Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Role of the Millennials and Generation Z in France's Riots

Q. I have an odd question, Lynn. I've just finished reading "Large-Scale Riots Continue in France for 4th Straight Night" and a question arose in my mind. Isn't this age group defined by terms like "starseed," "indigo," "crystal children," and so forth? Is the population of (probably) younger Millennials and Generation Z equally split between spiritually adept and the "lukewarm" some have said will remain on a 3D Earth for another major cycle after the final completion of the Ascension process? This age group appears to constitute very violent groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, European African immigrant groups, etc. What's the dynamic here? How do you see their respective roles playing out? 

A.  When I tune into the special beings, the starseeds, indigo and crystal children, I don't see them as the portion of millennials that are filled with hate, but they the balance to the hate groups.  Even though these genuine special beings may get confused and wrapped up in these groups (because they are open minded and free thinking), they don't carry a hateful vibe.  A starseed, indigo and crystal child will not feel right or feel they belong in a group filled with anger, and I don't see them staying.

There is a portion of millennials (good portion) that is being swayed by the media through emotional tugs to join (what appears on the outside) to be a meaningful group.  Many of these groups (like Antifa) are hateful, and promote exactly what they claim to protest.  All of this labeling and anger creates division which is exactly how the PTW (Powers That Were) want it to be.  Agendas are being cultivated as we continue to divide, and the anger forms a smoke screen to allow the PTW to sculpt society into what they want.  They are emasculating men, breaking down the families and forcing people to live submissively (and if you speak out or make an observation you are labeled).  

There is also another (unexpected) role of these groups and people too.  I see these groups escalating to the point where there is an uprising.  Humans, by nature, can only be controlled so much.   People opposing these groups realize what is happening, and go in defense mode.  Something drastic needed to happen for change to occur, and this is the fuel.  I then hear the quote by Edmund Burke "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

People living in a vibe of division that cannot free think and begin to question things do feel doomed to remain on the 3D earth (through at least another incarnation). Ascension and various phases of ascension are constantly occurring.  I see that if you aren't ready to ascend this time around, you don't have to wait several incarnations or cycles to get there.  Maybe you are ready the next time you are here. You may not be ready in this life, but you could experience a lot of growth in a future life (or lives) that makes you ready for the next step.    

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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mycale said...

I think your blogs are very interesting. To me it always seems like we're pretty much screwed though, since it's not that often I read the positive factions actually gaining ground. It's more like the PTW overall scoring most of the points and having society as their playground, more or less, still.

I like reading Benjamin Fulford because there's positive news over there, but I don't know how accurate or sincere he is as a source. There are other sources with mostely positive news and I think on some you made a reading like Corey Goode and David Wilcock.

Though I'd say if you feel like it, if you get something positive, post it, unless at the moment it is really that gloomy.

But otherwise awesome blog. I love the readings about mysterious stuff.

jetpakrat said...

After three plus years of regular reading of this phenomenal blog with its intellectually refreshing reoccurring commenters I'll take this chance to chime in.

It seems to me that Lynn (thank you and much love for the constant effort you pour into this) calls 'em as she sees 'em-literally.
We have been controlled, manipulated and suppressed for so long that I'm sure a lot of her/the info that comes through would have to appear as "downer" observations. The PTW (the WERE part being so essential-it takes away their illusion of power) have called the shots forever.

Being raised and trying to live as an open loving Christian (don't think that the hypocrisy and control of organized religion is lost on me) I have studied and lifelong expected the coming apocalypse (change, shift, event-pick your phrase). This blog has given me hope and opened my eyes and mind to the limitless possibility that is SourceGod and the ultimate number one power that is love (the true teachings of Christ). Choosing to almost think of it radiating from my heart as a Care Bear Stare or even Little Nicky power of good-two obscure dated references I'm sure. Even though I have "felt" and knew this from my beginning she has expanded and confirmed my gut instincts and thoughts.

