Saturday, December 12, 2015

Mark Richards and Project Camelot

Prior to this reading I read a few excerpts from an interview to tap into his energy and connect a little better to him. I will attach a link to the interview I read from at the bottom of the reading...
Q. Kerry at Camelot ( has interviewed this guy, Mark Richards several times.  He says he was a pilot in the secret space program and knows "Raptors" personally.  Is this a hoax or is there any truth to this story?  
A.  When I tune into him and his experiences, I do feel truth to his story.  I have visualized the ET wars and realize there is a race of Reptilians here trying to claim the planet and take it as their own.  I too see that the struggle from laying claim to earth is why humans are still here. If a lower vibrational species were to "win" the war, they would wipe us out, but they can't (I do feel good about saying "won't") win.

There are many names for the different races of ETs out there, and what he calls "Raptors," I call Archons (in my mind, and I could be wrong??).  These "Archons" or "Raptors" look to be the most malicious in terms of ruthless behavior and trying to reclaim earth for their own interests.  Right now since they cannot win, or take over, they have enslaved humans in ways that humans don't even realize they are slaves (by creating voluntary slaves to the systems). 

He also mentioned a version of the "cat" and "dog" ETs (he referenced Marduk at one point which I see representative of the "dog" race) and I have always saw that there was a Canine and Feline group of ETs coming to battle it out with the Reptilians to reclaim earth.  

I have seen the portals and images of stargates to the moon and other areas of our solar system.  They look to be hard on the human system as the "g-force" is incredible, but with training and practice humans can work up to being able to do it.

Overall, I see him speaking and knowing a lot of truth.  Much of what he talks of I have seen (in one version or another) in my readings.  There is so much he discusses (too much for one reading) that I am happy to address things individually in comments.  

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you-


Charlotte Bailey said...

Thanks for the reading Lynn. I've listened to Cassidy's interviews with Richards, and he sound pretty legit. There are a lot of similarities to what a guy named Randy Cramer has been saying. He calls the aggressive reptilians dracos, which seem to be the same as the archons. Randy claims to have spent time on Mars battling both the reptilians and mantids. I would love it if you could look into that as well. For a link to some good interviews with him, copy and paste:
"alexandra meadors & randy cramer" to YouTube. He claims to have been given approval by a part of the secret government to get the word out that a different, negative group is taking the country down a dark path and it needs to stop. Fascinating info from this guy!

PimpMyBrain said...

What a mess it happens hidding around us, by the cupidity of the elites decive by the temptations of various ETs....

So we are disposals for our own security? Like vaccines, kill a few to keep the large majority in safe...for futur purpose. Love this mentality....

You said the friendly "raptors" he claims, are for you the most malicious "Archons"? Is he decived by them and all their stories they told to him ? So Russians are with the very bad "Reptilians" guys and the U.S NAVY/US Air Force with the "new good raptors" guys since the "1954 not eat humans treaty"?

They save us by any means, but wait, don't tell us that lots of "competent ETs peoples" are there to help/keep us safe, if we clearly ask, because they don't want to share technologies witht the gouvernements/SPP? And the excuse of these is we can not accept the idea that some ETs races want us for dinner? Even if this is our own factions of gouvernments who sale us to them ? Agenda, agenda, agenda... If it is the real plot, we go off of this when? I start to be tired of their sh*ts.

Thanks Lynn for this reading as always !

Raymond G said...

I believe we have a secret space program just like we have Special Ops that do things we never hear about. I just wonder what they actually do ? What's their mission ? The link you gave was interesting. I wonder what the 'black oil that has consciousness' really is ?

tTruth Seeker said...

They say the truth is in films, I find it fascinating that the Klingon`s of Star Trek fame are very reptilian looking, perhaps someone knows the truth. Equally I feel Star Wars is also base on the history of our solar system.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks so much all all the comments and sharing!

joy said...

