Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mandela Effect.. Revisited...

Q. Lynn,  I know you've talked about this before on your blog but the Mandela Effect is getting out of control. I first heard about this years ago, probably around 2012-2013, but it was only 1 or 2 examples and I wrote them off like anyone who first hears about the effect. I know, for example, that the one that stood out to me was the Berenstein Bears because I read those books when I was a kid, and it was definitely spelled how I just spelled it. It's easy to ignore one or two things, but all of a sudden there are literally hundreds of examples that apply to me.   I think this is important, like reality changing.  

Here are just a few that came to me: 
  • Oscar Meyer is now Oscar Mayer
  • Looney Toons is now Looney Tunes
  • "If you build it they will come" is now "If you build it he will come"
  • "Momma always said, life is like a box of chocolates" is now "Momma always said, life was like a box of chocolates"
  • "Mirror, Mirror on the wall" is now "Magic Mirror on the wall"
  • The bible passage about the Lion laying down with the Lamb is now the Wolf laying down with the Lamb
  • We Are The Champions by Queen no longer ends with "of the world", it's just "We are the champions"
  • Your kidneys are now way higher up in your body and your heart is almost completely centered. Seriously, look that one up.
  • South America is now much further to the right on a globe, it used to be barely off center from the US.
  • Japan is much further north, China is much smaller, Cuba is huge, and all of the islands north of Australia are almost touching it now.
  • There is now no such thing as a North Pole, like a location. I remember that used to exist as a physical thing with a barbers pole.
  • There are real bats as big as dogs and animals I've never seen in my life, like big obvious boars and cat type animals.
  • Coke Zero is now Coca'Cola Zero and Coca'Cola used to be printed on the cans and bottles as Coca-Cola.
There are way more examples than what I've listed here, these are just the big obvious ones that I'm recalling right now. This is insane! A few of these examples are easily dismissed as miss-rememberings or things that have been changed by the companies like Coke or Looney Toons, but in this timeline, they never were what we remember them as. The more of these you hear and look up, the more obvious and insane this gets. 

How is so much of our reality different now? Are you seeing this as I am? I know that not everyone remembers all of these examples as being the way they were but I'm being hit by almost all of the ones that I've seen, with only a couple that don't apply to me. People are trying to figure out who this is affecting and why. I've heard that a lot of us experiencing this may have a lot in common. Some of the commonalities I've heard are that a lot of us seem to be empathic, (which as you may remember is very interesting to me),  we are all spiritual, regardless of religion, and we strongly distrust the government.

There are a lot of theories as to why this is happening so often now. It could be related to Cern, time travel, some relation to end time biblical events, or some connection to ascension as we've known was drawing near for a while now. Cern has some very creepy connections to this if you really look into it, like Bohemian Grove cultish style stuff. I'm also very intrigued as to why some of us see this and remember more than others.  Some people have a theory that we all died or were going to die in our reality and that we were moved to this one en mass for some reason. This feels like a dream. Things like this don't happen in real life, but there is too much evidence to ignore at this point.

https://youtu.be/uWjocFLS50k?t=2m59s (this one is 14 minutes but it doesn't really get into it until 3 minutes in so I started you there)  [Please excuse the profanity.]

https://youtu.be/fvoyoP4UUw0 (this one is 10 minutes and lists 100 examples. This one was huge for me)

https://youtu.be/vMT_sUXtK_s (this one is a bit tangential but I wanted you to see it. It's 12 minutes but it repeats after about 6:35 so stop there)

A.  I read this question, and had to let it soak in my mind to allow things to come to me (and not be biased as I have witnessed many of these items on a personal level).

This  is similar to what I saw.  The circles being memory differences of the
same item / event.   Then, the image split, just like a split of realities.  One
reality contained one version of truth, and other contained a different version.
The first image I saw was an image of the Earth, and there were circles overlayed all over the top of the image.  Then I saw the image split into two images, one with the Earth, and one of the overlayed images (I will try to sketch this out in paint when I am done).  I am seeing that the Mandela Effect is indeed a split in reality.  There is what is labeled as real (what we find when we do research and fact find), and what is a perception of reality that is grown and strengthened through a collective mind meld.  The later is harder or nonexistent when we go to find it.

