Tuesday, February 13, 2018

What are the Real Motives?

[I know political posts can be sensitive.  The following is what I get from an intuitive perspective... *big breath*  Here we go...]
Q. Hello Lynn, I often wonder about former President Obama and his "real agenda" while in the office. I'll admit I was one of the many sheep brainwashed by the liberal media and voted for him two terms. I really believed he would unite and bring positive change. Boy, we're we wrong... Luckily, as I like to joke, I saw the light, and this past election I voted for President Trump. This question is not for political agenda, but to learn the truth. 

Did Obama come into the WH with pure intentions? Or was he as many say the Manchurian candidate? Was he part of the PTW (Powers That Were) all along? He apparently has British royal blood. During his presidency I had a couple dreams about him and Michelle, and they were positive and empowering.(I had several confirmations of strong intuition, even psychic abilities). I even felt the positive change in the air. So, now I'm baffled by the ugly results of his presidency. While for the most part I'm happy with President Trump's presidency, I have absolutely no dreams about him. Can you please tap in and let us know what Obama's real motives were?
A.  When I tune into Obama I see several different aspects of him emerge.  The dominant image I see is him standing at a podium talking, but he isn't controlling what he is saying.  It is like his exterior doesn't match what his interior is doing (much like a puppet being controlled by a puppeteer).  

When he isn't on display, he looks more "complete" (for lack of a better term).  What I mean by this is he looks to have full control of himself, and a genuine, sincere personality that draws people in emerges.  

As I see this unfold, it appears that Obama was sculpted to become the president.  The PTW worked with him for years, creating the perfect candidate that they could control once he was in office.  I see him more like a spokesperson representing something bigger.  

The interesting thing is that it looks like the PTW could sort of "turn on" and "turn off" their control (almost like MK Ultra scenario), and when they turned it "off" Obama had amazing charisma, which really added to his value.  When something needed to be "done" they would turn the control "on."

Through much of his campaign, he used skills he learned in conjunction with his good people skills to win.  AFTER he won, I hear a switch was flipped, and his handlers took over.  

He did mean well when he was making his promises, but had little to no control afterward.  For that reason may Americans felt the genuine sincerity and caring when they cast their votes, but were very disappointed with the results. The PTW got what they wanted, and then began to work on their agendas.  Number one was to grow government, increase entitlements (to the point that it discouraged people from working), and keep fear alive so people would willingly give up rights.  Government was to be the hero, so it could continue to grow and grow with open arms.  

Trump is undoing the framework that they PTW spent several years laying, and they are furious (hence the emergence of groups founded on hatred and indignant emotions).  Hillary was to continue the legacy, however, she was stopped in her tracks.  Whether you like or dislike Trump, he went against some of the most powerful people in the world and won.  Please focus some positive energy his way to allow him the power and ability to expose and overcome the PTW.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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East Asian said...
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Robert Schoen said...

I must be getting psychic in that my post from the day before could have been written for today's reading and pretty much summed up what Obama turned out to be. Speaking of synchronicity, both Obama and Sarah Palin emerged on the scene virtually at the same time and they both were equally dangerous phonies. While I hated "W" the same way many now feel about Trump, After a year or so, I came to regard Obama as a completely irrelevant front man and every time I saw him,The Who's song, "We won't be fooled again..." played in my head and I could only watch him for a few seconds before turning it off.

It's pretty ironic that we as Americans can look down on the people of other countries like North Korea as puppets fooled by their corrupt leaders when we're pretty good at being fooled ourselves. I think a lot of people welcomed the chance to support Obama as a way to affirm that prejudice was a thing of the past and yet racial tensions became more polarizing and a negative political issue under his eight years.

Congrats on the 5 million views mark, Lynn!

Portis said...

What "mechanism" would have been involved in this control? And who in the Administration would have been his handler, as I'm assuming someone would have been there to tell Obama what to do and say, in much the way that Sidney Blumenthal was HRC's handler.

Unknown said...

It's funny to me how people zero in on Obama. As if corruption began with him. And is gonna end with savior Trump. I guess we'll see about that.

Watchand Knock said...

Sorry but we would like to see you disclose what´s actually your bold opinion, and what you get from your psychic ability?! Our feeling is that this is just a real mélange!

Denise Christensen said...

Lynn's reading reflects my own impression of Obama although I was duped as well in the beginning into thinking he was genuine and not simply another puppet.

