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Hi there, Q. I would like to know what you see happening for Texas during Obama's presidency. Q. Do you see us needing to prepare ourselves for invasion? I have dreams often that my family and I have to hide in our attic because of my fears of this happening. Q. On a different psychic site I read that technology will be knocked off the grid for awhile and we should prepare by stocking up on food and water. Do you see this happening? If so, When?

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Q. I would like to know what you see happening for Texas during Obama's presidency.
A-I actually see a flag being waved, and it is not an American flag, I feel like Texas is still part of the US but it disagrees with a lot of things happening in the country.  And Texas is either wanting some sort of independence to make their own decisions or they are taking their independence to make their own decisions.  I am seeing cowboys riding around on horses with bananas over their faces and they are shooting handguns like they used to do in the olden days, I feel like I needed to say that before I can go on with my next thought.  It is like I feel Texas is wanting to get back to their roots, and make it's own decisions, almost like it wants to be it's own individual state, and just maintain a relationship with being in America, but at the same time being independent...Hmm....It is like I feel,  I feel like Obama does not care if Texas becomes independent but he does not want a bunch of other states to become independent.  It is like I see him negotiating either a decrease or an elimination of federal funds and programs in exchange for this independence   I think Texas will start the ball rolling by around June or July of 2013, but it will be a long process to actually complete, like maybe up to five years.  OMG is that their flag (see flag uploaded to blog)  that is almost exactly what I saw but I thought it was a confederate flag, it did not have the outline of Texas, but it was the bands of blue and red with bright white stars.

Q-What do you think sparks this need for independence?
A-Most definitely guns.  Um..let me think of anything that comes to me just give me a second...I also feel like something is going to come about with some kind of green energy incentives or something definitely with the energy.  And that is what is really going to tick Texas off and that is the final straw.
Q-Will we see this in the news?
A-I feel like we will, but it will be very vague.  But it will be done in such a way that not a lot of attention will be drawn toward it.  Now in Texas, I feel like it will be all over the news, but it is going to kind of be hidden from the rest of everybody else.

Q. Do you see us needing to prepare ourselves for invasion? I have dreams often that my family and I have to hide in our attic because of my fears of this happening. 
A-I do not see an invasion from another country in Texas, what I do see is a lot of our own military guarding the Texas like during this uncertain time.  I feel like the military is really ramping up around that area.  I feel like your fear is really coming from change, everything that you are seeing on TV, and just the fear of not really knowing what the US government will allow.  I also feel like people who oppose the idea of Texas reinforcing their state rights are going to be blasting a lot of fear through your media in Texas, which ramps up the anxiety and fear in people.  I do not necessarily see you having to hide for safety, but I definitely see you going a worrisome state until things are settled.
Q-The border you see troops, is it US Texas, or Texas / Mexico.
A-No it is the US Texas border.
Q-Do you see people moving or migrating to Texas once they separate or cut their ties?
A-I do but I also see it as hard decision for a lot of people, one because of the uncertainty, but two because individual taxes will go up because they lose a lot of federal funding, so the state has to generate it's own revenue.  I am seeing like 20%.  And I feel it is like a user or some kind of consumption tax straight across the board.  Yes, and their is no income tax, but their is a tax on everything.
Q-Did you know Texas already has a DC electrical TIE to the rest of the US in order to not to have to comply with current electric power generation.
A-No, I did not know that but I do not know how that does with anything, unless that is what pisses them off.
Q-FERC regulates AC electrical power in the US, Texas in order to not to have to comply, changes it power to DC to cross the border so they can be independent now.  All I am stating is that they already value their independence and they supply much of the wind farm electric.
A-So are they energy independent there?
Q-Yes, we need their power. (Digresses into power discussion have to see audio for more)

