Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Illuminati Prediction Cards (What kind of a game is this???)

Q. Hi Lynn, I checked the past readings and I am afraid you have not seen this card game yet.

There is a card game sold 1995, (originally made in 1990), that is predicting many things accurately like NY Terrorism, etc.  What is your view of this? I am very curious about population control.

A. As I tune into this I get a sick feeling in my stomach... I see this blue print laid out on a table that outlines a plan for the PTB to keep and maintain control over the ages. There are always variables (due to free will) that intervene, so there are constant revisions and tweakings to the blueprint, but the PTB (or Illuminati) stick to a basic, fundamental plan.  I see that in order to allow the "plan" to continue, they (PTB) have to reveal small "truths" to the people, and if the people don't dispute or revolt against these events, they are permitted to happen.  As a society, we are shown this outline (in indirect ways) and since no change is done, the Reptilian ETs that are trying control us (and work through the PTB) are "allowed" to follow through.

I do see population control as one thing that is addressed in these cards.  A smaller population requires less resources and is also easier to control.  Man made environmental factors are in play right now to try to shorten life spans and effect health.  I also get that big pharma is trying  capitalize on this now too by making money off of a wide range of illness, allergies, disease and cancer.  One thing that was unexpected was the elevation of human consciousness, and the huge trend for homeopathic and natural trends.  These pose a threat to "the plan" and are currently being looked at.. Trust your gut with these as I see a lot of negative press coming out as big pharma starts to lose money (and big pharma doesn't always work in the greater good of the people).

A positive change I do see happening is tied to the internet.  As people become educated, and information is shared, people are "calling out" these events before they happen, which makes it much more difficult for the PTB to follow through with their plan (because they don't have human approval).  Major revisions have been made to the "blueprint," and the PTB are trying to attack things that are more subtle (such as manipulating food and weather, even though those too will become more difficult).  I hear a phrase that "this card game will need an expansion pack to address all the recent changes that have occurred."

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, April 22, 2016

Five for Friday #32

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to Five for Friday #32.

Image #1: Earthquake Lights
This is a light in the sky recorded the night before the big 7.8 quake in Ecuador. HAARP?  Here’s the video link:

What Lynn Saw
 "I do think that's HAARP. They have been in overdrive trying to manipulate weather and they also have other plans in the words. I look for something to happen around the timeframe of the RNC (Republican National Convention).  I see as some kind of False Flag to distract people, because it looks like there's going to be some major upset, and when that happens they're going to want to focus all that attention elsewhere, to create a kind of smokescreen for this big political thing that's getting ready to come down. [What do you see happening?] It's going to be tied to ISIL over in Europe around the time of the RNC and it feels "big." Can't see what exactly, but I get this really horrible unsettled feeling." [Perhaps we all need to coordinate a massive meditation around the RNC date?]

 Image #2: Pine Gap
 This is a secretive US installation in Australia called Pine Gap. What goes on here?

What Lynn Saw
 "Pine Gap... interesting. I've never actually heard of it. I get the main thing they do is map and track UFOs and star systems. They are particularly attracted to Orion's belt, and get they have been in communication with a "space brother" from there. I also keep seeing a "space brother" in what looks like a jail cell, and sense they have at least one captive. It actually feels sad because this ET wants nothing more than to go home. Looks like he was found when a UFO crashed, and this being was injured so he couldn't escape effectively."
Image: 3: Betty & Barney Hill
 This is the famous Betty and Barney Hill UFO abduction case from the ‘50s. Were the “aliens” that abducted them just humans in rubber masks? And what was the purpose of their abduction?

What Lynn Saw
 "When I tune into this, it looks like they (Betty and Barney) had to live their life in fear and hiding. People didn't like that they were a black and white couple, during this time in the '50s. It looks like this group of people took them, not ETs. I see this group kinda like the KKK, it feels hostile and terrifying. The masks were some kind of latex masks. The Hills were knocked out, and between the shock and cloroform, they were a kinda out of it. They were kidnapped to make an example of them, and to terrify them. In their minds, the Hills interpreted the whole thing as an alien abduction, but it was just because they were a biracial couple."

Image #4: Roswell Swastika
 These are strange markings found on the ground in GoogleMaps, near Roswell, NM, showing a Buddhist swastika and some odd symbols. What’s going on here?