To explain this a little better, I need to use an example to illustrate.  This also helps to understand why some people (or groups of collective consciousness) remember the way things "were" and while other people do not remember a difference (on some events).  Out of 100 items, you may only dispute 20 in your mind.  Let's use the Kellogg's Froot Loops to illustrate... It looks like in parts of the world (in one or some of the circular "overlays") our mind sees, hears and feels "fruit" so clearly.  It becomes part of our conscious and subconscious minds, and those minds meld into a collective conscious of "fruit" versus "froot."  That collective conscious becomes our new reality, and at that moment a new reality is born (specific to "fruit" vs "froot" in this example).

I get that people that experience alternative realities are sensitive (which often translates to being empathic).   I hear they also have the capability of expanding their mind "beyond black and white, and see many shades of gray."  [I don't read astrology, but hear a phrase that it "has to do with the 9th house of travel"????]  I also hear something about "these experiences are often felt by people who are able to expand their spiritual self beyond the confines of the human 3D body.  I'm shown an image of the spiritual mind being much larger than the physical mind.

It looks like inevitably a trigger will occur to sync the two realities together.  It may be days, months or even years before this happens.  This is due to the need for our 3D reality to be merged and balanced.  I get living multiple realities would create "mental mayhem."  Our physical 3D bodies cannot handle living multiple realities in unison without frying our systems, and occasionally a "reset" has to occur.

And that is all I have for this reading.  I know at times this may sound a little confusing.  In my mind it feels so clear, but is difficult to verbalize.  I am happy to address questions in the comments.  Love and light-


Robert Schoen said...

This is such a fascinating topic, and what you say about the "Mandela" overlays that are perceived as opposed to the underlying reality makes a lot of sense. Being older I lived through the Kennedy assassination and studied it for years, so the perception of younger people who think they recall the limousine originally only had front and back seats without the two jumper seats where Gov. Connolly and his wife were sitting makes no sense, so them having a false overlay memory could explain that. The question then is why is this happening? My dreams are getting more vivid and a lot of the constructs in the dreams I can remember seem so real I wonder if our dream state is connected to these effects.

Slightly off topic, but because many think Cern is the cause of these effects, you said awhile back that Cern's operation was disabled by extraterrestrial helpers, but now its back online many times stronger and its recent runs have been linked with the earthquakes in Italy and elsewhere. Do you see Cern causing these or having a role in the Mandela effect overlay?

Robert Schoen said...

PS: The whole last election with half the people seeing things one way and the other half with a completely different take seems almost like a simultaneous Mandela effect (maybe with one side seeing the reality and the other an equally convincing alternative or illusion. What do you think, are they connected?

NatalieW said...

Here is a question Ive always wondered....in the case of the movie Shaazam, that no longer exists and is confused for Kaazam, what if I owned this movie and had it in a drawer. If when I found out this movie no longer exists and I went to that drawer, would the movie have disappeared? What about those who own Bernstein Bear books from the 1980s...if they looked at them now would the title have automatically changed?


Cuba ...used to be size 104th ...now it is 16th or 17th..
Look at this page it still lists 104th.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geography_of_Cuba



FjärrBertil said...

is it not true then,that there exist real different dimensions of reality,and that some people actually can "travel" by will or not between these different dimensions?because i believe that
that actually happens already,even if it may not be so common yet,or...?

Sean Nash said...

Lynn these questions were the download information I received triggered by your last post. I couldn't sleep at all for 12 hours lol. It was all about the parameters of my N.T experience years ago explained in part to this focus session..wow is all I can say. Your 2 circles you mentioned-perhaps something like 2 clocks.

Buddhist Lady said...

I've been reading Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul, which is fascinating. Just a reminder: the word entity can be exchanged for soul in the following quote.

Seth remarked:

"You form physical matter and the physical world that you know. The physical senses can actually be said to create the physical world, in that they force you to perceive an available field of energy in physical terms...." (p. 78)

On the next page, he says:

"Now any act of perception changes the perceiver, and so the soul, considered as a perceiver, must also change. There are no real divisions between the perceivers and the thing seemingly perceived.... So your soul, that which you are, constructs your physical daily reality for you from the nature of your thoughts and expectations." (p. 79)

I wonder if the myriad of souls or entities (many incarnated, I think, from other dimensions with different incarnational backgrounds--I believe Dolores Cannon well illustrated this idea through her many and varied QHHT sessions) all incarnated within this dimension at this time--as the "call" went out throughout the Universe--have brought souls, with varied, different, and unusual backgrounds to help ground Ascension, hasn't helped create this Mandela Effect?

Christy M said...

Sorry, I'm not buying this. Memory and faulty perceptions are to blame here. There are entire books written about how we see things based on what we expect to see. I can't tell you how many times, especially as I get older, that I misread article titles and sentences on the Internet, based on what I expect to read, and hours later, realize that the title or sentence actually says something else.

