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Piggyback on Previous Posts (Biden, Kennedy Confession, Lady Sophia, Fake Sun, Flu Outbreak, Missing Planes and Fenn Treasure)

Q. With regards to your post on Joe Biden, he once lived in Arden, DE, a famous (or infamous) village which is reported by former residents to have a dark, Satanic cult past. Do you see Joe being involved in a cult there? Or is it just a coincidence that he lived there?

Here is official info on the town:,_Delaware
A. When I tune into Arden, I get a flood of emotions.  I feel the history.  I get a sense of spiritual energy and also dark forces swooning overhead.  I see an image of a yin yang swirling above as if there is constant motion of light chasing dark, and vice versa.  

My impression is that it would be difficult to be there without either being consumed by the light, or taunted by the dark.  

I looking at Joe, and his connection to this place, it looks as though his curiosity with the dark drew him in.  I hear "he was a better observer than a participant," but was definitely involved in some ritualistic activity.  It isn't something he is proud of, and doesn't make it public, but is part of his past (he he still has connections to that area). 

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Q.  Hello Lynn, Wiki Leaks came out with a tape of James Files confessing to the Kennedy assassination.  Can you look at this? I think a lot of people would like to know if he's telling the truth.

A. I get that James Files did not do this.  This was an organized even from the inside (the CIA) to take down Kennedy because they did not like how he was handling things (he was warned for being too honest with the people), and they, the PTW (Powers That Were) wanted to regain the political power and control.  Kennedy felt to be a wild card and he was becoming difficult to control.

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Q.  Dear Lynn,  Regarding your answer to a reader who asked a question regarding Carla, the anesthesiologist and Reiki master who calls herself Lady Gaia Sophia and believes she was Mary Magdalene, you mentioned a plasma field that "has a static charge that connects all of them (the many universes) together, forming a sea of universes." 

At one time, from esoteric reading, personal experiences and a sense of knowingness, I felt that the universe has many planes, likely 12, possibly more, with the fourth plane being the Heaven of the Bible, and the fifth plane, on out, containing souls at differing levels of consciousness, beyond the cycle of reincarnation. When your soul advances to the proper level, you join your original soul group, awaiting the arrival of the others who were created at the same time.

In dreams and when half awake, I've felt that I was delightfully floating in what I thought might be the "Ocean of Love and Mercy" I'd read about. Is the Ocean of Love and Mercy the Plasma field you spoke of? If it's not, could you explain the difference. between the two? Am I wrong to believe there's such a thing as the Ocean of Love and Mercy? If there's not one, what was going on when I felt this wonderful floating feeling, away from my conscious awareness? Was that just the astral plane, with my soul hovering over my physical body, energizing itself?

I became confused as I started reading more about various alien cultures, and don't know how to fit them all into my concept, which I felt so deeply to be true. In the past, I didn't feel that alien cultures should be something to worry about. I felt as though they were spiritually advancing in the same format that earth beings are. 

Today's focus seems to be on bringing the earth into the fifth dimension, which confuses me. I thought that the fifth dimension was the entry level into the soul plane. How can the soul plane exist on earth, which is within the physical realm? Can the physical plane be elevated to a soul plane? Are we trying to bring earth back to what the Bible calls the Garden of Eden, before Eve allegedly 'sullied' the earth by feeding Adam the Apple of Temptation?

How can I assist in something which confuses me so? Could you enlighten me? I feel that others may be confused, as well. 
Thank you, Lynn! I adore and respect you.

A. You are right that ETs are advancing just as we are.  We are a force of beings with a subconscious desire to ascend (we just don't always get there, and it may take longer to progress).  

I see the earth transitioning from a 3D plane to a 4D plane.  There are higher densities, but these are reserved more for spiritual beings.  If you astral travel, you can visit those higher densities, but you would not be able to reside there permanently because your earthly body brings you back to the 3D realm. 

The soul plane runs parallel to the 3D plane.  Much like a photoshop program has layers to pictures, our densities have overlapping layers.  Our 3D eyes are tuned (mostly) to the 3D plane, so we cannot see these higher densities, but that doesn't mean they aren't there.  UV rays exist in our 3D world, but we cannot see them.  

In trying to clear this up, the 3D earth is here to stay even after the 4D is created.  You will incarnate into the density that fits your vibration best.  Your evolution during your experience will dictate where your path takes you.

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Q. Hi Lynn, can you do a reading for this "fake sun" video? It's about sun simulators in the skies. What is it really for?

A. I see these being designed to serve two purposes.  

First, it looks as though these are designed as a defense to the pollution and toxins in the air.  With increased chemtrails, and are shifting climate, these provide artificial light for growing in the event there are smoggy or low light conditions.  

The second thing I see is these serve as a distraction for other events in the sky.  People are drawn in by the oddity of the sun simulators, deflecting from the "real" sister sun (we have an original sun and a sister sun appearing).  I am getting that when you see one of these simulators, look around.  The "sister sun" is slowly showing herself slightly to the west of the "real" sun.

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Q. Hi Lynn have a question for you , if you can take peek into seeing if this flu outbreak is something that is manufactured by the PTW ??

A. I get the flu virus constantly mutates, and the flu shot if really the "best guess" for the direction the flu will take.  When you get a flu shot, it creates a hostile immune response, weakening you and opening you up for a viral attack.

The PTW and big pharma spread fear (this flu is bad, but I get it isn't as bad as the media is portraying, and people that have a hard time recovering most times have underlying health conditions that aren't being disclosed) to sell their flu shots.  I hear that staying hydrated is your best defense against viral infections (and stock up on Elderberry syrup).