Q. On a different psychic site I read that technology will be knocked off the grid for awhile and we should prepare by stocking up on food and water. Do you see this happening? If so, When?
A-I still see March of this year, this is when we are going to notice technology not being reliable.  I do not see it as being completely wiped off, I just see it as being inconsistent.  Like you might use your phone and it work fine, and then an hour later it cannot find a signal...and I see that with cars..anything electrical.  I see anything using...I am seeing like a rubber fan belt, mechanical things I feel like are almost unaffected.  One of the biggest inconveniences people will have is not having cash on hand because during down times ATM will not work, credit card machines are not going to work, cash registers....all those type of things are not going to work.  So I feel like it is important to have some kind of liquidity on you.  Having food and water IS important, because I see a lot of chaos in that time as well, and it is not that you can't get food or water, it is just the cost and the selection, and the people around make it more difficult to get what you need.  And if you do not live close to a store you may go there and then your car might not even turn on when you go to leave.  It is like I see broke down cars kind of parked in a lot of different places and I see one of the new things will be to have thieves always going around trying to start cars, because it truly a pot luck of when they work and when they don't.  I do see things being more reliable at night vs. during the day though.  People try to handle their business at night.  I even see a couple businesses like banks and I don't know, business that are normally closed during night will start to offer night shift business because they can rely more on their electronics at that time.  Consequently, people that have day jobs might find themselves working night shift jobs.   That is kind of all I see.
Q-What will the media's explanation of this be?
A-At first they are going to not even talk about it, but when it becomes undeniable they are going to say that we are in a weird phase of the sun and some kind of intensity that is given off from the sun is causing it, and that will be their rational for the inconsistency in daylight and why things work better at night.
Q-Is this the truth?
A-It is a partial truth, because the sun goes through phases and it has not affected us like this before, but the reason that it is doing this now is because as this RED COMET comes near us and starts messing with our gravitational pull, it does something to the magnetic like field that is around earth and creates weak spots in it which allows the suns intensity to enter into our atmosphere.  That is a more full picture of what is actually happening.
Q-When will the electronics unreliability begin?
A-I see it as soon as March, but no later than the beginning of May of the is year (2013 Timeline)
Q-Will any electronics be physically damaged, or just disabled.
A-I feel like it is more of a disabled thing vs a destruction.  It is like they cannot communicate to each other.
Q-Do electrons stop flowing?
A-It looks like they are constantly flowing, but their path is like bent into a different direction...the image I see is electronics going down a straight path and then the sun radiates off to us, and when that is intersected by the path of the electrons, the electrons turn like 90 degrees and keep flowing but go in a completely different directions, so it is really hard for me to interpret that because I do not understand how electricity works.
Q-Will planes be flying?
A-I see most flights at night, and during the day the only planes I see are very small.  I do not really see and huge planes.  And they develop weird rules about what timezone they are flying into.  Like you can only go East and not West and weird stuff like that.
Q-The small planes are they fossil fuel based, not electronic driven?  Like old school?
A-It is like they are new, but they are designed old fashioned if that makes sense.  And the cockpit looks very simplistic, and they do use gasoline, and the cockpit is still big enough for two pilots.  It is like they put a modern twist to an old fashion type of plane.
Q-Well if electronics quit flowing does combustion still work?  Lawnmowers and the like?
A-I see that stuff working fine, it is electronics that seem to be altered by this.
Q-Some flow of electrons must still exist for spark plugs, but not organized and timed electrons?
Q-Will this also be the time when days get longer?
A-I do think that will happen around that time, and I definitely see that happening around March of this year and it will be slow and incremental.
Q-I have noticed yesterday  when setting and old watch, that I have not set for while, that it was over 15 minutes off.  I have seen this several times, an example of this was camera I had not used for 3-4 years, it lost approximately 26 minutes.
A-It lost or gained?
Q-All my items seemed to lose.
A-I feel like we are going to slowly gain, to where the max day will gain about 30 minutes.
Q-Is this due to the RED COMET?
A-Yes, I feel like it is tugging at our gravitational pull and slowing our rotation down.
Q-Is this time loss I am seeing normal, or pre-influence from this RED COMET?
A-I feel like it is pretty normal, I feel like this comet has not really had too much influence on us until about a year ago, depending on how these items were that you had.
Q-Will people die when this electrical phenomena first occurs.  Like people in planes and cars?
A-I feel like once you actually get your car started or a machine started, it is able to stay started, it is more an issue of not being able to get the start up to occur, rather the continuity of it once it is going.
Q-Is the whole world affected?
Q-Does anyone know that is this going to happen or are we ALL in the dark.
A-I feel like there are people who highly speculate it is going to happen like scientists and researchers, but no one is sure of it and know the exact time, but I feel like they know it is highly probably.
Q-When do you see all this stuff passing?
A-I feel like if we just get through to summer time which is June of 2014, things will be so much better.  I see things going more back to a normal, and people just feel happy.  It feel like a better time to me, I don't know....
Q-Is this something to fear?
A-I think it is going to be a difficult and trying time over the next year, but once it is over it kind of feels....Like I have this good feeling about me, in a way I just feel like things are going to end up OK and things will be better.
Q-Is this upcoming event why the Government is trying to crack down on on assault weapons OR are they pretending to do so to make  the population arms themselves for this upcoming event?
A-I feel like they are trying to strategically determine where all the assault rifles are and who has them, I feel like they are even mapping out the areas with the highest population of assault rifles.  And I feel like there is some dirty dog deal with another country and that is why they want to obtain all this information, but it is like I see maps with big red dots over areas with a high population of assault rifles.  And it looks like they are mostly in the south and the east.
Q-Would you register your rifles if a law was passed?
A-My gut is telling me no.
Q-Is there really and ammo shortage.
A-Yeah, because the government is buying it all, I feel like the government is taking ALL the surplus.
Q-Why do they want it.
A-I am getting the phrase because it is worth more than Dollars.  But I do not necessarily feel like they are trading it.
Q-Will the US Dollar collapse during this event?
A-I don't see a collapse, but I see a huge inflation.  And I see some places not taking the dollar, but what they do is they make you exchange the dollar for their currency...I am referring to travelers.  It is like they do not want to hassle with having our dollar.
Q-If I were to invest in a single type of item now, that will have the greatest return on it's value, what would that item be?
A-Hmm....I am seeing jewelry, but in my mind that translates to precious metals and stones.  I even consciously asked if it was guns, and it is not.
Q-Gold or silver, which will rise more?
A-Hmm...It is coming to me that it is gold because somehow everything is measured against it's value vs gold.  And I am getting the phrase "It is worth it's weight in gold" like gold is the standard that everything else is measured to.
Q-Should we invest some physical gold soon?
A-I would say yes, but it is more of a long term payout.
Q-What are your thoughts on this reading?
A-I actually feel pretty good about it, things felt clear and usually that means they are pretty accurate.
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Anonymous said...