If Meyer is now Mayer (or vice versa), then the company changed it to the more popular spelling. Ditto with the others. If Fruit Loops used to be Froot Loops (or vice versa), they changed the name to the more popular spelling. And so on.

The biggest mystery on earth is the human mind.

Dan Walker said...

Yes, they will have changed or disappeared. I verified it myself.

Alpha X said...

Hey Lynn, look at Buddhist Lady's comment for some serious synchronicity. I thought she was somehow talking about me for a second when I first saw that.

Some examples of Mandela effects that anyone can go see first hand, and these may not apply to you (you'll know if they do), include: Kit-Kat is now KitKat, Coca-Cola is now Coca'Cola (as was already mentioned), The ford logo now has a curly part in the letter F, The A in the Kia logo is now an upside down V, Sweet Tarts is now SweeTarts.

Obviously, you could just look up any of these online but the ones I've listed can easily be seen in person. I've seen many of those for myself already. If you research the history of these products and logos, you'll see that they have never been changed from what I said they were. These are not examples of re-branding or packaging.

The nature of the effect does make them pretty easy to dismiss but there are too many now, that's what really made me take notice because I was skeptical when I first found out about this stuff as well. For an example of some big changes that would be hard to overlook, I encourage everyone to look up an image of where your kidneys are located in your body and look up a map of the earth, which are some things mentioned in Lynn's post but everyone needs to see those if you haven't already.

I very much want to discuss this stuff so I'll be looking back here to see what people are saying and I know of many more effects than have been mentioned in this post and comments.

Thank you for posting this Lynn.

A Man Called Da-da said...

FYI, CERN's LHC dashboard shows it's in shutdown. The same metric showed it hobbled with problems since November. Good riddance.

And hasn't it always been, "If you build it, HE will come"? That's the line from the book, too. It's about Shoeless Joe (though it's really about the character's father's spirit). Funny thing is... life really is that magical.

Alpha X said...

I just reread the post after posting my last comment and I want to ask some questions now.

If we've been doing this for a while, why are so many of us now becoming aware that it's happening? I get that you see things when you're ready for them but it seems like quite a lot of us are all ready at the same time.

Does the effect mean anything for us (is it a sign of a change in us or possibly a guide to do something)? Some people believe it's a beacon for us to unite and find each other/share our experiences.

Lastly, this isn't a question but something I thought about when reading through the post:

I've been feeling myself/consciousness expand lately. What I mean by that is, you know that feeling that you get when you're trying to go to sleep sometimes where you feel like your head or part of you is expanding or shrinking in size? I've been getting that on a scale that I never had before. It seemed before like I would expand or go up to the size/distance of tall buildings or skyscrapers; now I've been going out like multiple galaxies away. It was almost scary when it first started happening but now I almost push myself to go that far. I wonder if this is related.

Hristo Yanev said...

Hi guys,
Thank you so much for this wonderful article! Here we all can learn a lot of useful things and this is not only my opinion!
Even BLNCK corp. and http://www.atrpsychics.com/ confirmed it!

Sean Nash said...

To FjärrBertil

Yes, yes. Trying to put all these happenings into the Mandela Effect box is really limited to simply memory or rewriting history information available is only true within that definition box.

What I understand that is happening is Time Travel causing a shift in the memory perception of history consciousness memory of physical, mental and emotional. It is not erasing or changing history but how it is remembered by the 3 bodies (physical, mental emotional) Light Workers and Light Warriors ( to give terms) are the Time Travelers. They answered the "call" when Earth and Humanity fell( "the Fall") from 5 density and 6 consciousness to 3 density and 4 consciousness. They went through this already and came to help raise the frequency up again. So , from the future back to the past. This is why negative doom and gloom prophesy is more predictable than a positive future. Positive future is a potential and negative results already happened. The way of changing the future is by changing how the past is anchored in memory. If memory can be transmuted and the pains can be felt as a victory instead of sorrow, as an example, then the anchor is freed and we rise and move in frequency-Victory of the Light. So, it is multidimensional Time Travel from the future of souls to their past and possible from past to future. Time is experienced in every dimension but just different by frequency. Not Hollywood style time travel but soul time travel. But as an example; We watch a movie where people are abused in some way and then they fight back and win their freedom. We watch the movie detached and remember it as a movie about victory, less so about sorrow. When the generations of war have passed we will remember the victory over oppression and barbarism we once were but only by reading or movies (detached). The Mandela Effect is limited in explaining changed history. Mandela is actual changing a name or some such fact. Then there is the anchored view of history. Natural disasters cleans energy of past stored energetic history( cleansing) . Not erase events but transmute. Time Travel is possible for we are multidimensional. The more anchored karma the less likely you can time travel. My past life met me in this life..it was cool.