To PimpMyBrain...........Mark said the russians are in the side of Reptilians. He did not say positive or negative reptilians. I have had experiences with both sides. I hope that the russians are with positive reptilians. It sure looks that way to me. The positive reptilians are awesome...! If anyone can defeat the negative nasties,'s this group.
The only way we can get out of this ....what's happening to us now is thru our SOUL(SPIRIT) connection. It has something to do with timelines and parallel earth realities, that SOUL is most capable of navigating..

Dreams Come True said...

Hi Lynn, I think you're awesome but I was quite surprised that you posted such a DARK link (interview with Mark Richards). It has given my horrific nightmares and instead of feeling fantastic after reading things like "Arcturian Ascension Tools" and "Messages from Matthew" as to how wondrous our Earth's Ascension process is. Normally, you don't post anything so dark. The thought of these negative ET's coming to eat us etc is almost too much to comprehend. I pray this is not true. I'm truly having a very difficult time with this at the moment. Thank you for listening.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is some interesting reading. Please go read the interview if you have not.

Aliens eating humans, I knew it. I wonder if they have a special day for eating humans like thanksgiving? or is it more like on the menu every day?

Is this some type of weird karma because we are meat eaters ourselves?

PimpMyBrain said...

It is me or the "Christmas crashing", with the scam on paper gold bonds, has begun ?

MorL W said...


I want to take a quick exception to some comments that I have seen that convey an underlying theme that pervades our collective consciousness that we can never talk about "dark" or otherwise disturbing material. I believe that the only way to rise above that which is negative or dark is precisely by looking at it, and exposing it. Information is never negative. I'm not talking about dwelling in fear of it, or wallowing in it, but to dispense information to others about what is really going on in our world is NOT negative. Some of it may be hard to hear or difficult to perceive, but that does not mean that we should bury our heads and pretend that negative does not exist. Information leads us to awareness, and awareness leads us to greater understanding of the truth, and TRUTH ultimately leads us to the way out of the darkness--not by running from it, but by facing it and doing what is within our power to change our reality for the better.
Thank you, Lynn, for bringing out into our greater awareness and understanding that much of what we think and see in the world is not what we have been told, and not what things appear to be. I, for one, appreciate receiving information, as it helps me to rise above the fear and brings me back to a place of personal power by changing my response and doing what I can to bring light to the world. Information also gives people more choices, which ignites their creativity in finding solutions.
Thank you for this blog and all you do.

Camryn Villarruel said...

Thanks Lynn. Interesting, just like humans are evil with animal experimentation and abusing animals for food, ironic ETs doing the same thing to humans.

samferina said...


hi very interesting can you elaborate further with your experiences with the reptilians please? Would love to hear it never knew they were both bad and good ones just thought all of the species was negative thanx:)

Ryno said...

To me, he seems to be another MKUltra type messenger who mixes truth and make-believe. I didn't listen to the interview though, just read the notes so maybe my thoughts would change after hearing him. It just sounds something like a setup to show the reptilian controllers under a different umbrella and in a more positive light. Example of what I mean: “No, these are not the Draco; these are the Raptors. Totally different (though probably not really).” Thank you Jurassic Park movies for introducing Raptors to the world. It’s also interesting that this is the only source I have seen mention Raptors before. Not necessarily saying they don’t exist, just find it very questionable since I cannot find any other sources for this.

What I call Archons are etheric conscious beings that do not have physical form but like to screw with people/physical beings. They are puppeteers and humans are their puppets. If you actually could see them, they can change into whatever they want you to see like insects, spiders, reptiles and I wonder if they want Mark Richards to see Raptors. The recent reading, “Mystery Murder in Lund, Sweden” sounds like influence from Archons. Some people are more receptive to their influence then most. Be warned when you open yourself up, you may also be inviting these suckers to come and play. You know what else they like to do, send intense feelings of “love and light.” It is of my opinion that a lot of the New Age movement is assisted by these Archons which often appear in the form of Ascended Masters.” The “top of the pyramid” like to use them and the Archons are happy to play along.