What Lynn Saw
 "I keep hearing the word "runes." I feel like there is some symbolism here on how runes work. It's like this area was stamped because of some energetic connection to this spot. It's weird, I see the top image as real, but the one below looks photoshopped; there's something off about it. As for the top image, there's something unique to what's buried beneath it, to the energy tied to it. The "stamp" is putting a blessing on that piece of land. There's something special there."

Image 5: Multi-Dimensional Self
 How accurate is this chart for showing the various planes? I’ve seen some charts where astral was above etheric. Are some of us headed for the 5th density etheric plane?

What Lynn Saw
 "This is a really cool chart. We exist in the physical plane, but when we meditate or dream, we step into different planes. If we step outside our physical bodies, we can tap into any of these levels mentally, without actually residing in that plane. These represent the various vibrations. We can mentally tap into each different layer. Such a cool way to look at all this. We do bump into the 4th density all the time, spirits and such, but many of us can connect all the way up to the higher self."  

BONUS: Masonic Weirdness
 I didn’t know that...

….there are Masonic nurses (look at her belt buckle), or…


…that they made Masonic jetskis.

And that's it. Join us Friday-after-next for episode... #33 [duhn duhn duuuuhn]. Hopefully Da-da's fever will be gone by then.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Q. Hi Lynn! I was wondering if you could focus on humans with superpowers? I know it sounds silly bit I've always wondered if there were actual people around the world who have abilities that can immediately effect the world around them rather than casting a spell. For example, are there people that are able to levitate, teleport, or fly at will? If so, how much energy would that take?
A. There are people around the world with varying degrees of skills and abilities.  Some of these abilities require some type of action being done by the person, but most seem to happen spontaneously.  The spontaneous abilities are hard to replicate or force, they seem to happen at will.

The first image I see is a person and they are meditating.  They are laying on their back, relaxed and focused on ridding their body of all negativity.  They begin to visualize the negative energy leaving their body, and then this large pool of energy begins to build in the solar plexus area.  With one exhale, the energy escapes upward and outward and at that very moment the person levitated a few inches off of the couch.  They don't know how they did it, or how to replicate it, but the possess the ability.  It required no extra energy, was just a typical meditation, but the connection to the Universal Source was very intense. 

This may not be a "true" superpower, but I now see a person experiencing a "time slip" which is a form of a space / time jump.  This too isn't intentional, but happens. It doesn't require extra energy, but the person is surrounded by a circumstance that allows their reality to change or a timeline to jump.  It is as if a majority remembers and experiences something different than the person in question.  For example, there may be ten people in a group and they have an intense conversation.  The next day one of the group members says "they weren't there during the discussion, and have no idea what everyone is talking about."  It was as if their reality changed, they had a "blip" and jumped to a different timeline.

It looks like the beings that are able to fly or teleport under their control are actually either a hybrid ET / human, or a pure ET in nature.  I cannot see a human having the intentional ability (with the exception of astral experiences).  I get an image of a being shape shifting into something else in order to begin flying or to be able to teleport.  I hear that humans (in our 3D reality) are not able to shape shift into the necessary physical form.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Japan's Recent Earthquake

Q. Hi Lynn, Japan was hit by two earthquakes this past week. The second one was a 7.3 magnitude earthquake that hit the Japanese city of Fukuoka. Soon afterwards, foam started to fill the streets of the city. Any idea what this foam is? Also, there was a large earthquake in Ecuador as well. Are these earthquake clusters related? Thanks!!! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3543665/Mysterious-foam-fills-streets-Japanese-city-wake-country-s-second-deadly-earthquake.html
A. When I tune into this I get that the PTB have been working with HAARP and testing different scenarios. I see that during the time frame of the US Republican National Convention there will be some kind of false flag (but not on US soil).  The PTB are ramping up for this, and in the planning process these two major earthquakes were caused.  I actually see several earthquakes occurring in a relatively close time frame, but they look to be much smaller.

As I look at this "mystery foam" I hear the word "ocean scum."  I get that when these earthquakes occurred there was also a disturbance in the nearby ocean waters.  The pollution and chemicals that reside in the waters were sort of "churned up" and created this foam.  I also see that some city sewers backed up and some road ways flooded.  As the water receded, the foam was left behind.  

I see this foam being slightly toxic, and get that if you touched it, the foam would leave a slightly slimy texture on your hands.  I also get it will need to be manually cleaned up, as this won't break down by natural means. 

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.  Love and light-

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, What is really going on???

