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Random Group Posting (Cancer, Quartz Crystal, Saints, Great Recession and Coincidences)

(I thought it would be fun to pull some questions from my email.  I hope to enjoy the range of topics.)
Q. Hello Lynn, Cancer is widespread and debilitating and its genuine cure has been suppressed. This horrible disease appears to be on the rise and some of my friends are sufferers. A dear friend who is experiencing the same among her friends wrote to me recently and asked ‘Why are so many ‘good young people’ getting cancer at this time? 

I spoke of the 'threat' of the shiny ones and tall poppies standing out from the crowd, chemtrails, and toxic food additives yet these are super clean-living women, health conscious and in the natural healing professions with extensive self-knowledge. 

I’d be pleased if you could shine a light on what appears to be a rise in cancer and possibly your recommendations for treatment.

A. (As always, I need to disclose I have not studied medicine, and everything I get is from an intuitive perspective.)

When I tune into this, I see a lot of factors go into the rise of cancers.  Living "clean" (food and habits) is a great first line defense against cancers.  The challenge is our bodies are bombarded from every angle.  There is pollution in our air (chemtrails and other pollutants) and our food.  Even when we are "clean" our immune systems are constantly under attack.  

Continuous "waves" are also coming to and through us.  Microwaves, EMF, Wifi, etc are always in motion.  Not only do the environmental toxins (that can become internal through food or even breathing) interfere with healthy cell regeneration, the invisible toxins (in the form of various "waves") beat down our immune system giving opportunity for cell mutations.  

Our bodies are brilliant and try to constantly self heal by either excreting or encapsulating toxins and free radicals within our fat. When I bodies cannot keep up with the toxins and free radicals, cancer can form. 

In addition to "clean" living, one of the single most things you can do is drink LOTS of water to provide your body a way to flush out what is not serving it well. The second is to address things that cause inflammation, and avoid those things (I see sugar as the main contributor). Every time I focus on the topic of cancer I see dandelions (specifically the yellow flowering part)- I get there is something significant in consuming these in a natural, pure form (and there is some anti-cancer / detox property tied to them).

To admit the root cause (sugars, high fructose corn syrup, chemtrails, "waves," etc) would mean there are some powerful people (PTW / Powers That Were) that would stand to loose LOTS of money correcting the issue, so it is easier to fix the problem.  Additionally, providing a cure (especially if it is modifications in diet and holistic means) generates less revenue than offering long, enduring treatments.  

[I've done a lot readings on the topic, and attached the links to a few.  You may be interested:

Additionally, on a personal note, reading the book, Medical Medium, opened my eyes to a new world on health and healing through food.  I did an intensive reading on it as well and included the link in case you are interested:

Q. Would you do a general reading on Judy at the YouTube channel Quartz Crystal?  At first I resonated with her thoughts on the Matrix, but further information began to feel tedious and a bit excessive filled with pleas for financial contributions.

A.  When I tune into her, I get she has a good message, but something within her feels very off balance.  She initially had a desire to share her knowledge, but her desire for compensation is starting to shift something.  Her donation site states:  
"GREETINGS! This is a way for you to say "THANK YOU" with your Gift of Appreciation and should be given with NO EXPECTATION of receiving anything from me. It is a Gift from you!
When I read the above, I felt and saw a lack of gratitude and appreciation for her following. (Looks like her passion turned into her job).  My heart was heavy for those who wanted to support her, but were persuaded not too if they could not afford $25 per month.  A dollar from some may feel like $20 from another (and thanks should be given to all those willing and able to support, even if the support comes in the form of kind words).  

Q. You know, sometimes we find ourselves going down the wrong path and it's difficult to find an example of light, love and compassion. Because of this, I suggest you to do a reading about Saints.

I am sure a lot of people would like to know more about their lives. I can give you an example.  Paramahansa Yogananda, Amma, Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, etc... are people who lived a very earthly life, but were connected to the Light.  If you tune into Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, or any other saint, I would like to know: Who was she? Why did she come to Earth? How she became illuminated? How she lived? What she wanted to teach us?  Thank you. I hope you find this topic interesting.
A.  This is interesting and there is SO much beautiful energy surrounding this topic.  I will focus on Saint Therese of Lisiux as I proceed.  Initially, I am overwhelmed with the image of white light.  It is warm and full of love, like I'm being hugged by it.  