Dreams Come True said...

Oh my, Ryno, I find this all SO CONFUSING. I recently discovered this site called "Arcturian Ascension Tools" as I mentioned in a precious post and it gives me such hope. But now... I wonder...

Lilian said...

@Dreams Come True, sigh ... you are not the only one confused! I have been warned, too, many times, to be careful if I want to open myself up! Somehow I have even been discouraged not to do it in case these suckers (as Ryno mentioned) take advantage of my too trusting mind/spirit. And Joy's experiences with negative reptilians are frightening, the least to say. What if my spirit is not prepared for it? Will I be opened to a pandora box?

I wish I can find one reliable source/site that will help me to connect to the universal consciousness. So in the end, I do nothing more than just reading/listening and never go one step further to connect to the universal consciousness. The most I did is to meditate from time to time just for relaxation.

I am now looking into Reiki to be on a safer side. Haha! But if anybody who has good links/sources for me to start for spiritual development, I will greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance

Juliana Miles said...

Can you view this and tell us what's happening? It was posted a couple of days ago.

Thank you

Dreams Come True said...

Oh Lillian, I'm SO WITH YOU, 100%!!! Is there anyone out there that can direct Lillian and I to the proper source(s)? PLEASE? Lynn?


The Gateway Affirmation

"I am more than my physical body. Because I am more than physical matter, I can perceive that which is greater than the physical world. Therefore, I deeply desire to Expand, to Experience; to Know, to Understand; to Control, to Use such greater energies and energy systems as may be beneficial and constructive to me and to those who follow me. Also, I deeply desire the help and cooperation, the assistance, the understanding of those individuals whose wisdom, development, and experience are equal to or greater than y own. I ask their guidance and protection from any influence or any source that might provide me with less than my states desires."

Robert Monroe (The Monroe Institute)


Set the intent out there that you only allow individuals who have your highest regard to assist you. Karen A. Dahlman puts forth this intention each and every time she uses the Ouija board and has not had a negative encounter yet. It's really that simple.

Dreams Come True said...

Dearest Real McCoy Fan,

Thank you for this.... I'm certain I also speak for Lillian... we are "new" at this (or should I say, we are just starting to "remember"...) yes?

I shall recite (and deeply "feel") that mantra each and every day.

Thank you, Real McCoy Fan for taking the time to guide us. You see, it's already beginning, isn't it? We asked for help and there you are!

Deep in gratitude,
Dreams Come True

Native Roots said...

To those who are interested in spiritual growth, I highly recommend Paul Selig's books. He also has some wonderful YouTube interviews, channeling sessions, etc. Highly supportive, protective, and transformative stuff. Perfect for our "now times".

joy said...

RE: Positive Reptilians
As a young person, I was prone to depression. This....helplessness, this constant struggle just to survive. It went on for years, to the point where I was overdozing on prozac.
One early dawn, in 2004,I woke up silently because I heard some guys talking. They were up above my head. One guy said in a language I did not know, but I understood. "That should be enough". The other guy said "We'll see. we rewired enough." Then, they moved on to the left side of my bed where I could eyeball them. They were reptilians, about 8 feet, complete with beautiful iridescent scales, and huge long tails. They were wearing what looked like laboratory coats, similar to what our doctors wear here. They continue to talk but as I focus on their physical appearance, and I woke up more, they slowly faded from my sight.
From then on, every time my mind go into depressive thought, I hear a growling in my throat....saying "Drop it". So I did. In about 3 weeks, I no longer think and turn on my depressive habits. I was cured.
I read somewhere that there are Reptilians who have reached 5D (ascended)and that we, lightbeings here are part of their life-streams. It is possible that one of these reptilians who cured me of my depression is my incarnational self, who is perhaps in the upper 4D.
now, about my heart-stopping violent encounters with the reptilian military..........nah, I'm NEVER afraid of them. I'd stop their heartbeat in a sec.

joy said...