Q. With all the recent police officer shootings, mainly the ones all over the country like the cop from "Aurora" who was shot at the greyhound bus terminal, (the congressman tweeting condolences before the shooting etc) are most of these drills / false flags a way to combat the "Black Lives Matter" with a blue lives matter agenda!?  What percentage of the recent officer shootings making the news over the last year or 2 are staged?  Who started the "Back Lives Matter" and why?  Will people catch on with this spree of officer murders?
A. When I focus on this situation I see a lot of things coming forward.  The first and dominant thing is that a divided population is much weaker than a unified force.  If a society constantly battles between themselves they are much weaker to defend themselves against another source (ie the government).  I see flashes of the movie The Revenant and hear the phrase that "if the Indians would have combined forces instead of battling each other, the Europeans could have never conquered America and taken the land."

Part of the divide between people is instigating situations in which people become emotionally involved.  I see that throughout history there was always something going on to get people riled up (issues with slavery, political affiliations, economic status, etc).  As the issues grow old and the emotions begin to settle (or people resolve and move past them) the government has to refresh them and bring them back to life to prevent the unification of people (and keep society from becoming stronger than the government).  We are also a society that gets desensitized to these events, so in order to "refresh" an issue, it has to be dramatic, and people get sacrificed in the process to help the agenda.  There are accidentals shootings, but the majority of times this looks set-up.  

I hear that the CIA is the assigned government group that keeps these feelings alive, and they are the ones that aid in the planning.  For example, I see that  when the timing is right (or necessary for a distraction of something bigger or more important) they will look at certain geographic areas, and see what would make a big impact and create a plan from there.

I see this as an example being laid out which could hypothetical or literal, but illustrates the process.. :  In Chicago there is a large population of African American people, so if an African American lost their life to a senseless act, an undercover CIA operative could lead and instigate a huge protest movement.  Since the CIA controls it, they can keep it big enough to hit the media and get other people emotionally involved, but also keep it small enough that it doesn't pose a threat (like a government take down).  

I also get that with phones, tablets and computers, people are more disconnected from each other.  We don't see people as people anymore.  Most of us don't even know our neighbors, whereas the generation before us used to sit on the front porch and socialize.  (I'm getting flashes of this YouTube video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Swzvm-gXHg )  Many of us have started to "live in our bubble" versus branching out to see and relate to other people as people.  This disconnect makes it much easier for media to plant "ideas" that result in judgment of people we don't know (therefore cannot relate to) and ultimately creates feelings of anger and "social indigence."  

If we want to strengthen our power and preserve our fundamental rights as our Forefathers envisioned, we need to see each other as people rather than focus on our differences.  The labels and subdivisions that are put on people only create weakness.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Quick Q & A

Q. Please do a reading on the shape of the earth/ the flat earth movement. Thank you kindly.
A.  I have done some readings on this in the past.  Here are links to a few of them.  I realize that there has been some discussion questioning if the earth is really flat, but I am still unable to connect to that as being true.

Q. Hi Lynn! Do you have an update to your non-disclosure agreement about Coral Castle?  I bet there's a lot of people here waiting for this reading! Best Regards & Many Thanks!

A. To be honest when I signed the agreement there was no legal expiration date listed.  The terms stated that it couldn't be discussed until the project was done.  Unfortunately, I cannot see a completion date as the partner I was working has run into some issues.  I am hopeful I will have a more clear answer in the near future as there have been a lot of time and effort invested into this.

Q. I recently re-read your look at the Phoenix Lights incident, in which a very large ET craft flew over that city at night and was seen by thousands, including the governor, who initially ridiculed eyewitness reports but later admitted that he, too, had seen it himself. My question: Given the high levels of ET "frustration" you've described over the lack of open disclosure, what prevents an identical ET overflight during daylight hours over a large city today, right now?
A.  I get these "fly overs" do happen all the time.  UFOs are spotted in the daylight as well as the night, but they are easier to see during the night. I see that most larger ships are equipped with a defense cloaking technology that keeps them hidden, the the crafts that are often seen are the much smaller ships.  The larger, mother ship, I hear is like the "queen bee" of a hive, and all effort goes into protecting that larger ship.  In the event a mother ship is seen, it is often due to a technology failure. 

Q. Please do a reading on electrogravitics.
A. I see that electrogravitics is a real thing and it is the first step to being able to build an anti-gravity machine.  There is much more into being able to create a flying machine, but this concept is the fundamental step.  I get electrogravitics creates the ability lessen the effect of gravity on a mass, but the challenge is maintaining that effect (I see the gravity effect fluctuating).  I cannot see fluid motion or movements, but rather jerky movements and inconsistencies.  I hear that rather than work against gravity, we need to focus on moving through it..