Anonymous said...

Samples involving company names and logo I have to go with branding, rebranding, trademarking to add merchandise and more revenue.

Earth changes an new animal species that have probably always been here but as population grows not to many places to hide.

Doppelgangers would be a interesting subject .Social media is connecting more an more people from all over the country who look almost identical . Even having similarities in personal preferences.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested in reading U.S. Patent 6506148 nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors . Google search

Random subject . Just found it yesterday . Talks about the effects different colors , pulses and how close sitting to monitors can effect the nervous system .

wendy tascione said...

Exactly...it was sureal the way people had opposite views

wendy tascione said...

Thst explain a whole bunch of people remember tom cruise in risky business foing that dance number in white shirt no pants and rat bans but now you cant fi d thst in the movie. The movie has a pink shirt no glasses. Meanwhile actors and comedians who copied this skit had the sunglasses on and white shirt verifying thst it did exist like that. Before you down something really research it. Also in my reality marylin monroe was never madonnas size 4 she was size 14 volumptuous.

Chatty Cathy said...

@Lynn - I believe I've made a correlation to what you've said about the Earth with an overlay splitting into two images. This sounds very similar to an early scene in the movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, where the main character, Star-Lord (played by Chris Pratt), travels to a devastated planet with no life except for animals but he is able to shine some sort of machine ahead of him which enables him to see people, buildings and vibrant life as it used to be before the planet was destroyed. It's like we were seeing both realms at the same time. That scene was confusing to me but in this new light it makes sense.

wendy tascione said...

I resonate with most of what you are saying and would love to hear about you meeting your past self. What did you learn?. I felt like we came back from the future to heal our past selves. People like lynn, abraham hicks, bashar, wayne dyer etc came to school us on that healing. Some how we healed ourselves enough to raise the vibration of iur consciousness to junp to a higher but better parralel reality
One with a better chance of ascension or seeing the golden age. I heard that a tyranny exists in the future where humans became weapons much like storm troopers and they traced it back to the ladt 50 years so future humans decided to go back to this time to change the time line. I experience the mandela changes or the glitches myself. Im also an empath with 3rd eye open waiting for a kundalini awakening.

joy said...

Mandela Effect and Merging Timelines
this is just another information that I know for decades. I never even thought I'd discuss it anywhere.Just another point of view.

Of course, we now know we are holograms. , where we are is VIRTUAL.
that when we incarnate, we just don't incarnate solo, but there are 12 identical bodies called "YOU"... called CONCURRENTS (concurrent incarnations.)Each of these ones will be inside her own PARALLEL REALITY. SO, INITIALLY....THERE ARE 12 OF YOU. EACH INSIDE HER/his OWN PARALLEL TIMELINE. These 12 of you will go thru the same program designed by your soul. Say, your Soul wants to explore victimization involving women. All the 12 concurrents will take their role in this program with slight variations so that when this incarnation is DONE, all the questions related to this subject has already been addressed , information processed and stored somewhere.
So, each and everyone of us go thru maybe 40,000 incarnational lives and at the end of this information gathering, Spirit will gather everything and put it in our own private library and ascend.
As far as I know...the private library is our very own crystalline LIGHTBODY.
Before we ascend, Spirit has to pull out all the information of our experiences from each and everyone of these 40,000 incarnational lives and transfer them into your Lightbody, all nicely encased in lightparticles and waves.. This is done by a program called PARALLEL MERGES. The more parallel mergers you go thru, the more your lightbody become brighter and stronger....so that when you are ready to jump to the next dimension,you have become everything that you ever was.
We have been parallel merging since 1987 planetary conjunction. ...and this is probably the reason I get to see my parallel lives, sometimes.. Now, I'm strictly a disposable tool of my Spirit, and I don't control any of these. It's by gift, the grace of my God-self,that I'm allowed to witness it sometimes. My suspicion is that we are all going thru some serious parallel mergings,and you are now witnessing what you think are anomalies,....but are informations coming in from your concurrents. ...:)

have fun.

wendy tascione said...

Omg you just blew my mind! Joy! Why do i see 144 and 44 nonstop i felt it has something to do with that...maybe not...Do you think we are going to merge together and find ourselves waking up in some simulation type chair in 5d at some point??????

