Monday, July 9, 2018

A Few Thoughts for Monday

Q. Hello Lynn, I am curious...  When someone is viewing an event on another timeline, they often comment that someone 'saw them' and reacted with surprise. Were they seen because the person in the other timeline had a sixth sense and was able to perceive them? Or were they able to be seen by anyone; like a ghost? 
A.   There are beings in every dimension, and every timeline.  Since time runs in a loop in the spirit planes (versus linearly as it does here on earth) there are beings experiencing that time line as well as beings that toggle between timelines (which is the basis of the Mandela Effect).  Anyone looking at an alternate timeline can be seen or sensed just as they can see other people. The "surprise" factor comes from realizing that you are seeing or sensing someone that has tapped into a different timeline.

Link to previous readings on the Mandela Effect:

Q.  Is there a single Heaven for the Universe or is there a different Heaven for each Planet or Galaxy? How come people that visit the 'Other Side' see other people and sometimes pets; but they never return saying that they saw dinosaurs and aliens?

A.  I see the progression on the other side happening in phases.  All beings do go to one spiritual "plane," and they progress or ascend through that plane until they decide to reincarnate.  People that have a NDE (Near Death Experience) travel to lowest spiritual plane (think of it as the "welcoming" point).  They may see white light, have familiar people nearby, experience the earth from above, but don't submerge themselves so deep in that state of existence that they are able to progress.  IF they stayed in spirit, they would gradually advance and ascend within the plane to the vibration that houses those beings, but they are pulled back or encouraged to go back before they get that type of advancement.  

Q. There are some special qualities about buildings designed to Sacred Geometry and the Fibonacci Numbers. Are there any foods in Nature that have the same design as Sacred Geometry and might have additional benefits beyond nutrition?  Thanks for your blog Lynn! 
A.  When I focus on this, I get that everything in nature is based upon sacred geometry.  We can either see it visually, or under a microscope, but regardless, it is there.  The tough thing in to determine what it is that you need (or need to eliminate) that is causing your body distress.  The first thing I heard (rather clear) when I read this question was the quote by Hippocrates "Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food."  To go beyond nutrition (which I see as health, healing and spiritual development), you should focus on natural elements found in our environments.  

The single most beneficial thing I see is water, and I hear the phrase "living water."  It appears that water infused with a certain vibration whether done with music, herbs, oils, flowers, fruits or vegetables can be very beneficial depending on your health and spiritual goals.  This "living water" looks to help you to feel better, detox, promote cell regeneration and decalcify the pineal gland.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Never Mind said...

Hi Lynn! Just reading your blog - fascinating as usual! I just wanted to comment that when they say ‘living water’ I’m pretty sure they are referring to something called ‘structured water’, which is a vital and extraordinary living thing, as opposed to all the water that we have access to, which is called ‘bulk water’, and though it looks the same, it has very different properties. If anyone is interested, they can read a book by Carly Nuday called ‘Water Codes: The Science of Healthy”, or look up some YouTube interviews with Carly Nuday. I use a portable water structure unit, and its made a HUGE difference in my body and life! If anyone wants to check them out, go to Many blessings and thanks for the wonderful blog!

Buddhist Lady said...

@Never Mind...Thank you for this valuable info. I've read about structured water and Dr. Pollack's work on a number of occasions but haven't seen this site. On the expensive side but definitely worth planning a budget around to ultimately buy.

Alex said...

Great readings but I am confused here.
I thought when a person pass away, his spirit will be ejected to the spiritual plane that matches his soul vibration almost immediately. Why are they 'gradually advance'and 'pulled back'?

dmele17 said...

How exactly do we make living water? Can you elaborate?

Nessie said...

Yes, I had the same question as dmele17. How do we make water "living" and best suited for our health?
I know of putting gem stones like rose quartz in the water, then the water takes on the vibration of the stone.

But I think it's interesting to raise water vibrations with music, flowers etc. Can you do this by intention?
In the documentary 'what the "bleep" do we know' there was a segment where water was subjected to blessings and the outcome is stunning:

Raymond said...

If Hippocrates knew this so long ago, I wonder if a book has ever been published, even if it is hundreds of years old or even Channeled; that lists the foods to eat for a healthy balanced diet and foods to eat to cure illnesses. Can we still do that today or is our food chain so corrupted with hybrid plants and foods that don't exist anymore ?

I have read that water flowing through copper pipes has some qualities to it that plastic PVC pipe does not. There is a company that actually sells water that has been bottled with repetitions of Love, Peace, Good Health, etc....I wonder if there is any benefit other than being a curiosity that puts a smile on your face.

Thanks for your blog Lynn.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Alex: Just bc they enter at a certain vibration doesn't mean they have to stay there... We are always advancing. :-)

@dmele17 and Nessie: Yes, you can infuse water with crystals, herbs, even reiki the water to sort of put "life" or energy into it.

@Raymond: Have you read Medical Medium? He is brilliant, and really touches on what you describe. I do think that positive intent in your water (and food) is great for the body.

Shu Wei Chu said...

Hi, how about solarised water in coloured glass bottles like blue water from Ho’oponopono. Is it beneficial as it claimed to be?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Shu Wei Chu: I do see that being beneficial. It is most definitely worth trying if you have an opportunity.