Lillian, What I heard about Reiki is has been perverted by the dark side. Like everything else. The reiki symbols were turned this way and that the point where it no longer has any value to us. This is of course information only. My experience with Reiki, long before I got to this info, was.......was NOT effective. I don't know if it was perverted then.

If you wish to connect with your Higher Self for guidance, let me know. I know a group. First class Yogis from the east. This will connect you DIRECT.

If you wish to channel your Higher Self, "OPENING TO CHANNEL" by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer is the best. The one who will assist you is a 9thD being. He's fantastic.

OK, There is so much confusion about Higher Self. Let me tell you what my take is about Higher Self. HS is, it appears to be an energy being ( for the purpose of communication with it)
It appears to be, we are graduated, that we are part of this HS.. We have SOUL, OVERSOUL, CHRIST consciousness (planetary), I AM consciousness (galactic) and what we call...Archangelic-Elohim consciousness, CREATOR Force.. I thought in the beginning that this Being, this SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND is out there in the stratosphere somewhere. Later on, after many years, it turned out that it is in the outside and in the INSIDE our physical bodies. So, now, if you want to access this consciousness, in meditation, put your palm over your heart, and talk to it like you are talking to a loved one.
I hope this helps.

joy said...

TO: Dreams Come True

It is my understanding that building your lightbody is the first step towards Ascension. This is a meditative process that you will do, at the assist of your SPIRIT to infuse light particles , first into your DNAs, into your cellular structures, into nooks and crannies of your physical, mental emotional, spirit bodies and unify your 7 lower chakras with your 7 upper dimensional chakras. This is called the UNIFIED FIELD. The lightbody also has several upper dimensional wires, and many packets of programs that your Spirit will download. This will allow your lower bodies to tremendously increase its vibration. During Ascension, this lightbody that is YOU. will spin at a spin above the speed of light that we see, above the ultraviolet frequency,and you, miss lightbody, will cease being flesh and blood; become light, will be reconfigured as the MERKABA.
You see, the YOU as SPIRIT does not have to ascend. It is the YOU that is human who will be "ascended" by YOU, Spirit.

Anyway,, you want to take this narrow path.

Be careful. PPl who have children below the age of 10 are cautioned NOT to do it. Your SPIRIT will descend into your human body to initiate your ascent to light. You will change,You will remove all your 3D shackles....that might even mean, you will physically abandon any relationship that is blocking your way. and those changes will throw your children in survival mode and those changes are painfully mind and heart numbing.


If you wish to build your body of light go to my son took their course and he is very impressed with them.

I built my lightbody from 1991 for many many years thru another channeled Being. This Elohim being is no longer around. I guess Orin and Daben are your best bet for now.

I wish you good journey.

Good Luck.

samferina said...

Thanks joy sounds like a mind blowing experience glad you're cured of depression!

NLTCrow said...

I highly recommend The Leading Edge
The Matrix V books (now out of print) have forever changed the way I look at and understand the world we live in.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for all the comments and feedback. I realize this was a darker topic. I try to change it up since there is curiosity on all spectrums of topics. I am hopeful that many of you found it interesting (and not too dark, I apologize for causing any imbalance). Please try to find the positive in the learning and awareness of what is going on around us.

Lilian: Reiki is a beautiful thing. I would recommend researching Reiki masters in your area to see who offer classes. Another energy healer I find amazing is Edd Edwards, and he has many Youtube videos. He will definitely make you feel good and you will see the beauty in his healing work.

Alice Liu said...

@joy -- I love that story about the positive reptilians. I had my first vivid alien dreams two nights ago. I resisted them and told them to stay away unless they were there for my higher good. After reading your post, I am glad that I left it open (seeing as I can use all the help that I can get!). I also agree with you about Reiki. I always get sick for 3-4 weeks afterwards and it takes a long time to come to balance again. I always had a gut feeling that the symbols were being drawn mindlessly and I felt dogma being projected upon me. However, when a person has passed on energy from a giving place without symbols or ideas, I have felt healed.