Sean Nash said...


I think you are asking me the question about my past self. First off, no one can tell you your past life name and persona nor tell you that you weren't either. It is first for you to come to the knowing of truth then that information is available as a confirmation to whom has the ability and permission from your Oversoul to know also. The ego of people does get caught up in a romancing way of these things. We were all walks of people. I have had 756 earth life times, this I do know. I know of 2 I can google in history but it doesn't matter in the now whom I was past, other than that knowledge brought me to the understanding of me in the now. If you aren't meant to know these things in your life then you will not. This is our Oversoul direction-decision. I met past self in a very casual setting in the physical and was a physical presents that other people seen him also. I did not know this at the time but realized later the truth of it. What I learnt is that I am just as weird now as then lol. The timing was that at one point of the conversation he asked me a question that only I would have known that question and answer at that time. I only knew I knew that answer 3 days before but he knew I knew. I never ever even discussed the topic with anyone. Always baffled me but until I knew why he knew because he was me or better to say-same Oversoul. Time travel is possible as a physical projected manifestation of you "now" into your past or future. I am learning to do this now. Some will vehemently disapprove of what I say but it matters not to me. Believing is experiencing. There is more but this is what I offer here.

NLTCrow said...

Very interesting comment section, especially these last few, thanks for that Joy.
This stuff jibes very well with the Matrix 5 stuff at Leading Edge (trufax dot org).
That what makes us as humans so special and powerful out of all the many ET races is that we are each living all our many incarnations simultaneously (time is an illusion) versus more advanced ET races that can only live their lives sequentially.
They live far longer lifetimes than we do as humans and can remember their previous lives where for the most part we do not, but our higher selves are living all our hundreds of lives (756 for Sean) at the same time, allowing for a much quicker learning curve!
I have done an extremely poor job of explaining this, don't want to muddy this up any more, thanks Lynn.

NLTCrow said...

Very interesting comment section, especially these last few, thanks for that Joy.
This stuff jibes very well with the Matrix 5 stuff at Leading Edge (trufax dot org).
That what makes us as humans so special and powerful out of all the many ET races is that we are each living all our many incarnations simultaneously (time is an illusion) versus more advanced ET races that can only live their lives sequentially.
They live far longer lifetimes than we do as humans and can remember their previous lives where for the most part we do not, but our higher selves are living all our hundreds of lives (756 for Sean) at the same time, allowing for a much quicker learning curve!
I have done an extremely poor job of explaining this, don't want to muddy this up any more, thanks Lynn.

wendy tascione said...

Thank you!!! Intriguing!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Amazing comments!! Thank you everyone! This was a really interesting (and sort of complicated) topic to review. I appreciate everyone adding more info to the subject.

I get this has been happening more and more as we approach ascension. With the help of the internet, we are able to confirm (or seek out this knowledge) more readily. This provides a confirmation that we are indeed more than one collective conscious, and have a spiritual unity.

Melly said...

I'm not sure if it's really a Mandela effect or it's just a minor gap in memory, but something recently did happen to me and my family. It's about a date on some documents that we were all sure it would expire on the April 17th, since we saw it a year ago. After revisiting the documents, it now says April 29th.

It wasn't just me who said it was going to expire on the previous date though. Even my sister and dad said it. But they shrugged it off as probably not remembering it properly. Having read about the Mandela effect before revisiting the documents, I had my suspicions. Although, we might have just did collectively misremembered it.

Andrew Dyson said...

wendy tascione; interesting observation on the vanishing Rayban Wayfarers in the old time rock&roll scene! urls below:

Mandela Effect (Tom Cruise In Risky Business / NO SUNGLASSES IN DANCE SCENE)


Abnormal Truth - Risky Sunglasses - The Tom Cruise Mandela Effect


We know all the parodies taking-off this scene have the mimic wearing a white shirt, jocks and socks, AND the Rayban Wayfarers. Yet the glasses are missing from the original clip?
Cruises character of Joel does don the glasses frequently in the movie for image.
Perhaps it is one of those selective memory recollections we all have.
Thus have the parodies contaminated our collective memories?
Surely we can't ask Cruise himself what he wore in the scene back in 1983?

Then again, i'm sure back in the mid 80s [as a teenager] I recalled reading a very small Reuters article in our local Australian newspaper stating Mandela died in prison in RSA.
Had this timeline proven true [and unaltered], you'd wonder if South Africa's stance on apartheid would still be in place, if he'd never lived to take office from Botha?

Oh, what would I know?!