Do not doubt that good will triumph and we shall finally see everything transformed for the greater good. Positive intention and belief are more important than most realize. We can do this-and will! :D

Many thanks also for the wit and insight of Dada and leading me to the Cats.

P.S. To the one that had commented on the drought reading a couple days back-Lynn can't asses and report on events truthfully if she omits info about the PTW. I truly believe they are the cause or contributor to 90% of the world's ills.

Love will conquer ALL.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@mycale: Thanks for the suggestion. I like doing positive posts as well. I try to change it up based on the questions people submit, and I know it can feel heavy at times (I have a moral obligation to myself to share what ever truth- even negative- I get). I will look for some positive things on my blog requests. :-)

@jetpakrat: Thank you so much for the kind words. I do report the good, bad and ugly. Truth does set you free and the PTW are slowly coming to an end. xoxo- Lynn

Buddhist Lady said...

Thank you so much for this reading, Lynn.

@mycale. I recently found myself in a "Dark Night of the Soul" feeling exactly what you describe: the Globalists were winning; humanity was losing. Coupled with a burgeoning claircognizance (I didn't want), I would unexpectedly and randomly feel/sense/understand what others did simply by encounter. When the story involved child trafficking, I fell into Kierkegaardian angst. I felt powerless. I felt angry. I felt no energy/will to live. I wanted out. Enough was enough.

My Guardians/Higher Self kept a dialogue I read several years ago in my mind. I looked it up. The "Hidden Hand" (HH) dialogue from Above Top Secret forum October 2008. He describes his "Family" as off-planet lineage with groups like Bilderbergs not of their lineage. Bilderbergs are their enforcers.

His answers to questions paralleled "The Law of One (Ra)" material almost letter for letter. He related that his 6D Family, Lucifer, is a Creator group parallel to Yahweh Creator here on Earth. Yahweh created a Paradise, a benign dictatorship, causing those who incarnated to advance very little to Source reunification/realization. Yahweh asked for help of the 9th Council. Lucifer "Soul Memory Complex" is not the devil. Lucifer entity had the option, at 6D, to proceed up. They willingly devolved to 3D (Buddhism = Bodhisattva) to instigate the most profound evil to spur Earthean souls toward Godhood, Supreme Love, Greatest Wisdom/Compassion. Indeed, look at early meanings (Greek, Sumerian) for Lucifer: Light-bearer; the Morning and Evening Star.

They provide the catalyst for humans to evolve and desire Source consciously, with full knowledge of the opposite: forgetfulness of Oneness; belief in Separation; loss of Love. We are Free Will.

How do we each evolve in our personal lives? Usually, when a strong "hurt" or unsettling motivation prompts us. Otherwise, we don't want to look at the darkness within our own lives or souls. When life is "easy" and "no problem," we tend to drift.

Perhaps his story is a fairy tale. It resonated strongly with me. I had experienced an illuminated insight of opposites as "two sides to one coin" thru Buddhist practice/Hathorian all his info provided revelation for me. So...I'm saying "positive/negative," I think, involves interpretative "understanding." How do you view the Grand Illusion? Just a thought. I could be wrong. But, now, I See The Dawn and am profoundly grateful.

King of Pentacles said...

Dear Friends; just like to add a comment as well. I remember how difficult it was to find any alternative literature in the 80's and 90's; it was almost nonexistent whereas today; wow what a difference - and your blog Lynn certainly kicks a**. Information is there for those who wants it. For my own part I realised in 2004-5 that 911 was a lie (yes I was slow). I did more digging and did not like what I saw. I really had moments of fear, and had to take a break. It was just too much. I looked at my family and friends, and I thought that OK, maybe I should just forget about it before I get crazy. Anyway 2017 was a turning point for me, I had this strong feeling that WE ARE WINNING. Armageddon is not around the corner; yes the punch bowl is empty in the West and we must deal with that but it will not be a Wile E. Coyote moment, I feared years ago.

Kalamota Kook said...

A very interesting reading and topic, and also some great comments too. I think I asked something similar a year or two back about the rise of religious fundamentalism in Europe. I wondered what the waves of awakening energies were doing to those who leaned towards the darkness and density, and whether they'd wake up. I'll have to go and re-read the reading.