@Lynn -- This post wasn't dark for me at all. It answered a lot of questions (i.e. why Israel is so important - talk about an "Aha!" moment), and it gives us tools to move forward. The video felt very true and I appreciate all the people who have the courage to keep the truth flowing. Perhaps when we receive information that is way outside of our previous understanding, it can appear dark because we have no control or mastery of the new paradigm.

Dreams Come True said...

@Lynn, Joy, Native Roots, NLT Crow, thank you all so very much for the guidance. But, I'm so new at this and STILL wondering if anyone can tell me about the blog ACTURIAN ASCENSION TOOLS??? I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading it daily as it gives me such HOPE and comfort... there are many different "Channelers" (if that's the correct word) and I SO HOPE it's a good site?

PLEASE can anyone tell me if it's a good site?

I live in Ireland and although I'm sure there are some Reiki practitioners, they are certainly few and far between where I live (which is way out in the boonies!)

Thank you everyone.... Nancy of Dreams Come True

DivineLuxurySoap said...

Lilian: DreamsComeTrue: If I understand you have a spiritual search. Most of the human dilemma is "thinking in a personal way". So called enlightenment (is not an escape from reality).. more like a connection to the "loving force" behind every atom, and we can switch identity from "little me" to "living loving BEING". That is how it feels. Ramana explains to the "mind" (which searches) this can be done. The link below is great reading. Read chpt_8 first (like Plato's cave allegory). In truth.... your aliveness..... is ALREADY "your truth". Just "BE", just let natural feelings of "JOY" be your connection. "KNOW, BE, JOY" are the "essential-forces" of LIFE-of-all-sentient beings. It is hard to believe it is that "simple" the rain and sunshine. Much love to your search..and may you find YOU (the divine-one).

Ryno said...

@Dreams Come True: Personally, I stay away from channeling. I refer to it now as Hope Porn because people get addicted to it though nothing they ever say comes to fruition. Ascended "Masters," Space Jesus, Galatic Federations... Sorry, I'm not buying it no matter how much you try to love bomb me. The New Age Philosphy is today's newest religion designed to ensnare those questioning the status quo and focus their energy by putting their faith in beings out there instead of relearning from your true self.

Another term for Ascension being used in New Age Philosphy is "Harvest." Think about that, do you want to be harvested? Ascension is not the answer to freedom just another illusion in another density or dimension.

All my opinion's of course. Your path is yours, but I suggest to always look within. Self-realization and balance is my focus. If you want help from anyone or anything then I suggest connecting with Gaia.

Dreams Come True said...

@Ryno, once again, many thanks. I am so new at this, that I just recently learned what the term "Gaia" meant. Shows you just how new I am at this.... but I want so badly to know my true self and I felt that these channelers were helping me on the path..but, obviously not.

I "think" I'm now starting to understand a little more by the brilliant souls on this forum that are way ahead of me.

When you say "connect with Gaia", how does one do that? My apologies if that is a dumb question.

I sincerely appreciate your guidance. It means the world to me.

I thank you!

Dreams Come True said...

@Divine Luxury Soap. Beautifully said and much appreciated. Yes, I am on a spiritual search. Thank you for your loving thoughts and encouragement. Nancy

Ryno said...

@Dreams Come True: I like to think of the "relearning/remembering" (that is what I call it anyway) process as one big adventure. There are no short-cuts and the path will be full of challenges and road blocks that we must overcome but the end destination will be worth it. Sure, I will hit a dead end or get lost but I don't let it discourage me. It's all part of the experience.

How do you connect with Gaia? Good question and in no way am I an expert. I'm sure she is probably laughing at the thought of me offering suggestions to the question seeing how I used to be! :) Well, I would start by noticing her. Notice her beauty and strength. Feel her under your feet, when it rains, and when the wind blows. Thank her but do not worship her. Communicate with every natural thing you see. I'm amazed how nature will communicate back if you can just stop, notice, and listen. This summer I really noticed the birds singing and butterflies and bee's dancing. Understand that she loves you. When you earnestly want to connect, she will.