Q. Can you tell us the story about dogs? Their history and how they became so smart? Also, how do they see humans, think and feel? I love dogs.
A.  I see that there are humanoid dog ETs that live in a star system on Orion's belt.  The lesser evolved dog ETs look like our present day dogs here on earth. Both types of dogs have a head, body and four appendages, but the more evolved have appendages that allow they to walk upright.  These ETs came here thousands of years ago and helped to seed the planet using some of their own DNA.  They made many versions of themselves, and the fittest survived.  They also brought some of the lesser evolved versions of themselves which evolved into our present day dogs.

Dogs are very intelligent.  The advantage they have is that they don't have a rational mind that discounts ideas or plants doubt.  They are insightful and have an ability to sense and feel things that many humans cannot experience readily.  They actually see humans for who they are (at the core).  

(As a side note, as I type this I keep seeing "dog" spelled "daug."  This must mean something, but was not made clear to me no matter what way I asked..??)

Q. Hi Lynn, I just wanted to know the spiritual meaning of rainbows, and what is the message when we see one?
A.  When I see a rainbow I see it as a sign or reminder that we are connected to "the other side."  It is the visual representation of there being a bridge and connectedness from our 3D reality to a higher vibrational plane.  They hold a symbolic and spiritual property of having all the chakras unified together as we ascend to that plane.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, April 8, 2016

Five for Friday #31

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to a pretty darn awesome Five for Friday #31. Here we go.

What’s causing these bands of color in the sky over Pico Island in the Azores? Some have guessed gravity waves.

What Lynn Saw
"The image that I have is like that 'magnetic field viewer film' that reacts when you put a magnet on it. What I'm getting is happening is that the atmosphere is working like this magnetic film, it's like a screen showing the magnetic field beyond." [Da-da asked about Wave X involvement.] Interesting... Wave X didn't come to me, but that does feel right and make sense. I get we will feel a surge very soon, but the real BIG one is into the future. I don't have a clear date on that, though. It could be felt as soon as Friday, but may not actually hit us full force till the weekend. I get that it comes in pulses, and we may not feel it for a few days after the pulse (sort of like when a solar flare releases and it takes a day or two to get here)." [!!]

Here’s a recent satellite image of the sun. Is that a glitch, satellite-camera shake, or another astronomical body behind the sun? Nothing could be that close, certainly. Or is that a sun from another timeline??

What Lynn Saw
"I heard this being the sun's 'Sister Sun' [really a brown dwarf], but when I tuned into it, I realize that it's too close. It's a glitch of something that's really there. The Sister Sun is actually much farther out. Interestingly, this is an INTENTIONAL glitch; the universe made this glitch happen to reveal the truth of what's really going on. This Sister Sun is the heart of the solar system we talked about in a previous post. That gravitational object runs parallel to ours and the two systems intertwine. I can see it clearly, but don't have an exact distance... I would need to think more on that."

Here’s another floating city, this time appearing out in the ocean off Dalian, on the the coast of China. Another timeline resolving?

What Lynn Saw
"Yes, this looks to be exactly what we wrote about earlier. It's another timeline. In another time, this city was really there, and when it was there it was dry, sandy, underlying clay. [Is that a modern city in another timeline, or one from thousands of years ago?] It has an ancient feel to it. I see it as a very old city, thousands of years old."

This represents the goddess Ishtar (this bas relief is entitled,  “Ishtar of the Seven Veils”). Was she an ET? And why was she shown with these physical attributes? What are those ringed objects she’s holding?

What Lynn Saw
"She was part ET, part human, one of the offspring of a human and an avian ET, so she had physical features of both. The rings [in her hands] allowed her to fly, or aided in the process of flying. I get that, because of her physical composition, she wasn't strong enough to fly on her own, so those things on her hands helped; an extra assist. [How did the rings work?] The rings helped her to work through gravity rather than have gravity weigh her down. They had some kind of magnetic property to them. Her wings worked, but not effectively. The rings look to be a gift from the avians to assist her in flight. [With wings on her back, how did she sleep?] I get an image of her sitting upright much like a bird. She sort of sat down and tucked herself in and slept sitting."

Is this just what’s known as a sprite, a burst of energy in the upper atmosphere, or is it something else?

