Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Parallel Universes

Q. Dear Lynn,  I am going to ask about parallel universes. I just want to know if these specific ones exist:  Thank you so much for this reading.

Parallel universes in which each person alive experiences a scenario where they are the only person on Earth. Like there is a parallel universe where I am the only person on Earth, a parallel universe where you are the only person on Earth, etc. Sort of like The Last Man on Earth tv show scenario.

A. I cannot connect to that type of a Universe.  I see a few different variations, but that one is not coming forward.

Q. Parallel universe where there is only men on Earth and a parallel universe where there is only women on Earth.

A. I cannot connect to that either.  In all the Earth's I am able to see there are men and women.  I also get that reproduction in humans will always require both a man and a woman.

Q. An anime / cartoonish parallel universe.

A. I do get an image of the Jungle Book when I read this question, however, the "Universe" is very real (not cartoonish).  In this Universe humans communicate both verbally and telepathically with animals (like in the Jungle Book), but the humans and animals resemble their appearance that they have in this Universe.

Q. A parallel universe in which Earth elevation is consistently flat (lets say no higher than 100 feet above sea level). Flat as top of a table.

A. I do not see that.  In fact quite the opposite pulls forward.  I see an Earth with many more mountains and valleys. That image is followed with hearing that "The Earth is constantly growing and changing.  In every parallel Universe this happens (she is a living thing with a life force).  You cannot keep a growing Earth flat."

Q. A parallel universe in which Canada is an ocean. If you see that parallel Earth, can you briefly describe the environment and weather of United States in this Earth?

A. I see Canada being tropical, and I can see Canada being covered in ice, but I don't see an Earth in which Canada is under water.

Q. A parallel universe in which North America and South America are 10 degrees further south in latitude. If you see that parallel Earth, can you briefly describe the environment and weather of United States there?

A. The geographic position doesn't look to change, but I do get that the climate feels like it is 10 degrees further south.  In that Earth the United States is very tropical looking and feeling, especially in the southern portion.  It also appears that the United States is not explored and taken over by businesses.  I don't see many roads or a railway.  It has the feel of the time frame when the Indians owned and roamed they land (the appearance of the land feels untapped in many areas). 

I also hear that "There are so many fruit and nut trees it would be impossible to starve."  The life of the land is "full and rich."  I also see that the temperatures stay "tropical" versus going through seasons.  It is slightly cooler in the northern portion of the US, but it still remains consistently warm (and I hear steamy). 

Q. Finally, do you see a parallel universe in which Star Trek is real? Or at least something close to it?

A. There is a parallel Universe in which humans are very evolved and are able to communicate telepathically. It also looks like during the evolution humans gained a better understanding of the properties of the Universe.  One of those things was how to manipulate gravity and work through it versus letting it hold you down (literally).  They are able to move objects, and also manipulate their own self to be able to "float" through air.  This may not be true "Star Trek," but that was what I was shown.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, September 26, 2016

Death and Arrest Rumors

Q. Hi Lynn, Benjamin Fulford just reported that Hillary Clinton died on September 11, 2016 at Montfiore Medical Hospital after collapsing and being shoved into her scooby van by secret service and her medical handler. That the Bush/Clinton/Rockerfeller mafia are in panic mode and using a body double and computer graphics technology to continue her appearances and cover up her death. Many believe is was a body double who appeared leaving Chelsea Clinton's apartment a few hours after Hillary collapsed and was whisked away from the September 11th memorial ceremony. Good piece on this here:
Would you do a reading on whether Hillary died that day and what is going on with the elitists/cabal's plans for the election?
Thanks for your great work!

Q. Hi Lynn, 
What do you think of this video about Hillary not being ill but being arrested on 9/11 ?

A.  I get that Hillary is very much alive, but she is not well.  She is recovering from some neurological issues that look to be exacerbated by stress.  I see it affecting her strength, coordination and even speech at times.  I also see that a body double is put in play while she tries to rest and recover.  She needs to keep up the illusion that she can endure the stress that accompanies the campaign trail.  This has been very demanding, more than she could have realized as the dynamic feels even much different than it did when she did this with her husband.

She feels like a character in a play being directed and tugged at constantly.  She is in it deep with the PTW (Powers The Were), and it feels like there are so many powerful people that they are hidden in layers so no one really knows who is in charge.  She has hundreds of IOUs to these layered powers, and really isn't even in control, but just does what she is supposed to do, like a celebrity working with a Public Relations agent.  She is their spokes model, but they are growing weary with her recent health issues.