Lilian said...

Couldn’t agree with you more, Dreams Come True – Asked and here they came with feedbacks! And don’t worry, you are also speaking for me! I’m just as new as you in this domain when it comes to practising it.

Thank you everyone for the links/references. It will take me awhile to go through more in depth all the suggestions given.

I am still confused as to the terms used and the steps to connect to the universal consciousness (Source).

I presume the 1st step is meditation to increase our vibrations. And the simplest way is to listen to our breathing with the hardest part to quiet our mind. But do we have to open and balance our chakras too, or it’s not necessary? I have read cautions about doing Kundalini meditation to open the chakras and be prepared to see “things” with our third eye, which our human eyes cannot see.

Or is meditation is all we need to connect to our Higher Self, to Ascend, to connect to the Source?

@Joy, what’s the difference between “Channel to my Higher Self” and “Ascension”. I thought we need to connect to our Higher Self through spiritual search in order to ascend? Like DivineLuxurySoap has said “to find ME”

@DivineLuxurySoap, I still find it hard to grasp the “ME ? The divine-one?” concept. Since young, I have often asked myself these questions “Who am I? Why am I ME (Lilian) and not someone else?” I know the 2nd question sounds weird but I don’t know how to express it to make it clearer. And up till today, I don’t have the answer. You mentioned to read chapter 8 (The Technique of Self-Enquiry) first. You mean I can skip the earlier chapters to find the answer “Who am I?” or I start with Chapter 8 and then go back to Chapter 1?

@Ryno, are shaman, medium, seers consider doing channeling too?

@Alice Liu,I don’t know whether you are referring to Reiki Healing or Attunement when you mentioned being sick. But I read that “In the days after an attunement, many people have a healing response, often referred to as a healing crisis. This can last for up to two or three weeks, fluctuating in the symptoms and severity, and many teachers will teach that you should expect it to last 21 days. In truth, it varies from person to person and from one attunement to the next. Some people have no healing response at all, for some it is very mild, others are very sick for the first day or two with flu-like symptoms and then feel a lot better, with only mild emotional fluctuations for a week or two after that. For some, the healing response is almost entirely emotional, with emotions arising and releasing, maybe with crying spells or anger coming out and releasing. It may be gentle or not.”

I have not read the Healing part syndrome yet. Perhaps different people have different reactions to healing too? I just stumbled on Reiki recently as I continue to search about spiritual/energy. And yes, there are differences between Japanese and Western Reiki. So, I am still searching a Reiki Master (that I can resonate with), as suggested by Lynn.

Somehow I agree with Lynn about Reiki being beautiful. I feel the love and passion these healers have when they talk about their work. Reiki is also a soft way of healing/relieving the pain of others. I also read that Reiki help us to communicate with our Higher self, with our Guiding Angel etc. I am not attuned yet but just reading about it. And yet one of my passed loved one “communicated” with me in my dream, for the first time, even if it was a brief moment. In another incident, even without thinking about it, I think I have had a lucid dream accidentally. It was so real and yet in the end, when I half opened my eyes, I realised that it was just a dream, that I didn’t jump out of my bed to tell ‘someone’ off to stop pulling my blanket and then went back to bed. Or perhaps it was just a dream within a dream? I wish I know ….

I LOVE THIS BLOG !!!! Thank you all again for taking the trouble to reply.

Mumbi Kihumba said...

Hello! I have found information from KRYON as channeled by Lee Carroll to be extremely helpful. Please take a look at it.
Love and Light,

Judy Koons said...

Expansive energy of existence is everywhere and everything. What if it isn't about learning as much as it is about unlearning and allowing. Everyone has direct access to Source (via psychic senses) and then just like any language it takes a bit of time to perceive and understand some of the finer bits.