If the earth is now splitting between the two paths, then those choosing 3D / darkness are going to be creating ever crazier havoc for themselves. But the light is so much stronger now. It is winning. There's a political #walkaway movement gaining momentum. The Thai cave rescue felt like a miracle of love and international co-operation. These are the energies made real.

England have just lost their first World Cup semi final in a generation. English football has been so long associated with egos, shambolic performances, hooligans and aggression and bad attitudes. What's happened in this tournament has been an astonishing transformation into civility, honour, humility, integrity, emotional intelligence (and hearing so many commentators and MSM types reference the latter is surreal in itself), a willingness to learn, a respect for the opponent, a sense of perspective.

If you're not into football this might sound OTT, but over here the manager responsible for that transformation seems like an agent of the enlightened energies, and there will be a ripple effect in the population. He's just imprinted those values onto the minds of millions of children. He's been on the Hero's journey himself and has come back to work a kind of healing magic on the national psyche. At the same time, our government has been disintegrating into even more catastrophe. There you have the two worlds, side by side. Sorry to go on about football but it has been a cultural phenomenon.

That's just one example, but I think it shows the light is infiltrating all kinds of surprising arenas. The divide is showing up very clearly.

I really started to write just to tell people that this week we start another round of eclipses. The one in a couple of days involves Pluto (the USA is having its Pluto return) and things are going to be very dramatic. Trump is coming over to the UK on the eclipse day. Drama is guaranteed! But really, keep the faith friends, the darkness is darker and the lightness is lighter, and for those who are firmly on the right path, there is nothing to fear.

Denise Christensen said...

Great comments everyone--thanks for sharing.

@Kalamota Kook--I agree, the Thai cave rescue felt like a miracle and a reminder of what is possible when we come together in love.

Also want to encourage everyone to check out the #walkaway movement. If you're feeling discouraged, I think the personal testimonies of people who are walking away from the division, hatred and lies will buoy your spirits.

Robert Schoen said...

This is just a continuation of earlier revolutionary movements with romantic goals oof changing the world like the Red Brigade and Bader Meinhof, where young people seek to change the injustices they see everyday by the only means they think they can accomplish it. Young people have always fought the wars,or have been passionately against them, motivated by idealism. There is a romance of being revolutionary, but when the revolution is reactionary lead by young souls with rigid midse fed selective disinfo or manipulated by those that want to exploit their passion and energy for their own agendas they end up fighting for it just adds to the problems of the world instead of changing things.

The sad thing is that while this generation is glued to their cell phones, they don't avail themselves to all the information out there that could really inform them past the propaganda and mind control media, and they only rely on Antifa's or whatever other group's cell peer reinforcement for guidance letting others do their thinking for them.

Watchand Knock said...

"People living in a vibe of division that cannot free think and begin to question things do feel doomed to remain on the 3D earth". Unfortunatelly, constructive criticisism is not always welcomed by self declared highly evolved persons... ;)

Kalamota Kook said...

I wonder if anyone saw the footage of Jean-Claude Juncker staggering about at the NATO summit? His alcoholism has been whispered about for years. But when they said the PTW were going to collapse, I didn't realise it would be so literal! He can't keep up the facade anymore. None of them can. This weekend's going to be powerful.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for all the comments!

@Kalamota: I did not see that, but I will try to find it on YouTube (if it hasn't been taken down). Thanks for sharing!!

Watchand Knock said...

Are there also self-declared evolved intuitives which are not Trump supporters?

Cheryl said...

There are many videos out there showing the drunk EU leader. Here's one:

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Watchand Knock: When people develop intuition they can be very gifted, but maybe stay away from all things political (choose not to go there b/c it is a low vibe topic at times). I don't see that you have to be a Trump supporter to be an intuitive, but if you support someone that is teamed with the PTW such as his opponent, I would question it and be open minded enough to hear their thoughts or perspective.