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I was wondering if you could focus on "cancer" and give some idea as to the cures. Also, focus on the medical establishment's answers to cancer (chemo, radiation, surgery) and the millions spent a year to find a 'cure'. Also, why they can't seem to find a cure. Thank you.

I was wondering if you could focus on "cancer" and give some idea as to the cures. 
Also, focus on the medical establishment's answers to cancer (chemo, radiation, surgery) and the millions spent a year to find a 'cure'. Also, why they can't seem to find a cure. 

8:40 PM - The cure....The first thing I see is a ton of green bubbles...And I feel like it is some extract from a plant and it is traveling throughout the body and it specifically is derived from the leaves...It works by detoxifying your body and it helps to regenerate new cell growth.  I feel like it smells and tastes sweet, I had the word Honey come to mind, it is in reference to the plant itself, and I am going to try to figure out what plant this is...the image I get is of dandelions. 

Hmm...and it is like I am seeing them do studies on these raw leaves, and it is like this guy has found a way that most cancers,  I do not want to say the word cure, but it is like a way of detoxing and your body purging these cells that are foreign.  But it's...let me think....but I feel like he is a bad man, the guy that has this cure...I keep seeing the villain on Despicable Me, Vector, and I feel like he has the knowledge, but he is unable to obtain like the money and power he wants in exchange for the knowledge.  And he is like hugging his notes and guarding them against anybody.  And that is all I see on that part of the quest.

Q-Rather than focus a cure, what is the cause of cancers?
 A-Hmm..Um..the way it is playing out in my mind is I see what looks like dirt particles entering into a person's body, and a lot of times we cough them up, like in your phlegm.  But other times they are absorbed into your body through your skin, or through your nose.  And when some of that dirty toxins are not released out of your body they get stored in what looks like congealed fat, so like fat cells.  And it is fine when they very first get there, but depending on the toxin some of them create like a little tiny infection which causes your immune system to respond, and when it does respond, it looks like some kind of a chemical reaction happens with the toxin in the immune system, that creates some kind of a resilient cell.  And then that resilient cell begins to multiply and then cancer grows from that.
Q-What is the main source of these toxins?
A-I saw it as metals, like metallic dust, and in my mind I kept thinking aluminum a lot.  And then I got a panicky feeling thinking about deodorant that has aluminium in it.
Q-Is it also in Chem trails?
A-I am getting yes, and I am getting some sort of a metal and I am hearing Oxide, like O X I D E.  And I am getting NEVER to wear clinical strength deodorant.
Q-What about what people eat does it contribute?
A-I am getting it is not what they eat, it is what they do to it, and then I got a picture of a big bucket full of apples and they are spaying it down with some kind of spray.
Q-What about the mainstream cures.
A-I am getting that they DO work, but they are only temporary...but whatever this like herbal remedy is from the dandelions, has true long lasting purification properties to it, and it is not harsh on your body.  And then something about you excrete it naturally, and then it was in some kind of lingo like you might smell  funky when it is working.
Q-So the dandelion remedy makes you excrete the cancer causing toxins.
A-Yes, it is detoxing you through your urine and your normal excretions, but it was something about your body itself might have a funky smell if you consume these dandelions.  But not to worry about that smell, it just means that it is working.
Q-People used to eat dandelion salads, can consuming them in the raw form be beneficial?
A-I feel like yes, but it is not in the yellow tops it is in the leaves.
Q-I think the leaves is what they consumed?
A-Oh..I don't know I have never eaten them.
Q-Why can they not seem to find a cure?
A-Two things, one they do have a cure, I feel like this guy has some kind of patents, and he has it so red taped that other people cannot access it.  And then two, I see the main focus being on the drug treatments and enhancing them and trying to increase their effectiveness.  That more money goes towards the drug side of it and dealing with the problem instead of going to the proactive side and looking at those types of medications and homeopathic routes.
Q-Can you see how this remedy is made?
A-First, the optimum time to get your dandelions is when the white fluffy tops are on the top.  They take the leaves when they are still juicy and green and they chop them up into little bits...And then they press the leaves really flat, and like some moisture comes out when they do that, but they save every bit of it, the moisture, the wetness and the leaves.  That entire combination they put into a glass container....and they heat it in such a way, it has two venting tubes off of it, one like pulls water off, the other one it looks like golden some kind of dandelion oil.  And it that oil, like I am seeing someone put it under their tongue, and I am getting that it tastes really bitter.

Q-So they are extracting dandelion oil?
A-Yes, out of the leaves.
Q-So each year I fight to kill off the cure for cancer growing in my yard.
A-Yes, I guess.
Q-Is this the best cure and what percentage will it work for people.
A-I am getting that it is best natural remedy if you use it for prevention and you get cancer in it's very beginning stages you can have like and 80-90 percent success rate.  It is much harder to treat it once it has progressed, but it is still possible, but I am getting that cancer that has been untreated for a long period of time has like a 50-60 percent success rate.
Q-So would recommend eating dandelion leaves to be healthy?
A-Yes, after this reading I definitely want to try it.  I am also going to Google dandelion supplements to see if they exist.  I might try it.  I mean who would think that it could be that easy.
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Anonymous said...

Interesting reading!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful information.. I was wondering more about energy healing, such as the healing powers of faith healers, light & shamans. But I've also heard the dandelion leaf is highly nutritious (lots of vitamin K) & detoxing on the body. Thank you for sharing this wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Hi, about energy healing, i ordered some remote healing work with these guys

Really great, definitely gifted.

Anonymous said...

also some remote healing with him, Both Ron Wilding and Karley and Rabbi Elfassy have been great as remote healers.

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Anyone knows where I can buy dandelions leaves/plant? If you've found a site, please share. Thx

Anonymous said...

Here's an amazing (video) story about green plants that cure cancer: Run From the Cure:

Anonymous said...

I get images sometimes, about things that will happen (in what we term 'the future)...and I had one yesterday of a dandelion top.

So confirmation, in my mind, of what you are referring too here focus session.

Thanks for the information.

I'll keep my eyes peeled (for this product) and I'll let people know (who can also prepare it) about what I saw and you saw. It will help, I'm sure. Because everything does help.

I keep getting pre-cancer, so I know that it just keeps returning.

I've been led to take stinging nettles right now (I always take the cannabis, it keeps the pain down and me living) and I've been detoxing many products, including underarm deodorant and aluminum (I can tell what I'm detoxing).

And watch out for soaps as well (even the unscented). I switch to Cleure bar soap.

And only eat organic now.

And watch out for salt (it gets into all the cells). I've been detoxing it out for over 2 years (so it really gets in there). Just use less (no commercial) and switch to good quality (known) sea salt.

eileen rose

neil macdonald said...

I've read elsewhere that cannabis capsules can be extremely beneficial in dealing with cancers - even at the very advanced stage. Can you give a view on this, please?

icqgirl 2 said...

This has been one of those posts that has stayed with me through the years. Dandelions are the cure for cancer.

Living in an urban area, I am able to acquire dried dandelion leaves from Chinese herbal pharmacy stores. (Using a dictionary or Google Translate to find the plant name in Chinese for the store owners helps.) Just add hot water and you'll have tea.

icqgirl 2 said...
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