Juliana Miles said...

Thanks for the great reading and for all of the comments.

Robert Schoen-my dreams have also been very vivid for the last little while..they do seem very real.

Love and light everyone :)

Sean Nash said...
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Sean Nash said...

Lynn, what I see of your drawing of circles within the earth picture is micro of the Flower of life, the Seed of Life , the Egg of Life, Metatron Cube ect ect. They are all one in the same-macro to micro. I was shown once ago an image of those circles as being a clock. At the intersecting points of each circle ,spinning or not spinning, is what can be noted as 11:11 12:12, 1:3 5:9 so on and so forth. I just looked at your picture.

Remember the Slinky toy from he 70's? Not sure if it is still being made. I was shown this during in a meditation about Time and Collapsing Time. When we are raising our vibrational( increasing soul integration percentage) energy quantification (EQ), the slinky comes back to itself (collapsing time)as more solid from its expanded status. This can be said as Merging also. This is how the past, present and future come together. The slinky is a good representation of the Alcyone Spiral. Oh how our daily perception of time is changing and everyone is noticing in their own way.

Alpha X said...

Is there a hidden character limit to these comments? I've tried to post something 3 or 4 times now and it says it's posted but isn't showing up. I've waited a couple hours.

Alpha X said...

Can I not post working links here anymore? The following is an attempt to post my comment without working links as I had before. Working links meaning you could click them, now they'll have to be copy/pasted.

I might do a few Mandela dumps in case people are reading this but aren't searching for them like I am. I'm extremely interested in this so I see new ones every day. I'm not going to list everyone that I know of right now but I'll list some ones that are interesting to me, to start.

My dad was a mechanic in the military and for a bit after. He was pretty into cars and I can recognize and name almost anything over 20 years old, especially American. Did you know that Mustang and Corvette actually made station wagons? I have to give some links for this one because it's so unbelievable but I encourage everyone to look up any effect that I mention and not just take my word for it.
https://goo.gl/images/DhhEZr Corvette Sportwagon
https://goo.gl/images/uu2iBn 1973 Corvette Sports Wagon
https://goo.gl/images/9p8e9P 1967 Corvette Station Wagon
https://goo.gl/images/WEpZA7 Mustang Wagon
https://goo.gl/images/OM2E7T 1968 Mustang Station Wagon
https://goo.gl/images/LubDFw Classic used Mustang Station Wagon

Now, these might just be custom kits added to the cars but there are enough images out there, from years ago, that there is no way I wouldn't have seen this. I've asked my dad about weird cars and we talked about the best and worst Mustangs and I have never in my life seen any of these images.

The famous line from ET, "ET, phone home" is now "ET, home phone". Very wrong and weird when you actually hear it.

In The Wizard of Oz, when the wicked witch lets her flying monkeys out of their cages to fly, she says "fly my pretties, fly" right? Nope, she just says "fly, fly, fly".

In The Silence of The Lambs, when Hannibal first meets Clarice, do you know what he says to her/how he greets her? "Hello Clarice", maybe? No, he just says "Good morning". At no point in that movie does he say "Hello Clarice".

Lastly, for this post, we now have rainbow trees and rainbow mountains. The mountains are in China and the trees are grown all over. The trees are commonly referred to as Rainbow Eucalyptus. Both of these look fake but they really are real.
https://goo.gl/images/Fu3MRb Tree
https://goo.gl/images/3cxmRv Mountains

Dan Walker said...

I just found the other day in Wiz of OZ, when they're all traveling to the witch's castle, the scarecrow (who has no brain) is brandishing a pistol! I sure don't remember that when I was a kid and it also doesn't seem to fit in the movie, nor even the era of when it was made!

Blimpy Peach said...

I'm experiencing more of this effect to the point where I am seriously questioning my sanity. So if I found the vintage pictures we had in my early 20s from coca-cola would they now be in print as coca'cola? They were definitely with a dash as I used to look at them day in and day out and they are etched in my memory pretty firmly. Will have to go on a hunt for them. I will cry if they have the comma.

Joy what you say makes sense and I wonder how much déjà vu I feel could be contributed to this? I have been experiencing that a lot lately also and it's usually the most insignificant moments that are déjà vu'ing me.

A Fox said...

Yes mine changed to berenstain from berenstein, the actual old dust covered copies from my childhood that have never left my possession.

Alpha X said...