The PTW are actually trying to cover all their bases.  They have a lot of time and money invested in Hillary, so working with a double during downtime is their best choice while they attempt to soften Trump. I do look for something radical to happen, something unheard of, but it hasn't been unfolded to me yet.  I will say it is tied to an emotion of shock and awe. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-

[As I was closing this, I was given a loud and surprising message.. It was "Wouldn't it be the ultimate doopery for the PTW to know their candidate was arrested, and then use her body double to control the White House?"  It was followed by a loud and cynical laugh. I have no idea where that came from as it contradicts what I saw, but it was a strong enough message I needed to mention it.]

Friday, September 23, 2016

Life Detective #2

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to our newest segment where Lynn and Da-da look at the lives of various people of note. Again, note that when Lynn taps in, she usually gets one or two dominant lives of the subject that come to the forefront, showing what's most relevant to who they were/are today. She’ll also look at where the person is today, or will be in future. Some are alive, some dead and reincarnated. I’m not going to reference the subject’s name in the article, but instead put the answer below in an easily deciphered code. More puzzling that way. Anyway, here we go.

Subject A
Life1: "I get that in most of his past lives that he dealt with some kind of disability, some kind of challenge. He used to be autistic, and he dealt with that. His creative mind has so much attention to detail that he had to be artistic and musical, but he couldn’t communicate well verbally. But he could paint and play music with virtually any instrument. He used art to speak and communicate. Alas, during this formative life he didn’t have a lot of money, his family was poor, so his gifts were never allowed to flourish. This opened the door for his later life, where he had a touch of Aspergers, but it wasn’t bad." 

LifeNOW: "Where is this person now? I heard Asperger’s, again, and I heard the name of a college; he’s involved in something there, currently, as a teacher. He still has some challenges, with verbal and written communications, but he’s much better." [Note: for reasons of privacy, we’ve decided to not mention any more information here, but we might release it elsewhere… ahem.]

Subject B
Life1: "When I focus on this person, I’m brought to early Europe, at a time when, if the town had brick roads, it was thought of as fancy. Then I see this little boy. His parents died of an illness, so he lived on his own, no brothers or sisters. He’s not a bad kid; he’s very resourceful, but he was forced into becoming a master pickpocket. He lived under this decking of a store on the street of this town, and lived by his wits. You want to feel sad for him, but he’s very resilient and independent, so you don’t worry about him. People of the time know him and know of him; he’s respected and very socially adept to his surroundings and he makes it work." 

LifeNOW: "I keep seeing this person now as an African American man who works on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Not sure how that relates to anything. Again, this life, he doesn’t have a family and he works really hard; he's a humble, hard worker, very quiet. He might have a speech impediment that makes him self-conscious. I don’t see him emerging as a leader, he keeps to himself. He’s very much into morals and working hard for an honest wage. A very good man. [Question: Could this person have come back as a black man now because he had slaves and needed to learn to "walk in their shoes”?] "Good point!! Quite possibly!"

Subject C
Life1: "First, I see mid-1800s. She looks like she’s in the U.S. Her mom looks to come from money, and when her mom grew up she didn’t develop any sense of traditional “homemaker” skills for that era. Instead, her mom’s parents built this little restaurant for her to run in some town, with servants and such to do all the work. She didn’t have the skills to do much else but bookkeeping and working hostess. She had a family lineage of letting others do the work, using their labor to build a business, and using it to meet a moneyed spouse… which she did a few years later and started a family. She didn’t necessarily want to start a family, but that’s what women did at this time. She didn’t have a maternal instinct. She got married and had three boys, all taken care of by servants; she had little contact with them. Note that this was all the lifetime of the subject’s mother, as backstory." 

"The 4th child was a girl — our Subject C. And since the grandmother and mother had so been wanting a girl, she was spoiled; they gave her everything and took care of her every need. They didn’t teach her any skills, per se, as she was never expected to do anything. They spoiled her rotten. And in keeping with the family tradition, they later built her a restaurant to run, just like her mother’s, where she was given servants and employees to do all the work while she reaped all the profits." 

FutureLife: "I get that she has lived very privileged lives, and in the next she’s faced with extreme poverty. I see her in Africa, very poor, malnourished and unhealthy. I hear that learning gratitude will be HUGE in her next lifetime."

