Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Random Sampling Short Answer (Menstruation, Moon, Animal Sacrifice, Cathars and Missing Doctors)

Q. Recently someone on Facebook I usually trust and agree with posted that menstruation is not natural and that the moon isn't either.  Can you see what you can get on this? I am baffled and intrigued!

A.  I hear "he is half right."  When a woman of childbearing age releases an egg that isn't fertilized, the body sheds the lining of her uterus (ie menstruation).  The process repeats, providing a fresh buildup every month until she has a fertilized egg implant in the uterine lining.  I hear the process is "out with the old lining, and in with the new" keeping the healthiest, freshest lining available and awaiting implantation.  Our bodies are brilliant, and menstruation serves as a natural cleansing of her womb. I get that menstrual cycles are not only natural, but a necessary part of a woman's reproductive system.

A. I have tuned into the mysteries of the moon before (I included links).  Something with the moon isn't natural.  It looks as though it was brought here with some ET guidance.  In previous readings I saw a collision with earth, and felt the debris from the collision (specifically the Pacific Ocean area) broke off to create the moon, but when I dig deeper into that image, I realize it is symbolic of the time frame of when the moon was brought here and in reality the debris from that "explosion" created the Van Allen Belt (not the moon).  These events look to happen at a relatively close time.  (Two different events, creating two different things, occurring within a close time frame)

When I focus on the moon, it looks to have entry and exit points as if there are several ET bases within it.  I always get references to the "Death Star" in Star Wars when I focus on the moon, and to some extend see that is how it was brought here (driven??).  It is as if there is a central control area inside the moon with other branches that serve as bases (this is confusing for me too).  The moon has been in our atmosphere for thousands of years, and at one time was actually closer, but fluctuation in the earth's gravitational field has allowed it to distance itself somewhat.  

Link to previous moon readings:

Q. Among animal activists there is a belief that it is not good to give black animals up for adoption during the Halloween season since occultist like to sacrifice them.  Is there any truth to that belief?  If it is true, does sacrificing animals really have any real power to the practitioners of such things?

A.  I do see some truth to this, but get that these dark ceremonies not only happen during Halloween, but also during full moons.  I hear the best thing a breeder can do is to try to vet the potential buyer.  Use your intuition and feel if they will be a good fit.  Ask questions!

Just like focusing your intent on light and positivity, the same works when looking toward the dark.  Honestly, the color of the animal doesn't matter, it is the intent of sacrificing a life force in exchange for some kind of lower vibe trade (power, influence, money, control) that is the driving force behind these groups.  To some extend it is effective, because the Law of Attraction works for good the same as evil (what you put out you draw back unto yourself).  

I am left with remembering regardless of how dark something is, it cannot remain dark in the presence of light.  As we continue to focus our collective on light and healing, it will slowly illuminate the dark. 

I then hear the following quote "The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing"- Edmund Burke  It may not be instant, but it will happen and the PTW (Powers That Were know it).  Every positive thought and kind thing you do raises the collective, and that is doing something!

Q. Were the Cathars right in claiming this was the realm of the Demiurge, and if so; what makes this place so important? I may be too obnoxious to declare myself a Cathar since they were supposed to be nice, but I don't see anything I disagree with. Me thinks the world would be a far nicer place if the ALBIGENSIAN CRUSADE didn't happen.
A. This place, earth, is important because it is all about discovery in the lowest sense, the 3D.  In higher realms the focus is more on spirituality and already knowing, but here is is where we figure it out and begin to understand it.  It is about being open to possibilities.  It is like the kindergarten to self analysis and early steps to ascension that prepare us for higher vibrations and realms.  .  It is so important that even more advanced beings incarnate here at times to either help be a guide, reinforce a lesson within themselves or expand upon something that can only be experienced here.  Our earth, even though challenging, is important for spiritual growth

Q. I hope all is well.  I saw this today.  Might be worth posting. A prominent Atlanta doctor and whistleblower went missing.

Also, a guy named Steve Quayle started to compile a list of all the doctors and healers that have gone missing recently. You may find this interesting:
A. This is sad, and happening more and more often.  The PTW (Powers That Were) are scared.  Big Pharma is worried that they will lose money through the insights and knowledge being shared by these doctors, and want to keep them quiet.  Not only are these people coming up "missing" or having "accidents," it is meant to send a message to any others that are thinking of becoming outspoken.  

Please send some love, light and STRENGTH to these people.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light- Lynn 
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Buddhist Lady said...

I was blown away by the reading on the moon. I encountered this blog in 2015 and have read some previous entries to that time but not the one on the moon's origin. Really a fascinating reading! Thank you, Lynn; you help many.

The paragraph on the Cathers question was very intriguing also. Everything Lynn said in this paragraph aligns with my own privately gathered thoughts and reading. 3D is not always a comfortable density or realm to navigate, but the learning involved here is so important that, indeed, more advanced beings willingly incarnate for the various reasons Lynn describes. The world is so chaotic and life so devalued that we tend to shun this negativity, but we can learn these lessons nowhere else. Besides, guidance and protection is abundantly available to everyone who asks. Just be careful, as Lynn says, and set protection...and ask.

Robert Schoen said...

A lot of great posts and the menstruation explanation makes so much common sense even though it always seemed mysterious. The notion of black animals being used for dark purposes makes me think of how many people always wear black and how that can adversely affect their mood or point of view. A wise person who used colored lights for healing said black should be only worn for funerals.