Coming from a place of non duality, where there is only the natural expansive energy of existence, still love the affirmation above about only allowing that which serves to be part of one's experience. A great way to build confidence and give direction to oneself. Remember using this early on when psychic abilities where causing some havoc.

The Reiki muse if you do a search for her, Christy, does distant initiations for those that are very remote and lives Reiki full on with integrity.

Much appreciation for the allowing you do Lynn!

joy said...

WHY WE CHANNEL HS: Channeling is not for everyone. I do not channel any old departed Joe, but I channel information automatically from my higher perspective. Many many people channel information spontaneously. it happens when the rational left brain is distracted, or when they are relaxed and focused intently on one solitary subject. Such as when one is composing music or painting. ALL THE INVENTORS AND GENIUSES THRU OUT HISTORY CAME UP WITH THEIR MAGNIFICENT CONTRIBUTIONS THRU CHANNELING the source of all information, their HS.
These days...I was thinking...especially about what is going on inside our solar system with ETs, I might be a lot of fun to be explore this area................ yeah, I like that..!

RE: ASCENSION :I'm more focused into my NOW moments rather than pine every moment to ascend.Waste of time. I have gone thru this ascension rehearsal in the inner level, but heck, I know I will ascend, if not in this lifetime, maybe who 5 million years..? and I don't know when, so that's about where I am. Heck, I AM ETERNAL. Think of all the adventures in the Astral.

We are the Higher Self and the Low Self. We are complete, unified and unfractured as CONSCIOUSNESS inside this body. What I see is that this physical-mental-emotional-spirit body that we occupy here now in 3D, is all trussed up, blocked, implanted like a messed up ball of twine, a gordian knot that we cannot know and express who we are. So, before we can even recognize who we are, we have to recognize who we are NOT. WE ARE NOT THIS EGO_PERSONALITY; WE ARE NOT THIS HUMAN BODY. WE ARE Spirit, Consciousness, LIfe Force, Life Essence, Prana, Holy Spirit.We are the animator of this human self and everything there is.
To wake up is the decision of SOUL/Spirit. But (Ego,false-self) have to say "uncle" then tag along somehow. When SOUL wishes to ascend the physical body, it will ask Spirit to lay down the lightbody wires and programs, Spirit also pulls out those major blockages, that made us so helpless and human. ( Some of these blockages are: karmic matrices, negative thoughtforms, negative emotions,veil of unknowing, cellular memories,pictures of reality, etheric crystals, implants armors around the heart, chakra plates as separators and many other things that these Negative ETs continually create and insert into our bodies) After that, you as Spirit will be more or less AWAKE in your physical body, and the ego-personality slowly dies.(transmuted to light). This is the beginning of one's journey to light.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for sharing information. These are deep concepts and I truly appreciate it!

RFK Pope said...

@Lynn - Are the sex traffickers and child predators that receive gratifiction from others misery actually Archon/Raptors or hybrid human/Archons that are seeking to receive (fulfillment?) from the low vibrational energy their crimes create? Makes me wonder if they are the source of evil on Earth.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@RFK: I don't see them as the source, but they are a derivative of that source..

Ryno said...

@Lilian: I'm not a big fan of "channeling." You don't really know who or what is on the other end of the channel and if the information is deception or not. Plus, why do channeling sessions like they are being fed information from a computer? The Law of One is a great example of how channeling sounds like it is coming from a program or Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). "I am Ra, I am RA, I am RA..." Yeah, we get it already.

I like to use the term "connect" instead for Shamans and Seers as in connecting to their "Oversoul" and the 96% "Dark Matter." However, this is made more difficult because our human DNA has been so manipulated (so-called "junk DNA"). New Age Philosophy says we must go through a process of experiencing densities and raising vibrations to "ascend." I say no, we have been enslaved and put in bodies that have been dumbed-down.

Mediums are more of a channeling.

Again, just my opinions.

RFK Pope said...

Thank you Lynn, you're appreciated.

joy said...

dear Ryno, your opinions are very much respected and appreciated. thank you
I used to be squeamish too. NOT anymore.
Lighten up Bro.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments.