And that's it. To find out who we’re talking about, go here for the solution. It's a simple substitution cipher. Just enter the below (random) key into the KEY box, and the below Subject A/B/C code into the CIPHERTEXT box, hit the DECRYPT button and... voila.

KEY: npitawqszxuervdbhfymglkojc

Subject A: egtkzqldvpaamsdlav
Subject B: qadfqaknyszvqmdv
Subject C: hgaavaezcnpamszz

**For those that aren't at a PC, turn upside down to see if you are right. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Mandela Effect

Q. Hi Lynn,  I was hoping you could share your thoughts on the Mandela Effect. The theory that hits me the most is the BernstEin and BernstAin Bears. I used to read those books to my son and I remember them as BernstEin Bears. Then, there is Snow White's "Mirror, mirror on the wall" vs."Magic mirror on the wall" I even remember watching the first Snow White Huntsman movie a few years back and Charlize Theron, the witch, said Mirror, mirror on the wall" but in this year's release she says "Magic mirror on the wall" and I found that odd. That was before I heard about the Mandela Effect. Now it might be that the original Disney movies had both lines. I'm not 100% sure, but I would swear on a stack of bibles that the bears were BernstEin and I'm not "mis-remembering" as some say on the internet. 

A.  When I tune into this, I get that this is a phenomena in which the collective conscious of a group goes on an alternate timeline, and when the timeline syncs up, the memories are recalled differently by different groups of people.  For example, I get in one time line Bernstein was spelled "Bernstein" and in another it was spelled "Bernstain."  People are not mis-remembering events, the are tapping into the timeline that they followed (and the one that is part of their conscious memory).  

We have several timelines running in parallel all the time.  The majority (due to collective conscious thoughts) follow the same timeline, but occasionally there are "glitches" due to vibrational differences in a section of society or perhaps a very large group is evolving at a different rate.  When those "glitches" occur, different events happen (some subtle like a spelling, and some large like a death) within the reality of that groups timeline.  When the syncing of timelines occur, that is when the conflicts and comparisons occur. 

I am also being shown that if enough people create a large enough collective consciousness (with a similar belief system) the timeline can be changed to reflect that belief system.  The timelines will want to go back (and sync up), but if the level of consciousness is raised and maintained (the PTW use fear to lower the vibration and "break" the collective consciousness) we have the power to change this world. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, September 19, 2016

Dakota Pipeline Protest

Q. Over 5000 people are fighting for clean water for ALL OF US! They are beginning to prepare for winter! The Dakota winters can be brutal. They will not give up!
tough.  How do you see this ending and why hasn't this been on main stream media?
A. I see this as being a REALLY tough time for these people protesting.  I do see that these people are very strong in their beliefs and I do not see them backing down.  Regardless of how hostile things look to get, I don't see them giving up, and they find strength in their numbers and support to stand strong from one another.  

I get that one of the first things the government will do (if they haven't already) is to put some kind of barricade or block around the protest so supplies cannot easily be obtained.  I hear the goal is to thirst and starve them out in hopes this will fizzle out.  I also get then even though there are thousands of people standing together, there are also hundreds of support (sneaking in water, food, supplies, etc) on the outside.  If caught, I get these "helpers" get fined or even detained under the guise of a bogus charge. 

After a short period of time, the PTW that are at the top of this "oil project" wear tired of this, and I see the military being forced to act upon their own people.  They start with threats, intimidation and fear tactics, but it later evolves into more serious action.  I see that many military won't "act on their own people" however, I hear this phrase that the PTW use in their pressure talks with the military, "you have vowed to protect the people against both foreign and domestic threats, and this is a domestic threat."

As things get more heated I see some kind of camp being set up to transfer protesters.  It will only be at that point that this makes it to the news, but the news story will be very different than the reality of the situation.  Currently, the media has been instructed to not stir this up and encourage anything that will promote more momentum toward their cause, but after the "camp" situation starts, they will spin it to "violent protesters had to be evacuated, they were costing the local economies money, people are out of work, etc,...."  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Please send love and energy to these courageous people!  Love and light-

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Randy Cramer, Corey Goode, Mark Richards and Space X

Q. I was hoping you could comment on Captain Randy Cramer and Corey Goode . They seem to be affiliated with a space program and are talking in public while Captain Mark Richards is being hushed.
A. The first thing I hear is that sometimes winner and losers are chosen by the government and PTW.  Part of how they are chosen is based on how sincere they are, how believable they are and their own personal story.  I get that Mark Richards was confronted on his blatant honesty, and when that meeting occurred, he basically voiced some expletives and told them he wouldn't be hushed or lie.  He felt the people had a right to know what he knew, and didn't hold back.  He couldn't be controlled, and as a consequence he was framed for a murder as both a punishment and a warning to others, while trying to pose the question of credibility in people's minds.  