What Lynn Saw
"I get yes, and no. It's not random. It was aimed. It was shot here. I see this being energy that was thrown at the earth. I jump to GREEN and the heart chakra. It looks as though one of the ETs on the dark side of the moon sent this energy ball full of this loving healing feeling to help heal the earth. I get that, in reality, the camera picked up the color differently than what you'd see with the naked eye. This energy burst had something to do with healing. A lot of healing comes from these energy bursts, which are occurring more and more, lately. It's a part of the subtle transition between Disclosure and where we are now. [How was the energy sent? Was it sent by someone’s mind, or a device?] I see it came from a being, like they threw it with their hand (unless that was symbolic but it looked pretty real to me)."

What was the real reason behind Orson Welles’ famous "War of the Worlds” Martian invasion scare broadcast of 1938? Was this a preplanned event? Why was Welles chosen?

What Lynn Saw

"I get he was a very out-of-the-box thinker. He really went against what was popular or acceptable. He prided himself on that. He wanted to share his ideas, share his thoughts regardless of how shocking it might be. He wanted to get people thinking. He had some kind of ET experience when he was younger that was undeniable, and when he had the ability to have an audience, he got creative. He wanted other people to step forward and admit that things like this are in our skies. He wanted to spark that discussion. I get that the PTW [Powers That Were] didn't want him doing it. He sorta went rogue and he improvised a lot of it so it wouldn't get shut down. It was a large leap for this time when he did this. [Did Welles' work give the PTW any ideas about staging their own fake alien invasion?] No, in fact it was very intimidating because he sparked some thought patterns that weren't there and got people talking. I get the church was really upset about it (I see a minister talking negatively about it during a sermon)."

And that's it. Enjoy the upcoming Wave X-ness, and join us Friday after next for Episode #32!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fairy Circles

Q. Hello,  Here is a recent article about "fairy circles" that are in Africa are now popping up in Australia. Could you see into what is causing these?
A. When I tune into this I get an overwhelming sense of peace and calm.  I then get an image of someone meditating in the middle of a circle and see that if someone was to do that, you would have a very effective and powerful meditation due to the physical properties and energy surrounding these circles. 

As I focus on the source of the circles, or what made them, I see several things aligned to create them.  It looks like several hundred years ago (I want to say 600 to 700 years ago) there was a meteor shower that rained down on this area of the word.  The particles that actually made it to the earth's surface look to be very small (not even the size of a pea).  These meteor particles look to be in the center of each of these circles.    

The particles look to be made of a metal ore that is magnetic, and if someone were to test this area with a metal detector you may even be able to find the meteor fragment (beneath layers or dirt or sand) in the middle of the circle.  I get as time has passed, the magnetic field projected outward seems to have intensified to where vegetation doesn't grow (the water and nutrients can't flow upward in the plants/grass/trees??) in the center, but the vegetation is actually healthier on the edge of the field because the water and nutrients not used in the center can be absorbed and utilized by the border plants (from any run off).

These areas do feel unique and spiritual. Beautiful!

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Panama Papers Exposed

Q. Can you do a reading on the "Panama Papers" that have recently been leaked?  This is a document outlining people who have put funds into offshore accounts in order to hide their whereabouts. Putin among many world leaders look to be hiding funds in these accounts.   What is going on?

A. As I tune into these "papers" I first hear that money laundering and hiding money has been going on in some form since the beginning of civilization.  Some did it for self preservation, others did it for greed and some did it for security.  

As time evolved, new rules were introduced (laws, taxes, etc) and we became more international.  Not only did leaders need to "play nice" with those around them, but they needed to abide by some worldly rules in order to survive and keep economies going.  I see that not everyone agreed with the rules that they were forced to abide by, so they tried to to work the system to their advantage.

I get that some of the people listed in the papers hid their own money, but many obtained the funds through extortion, theft and scamming their own government/people.  They then took the funds and used these offshore accounts in order to protect the funds from taxes.  Basically, a lot of illegal and unethically obtained money was hidden and laundered through these accounts.

I see a huge investigation happening where each named person will have to account for their funds.  I get that the IMF (or some kind of organization that is large and powerful like the IMF???) will somehow get involved.  Some of the leaders will use power and connections to "hide," but many will endure a lengthy questioning process.

Putin stands out to me, and I see him undergoing some form of prosecution and having to pay back the funds.  I also hear the word "retribution" so it sounds like something more will be expected of him as well. 

These papers look to spark a long, slow investigation.  I see it spanning over several months.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.