Monday, February 26, 2018

Lots of Numbers.. 25,000 Year Cycle, 43rd Parallel and 1000 Point Stock Market Drop

Q. Since we are at the end of the third 25,000 year cycle, will those who need to repeat third density again reincarnate into the beginning of the first 25,000 year cycle? Meaning, will the next incarnation not be as life is now but back to prehistoric beginnings?
A.  I see time in spirit is very different from how it is in the 3D earth plane.  In spirit the past, present and future coincide.  It looks like multiple times all running in parallel, all experiencing different parts of time. Occasionally there is a "glitch" and we jump to a different timeline (based on free will, or a shift in the collective consciousness), but then end up re-syncing at some point (which is how I see the Mandela Effect experience occurring, groups remember different events in their lives very differently, and vividly).  

When we pass into spirit and chose to incarnate again, we go to where our soul is best served to learn and expand the way we need it to in order to ascend.  It doesn't have to be at a specific point in time within the earthy plane, but rather where it suits you best.  It could be prehistoric or futuristic depending on what you and your guides decide.  I hear that everyone and every soul is unique, and there are no "rules" with regard to incarnation.  It is based on a "natural progression."

I've done some work on the Mandela Effect.  The following are links to a few of my previous readings on the topic:

Q  Hi Lynn!!  Thank you for your work here on this blog! Your work has answered a lot of questions and inspired more. I am wondering what, if any, significance the 43rd Parallel may have in general, spiritually, physics-wise, matrix-wise, etc ... or if it has no significance at all? It was mentioned briefly at the beginning of this InfoWars video and then I jumped over to the wiki page that I will include below. Maybe someone else is curious too!

A. As I look at the earth, I see an overlaying grid attaching portals, and energy centers.  When I tune into this geographic zone, I do see a significance.  It has a magnetic vibe to it (I can hear the static charge associated to it), and see when many beings and ships enter through on of the many portals at the north pole (tied to the Polaris star), they are drawn to the 43rd parallel as if it is a beacon calling to them.  It looks as though there are a lot of "unexplained" behaviors tied to this latitude all across the world (citings, animal mutilations, abductions, etc).  

These "unexplained" activities, especially abductions, are not exclusive to that area, but there is a much higher concentration there.  I get that the media doesn't want to reveal the activities (you have to find the truth through alternate media sources) because they would have to disclose the ET and UFO activity behind these odd activities.  Even very documented and witnessed events in the sky are dismissed as "military exercises" or some type of weather event to keep the questions down, and create an alternate explanation (diffuse the argument).

Q. The Dow Jones has dropped over 1000 points and some financial analysts are saying that this is the start of the bear market and the next Great Financial crisis which will be worse than 2008-2009? How low will the stock market go? Will we have deflation or hyperinflation?
A.  When I look at the market, I do see a false inflation.  It looks as though those "in the know" are getting their last gains before they get out (the phrase I hear is "pump up the market and dump the shares from the top").  I see a continued fluctuation, driven by the PTW, Powers That Were, because they have lots of money, and when they combine efforts they can control a lot of the market.  They are planning to send a message to Trump to try to make him look foolish since he has pride in the economy and the state of the country.  I get the "target date" of the drop will be mid summer (I'm getting it will align with some kind of Democratic nominee "event.")  I cannot see the low point, but do get it will leave people worried and cautious. 

Please be careful, watch trends and be active in your investments.  

(I need to disclose, I have not studied finance, and this is what I see from an intuitive perspective.  Please use your own judgement when making financial decisions.)

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Karoline said...

Hi Lynn, thank you for all your wonderful readings. Do you see the house market dropping? Especially in California?

Hulsie said...

Hi Lynn, I think the person asking about the 25,000 year cycle meant something slightly different (although I may be wrong and I know it as the 26,000 year cycle). At the end of this large cycle (there are smaller cycles within the larger ones and the end of one of the last smaller one was Dec 21, 2012), the 'big harvest' is said to occur. A catastrophe happens and everything passes on. I think the question may be when we start over again will new life on earth, and therefore incarnations start from this point on, or would we still be able to incarnate into the earth we are living in now (pre-catastrophe)? (and as you say this could be present or future if that is possible)

Hulsie said...

An extension to my other post, in my research , I came across an interview with the "hidden hand" (top of the top of Illuminati, higher than the 13 families).. it is very interesting and I wonder if it is real or not.. quite long and I haven't gotten through all of it yet myself, but it talks about the 26,000 year cycle and how they are 6th dimensional light beings who agreed to come to earth to introduce polarity (negative free will choices)! This was in 2008.
Here is the link:

Hulsie said...

I meant to say the interview was in 2008.. they've obviously been around a lot longer LOL

King of Pentacles said...

Dear Lynn, can you see to where the money (including our pensions) is fleeing? Stock might have peaked and might be overvalued, but stocks are after all something tangible. If money flees into government bonds, basically debt of the broke West, is that not just as bad? After 08-09 stocks went up 300%, and a lot of us were just looking at it from the sidelines. Could that be the case again, a dump this summer, but as our currencies drops in value, the stock market bounce back again?

Buddhist Lady said...

I'm concerned, Lynn. Where I would like to move (ideally) is one of the states through which the 43rd parallel passes. And right through the part of the state where I will first look when the move comes. Is there anything you can suggest to ward off ET contact? I don't want any...good, bad, or indifferent...coming by.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@karoline: California feels sort of flat or headed that way. I don't see a huge increase or decrease.

@Hulsie: Thanks for the info. I guess when I looked at this I saw that we could jump in at any point within any cycle. There are no rules, and all time is sort of a blur in the universal perspective.

@King of Pentacles: I see after the drop a new currency will gain strength. I'm not sure that I see the stocks bouncing back that easily.. Something else feels to interfere with it.

@Budhist Lady: You can set protection (mental intent) constantly. Surround yourself with light, and make yourself something they aren't interested in. Other tools such as tourmaline, clear crystal quartz and orgonite can also be a huge benefit.

Thanks for the comments!

Neeraj Chadha said...

QHHT Practitioner Allison Coe recently uploaded video on her YouTube channel title "Before, During and After the Event - QHHT Client Sessions". Below is the link:-

Thanks Lynn for the work which you really do. Thanks once again. Blessings.


Just finished watching Allison Coe's Youtube video about the Event in March. At the end of January I had a dream about watching the full moon and a strange green fog filled the sky and rolled in and surrounded me. At first I was very frightened and then suddenly I was not frightened at all. It was a very odd dream. It was short but disturbing.

Hulsie said...

Thanks Lynn.. I just watched this youtube video about a woman who lost her son awhile back and claims to be getting telepathic messages from him from "New Earth": He says there is little time left. One day we may be sitting watching TV and the next in a healing dome (if we are not at a high enough frequency or still 'asleep') wondering what happened. It's going to some great cosmic galactic show and lots of ET's gathered around earth to protect and watch over us and to witness this Big Event.. do you see this happening soon? could be anytime now.

Juliana Miles said...

Thanks for the great reading Lynn.

Neerag Chadha..thank you for the suggestion..I watched the video and it answered so many questions for me.

Have a great day everyone!!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments! Very interesting!!

Buddhist Lady said...

Thanks to the posters who recommended the various YouTube videos! I did watch. I don't know how much I "believe," but any information or new viewpoints are always welcome and worth considering. I do appreciate this forum very much.