Hey Blimpy, you probably don't remember me but we've spoken a bit in the chat room thing that Lynn made. Here's a link to a site that some Youtubers have been using to check logos. Coca-Cola is spelled with a hyphen there but the images always look like an apostrophe. All true Mandela effects work like this and the site I'm linking is great for checking them. Link below v


joy said...

To Wendy Tascione.....

MERGING TOGETHER........Our string of incarnational lives , from the time we left the GREAT CENTRAL SUN, is what some refer to as LIFE STREAM. All these lives will be merged by our individuated SPIRIT,as we move towards ascension. As one lifetime is merged with the next,(two lifetimes that became one--you will notice that you are more "evolved" "wiser" "more aware" "less human".) We will maintain our individuated identity as unique CONSCIOUSNESS until we reach the ARCHANGELIC DIMENSION , or 11th DIMENSION) After that, you are ALL-THAT-IS (non-dual sun) Here,..THERE IS NOTHING THAT IS NOT YOU.

...and I can't tell you if my original hologram I was born with, has been merged with my other concurrent holograms because this is above the paygrade of my human mind...and my Spirit only provides info on "as needed" basis. I suspect each and everyone of us are furiously undergoing these mergers, the reason you see so many variations of the same incidents (MANDELA effect)

The 144,000. This is info only... These are the beings , for lack of words..these are ARCHANGELIC AND ELOHIM CLASS BEINGS that are in-charge of ascending the physical universe. PRIME CREATOR is actually an office, with several departments.
It spans the 11th ARCHANGELIC dimension and the 12th ELOHIM dimension In the 12th Dimension, it is a NON-INDIVIDUATED BEING tasked to create, animate, destroy, end a program,...such as this Universe where we are now. As 11th ARCHANGELIC Dimension, they know everything about duality....so they have incarnated in this planet to do all the endless tasks of raising the vibration of the physical matter..so it can be transmuted back to light without combusting. They're called ASCENSION SPECIALISTs in heaven.
MOST OF YOU OUT THERE ARE PART OF THIS 144,000......! you think you're just a bag of bones artfully wrapped with skin. hahhhhh........

Blimpy Peach said...

Hey buddy, of course I remember you! I haven't been on the chat for quite a while now. Thank you for the link, I will check it out!

The enlightened one said...

Very interesting subject Lynn, but your reading was somewhat confusing and unclear grammatically speaking. For example, I don't understand "what we find with we do research and fact find".

By the way, have a look at this google trends graph.
The mandela effect has literally exploded the past couple of years.

Ma'at said...

What Sean Nash said about the slinky effect, I would ditto. I have been experiencing this for decades, but it is accelerating. However, I do not see it ameliorating. It is going to get "worse" as in more pronounced, with many people experiencing multiple realities and slips more often. This is going to make some people feel like they are experiencing schizophrenia, but that is also their life choice. There are no victims.

We haven't psychologically matured in 2000 years, and in the Western world, we have regressed. This coupled with these evolved experiences is going to create some really harsh problems, especially in the US where we are most resistant to changes, and susceptible to persistent delusions.

But, as a species in this timeline, we have made this choice. There is no alternative reality to this big one, except to terminate it--end the experiment. That may yet happen. There are forces that would rather this occur. The PTW do not want this to happen, and I do not think we as evolving being want it to occur either. In this, we can ally with the PTW if they will agree to cede power--their time is past. Otherwise, the "end of the worlders" will see their ambitions coming. That would suck. Let's not go there.

We are going to see more and more of these changes, whether we want to or not. The Zeitgeist that put Trump into power has more startling things to show us. Stay open. Stay calm. Keep your wits about you. Make a game of "Eye Spy" out of it. See how many you can spot, and keep a record on facebook. That would be fun!

whitelite 1111 said...

This must be the topic for me today to ponder because I just finished watching a channeling and the topic was soul families. My question to the spirit was when your soul is split into all of these other lives, do you ever see or feel the you in the other lives. The answer was yes and it is called deja vu. So then I was thinking maybe this is why we are experiencing these differences in spelling, etc because time is linear. This is all very interesting!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Again, thanks so much for the comments. This topic is SO interesting!!! You have all made me think a lot on this!!

Buddhist Lady said...

Refreshing conversation! Brought to mind the old phrase "May you live in interesting times," since, apparently, we have all so chosen.

I like this quote, where the sentiment is expressed the best:

Robert Kennedy, 1966 speech:

"There is a Chinese curse which says “May he live in interesting times.” Like it or not, we live in interesting times. They are times of danger and uncertainty; but they are also the most creative of any time in the history of mankind."

Sean Nash said...