Captain Randy Cramer and Corey Goode feel a little different.  They speak truth, and believe in their message, but there is also a factor of influence from the PTW at play.  I also see that both have been approached, and Mr. Cramer looked to use specific verbiage that he was "permitted to use" with very little convincing.  

Corey Goode took a little more convincing to "alter his speech."  I get that people in his life were starting to have "accidental" deaths, and his own wife nearly "almost drowned" (in the image I see she looks out of it like her frame of mind was altered from either medication or intense illness).  He has since taken these threats very seriously, and even though he says what overall message he wants to say, he has to change his tone and sometimes redirect (or even add elements of disinfo) to his work.  Many things he says are true, but I get that if he starts to share too much truth an "alarm" goes off and he needs to incorporate something else, or interject something evoking fear.

[Please send all of these men that are good at heart some healing and protection!]

Q. Plus Space X. Elon Musk mentioned they are not ruling out the anomaly that has showed up in the explosion video of the rocket.  He or they mentioned on twitter that there was also a loud noise heard right before the explosion? If true. who gave the order to blow it up?
A. I get that Space X posed a threat to a lot of powerful PTW.  The more successful it became, the more concerned the PTW got with regard to their investments (and the value of their investments).  I see an element of sabotage at play, and it looks like a dirty deal was made between the PTW and the government to "make this go away."  It was supposed to look like an accident and make it appear that a lot more work needed to be done in order to make Space X reliable and trustworthy. Ideally, the PTW would like to bankrupt the program and get the development to stop. (I prefer not to get into this any deeper). 

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Q. There is a video of Hillary collapsing at the 9/11 ceremony. Clearly something is wrong with her. Can you revisit what is going on with her health⁉️  Can you please look into how the election will play out given the new information that has been coming to light.
Thank you.
A. I see that she has some very serious neurological issues that will continue to get much worse if she doesn't seek and abide to the medical advice she is given (I hear rest, steroids and staying out of the public eye until she "feels" normal).  It looks like she is having some inflammation in her brain that is creating motor function impairments.  The inflammation is creating a "short circuit" effect of her motor nerves, and depending on the type of "shorting out" the episodes can range from a quick seizure (and then she regains composure) or a more lengthy episode that can last up to a day or more (looks like MS or a version of it).  I also get that if she doesn't seek medical help and stick with it, the level of stress she is under will start to even effect her speech (say odd things or respond is strange ways).

It looks as though stress, lack of sleep and not eating a balanced diet are the main contributors that trigger her illness.  As her body is weakened, I see her immune system gets out of balance and opens her up to viral and bacterial infections.  Even a catching a common cold creates an overdrive with her immune system which results in the neurological "short circuit."  It looks like she wore herself out, got sick, her immune system went haywire and attacked a cluster of nerves.  It will be difficult to fully recover if she doesn't get the needed rest.

It feels as though she is letting down the PTW (and she knows it and is concerned because if they turn their back on her, jail may be a reality).  She has been prepped and coached tirelessly to win this race. The amount of exposure due to her email breech and a cell phone camera at every turn to document her health episodes are creating a huge let down with the PTW (because the doubt of the American people is increasing, and even dirty tactics can only work so much).  

The PTW are starting to think that bargaining with Trump and pulling him to their side is a better option for retaining control.  I see that in many ways the PTW are showing their frustration by encouraging the media to broadcast things that sort of "discredit" or cause question in her.  For the first time during the race I see the PTW are really questioning their strategy and are working hard to determine their best path to maintain control.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

[As a side note, regardless of your political views, please send some positive energy toward her to counteract the dark forces that surround, influence and are created by her.  Nothing about this "feels" right or balanced.]

Equinox Meditation

Hello everyone.  I thought it would be nice to have another group meditation, and the fall equinox feels like a nice time.  Let's join together on September 22nd at 10:21 AM  EST.