I see this angelic presence emerge from the light, and get this is her.  She was in spirit as a guide prior to her 3D incarnation and understand that many Saints that incarnate into the 3D were once guides in spirit as well.  I am being told that in spirit there are rankings and guides ascend just as people do in the 3D.  Sometimes during the spiritual ascension process, beings need to live a 3D life to continue to progress.  Therese needed to be on earth to help convey the message and reveal the empowering emotion of forgiveness and love (which is the highest vibrational emotion).  That 3D lessen was her mission to be able to ascend further in spirit.

Q. Hi Lynn,   I've been reading off/on for a number of years now and always find such interesting correlations between your posts, my view on current events, and my own spiritual journey. Thanks for sharing all you have!

I believe there's a chance you've covered similar questions around the topic but in the middle of my macroeconomic studies I found myself very struck by the significance of the year of The Great Recession.

Was this time relevant as it relates to convergence or divergence from previous timelines? For me personally I have such a significantly different perspective on my life leading up to and since that year, but very specifically on a spiritual and vibrational level. I perceive many people currently and previously in my life so differently and am always drawn back to that time as a sort of crossroads.  Thanks in advance for any attention to the subject and for all that you're doing!
A. I get in our lives we have things in our path that create triggers for us.  These triggers can evoke emotion, inspire action or expand thoughts. The trigger can be unique for you (more of a personal or private trigger) or create a shift in a group within the collective conscious.  

The Great Recession was a big trigger within the collective.  It opened many eyes to politics and how certain entities control the market.  Prior to this people enjoyed the ease of getting credit, and low interest rates, but when the bubble burst and spiraled into a recession, it opened many eyes to the real manipulation that was taking place.  That eye opening further created other opportunities to uncovered other wrongdoings that were happening. This, then further created a big shift in consciousness that you and others experienced.

Q. Are there any coincidences?  Thank you.
A.  I hear "there are no coincidences, but rather synchronicities."  Things happen because they need to, whether or not they make sense.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Suz Nagel said...

Another way that cancer builds in the body is negative emotions that turn poisonous

Portis said...

Great readings, Lynn, as always. Might be good to do a whole sessions devoted to cancer treatments, if cures are not available.

On the Great Recession, I'm seeing a lot of references to it having been more of a
"controlled demolition" by certain parties of the economy, who benefited from the recession, rather than a "naturally occurring" downturn.


Robert Schoen said...

In Lynn's advice to drink lots of water to eliminate toxins, I would recommend looking up the benefits of distilled water, which is pure of any additives and free of the positive magnetic charge found in other waters that make toxins cling to the body rather than expelling them. You can find water distillers on ebay for as little as $60 dollars and they are a good investment.

The "Great Recession" was Bush's parting shot that introduced Obama, a CIA groomed politician who out-Bushed "W" in warmongering, corruption and secret globalist agendas. The choice between him and McCain was no choice at all except to give his supporters the illusion things would be moving in the right direction. The real awakening is yet to come and a lot of good things are already happening behind the scenes that we are only getting a glimmer of. Maybe the Q anon sweep of the deep state is part of the energy leading up to "The Event."

Bill Ramirez said...

"I am being told that in spirit there are rankings..." I love this one...
like toys for Christmas... the look on their faces..priceless
If we pour water from a pitcher to fill 3 cups of various size's , then pour the water back into the same pitcher. does the water from the biggest cup return to the pitcher think to itself i am greater or less then? (of course it does) as it fills the pitcher it cant then separate itself from the rest of pour the same pitcher back into the ocean..(giggle)... or pour is back into the cups again..

raindrops in a sky - the big adventure

shh... don't wake up

its not Christmas yet.. few more hours

Raymond said...

I wonder if the Saints that have been worshiped came here with that mission or if they earned the love from the deeds and sacrifices they did while on Earth.

I knew dandelions were edible but I did not know that they had any medicinal benefits.
I need to read the book Medical Medium. I have seen it referenced several times, it must be good.

Thanks, Lynn.

Bill Ramirez said...

the kid asked "how much is that doggie in the window?" lol another kid asked..who put that doggie behind that window..and another kid picks up a rock..and from behind that kid a cop taps him with his stick..and gonna have to pay for ill shut up now..

Anonymous said...

Good questions, great answers!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the great comments! Hugs-