Thursday, February 8, 2018

5G The Next Best Thing... For Who?

Q. Lynn,  Please do a reading on 5G networks.  Are they as harmful as what I have seen?  Is there an agenda tied to this?  It is being sold as being beneficial, but I have read and seen otherwise.   Thank you.

A. When I tune into this, I see four major agendas emerging and they are all being funded and driven by the PTW (Powers That Were).  These agendas are being marketed under the guise of being faster, better, etc because the PTW know that wanting the fastest, newest thing is a weakness within our society.  Media (which is greatly controlled by the PTW) tells us why we need, want and deserve this technology, and after hearing and seeing it enough, many people start to believe it.

The reality of these 5G networks is they open an opportunity for greater surveillance on the population.  It looks like people on this network can be pinged and found in a moments notice.  (There may be other privacy breaches, but that was the dominant one that came forward).  

The second is the INTENSE need to lower the vibrations of our ever evolving society.  The PTW are scared, and are becoming exposed and powerless.  They are digging deep to try to do whatever they can to preserve their existence.  I hear "what cannot be done with fear, can be done with mental interference."  We are already bombarded with all kinds of EMF pollution, and for many this will be too much (lots of neurological illnesses look to emerge). 

Next is ability to create a tool that can, at a moments notice be a weapon that can work for, or against the people, depending on the need and the situation.  I hear "Marshall Law doesn't have anything on the devices that will need to be installed."  

The last thing that unfolded to me was the "unintended BENEFIT" to the PTW and their associates at making LOTS of money.  Not only are the networks expensive, but the devices attached to it will cost a premium. 

Let your intuition guide you.  If your instinct makes you question something, go with it.  There are so many times people are convinced they need something, and want it so badly they give up their rights (and sometimes health too) to have it.  Pay attention to what is being laid out for you, and consider who is really gaining from it. 

With the continued bombardment of toxins in the air, water and food, maybe consider making one room in your house a "wifi and electronic free zone" (with the exception of an alarm clock and lights).  Allow you body a chance to recover (it is a brilliant machine that strives for health, you just have to allow it the opportunity to do it's job). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Kim said...

If your PSI field is strong and impenetrable, nothing can harm you ;)

Jac JacJacqui said...

What is a PSI fiels?

How ca we have a room without all of the EMFs when they are coming at us from neighbours, towers nearby etc?

Buddhist Lady said...

I believe 5G is two pronged: 5G will injure or compromise actual DNA (breaking sequences and promoting widespread neurological damage), and CRISPR-type technologies will be used to forceably mitigate or change DNA. "They" are interested in complete control of human DNA changing the human being into whatever species is desired genetically and providing genetic material for their purposes.

Craig said...

Simon parkes has been talking about this for a while, trying to warn people. He says the 5g network is connected to a world wide satellite array ready for activation, and this involves AI , artificial intelligence, similar to skynet in the terminator film. Bad stuff. He can't say enough about the dangers of AI being used in a negative way by the psychos in charge.

On the positive side, he says we will not succumb to this in the end, as things have progressed too far in favor of the Light and that the earth is the firewall for this insideous consciousness that has been hitching a ride with different ETs as they travel the galaxies. We have help to defeat this because it has been determined that it MUST stop here or there would be dire consequences through the multiverse, it is that bad. This is what he says. Just passing this along. Listen to his latest interview from Kerry Cassidy at project Camelot

jana said...

Thanks for the reading on 5G, Lynn - was going to request this myself.

Few seem to know what's around the corner:

Good news spin from the telecome industry - what to look forward to!


Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks so much for all the sharing, comments and info. This is some scary stuff. Wouldn't it be great if we all had a Faraday cage to retreat to... :-)

Buddhist Lady said...

Craig...interesting. The Pleiadians told the same story in Marciniak's books. The beings transmitting came from far in the future where these unchecked forces were (I guess) wrecking havoc.

I like particularly the concluding three chapters from Family of Light. What is happening and will happen on planet Earth is a Legend in the Universe. Just like we have legends on Earth, this period in this galaxy in this Universe will become known by uniquely encrypted beings called Humans who will stand against the Forces of Darkness and win. Remember...the Forces of Darkness are your flip side.

The enlightened one said...

@Buddhist Lady
Do you look like your avatar image in real life?
Or is it some kind of cat costume you're wearing?

Robert Schoen said...

Yikes! Just got a new wireless dual band router with 2.5G/5G settings(using the 2.5G band) because the old one didn't reach all through the house because of thick walls. I think putting an Orgone TB or cone next to the router could help mitigate the bad effects of signal by attaching good intent. Orgone helps in other ways and some people even make stickers for your cell phone that mitigate EMF. Pendants can also offer personal protection.

The enlightened one said...

@Mr Schoen
Why install that kind of monstrosity in your home in the first place?
Tell the local electrician to get off his lazy ass and pull some cables in your home instead. Those laying cables have too little to do these days. We have to make sure they don't get used to doing nothing. They'll be needed later on when the spell that the telecom-industry has cast on the population is broken. Suddenly, all those research-papers that warned of the dangers will become intelligible instead of appearing as blank pages. I wonder how many countries that will see a revolution take place once that happens. Certainly it's quite a lot. But you have it coming to you if you lie to the people and play Russian roulette with it's lives.