I look forward to "seeing" you there.  Much love-

Friday, September 9, 2016

Spiritual Q & A

Q. Please describe the cycle of spiritual evolution from highest to lowest.
A. When I tune into this I see a growth upwards rather than regressing, so I need to look at this as evolving to a higher vibration (my mind can't seem to make sense of it the other direction as the question suggests).  

It is coming to me that this breaks down into four main groups, but there are varying degrees of spiritual evolution within the groups, and there is also a lot of room for overlap.  It is too complicated to get into all the variations, but I can explain the four groups as I see them (in a generalized way). 

The first group looks to be plants. The contain a life force.  Many give in the form of nourishment (even oxygen), but they are static in their location. They feel emotion / vibrations from other sources.  

The next group looks to be shared between animals and humans (and specific animals / humans toggle all over this group).  Humans have the ability to feel emotion and empathy, as well as some animals (I see an image of a dog cocking his head at me as I type this).  Many members of this group can use their intelligence and ability to heal to help others.  The higher end of this group is very introspective and sees actions and consequences.  The higher end also understands the difference between the subconscious and conscious mind, questions things and realizes there is a higher self.  

Many ETs belong to this group.  They aren't bound to the same limitations as humans because they are able to use skills that are outside of their physical body.  The concept of telepathy and mental connections is a practice they have been utilizing for a long time.  They have tapped into using more portions of their brain. 

One of the highest spiritual forms occurs when we are in spirit.  We don't have the physical limitations of the 3D world, and have the ability to roam.  We guide, we lose our ego and can work selflessly.  

Q. If all of our incarnations are going on at the same time, but when we die we supposedly go to the spirit world/heaven, can our consciousness actually hang out in heaven for a while without incarnating or is that impossible since we're always focused on one of our incarnations like right now? Like it was said that we actually all ARE in heaven right now so... Doesn't our consciousness mean what we're actually focusing on and and observing? What are we focusing on when we die from one of our incarnations, immediately a different one? I feel like a lot of the information out there is contradicting.
A.  When we incarnate, our conscious mind has a main focus to work on that life that we chose to experience during that time.  I do get that when we sleep we "travel" to other lives and even "check in" with our subconscious.  That is why sleep is so important (allows us to reset or sync up with our lives and subconscious).  

Q. Do we choose to reincarnate in certain countries, or do they pick for us? Also I am curious about genius people (or super smart) how do they reincarnate? Were they also very smart in their previous life?

A.  I get that we chose what we need to learn or "revisit" to release karmatic debt, and the universe guides us in the right direction.  A genius in this life, may be a genius in a future life. or may be quite the opposite if that is what they chose.  

Q. Hi Lynn, Could you do a reading on why some children remember their last past life while most people can't?

A. I see that to some extent all children remember their past life, but the development of their rational mind (along with environmental influences) fade that memory.  Depending of the timing of the development, the memories can fade much earlier in some than others.  For children that development their rational mind later, they are able to vocalize their memories and / or even draw key facts from their previous life.

Q. What force prevents dead spirits from returning back to earth / physical realm as wandering spirits once they cross a certain boundary? Is this boundary called River Styx?

A. I see that when we pass we have the ability to roam in spirit form.  I also see a brilliant white light, and get that when we are done roaming / guiding / protecting we have the option to go to that light.  When we get close enough to the light, this "vacuum" effect occurs and doesn't allow us to return back.  I don't see or hear it called the River Styx, but I also hear that different people refer to things in different ways.  This "light" is where lessons are determined, karma is checked to see what things me be out of balance and the universe helps to decide how / what / when the next incarnation will occur.

Q. If we choose our parents before we are born, how does that explain unique experiences such as psychic tendencies, clairvoyance, remote viewing etc....Are those chosen in advance as well? 
A.  I get that most things are chosen ahead of time.  We all have the option of free will, so we may try to hide from our abilities (we all have them, just in varying degrees), but the universe will put you in situations to encourage your development.  Most everything in life should be viewed as experience (which can feel good or bad) that allows the opportunity for growth.

Q. When you see people in your dreams are they elements of yourself, random actors in your dream or maybe strangers you may meet later in your waking life? Is it possible that you might play a role in their dream at a later time? When you see unknown people in your dreams, are they dreaming the same dream at the same time? 