The missing/dead doctors is a real and huge problem and not long ago Lynn did a reading on a naturopath dentist who met this fate,and a few yearsbefore that there were many doctors specializing in tropical desease that all died mysteroiously or were killed. Q Anon recently posted there have been 30,000 deaths of doctors that have cures for cancer and many other illnesses whose symptoms are only superficially treated by conventional medicine. The good news is that this corrupt system is on the verge of collapse if Trump succeeds. He was already on record supporting the idea that vaccines cause autism, so hopefully the pharmaceutical industry drug pushers will become irrelevant and real cures like aluminum free baking soda and molassass for cancer will soon be available as known to the public.

AManCalled Da-da said...

The Albigensians were whacked by the Church because: 1. Their "business" was cutting on on the Church's business, because…; 2. The Cathar “Perfecti” (priests) were good, pious people, in stark contrast to the horribly corrupt Church officials of the time (some things never change), and; 3. They (correctly) recognized the role of reincarnation in our lives. Brother J actually preached reincarnation, but it's been stricken from the bible. Alas, we have very little information on Cathar dogma as all their books were burned almost a thousand years ago.

Factually, the Cathars got the whole Demiurge thing wrong: WE created this omniverse, not SOURCE, or Mr Nasty. Also… since we actually live in an illusion, there really IS NO DUALITY, and Catharism was all about duality, so it's rather irrelevent. Then again, religion in general has completely jumped the shark. In this internet day and age, it’s much easier to have a direct relationship with SOURCE, without any of the religious overhead or control, and really that's what religion is all about: control. (Spirituality is the exact opposite.)

Sadly, it was the Cathars themselves (or a small group of them) who prompted the Albigensian Crusade by murdering a Papal envoy and angering Pope Innocent III.

As for the moon, it's all CHEESE, man, CHEESE.

wendy tascione said...

Lynn karma is going to be paid by sacrificers right?... they do this to feed the torture and soul energy to a demon or archon. The archon keeps rewarding by fulfilling the wish ...but karma must be paid right?

Alex said...

Animals have souls. Humans can reincarnate as animals and vice versa. So animal sacrifices do incur bad killing karma for the doers. This has been preached by many eastern religions in the past who knows the truth of the universe.

Watchand Knock said...

Hi Lynn! There´s a MD in Brazil that says supressing menstruation with an implant is healthy! From what I get from your reading it´s actually the other way, d o you agree ? ( Changing subjects, regarding the Abuelas site there´s actually an extra email adress (you may send to boths) when it´s about new info! ( Thanks for this reading too!

Raymond said...

I read the link on the Moon that you provided, interesting.
Does the planet that collided with the Moon still exist?
Where did the Moon come from, is it from a nearby star system like Sirius or Alpha Centauri?
Is there any ancient history or old stories of the Moon's origins that might be accurate and available for us to read?

Many thanks for your blog Lynn.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the great comments!

@Robert: Thanks for mentioning Q Anon. I haven't read much of his work, and really need to look there. I really resonate with the things you mention from that site.

@Dada: Thanks for explaining this a little more. I didn't really know anything about Cathars, so going into this I've been learning a lot.

@Wendy: Yes, everything works in balance.. The universe will reset this.

@Watchand Knock: I do not resonate with suppressing menstruation as healthy. You need the fresh lining to provide the most nutrient rich environment for the implantation.

@Raymond: I do not see it exists. When the collision occurred with earth, everything sort of exploded and created the van allen belt. I feel like the moon came from the direction of Neptune. I'm sure there are ancient stories out there (I haven't researched it so I am not sure where to point you to.). Maybe someone here has insight or has come across something..(If so please leave a comment).

Thanks again for the great comments!

Neeraj Chadha said...

Thanks Lynn for amazing reading. Thanks once again.

In the book Sasquatch message to humanity, sasquatch elder kamooh told that the Ant-People build the present Moon. Refer Chapter 42 for more details:-

As far as Qanon post are concern, check the work of person by the "I Am Because We Are". He has archived all post of Q in pdf format & the same is frequently updated.

Downloadable PDF Link (Updated as on Feb 24, 2018)

Watchand Knock said...

Thanks, Lynn!
Lakhovsky (engineer and physician) from Russia naturalized French was of jewish origin and fled during WWII to the US where he re-published his book and started healing cancer patients with his oscilator which also is recommended for certain types of MS. After an accident he was delivered to a hospital against his will, where he allegedly died from his injuries. It is surmised that his powerfull healing method was not accepted by the MS Doctors. In a certain way he´s an early case of those missing Docs. Over the email address given in the link one will have access to the full edition of this book: " The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Secrets Revealed"

adolfo said...

Hello, Lynn,

Your words about the importance of the Earthly realm made me think about Alejo Carpentier's qoute from his book: The Kingdom of this World

"In the Kingdom of Heaven there is no grandeur to be won, inasmuch as there all is an established hierarchy, the unknown is revealed, existence is infinite, there is no possibility of sacrifice, all is rest and joy. For this reason, bowed down by suffering and duties, beautiful in the midst of his misery, capable of loving in the face of afflictions and trials, man finds his greatness, his fullest measure, only in the Kingdom of this World."