To respond to the original questions posed to Lynn, I think that much of the positivity that the masses were experiencing back then was a result of the brainwashing campaign of the PTW. If there's one thing the Trump presidency has made clear, it's that we are easily manipulated in our emotions and behaviors, and our perceptions of reality are mostly a construct designed by those who control the message. So much so that half of us view Trump as evil and the other half as savior (oversimplifying of course). As a result during Obama's two terms, many of us began to feel a growing disconnect between what we believed was Obama's genuine goal for America and the truth. The empowering dreams that many experienced while in dream state were undoubtedly the result of their own inner yearnings more than a subconscious tapping into Obama's true character. My "bold" (and perhaps wrong) impression of Obama is that he truly loves adulation and comes most alive when he is in the public sphere of adoring masses and is allowed to be himself (which is a charismatic, smooth-talking entertainer). My attitude now is that Obama sold himself (and sold out America) and let himself be used as a pawn by the PTW for accolades, power and money. Now I believe he will end up paying the consequences for the fraud he perpetrated on essentially the world. It will be a sobering wake up call for the rest of us to stop our continuous addiction to celebrity worship. It is time for each one of us to realize that we are all powerful and worthy of esteem regardless of our position in society.

Although this is a harsh assessment of Obama's personality and expression in this lifetime, I think perhaps on a deeper level (soul plane), we can view Obama as a great being who has elected to assist in the great awakening of so many by utilizing his talents for persuasion and seduction.

Robert Schoen said...

Not to belabor a point, a big problem is that people don't take the trouble to get informed outside of the CIA controlled corporate media. You don't need a psychic to tell you what the truth is if you can get past tribal loyalty, do the research and see the whole two party system is just a game to keep people from working together for collective betterment. Trump is much more of a Democrat as far as reaching out to working class concerns while the Demos in name only take on an almost Taliban-like intolerance to anything contrary to what they espouse, which is completely different from their own traditional principals. Obama was just a puppet continuation of the Bush regime, and a lot of people will refuse to see that or admit they could be wrong. Their hate and anger to Trump is completely misdirected. Behind the scenes, Trump is getting rid of or forcing out lots of corrupt Republicans while the Demos cling to sleazy spokesmen like Adam Shiff and Maxine Waters.

The corruption and deep state craziness Trump is fighting has been part of our country since its founding. The Rothschild's bankrolled the American Revolution, Civil War, both World Wars, and even own or call the shots of the Federal Reserve. Our whole country is built around Masonic and Illuminati Symbology reflecting who the real leaders have been all along. There is great article that explains how the Statue of Liberty, the supposed symbol of welcoming immigrants, is really a depiction of Attis, the "wife" of Baal, who was a man who died cutting off his penis and was brought back to life as the god of sun and crops. If you study the "torch" you can it even looks like he's holding up his chopped off member! This is mystery school cult worship going back to the Egyptians. You can't make this stuff up!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Portis: Oddly, I see HE has some kind of Russian connection?? It was as if he was being sculpted (and agreeing to the "sculpting") but there was a lot of subliminal things that occurred and promises of power.

@Unknown: Corruption in one form or another has been going on for decades and centuries. Trump isn't the savior, but he is the one thing (in a long time) standing up to what has been going on.

@Watch andknock: I'm sorry if I came across unclear. To be clear, I get that Obama was a good person, good candidate and possessed all the qualities of being able to get elected, but yet weak enough to be controlled. He used many of his positive qualities to earn trust (and votes). Once he got elected, some other entity (the PTW) took control of him to allow him to reinforce agendas. The control looked (in my mind's eye) similiar to an MK Ultra effect.

Denise and Robert: Thanks for the comments! Many well said points!!

min said...

Nepotism, Russia hacking, Money Laundering, corruption with Trump and republican senate. The writing is on the wall. Yet your still Pro Trump. So disgusting!

Buddhist Lady said...

Lynn! Conrats on 5 million views!!!

Fascinating post!! I never liked Obama. I always had a feeling that he was terribly scripted, and I felt that Oprah (a dangerous woman because of her ignorance + power + money) pushed an unqualified, unprepared man into the spotlight for national leadership. (Although I do like their portraits.)

I don't know if you will check back again, Lynn, but I wonder why those in power want to discourage people from working. Because with entitlement programs growing so rapidly and our national debt (already 22 trillion) skyrocketing again with proposed infrastructure programs and increased military spending, the U.S. is extremely weak financially. Some "big businesses" have made a "show" of paying bonuses as soon as the corporate tax cuts passed. Of course, they will reap huge profits (beyond our limited ability, probably, to even comprehend), and the bonuses are miniscule compared to the amount they will gain through decreased taxes.

I also wonder about the people who supported Obama. Those people, particularly African Americans and white liberals like Ellen Degeneres, continue to adore him although he consented to topple Gaddafi, ruin Libya (according to "Elite" agenda to protect the U.S. dollar), illegally enter Syria, continue funding/CIA directing ISIS, etc. People continue to wear their blinders refusing to look squarely at any situation involving Obama. Could this refusal reflect a mind control mechanism in place? Through the TV as the Pleiadians suggest? (I don't watch the Olympics...but on the local news, I saw a picture of the Opening Ceremonies with the big light shining up top...so Illuminati. I guess anything on TV can "spellbind" people.)