I did want to address the channeling.. I too am uncomfortable with channeling. To me (at least my boundaries and how I protect myself) channeling is more of a release of your body and allowing another spirit to enter you and use your human body to communicate (sort of like a takeover). However, mediumship (which is what I do) allows spirit to communicate to and through me, but I still maintain control and possession of my body.

Ryno said...

@joy: Ha, I took "lighten up" as a literal joke, metaphysically speaking. Made me laugh. I'm happy that you are not squeamish, I don't believe I am either otherwise I would've stopped venturing down the rabbit hole a long time ago.

Lilian said...

Thank you all for the feedbacks. I learn alot from here.

joy said...

Mediumship is the term used a long time ago on this subject. Jane Roberts, brought the wisdom of Seth, The Sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce,brought advanced healing modalities, Madame Blavatsky, she brought metaphysics to the masses with info about the 7 rainbow Masters......and many others, all brought information from the unseen world thru mediumship.
Then after the 1987 planetary conjunction, the beginning of the so-called NEW AGE, the term was updated to "Channeling".


New Age is the Age of Light. Age of Information, (Quantum Physics; Computers; Electromagnetics.Photon Belt, Quarks, Tachyon) The Age that revealed to us that MATTER has Spirit,THAT SPIRIT IS MATTER. That matter is the illusory expression of SPIRIT, That the term Spirit is interchangeable with ENERGY. With this information, we have begun to manipulate energy for practical use by applying several laws such as the Law of Attraction, to manifest whatever it is we want. We began to see, taste, feel what was for a long time, the Unseen. We began to heal our illnesses thru understanding the quantum universe.

Anyway, nowadays, one can choose to be unconscious while channeling (Here, the person is called a medium) or to be awake. Here the person is called Conscious Channel.

I would not worry a bit if you are not interested in channeling. I'd stay loose and playful, in the NOW. I heard that this is decided in the SOUL level, and frankly, I still cannot wrap my head SOUL,... it has a mind of its own. (grin)

fair2share said...

To Dreams Come True, Lilian, and spiritual seekers:
I have been a spiritual seeker for 5 decades, had tried the spiritual banquet /buffet table in my hunger for truth, and at last I am confident that Cosmic Awareness, as interpreted by Will Berlinghoff (website: is where I will not be misled, though Cosmic Awareness Itself said that we must question everything ( even Itself), research, and use your own discernment.
Try his website. He has the blog section for non-subscriber, and also the archives section for his past blogs from the members section.
Cosmic Awareness is the same source where Edgar Cayce got his info.
I am finding that Lynn's reveals don't conflict with Cosmic Awareness.
He also revealed and named some channelers who have been compromised, or are being misled, or having their own agenda, like Matthew Ward and Sheldan Nidle.
He has a free international teleconference every second ( sometimes third) Sunday of the month where anyone can pose questions.
The website also gives for free the pdf and voice recording of the past teleconferences, where he answered question about Putin, Syria, false flag events, Robin Williams, Whitney Houston, the missing Malaysian jetliner.
If you are ready to go down the rabbit hole and doesn't want to get lost, follow Simon Parkes and Alex Collier.

Dreams Come True said...

I'm am SO grateful for all of you! Wow, so much information to study... it is so very much appreciated.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I love all this information. Thank you everyone for sharing! So much to think about.

joy said...

COSMIC AWARENESS just came up with something....a petition to the Galactic Central Sun to assist us in unblocking the vise that the negative ETs have placed on us, to hijack this timeline. You might want to join. Hehhhh....I usually and almost always don't join any movement. meditation or petition, but what the heck, ....this looks OK.

Anonymous said...

thanks all of you beautiful pure spiritual multidimensional beings for sharing your wisdom with all of us.
the book that joy mentioned "Opening to Channel-How to Connect with Your Guide" by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer is accessible to read on line free (224pages) via