Someone mentioned Deja vu,

Recall the scene where Neo comes upon the room where he meets the creator of the Matrix -the Architect. When Neo walks in and sees himself on the hundreds of TV screens replaying his exact moment of his now moment repeated hundreds of times? He says to himself something like," I feel weird, like I have been here before". He woke up from the matrix and therefore the matrix was dissolved. The creator says to the Oracle woman, "I will just create another one". This is a good example of the slinky effect (or Deja Vu) I mentioned and the collapsing of Time- raising one's vibration and frequency . Past, present and future merge. This is not so much about memory but more so to say remerging in our awareness, membership of One-ReMember. The Nelson Mandela Effect really is about Freedom. It is not that we forgot or can't remember clearly, is that we disconnected. We raise our vibration ,which is consciousness and reconnect .We ascend rather than go to the grave. Therefore, no grave(ty) but ascend to the 5th Density (Dimension) and we will all float in joy. HAHA. 5th Dimension (Density)=less gravity. I wonder if this is what the mystery is of the vanishing populations in history around the world where only the abandoned cities remain-ascended to the 5th?

Yes, 1987 was an EQ ( Energy Quantity) marker. Every 25 years this happens. 25 years from 1987 was 2012, the next one is 2037. Less gravity shorter timeline.

Nice too read everyone's shares.

whitelite 1111 said...

Sean Nash, so the slinky effect would mean then that when we are having deja vu, all of our other selves are having it as well at that same moment. Wild!

Sean Nash said...

To Whitelite,

Essentially yes, at their moment in time. Time is such a complex structure of understanding from our 3d/4d frequency of cause and effect. I have a heck of a time putting the information in a compartmental box for myself to ground the information when connected to my higher self lol. When my past self visited me to my now self and when I experience my other known incarnation I just put it all in a drawer ,so to speak, closed it many years ago. Someone asked me what did I learn from that experience of past self to current self. One of the points of that purposed was to wake me up and show me the truth of things and to inspire me along my path.

This subject and concept of time is now being very much discussed and is of the forefront in many messages and teachings of people that have blogs that share insights, channeling messages ect. I can see it everywhere. As I had said previous in a comment , we (souls) have come from the future frequency to the frequency of this past now to change what happened in this time frequency. Confusing I know . We did it! We did it! We succeeded in that fundamental goal! So, now it looks a bit chaotic. By changing the time experience at the past we changed the experience going forward in the future experience. Confusing, sure is. So , now everyone is starting to consciously think and be different than they were patterned because the frequency has changed to a higher frequency. This will create a diminishing experience of Deja Vu! Because we changed the future-Now and therefore all is a new pattern! It sure looks chaotic in our world. Time has changed.

wendy tascione said...

Amazing thank you!!!!!!

Mark Noeth said...

Thank you for the reading... These effects are an interesting distraction.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Well... in your reality was Eric Stoltz Marty McFly in "Back to the Future," or was it Michael J. Fox?

Meng Yew said...

Hi Lynn, I'm experiencing something that I'm not sure happened, and I hope you could shed some light for me. Thank you. About two months ago, when I first heard about Mandela Effect, I type "Coca Cola" in Google search, and I remember clearly that all the search results came back as "Coca'Cola", and there was nowhere I could see "Coca-Cola". And then, when I told my father about this, I also showed him a Sprite can with Coca'Cola, not Coca-Cola. However, now I see everything is "Coca-Cola", no matter in Google search results, soda cans, everything. Now it seems that I can't find "Coca'Cola" anymore. My queation is: Do I remember wrongly what I saw as "Coca'Cola"? Kindly let me know what you see is happening for me? Your help is greatly appreciated.

Lander Seven said...

My Reply is for Meng Yew: What you experienced was real and here is the proof. https://thinkonyourownblog.wordpress.com/2017/01/22/how-does-the-mandela-effect-relate-to-you/

Meng Yew said...

Thank you Lander Seven. I read the post on the website you provided. However, I still don't get the answer specific to my question about Coca Cola. Let me ask it another way: Do most of you see Coca Cola now (in actual bottles, cans, banners, logos, billboards, etc.) as Coca'Cola or Coca-Cola? Thank you.

Lander Seven said...

Meng you may be seeing a reverse Mandela Effect since there is no record of Coca-Cola. This happened once before with the Appolo 13 statement. I remember a dash but I can't find the dash anywhere. Please check again and let me know if you can find the dash now.

Meng Yew said...

Hi Lander, thanks, but I still see it with a dash when I googled it. I have taken some screenshots. How do I share the photos with you?