I wish I could feel good about Trump. I had a private communication long ago which implied that he's a hybrid, which surprised me. I honestly have no idea.

My local news channel two days ago actually announced that a Grand Minimum will occur by 2050. My local news channel!!! And we know that the PTW have authorized the release of the info. (Weather forecasters and meterologists have been required for years by the federal government to sign nondisclosure agreements which preclude them from pointing out unusual and bizarre weather manipulations.) I suspect the Elite has long known of an impending Mini Ice Age and have compounds prepared in the Southern Hemisphere for escape...which is why they're going for broke...maybe they don't care if they strip and topple the U.S. government leaving a government unable to meet national emergencies or fund entitlements.

The idea that Obama was inculcated with MK Ultra-style programming, though, is frightening. Flip a switch. The Pleiadians pointed out in Marciniak's books that mind control is rampant and will become more so.

The enlightened one said...

Concerning the Russian ties of Obama, it is very much true! According to filmmaker Joe Gilbert, the pornography maker Frank Davis was the father of Barack Obama. Frank Davis made porn-films in which Obamas mother, a prostitute participated. The reason he said he was from Kenya was to hide his upbringing with a prostitute mom and pornography making communist father. Joe Gilbert claims that Obama's father Frank Davis moved to Hawaii on direct orders from Kremlin, to try and take over it's government.

Stanley, the grandfather of Obama, who was a friend of his father Frank Davis, was also a self-proclaimed CIA-agent.

Some people also say Obama was involved in time travel research as a traveller, and thus saw himself become president in the future. That's also how the ptw knew he would become president. I believe Bill Clinton was also involved in the same time travel research.

In the 1970's Barack Obama spent a lot of time with Bill Ayers, a professor at the university of Illinois, Chicago, who was a leader of the left-wing extremist organization "Weather Underground". Obama also was a trainer for ACORN, a communist organization financed by Soros and specializing in voter fraud.

Btw, Clinton and Obama both have the similarity that if you add together the year, month and day of their respective birthday, it adds up to 1973 in both cases.
Obama: 1961 + 8 + 4 = 1973
Clinton: 1946 + 8 + 19 = 1973.

Also notice how the day number of Clinton's birthday (19) is the two last digits of Obamas birth year (61) , turned 180 degrees. Coincidence or not, quite interesting, isn't it?


Denise Christensen said...

@Buddhist Lady - if I may add my 2 cents worth--an unemployed population dependent on entitlement programs is easier to control. The deep state government can determine/direct behavior of its obedient citizens by withholding funds at any time, or make promises of more handouts in exchange for their votes. The skyrocketing debt is of course the inevitable outcome of the debt-based banking system that the PTW have designed and used to control countries and keep them at war. For them, the debt is merely digits on a screen while they hold the real wealth of resources and gold. I think it is a pragmatic decision on Trump's part to try and direct some of the money (much spent to advance interests in foreign countries) towards infrastructure and back into the pockets of average US citizens. The debt can never be repaid but that's okay. There will eventually be an agreement made between countries with some sort of currency reset. However, there is still such a thing as a real economy where people produce goods for real market demand. This is what will keep people fed at the end of the day. Many people don't trust Trump's tax cuts but if you've ever owned a business, you're likely to see his plan in a more favorable light.

I'm also curious about those who have so adamantly supported and admired Obama (as well as Hillary) such as Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah. I think I've come to the conclusion that they are in the pockets of the PTW and they benefit greatly by being on board with their agenda. And of course they're also brainwashed. And I agree that mind control is a frightening reality that the PTW will try to ramp up in the days to come as they struggle to maintain control. Of course we don't have to succumb to it if we learn to protect ourselves through prayer.

The enlightened one said...


Raymond said...

How many major figures work behind closed doors to influence the president that we are not aware of? Is it 10, 30, 100?

Is it major corporate figures like Apple and Citibank or is it old world politicians like Soros, Rockefeller and major industrialists of Europe ?

Alex said...

This world is really upside-down. Obama is portrayed as the good guy and Trump as the bad guy by the media.

It's the same situation with religions, Christianity is portrayed as "god's words" whereas Buddhism which talks about reincarnation is portrayed as superstitious.

Lies and not truth do control the world.

Ryno said...

@Portis: Valerie Jarret is Obama's "handler" and Huma Abedin is Hillary Clinton's.

It doesn't seem like Obama really wants to play this "game" anymore. His twitter is barely active. I know the #resistance would like him to be their leader but he is checked out in my opinion. Anyone watch the portrait unveiling??? Looks like he was being turned on at the flip of a switch.

Man, those portraits are bad.

