Friday, July 6, 2018

Drought in the UK and Floods in Italy and France

Q. How about you do a Reading on the current lack of rain and imminent drought in the UK and much of northern Europe?

"UK weather sees driest June on record"

"However, Denmark, usually a reliable supplier, is having its driest season in 59 years"

“Farmers in some central European and northern countries [Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Germany and Finland] have been hit by severe drought, which is reaching catastrophic proportions. Whilst some southern countries [Iberian Peninsula, Italy, France] have been experiencing floods.”

What is the cause of this drought? How long can we expect it to continue?

A.  When I tune into this I get there is an underlying agenda to destabilize Europe.  It first started with the migrant crisis (that was instigated by the PTW / Powers That Were) and the influx of people that have been unwilling to assimilate.  To make it worse, some radical weather manipulation is going on which inhibits jobs, decreases production and ultimately hurts the economy. 

I get that the PTW have a plan to try to regain control of the United States, and weaken other areas (countries) that pose a threat.  They "think" that the fear and society shifts that are currently at play trough the media and Hollywood will give the Alt Left a sure lead to the next presidency, (but what they don't realize is that people have had enough and are starting to see things for what they are).  The PTW realize they cannot control Trump, but they can lay the framework for when they (assumedly) will regain control of the US again.  

By making Europe weak, I hear they think they can "buy Europe for pennies on the dollar" and come in and save they day.  Also, Europe and other surrounding countries will be in a much better position to accept and buy into a new world currency if they think it has a hope of restoring and re-balancing what has been lost over the last decade (or so).  (And this new currency will not only keep track of each transaction, but will allow the PTW to tax each transaction, and give access to people's funds via electronic means should they need it.)

I see this lasting through 2018 (I hear something about the fiscal calendar).  So much looks to happen over the next few months, and the European government is in many ways in denial as to the overall situations plaguing Europe (migrant crisis, rape culture, lack of assimilation and economy).  I see Europe reaching out for help or doing some kind of restructure within the next 3 to 5 years. 

(Please give a moment of pause and good vibes to Europe.  Both the countries and the people need it).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Robert Schoen said...

This makes so much sense in terms of Soros' NGO boating over millions of Africans, plus the influx from Islamic countries that regard Europeans as infidels. It's exactly like what happened in our country in the Sixties when all the main cities became centers for minorities as white flight to the suburbs, spurred by fear of the value of their homes going down, further caused city property values to fall, which the banksters made a fortune on as real estate is now astronomical in NYC and other attractive centers. They're still using the same playbook, calling anyone you challenges these manipulations a racist when it's about respecting the rights of established communities and cultures.

Italy is changing drastically demographic wise and the Italians don't like it but regard it as another invasion and feel sorry for the destitute who come and help them. The fallacy is that they are refugees from war, when all you see are war age men in their 20's and no elderly or women. There is hardly work for Italians much less foriegners with no ability to assimilate to the culture or language.

Makes you think about what they are trying to here with "open borders" when our own poor should be helped first.

Unknown said...

The concern seems to be about drought, which can be a really huge problem.
Perhaps review this concern and leave out the ptw for a while. Thanks.

Robert Schoen said...

@Unknown, the PTW are also causing the drought, the same way they created Katrina, the tornadoes, and other HAARP created weather events that have hurt communities in this country. Orgone is an effective way to counteract a lot of weather manipulation and I hope those from Europe reading Lynn's blog will look into making cloudbusters and TBs whose instrictions can be found online. Collective intent can also break the drought. People have more power than they know once they realize they don't have to accept the state control that works against their interests. This Jesuit Pope is also an indicator of the PTW manipulation of weather and mass immigration policies by his urging regulations to prevent global warming, after telling Italians they must embrace hoardes of immigrants. Francis, whose backers orchestrated the ouster of Benedict, rules over a network of pedophiles some of whose bishops are complicit with human trafficking for political and sexual purposes.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Robert: Thanks for the reminder about orgone. It is VERY beneficial in fighting off negativity and helping to create more positive energy!!

Watchand Knock said...

Maybe You can tell us if the PTW where behind the newer seen (in recent times) sea recession in Uruguay last August (and which you said could phps. repeat again in 2018)? Thanks! (

susan said...

Why are there so many floods and earthquakes in Japan recently? They are having a rough time...
Thanks, love your work!

wendy tascione said...

And Haiti them stole all the donations

Buddhist Lady said...

I have an odd question, Lynn. (I tried to post under Blog Requests, but my post disappeared. I'm afraid that I'm not computer savvy enough to understand the situation.) I just finished reading "Large-Scale Riots Continue in France for 4th Night" and a question came to mind. The Millennials and Generation Z have been spiritually described as "starseeds," "indigo," and "crystalline children." Yet, so many of the participants in violent demonstrations (Antifa, Black Lives Matter, European African immigrants, anti-ICE) also appear of this age group. Have these generations polarized wider than previous ones? They appear so angry and self-righteous. The Whataburger incident. Founder of #walkaway movement refused service. Do the violent ones constitute that large middle group termed "lukewarm" who will remain on a 3D Earth for another cycle? How do you see the dynamics playing out? I feel so broken hearted for those trapped in their rage and violence. Perhaps they're work off this karma and advance to "starseed" frequency?