coexisted with some of the dinosaurs or an animal that lived on both land and water, it kind of looks like a alligator but it does not lay as close to the ground, like it's legs are a little bit longer.  And she (the prehistoric woman) is wearing a necklace made from like the teeth of this alligator.  It makes me feel like they used to kill these animals and use all of their parts to survive.

Q-Did these people have any technology.
A-I do not see any technology, it's a very prehistoric feeling.
Q-Was this before humans were given the golden knowledge?
A-It does absolutely feel like that.  I feel like they lived to survive and not much thought went past that.
Q-How many years ago are you looking into the past.
A-I keep getting between 6 to 7 thousand B.C. It might be 67,000 but I think it is 6000-7000 B.C.
Q-Are there pyramids on Antarctica, currently or in the past.
A-It does not look like a pyramid to me, but the thing that I keep seeing is as structure that looks like a trapezoid, and on the flat top, I see a spot where it looks like the leader or chief of the tribe would sit, and they would either do sacrifices or they would pray, and it was significant to that tribe, I feel a lot of power around it.  I see a lot of fire burning on top of it, like they did a lot of things at night.  I mean I can see why you would think that it would look like a pyramid, but it was like the top of it was completely flat.

Q-How many of these structures are there?
A-Ok the way it looks to me is that the largest one was in the middle, and then there were eight smaller ones surrounding the larger one, kind of like in the shape of a clock.  And I see them positioned around like....I am trying to think of the easiest way to say this....there was something significant about north south east and west.  So the line of sight from the middle from each of those directions was left blank.  And in the empty spaces, there were two pyramids equal distance apart.  So a pyramid between North and north east, like clock positions 1,2, 4,5, 7,8, 10, and 11.
Q-What were these pyramids for?
A-Looks like for religious sacrifices,  it looks like certain members of society when they died, they would hold like a ceremony...I am seeing like a celebration with certain star alignments in the sky.  It is like I see fire on the tops of all these pyramids, like they worship some guy or thing with fire.  It is like I do not see people on these eight surrounding pyramids, I just see like these enormous bonfires.  I mean people are ONLY on the huge one in the center.
Q-Who built these pyramids?
A-I feel like it was that civilization that lived there that built them, and they extracted the rock from like the ocean and brought it in.  I do not really see them excavating the current land, but I feel like the rock was like from the ocean, like corral and ....I do not know like it was massive amounts.
Q-Do you see this land returning to be being more temperate?
A-I do not.   And when you asked me that, over the years as it started to get colder, these people found some kind of a like cave system, like a cave in the land and they retreated to it for shelter and protection from the cold, and it is like I am seeing this woman's face through like a chunk of ice, and it almost makes me feel like she is mummified in this ice where she had frozen to death.  And I almost feel like she has not even been discovered and may people do not even know of their existence.
Q-What are your thoughts on this reading?
A-It was interesting and different, I do not really have any other final thoughts.  I wish I could have made it more exciting but that is all I could see.
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Interesting reading! Thank you

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t-rex dna was found with soft tissue preserved, since soft tissue only lasts about a few thousands years well preserved it gives evidence that humans might have co-existed with dinosaurs .

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I’m amazed, I have to admit. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s equally educative and interesting, and without a doubt, you have hit the nail on the head. The problem is something not enough folks are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy I found this during my search for something relating to this.