A. I hear that there are no rules to dreams and dreaming.  Dreams can help you work through issues or enable you to release something pent up in your mind.  They can be healing and helpful.  You can see an image of someone, and that person could be someone you manifested to represent how you feel or what you are working through. People in your dreams can be real, and I hear they may be working through a similar issue, therefore, you share the same dream (the universe likes to be efficient??).

Essentially, your dreams are a gateway to your subconscious.  I get it would be impossible to put limitations or rules on them (and remember everything is possible). 

Q. We often hear that the brain is the greatest computer ever made. Will we ever be able to 'download' memories from the brain to learn what someone else has collectively learned over their life, what someone is thinking (hacking someone's thoughts like you steal their wifi) or what a deceased person was thinking or what they saw moments before they died?

A. I cannot see a time when any form of AI or a computer can read thoughts, BUT I do see that humans will evolve in a spiritual and vibrational way that will allow psychic, telepathic and intuitive abilities to read and understand these concepts.  As we ascend, people will be able to read thoughts (that are in the greater good to be read), but I don't see a machine doing this.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Catherine Fitts and Mark Richards

Q.  I am particularly interested in what Catherine Austin Fitts recently had to say (Black Budget money was used for a Secret Space Program and Mind Control/Entrainment on humans).  Please tell me what you think/see on this matter.

I think we are being programmed from all angles (with the help of the Reptilians, aka Astral Energy Robbers) as well as getting robbed of our wealth.

A.  I get she speaks a lot of truth.  We are controlled in ways that we don't even realize.  I see that the schools, media and marketing are all focused on molding our minds in order to shape our thoughts.  Society is becoming much too dependent on the system, and through this dependence a weakness is also created.  

I see rights are given up slowly and the power shift of the government has been gradually increasing.  If control was quick, people would notice and revolt, so the government has been smart enough to do it gradual, much like the theory of the frog in a boiling pot of water.  They have created voluntary slaves, and I hear the best slaves are the ones that do so willingly. 

Regarding entrainment, I get that just like on the Netflix show, Stranger Things, that is really happening in real life.  Some subjects are voluntary, and some are manipulated through a "telepathic" system.  I hear that this type of practice will create a new type of "military weapon."  As the practice is refined and used more and more, I get that we will see more and more of this topic in the media.  It is partly to justify the behavior if the truth gets out, and also because the truth "hides in plain sight."

Lastly, I do have some concern for Catherine.  I have this feeling of panic when I focus on her, like she is being watched very closely.  Please take a minute and send her some protective light.  

Q.  What about Mark Richards (who also says he was in the secret space program). Kerry at Project Camelot has interviewed in Prison at least three times ...

Navy Captain Mark Richards was an officer involved in the Dulce Battle as well as very active in the Secret Space Program and U.S. Space Command for many years prior to his being arrested and convicted of a murder he did not commit.  Any truth to this story?  
A. I did address Mark Richards and his interview in a previous reading:  
I would like to take it a step further and see what additional things come forward, and also look at his murder charge.

I still see that there is truth to his story, and during the interview he spoke from the heart.  Not only is he sharing information, I hear the phrase that "he just doesn't give a ---- anymore, and after what they have done, he will share everything."  There is most definitely an angry and frustrated side to him. 

The murder charges do feel bogus to me.  I get he was retaliated against because he was starting to "talk too much."  They felt that incarcerating him would intimidate him enough to make him quiet, and that Mark would work a deal to get a release.  The plan backfired, Mark didn't take the "silencing" deal, and instead he talked even more. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Wild Animals

Q. Is it possible to get really close to wild animals without scaring them away (similar to Snow White in the Disney film), if you adjust your mind to a certain frequency or mental state? 
[Before I go on with this reading, I must say please use caution and good common sense around wild animals.  Regardless of what I see, please be mindful and safe.]
A. I first want to say that most wild animals are very intelligent.  I see them observing and really studying their environment.  I get an image of a Tiger lurking and walking slowly to really take in his surroundings before he acting or reacting to anything.  Animals don't have a "negative" side of their mind that puts doubts in their behaviors (the conscious part that posing questions and doubts).  They rely more on intuitive instinct and behaviors resulting from their subconscious.  

When a human approaches an animal, the animal's intuitive instinct kicks in to "feel" a person's vibration.  I also get that to some extent and animal can feel and sense your thoughts.  They can tell many things from the frequency of their thoughts and also their vibration such as: are they a threat, are they good intentioned, etc.  If a person is of good intent and the animal can feel it in the vibration (I hear to caution that the vibration of fear can skew the animal's interpretation of someone with good intent), the animal is likely to react kindly to the human. If harm or a threat is sensed the subconscious instinct to protect themselves and their offspring will kick in.