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Q. I remembered in a reading you did a while ago about a missing plane that the people were taken to a jungle type place and offloaded. Could these be the planes? They are in the article. It talks about 2 planes one is heavily guarded. Thank you
A. In looking and the article and link, I agree this is an odd thing to have in a town!  I could not connect it to the MH370 or MH17 though.. They feel like decommissioned planes that they could not dispose of without paying huge fees, so they decided to make them part of the "architecture."

LInk to Previous Readings (I have done a lot of work on this, so I just linked a few);

Q. Hello Lynn, Have you ever heard of the Fenn Treasure? An art dealer wrote a poem in code, leaving cryptic details to find a treasure, now worth $2MN. He buried it in Yellowstone Park in 2010 and people are still searching for it. Is it still there or has it been found ?

A.  I have heard of this.  I do not get this has been found (yet).  I've read for a few clients that are currently on the hunt (and I wish them well)!

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Portis said...

Very interesting, as always. Thanks Lynn.

I wonder if you see Lyme's disease as being man-made, or modified by man.


Robert Schoen said...

It's remarkable syncronicity to read of your bad feeling about the dark energy of Arden where Joe Biden is from, because just two days ago I saw an interview with a multi generational Illuminati insider Jay Parker who said that Arden was set up as a Satanic cult community in which 90% of those there were members and the other 10% were there so they could study how they act so as to better fit in to the rest of society without being found out. Parker explained how Arden was founded by the powerful politically connected from Philidephia who moved there so they could conduct their activities more safely. When the cops tried to clean up Arden, they killed three officers and said it would continue unless they layed off. Parker said almost everyone in Arden suffered abuse as a child and if Biden came out of this community he has to be a Bad Seed with a phoney or smarmy facade who regards evil as a matter of fact part of life.

Biden got a lot of sympathy because as a young congressman his wife died and he took the train from Washington up to Delaware for years to raise his kids. Who knows what skeletins are hiding in his closet? If nothing else, he is a study in the secret tradition of Illuminati Satanists that manipulate things behind the scenes. Jay Parker even talks about how they use lay lines to project intent on their schemes, which explains how Washington DC is set up as it is.

The Parker interview can be found here `
the same channel, Dauntless Dialogue, has three really interesting video interviews with an "Alliance Insider" who was a former Trump bodyguard and is involved in the behind the scenes battle to take our country back from the Deep State, of which Biden is a card carrying and extremely creepy member.

I found the artificial sun fascinating and will be on the lookout for that second sun.

Robert Schoen said...

There is a lot of incredible information and insights given in the Jay Parker interview listed above that goes into the secret history of our world, humanities true potential and how its been suppressed by this group that is now losing its control over of us, the PTW as Lynn would say. It's two hours long but I highly recommend it as well as checking out the other posts on this youtube channel.

Raymond said...

I wonder how much longer it will be before we ever learn the truth about JFK? It's been 55 years.

Many thanks for your blog.

M.H. said...

I second the question about Lyme's disease! My wife has it and it has made her life very challenging.

M.H. said...

Also, any ideas on how to treat it would be most valued!

Bill Ramirez said...

Thanks for the hint on elderberry syrup, I went looking on the internet for the plant name and found a video with a guy talking about "be careful it has a potentially Deadly Doppelgänger"

here i thought running in the wild was safe.. =( -nature and the trickster. now im reading stories about Socrates
sigh ~ my brain...

thanks, elderberry is the stuff. =)
i realy got into taking oil of oregano last few years, similar stuff maybe.


Craig said...

@MH -- You can try colloidal silver for Lyme. Many people have had success with this combined with other supplements. If you find this works, you can go to the site The Silver Edge and order a colloidal silver generator, which is basically an electrolysis machine that can manufacture ionic colloidal silver for pennies a dose at home very easily. Good luck

NatalieW said...

Regarding Lyme disease, also read The Medical Medium books. There are currently 3 and the author, a Medical Medium, discusses true causes for disease as well as how to cure them by food and supplements. I HIGHLY recommend them for anyone to read...they are life changing - which is the title of the first book, Life Changing Foods.

Cheryl said...

Robert Schoen, I believe the link you meant to provide to Parker's interview is this one: Haven't watched it yet, but it looks like a good one!

The link you included was to the channel You Are Free TV. I love, love, LOVE her! Do you happen to know her name? She is right on with so much truth. And what a breath of fresh air to see a liberal, lesbian activist so passionate about uncovering hidden truths. She's helping build my faith in liberals again.

By the way, Robert, I love your posts on this blog. You always have interesting information and insights to share.

Robert Schoen said...

Cheryl: Sorry for the incorrect link, but maybe some will be happy to find YouarefreeTV, a great source of info also. You embarrass me with the kind words, but thanks! I don't know her name, but YouarefreeTV is a great compassionate and thoughtful voice who like many others brave individuals on Youtube and elsewhere can serve as a bridge to other progressives whose tribal loyalty blinds them to the dark hypocracy of socalled liberal Democratic politics. We should abandon the two party system or at least have all the Satanist pedophiles lumped together in their own party.

Sadly some other good voices on Youtube, Anti-school and Dustin Nemos have been permanently banned for reporting on the Florida school shooting. For some positive news about what's going on behind the scenes, these are the links to the three "Alliance Insider" videos posted by Dauntless Dialogue, another great source

Cheryl said...

Robert, yes, there has been so much censorship on Youtube and Facebook recently. Unbelievable. One of my favorite interviewers is Richie Allen and he got his whole channel deleted with years' worth of videos. So sad. And so wrong. Those in charge are super scared, that's for sure.