Unknown said...

Obama is working behind the scenes supporting the Democratic party. I don't think the media makes Trump look bad. I think his tweets, dossiers and video recordings etc do that. Paying off a porn star. A married man talking about grabbing privates. Going into the Miss Teen dressing room. Trying to ban all Muslims. Calling Mexicans rapist etc. Little things like that... Tweeting ridiculous crap. Playing golf waaaay more than Obama when he had said Obama played to much. Running up the Secret Service bill bringing diplomats to Miraloga or whatever. I could go on and on. Really great guy! Lol I'm not psychic. But I expect the economy to crash alla Bush years...in 5 4 3 2 1... Don't expect him to make America great at all. Or even to maintain the growth we managed after Bush with OBAMA. If he was MK Ultra. I'll take him back. Because I didn't have Health Insurance until he was hypnotized to provide it. Someone needs to hypnotize Trump.

wendy tascione said...

Unknown you are a troll......

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I do want thank you for the comments. I appreciate the time and energy spent in leaving your remarks. I know political posts can be a sensitive topic, and I provide what I am able to get from an intuitive perspective. I enjoy seeing the nuggets of info that come in on the comments to further make sense of what I'm seeing (and sometimes give me pause and make me think- thank you!).

I know for some Trump is a tough one to accept, but in tuning into him versus the dems, he looks much more willing to challenge the PTW. It is easy to get caught up in the media, but you cannot always believe the embellished stories they share (including the excerpts and things taken out of context). Trump is not perfect, can be a little (even a lot) unorthodox, even offensive, but his opponent (based on everything I saw, felt and heard when doing readings- not media based) should be in jail. I mean Martha Stewart went to jail for her minimal crime. Her connectedness to the PTW is what is saving her (for now). In looking at the two, do you want someone who IS willing to fight (even if it is ego driven) or someone giving the ILLUSION of a fight to further the PTW power?. I apologize for getting so personal, I just want to convey how important it is to think outside the box and not fall prey to what the media wants to think. Unless you see something for yourself, question it. Judge on your own intuition and don't form opinions because someone tells you to feel a certain way. Ok, I'm getting off my soapbox now...

PS- Happy Valentine's Day!

Buddhist Lady said...

@Unknown... "If he was MK Ultra. I'll take him back." Here's a modest suggestion. Since evidently MK Ultra and that ilk disturb you very little, why don't you volunteer for those projects? Since MK Ultra might have produced Obama to whatever degree and you like the person produced, you, too, could become a guy you like.

@Lynn...I liked you on your soapbox! Most intuitives/psychics (that I've read on web) "see" the situation exactly as you do. And, frankly, I hope all of you right.

Denise Christensen said...

@Lynn - Thanks for sharing and venting a little! I know it's frustrating for many of us who get tired of the tricks and schemes of the PTW and their media stooges. I love the open debate on this blog and enjoy reading all the diverse points of view. Hopefully each one of us will learn a little and expand our awareness.

Neeraj Chadha said...


Thanks for the reading. Is Trump fighting or challenging PTW alone? What about other world leaders - Putin (Russia), Modi(India), Xi Jinping(China)?

Thanks once again for the work which you really do. Blessings.

King of Pentacles said...


I have been reading Lada Ray's site for some time and it has given me a totally different perspective. She calls Russia "The Great Balancer", balancing West & East, and therefore in this situation "the earth shift", Russia is very important. A lot of us in the West have been brought up with Russia being the big boogeyman, in fact brainwashed. Lada Ray provides a different perspective, quite interesting.

Alex said...


China is trying to bring down the US dollar dominance but Trump won't allow that. So Trump is not on China's side too.

Erin Cheslock said...

This was an article I found quite helpful in terms of helping me understand the "big picture" from the Universe as to why it is viewed as a positive thing overall that Trump is our president, and the part he is playing behind the scenes. http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/10/28/you-asked-for-collective-evolutions-stance-on-trump-so-here-it-is/

Neeraj Chadha said...

@ Alex

You are right China along with Russia planning to take down the dollar which maybe a good thing. illusion of power will lose massive control on dollar collapse. China is about to launch petro-yuan to challenge the petrodollar:-


Zodiac Obama Forger Nancy Ruth Owens said...

Obama, whose real name is Owens, is from South Florida which is Bush's drug territory. Jerome Corsi is a disinformation agent who has been bumped up to the White House media arena. Until you face this fact, your search for truth is pointless.

You must also know that you have, for the sake of the cocaine gold, been misled about the true identity of the Zodiac Killer. Can u imagine them having to finally disclose these two truths which would also lead others to the fact that Pablo Escobar lived IN America. Not Colombia.

Why do u think there is so much renewed focus on the three individuals: Escobar, Obama, and the Zodiac Killer?