I get releasing fear and allowing the feeling of compassion, gratitude or even assistance to the animal to wash over you is the best way to make a connection.  They will "know" and understand your true self.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, September 2, 2016

Five for Friday #39

by Lynn & Da-da
Hi all, and welcome to this latest (rather surprising) installment. Let’s get started...

Image #1: 323 Dead Reindeer in Norway
These reindeer were allegedly killed by lightning, but — like those antelope in Africa — were they actually killed by something else??

What Lynn Saw
"I feel like there was some kind of pulse that felt like an energy wave that threw them into cardiac arrest instantly. You could almost hear it: a WHOOMP... but it was controlled remotely, done through some kind of satellite system. I want to say it was a foreign power testing a defense weapon, to be able to fine tune and direct energy at a specific targeted area, through some kind of satellite.” 


Image #2:  That Blinding Flash of...
This is some kind of energy appearing in the middle of a farm in Russia where there’s not much to cause this. What goes on here?

What Lynn Saw
"Oh. This is a fake."

Image #3: An Island of the Floating World
Here’s a weird floating island-esque patch of vegetation, which is oddly circular, with a diameter of approx. 130 yards. A helicopter pilot in S. Argentina discovered it surrounded by a thin channel of cold water. What goes on here?

What Lynn Saw
"I see that, going way back, this area would flood a lot. What the natives did, about a thousand years ago, was dig out this little island to plant their crops to have them survive the flooding [!]. They did such a good job that it’s still there today."

[Amazing. How thick is that? How does it float? And are there any original living plant remnants left?]  

"I get it isn't terribly thick. 15-ish feet? I also get there is a lot of (I hear Epsom salt which usually means magnesium to me, but could mean salt) in the soil which helps it to float. Yes, there are remnants there."

Image #4: The Demon Emperor?
This is Justinian, 6th Century AD Roman Emperor. There are some strange accounts of him not being human. What do you see? And where is his spirit today, can you tell? The accounts of him are kinda spooky.

What Lynn Saw
"I get that he was human, but that he did a lot of dabbling in dark magic. He opened himself up to a lot of dark spirits. He was into lower vibrational stuff.

I get he’s still in spirit. He’s not incarnated. I get he’s so remorseful for the harm he may have caused, that he’s decided he’s not ready to reincarnate because of the shame he feels. He’s seen the error of his ways and is not proud of that."

[here’s Roman historian Procopius’ account, from his 6th C. work, The Secret History of Procopius, tr. by Richard Atwater, [1927], at]
And they say his mother said to some of her intimates once that not of Sabbatius her husband, nor of any man was Justinian a son. For when she was about to conceive, there visited a demon, invisible but giving evidence of his presence perceptibly where man consorts with woman, after which he vanished utterly as in a dream.
And some of those who have been with Justinian at the palace late at night, men who were pure of spirit, have thought they saw a strange demoniac form taking his place. One man said that the Emperor suddenly rose from his throne and walked about, and indeed he was never wont to remain sitting for long, and immediately Justinian's head vanished, while the rest of his body seemed to ebb and flow; whereat the beholder stood aghast and fearful, wondering if his eyes were deceiving him. But presently he perceived the vanished head filling out and joining the body again as strangely as it had left it.
Another said he stood beside the Emperor as he sat, and of a sudden the face changed into a shapeless mass of flesh, with neither eyebrows nor eyes in their proper places, nor any other distinguishing feature; and after a time the natural appearance of his countenance returned. I write these instances not as one who saw them myself, but heard them from men who were positive they had seen these strange occurrences at the time.
They also say that a certain monk, very dear to God, at the instance of those who dwelt with him in the desert went to Constantinople to beg for mercy to his neighbors who had been outraged beyond endurance. And when he arrived there, he forthwith secured an audience with the Emperor; but just as he was about to enter his apartment, he stopped short as his feet were on the threshold, and suddenly stepped backward. Whereupon the eunuch escorting him, and others who were present, importuned him to go ahead. But he answered not a word; and like a man who has had a stroke staggered back to his lodging. And when some followed to ask why he acted thus, they say he distinctly declared he saw the King of the Devils sitting on the throne in the palace, and he did not care to meet or ask any favor of him.
Indeed, how was this man likely to be anything but an evil spirit, who never knew honest satiety of drink or food or sleep, but only tasting at random from the meals that were set before him, roamed the palace at unseemly hours of the night, and was possessed by the quenchless lust of a demon?
[If he was possessed, could people see these kind of manifestations? or was Procopius just anti-Justinian?] 