We've been having wild weather in Australia & for the last 2 days our main communications service failed apparently due to a storm across the state. A majority of mobiles, atms, home phones, a tv station, eftpos machines & internet all went down without warning. It even disabled our equivelant of 911 emergency number. I don't know if it's related to the approaching comet or not (the weather I'm sure is) - they say 2 towers went down. One ex-category 1 cyclone has flooded 2 states (2 years after the “once in a century” floods of 2011), in many areas breaking records again & the shelves have been very sparse for a several days already, & this is in addition to devastating wild fires raging for weeks in all 7 states! It makes it easier to be prepared for the unexpected, these things can happen so suddenly. So I thank you for this helpful reading, thanks for helping us all to be aware. A little bit of practical preparation can make life a lot easier :)

Anonymous said...

Is this red comet you see the same one they call "2012 DA14"? Here is the NASA link:
It has an estimated diameter of about 50 meters and an estimated mass of about 130,000 metric tons and it will come close to earth around Feb 15th.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your blog and check it every couples of days! I happen to find it about a month ago and very grateful. I would like to suggest one thing if I may....Can you make paragraphs..the blog of text is very difficult to read. Thank you kindly! :-)

Psychic Focus said...

We are trying to figure out how to make this a little more user friendly.. It is pretty time consuming, and when I start to talk, my husband just starts typing. The first grouping of text is my immediate gut reaction or thoughts. The second part is a Q and A session. I will try to figure out how to make it easier within this blog format. Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate everything that everyone has to say.

Anonymous said...

Hi Psychic Focus, I've written to you previously.

today I have something to share with you regarding the predictions around incoming objects/stars to the solar system.

I too am a remote viewer. I didn't develop this as a skill in a class, it came to me as a gift of the spirit.

Anyway, all I will say about it is it has forced me to stop watching science fictions films (almost entirely) because every time I get interested in one of their topics, I get some vision that I don't want.

OK, the topic I am getting too is what you are calling the red star.

I must have missed that in your writings previously (I just thought this was about comets).

Clif High has been predicting some events that seem related to your predictions. I don't know if you kept up with that.

I don't do predictions. I just see what I see and report it (if it becomes necessary).

Anyway, in his Feb. 15th report (after the comet hit Russia), he talked about gravity waves being produced as an affect of it.

That got me going....because about 5 days ago (give or take a day), I had another outside earth contact (I get them is pretty straightforward to remote view beyond Earth....for your readers/FYI)...this time with a neutron star.

I had no idea why (the contact, which felt like...what a neutron feels like).

Before that event happen, I just felt like seeing what was inside a there are a few ideas out there about them.

Anyway, I finally understand that we might have a neutron star moving fast thru this solar system...close even. I have no idea why or how much it might affect humans. Obviously, there are predictions both good and bad, about the future right now. So ...who knows.

And if you look up a little about them, Neutron Stars, they produce huge gravity issues due to their density (supposedly).

Anyway....thought I add what I saw too the mix (it is getting to be a mix of remote viewers, predictions and web bot reports coming in).

Anonymous said...

I thought I add this bit (re: comets)

Quote from Nostradamus's quatrain (2 Q62):

Mabus very soon then will die, [then] will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.



Comets play important roles in prophetic traditions. Seers like Nostradamus generally believe comets are portends to great changes in the course of

Anonymous said...

Well, this just got reported as well.

Mini solar system moving into our solar system.

To me this confirms several predictions you had.

One, you mentioned scientists in one of these 'comet' post and Australia (you mentioned PF of an island near it, in one posting).

I believe.

This video demonstrates both of those elements. So ..confirmation.

Here is that video just published:

Title: "Mini Solar System Entering Our's, Says Astrophysicist Jim McCanney"

He spends most the video telling people to store supplies (duh!)

Finally catching on our we?? (stupid scientists!!)

Unknown said...

The Russian boy prophet I mentioned to you before, said that during the big calamity time, gold will start coming out of the earth and there will be so much of it that people will take it for water from afar. There will be a tremendous heat and no water and people will be very thirsty. The only water that will remain will be stinky and people will place that water on gold to heat it up and swallow it, because they will be so thirsty.

He also said that in the future, gold will be a common building material.

This is coming from an orthodox Christian boy Vyacheslav who predicted what will happen in the end of times (our time), he died shortly before turning 11 and he predicted his own death as well. He said that he came to warn people of what awaits them during the end times...