"Wow. That is a creepy story... I did get he was into some dark stuff, and I saw voodoo dolls (symbolic or literal - sometimes I can't tell the difference). I feel if anything, he was into and worshipped the dark side, opened himself up, and had some low vibrational things attach to him (that he welcomed). What was witnessed was a result of that. That place of his could have used a good smudging!!"

Image #5: The NY Spikeys?
These are apparently underwater obelisks or pyramids in the Atlantic, 200 km off the coast of NY, that allegedly align with the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Are they real, fake, or just a computer glitch? If real, who built them and why? Looks like that huge undersea antenna near Antarctica we wrote about in an earlier Friday 5.

What Lynn Saw
"I hear that in the ocean there are lots of "underwater boosters,” but this is not one. It’s fake."

[Note: many asked to see the fakes, so I’m leaving them in. However, since we’re getting so many…]

BONUS: Newest UK Cropcircle 
Here’s the latest cropcircle to come out of the UK. Looks too elaborate to be human-made. What are the crop-tographers trying to tell us here?

What Lynn Saw
"This is beautiful.  Not sure where the site got their messages from, but I see this representing some kind exotic fruit (keep wanting to look at the center of the leaves where they meet), and get there is some healing or almost magical property to this "fruit" or at least the seeds..??"

[I sent Lynn about eight pics of different tropical fruits.]

"I wanted to say PAW PAW (guava is the only thing like that with the short "a" sound)???"


"Yes, I see Paw Paw as anti cancer and a super detox. There is some magical feel to them. 

I do see Paw Paw being the biggest message. In some weird way, these ETs know the rate of disease, cancer and illness in parts of the world (they feel the vibrations). There is ancient knowledge of healing that is slowly being lost, and they want to help us (FDAs may suppress drugs, and holistic doctors may be "accidentally drowned in their own tub," but you can't really hurt a species of ETs that haven't even been disclosed.) The symbols don't feel like a language, but rather a listing of star systems in symbol form. The 33 feels significant, but I can't get anything clear on that." 

And that’s it. Join us in a fortnight for episode #40!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Why Do We Come Here?

Q.  I know many people will benefit from this question:  When we are in spirit form without our bodies we are told that we are all knowing, eternal, have everything we need, no pain and don't experience negativity (unless we want to create that for ourselves).  So, the big question I never see answered quite detailed is: Why do we come here in order to learn and grow if we already know everything and have always existed?  Doesn't learning require time to exist meaning a starting point and ending point and since there is no time and we've always existed and we know everything and are all creators,  why the hell would we want to create this negative earth experience for ourselves to learn?  How can you learn if you already know everything??

A. I first get that the path to ascension is through our experiences in our incarnated form.  These experiences can occur in different dimensions.  Our understanding in spirit is much different than our understanding in our 3D body (mainly with regard to being able to understand and accessing that subconscious knowledge).  

As I focus more on this, I see a line of questioning come toward me. "If you ate your favorite food every day for an indefinite amount of time would you appreciate the taste and have gratitude for it's existence?"  After the thousandth time (probably much sooner) you would loose appreciation for the taste (or grow numb to it).  

Part of the growth and experience in our 3D reality is the feeling of gratitude, empathy and love, and without the constant contrast, we lose sight of how it feels.  I hear "Sweet isn't so sweet without the occasional taste of sour."  Beauty may not feel as wonderful without the contrast of something less beautiful.  Seeing contrast brings forward feelings we could not have otherwise.  I hear "How many times do we experience a gloomy / cold / wet period of time, and crave the sun.  When the sun does shine and the air is fresh, we have gratitude for that day.  If everyday was sunny they would all blur together."  You can't appreciate the light if you have never compared it to the dark (you couldn't even fully understand the concept of what dark was). 

I also hear not to look at our experience here as negative or see the environment as negative, but look at the positive and what you learn.  Much of what we do isn't what we do, but rather how we handle what we do or how we react in different situations.  If we can pause for a moment and use a higher vibrational emotion to counteract what doesn't feel good, that is how you truly start to ascend.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-