Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Random Group Post

I have so many great questions, I thought it would be fun to do a Random Group Reading...

Q. Hi Lynn,  Can you do a reading on Oprah Winfrey? You posted a diagram/pyramid showing the links/hierarchy of the power that were....she was at the bottom of it. I believe when someone is of that stature of wealth and money  they are in bed with the power that were as if they fund her lifestyle. Yet on her OWNetwork, she promotes spirituality. Isn't that mixed messages? What exactly is she about?? 
A.  When I tune into Oprah I get an intense feeling of regret and guilt.  It is as if she made choices early on in her career to get where she is, and realized once she got the fame and money, it wasn't as satisfying as she thought it would be.  I see her trying to right some of what she felt was wrong by adopting a focus on spirituality on her OWNetwork.  She couldn't do it on the "main" channels, but had more freedom when she changed networks.

Q. Hi Lynn. Will there be a revolution from the crystal and rainbow children? Will they work more behind the scenes? Can drugs (antidepressant or drugs for ADHD or autism) harm a crystal child or are their spirits too strong and can overcome it? Do all crystal children use ESP? Can they communicate via ESP to all people or only to those that are open to receiving? When do they start using these abilities? How can we help them to use these abilities or do they come into their own? Are these children in any danger from ptb?

A. I see the rainbow children as coming together to help raise consciousness.  It looks to be a more passive, but very important and powerful movement.  They do work behind the scenes, and they are very busy on the subconscious level  (and I also hear the word "passive" side). 

Drugs do alter their abilities.  Rainbow children are very sensitive, and these drugs decrease their ability to be truly in tune with their higher selves, therefore, making it more difficult to tap into the collective consciousness.  

Rainbow children, in some capacity do have ESP.  There is a connection with most people, however, the most effective and meaningful connections are with those that are open and receptive.  I also get that due to their sensitivity if they tap into someone or something of a lower vibration, these rainbow children will avoid and reject the connection.

These children start using their abilities when they realize they have them and are able to harness their abilities.  Encouraging and spreading knowledge is a great way to help them.  The PTB are threatened by these children as they work in the greater good of people, earth and the universe which conflicts with the PTB agenda.  The PTB will do what they can to keep vibrations lowered.

Q. Hello Lynn,  Does the company Apple really practice planned obsolescence, in which it is theorized that they deliberately make newer iOS (mobile operating system) run slower and/or laggier on older iOS devices to give incentive to customers to upgrade to a newer iOS device? Hence, Apple getting so much profit. Is there any truth to this? What do you see in regards to what the company Apple really is doing?  What I mean by iOS devices is iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

A. I get that Apple is about market share and making money.  The do release things methodically in order to maximize profits.  With media making people craving the newest, fastest and best, Apple makes lots of money every time a new product is released.  

Many people are very connected to their phone (calendar, phone, calculator, facebook, and email all in one) and that "need" is also a tactic used to make money in the form of having products that people rely on which easily break.  Their products are overall fragile against water or an accidental drop.  I get that if they wanted a solid product they could make water tight seals or more durable casing (but they would rather sell an expensive cases and insurance which equals more money.)

Q. Lynn can you look into this person - Tila Tequila - the link below is her twitter page. She always post some interesting things. Can you look into if shes telling the truth. Hopefully they do not delete her her tweets. She also mentions she on the 7th dimension.  http://observer.com/2016/01/tila-tequila-truly-believes-the-earth-is-flat-and-wont-stop-yelling-about-it-on-twitter/

A.  In looking over some of her tweets, I cannot connect with or resonate with the concept that the earth is flat.  As I "zoom out" and look at the planets and moons, I always see a sphere.  She may be able to get a perspective that I cannot see, but at this time I can't give a clear confirmation that the earth is flat.   

Q. Here is an unimportant question for many. Jennifer Lawrence (who I love) seems to not be a part of the system of fame. Is that possible? I do feel she has changed but in a world weary way. Not putting up with the Hollywood bull. Does she still have her sense of self or is the need to conform to the agenda getting to her?
A.  She does feel like she is having a nagging feeling of being pulled in a direction, and resisting that pull at the same time.  It looks like an internal tug.  Hollywood is getting to her, but she is trying to keep her head grounded.  She does buy into the agenda on a small scale (I hear you have to in order to survive in Hollywood).  She actually feels like she is going through something heavy (related to this) right now, and having a hard time with it.

Q. Hello Lynn, may I ask why they give that weird name (Enchanted Cavern) to the place on the picture ( http://postimg.org/image/3xee1eg1f/ )? Thank You!

A. I get there is a special healing and health property to the water found within the cavern.  People would go to this cavern and have healing ceremonies.  The name has continued on..

Q. Hi Lynn,  I Have become deeply disturbed by claims that Donald Marshall and others have been making. He claims that during every night when he sleeps during the REM phase of sleep his consciousness is stolen at the push of a button and put into his clone body and tortured night after night every day year after year and He can go from one clone body to another if they kill a body by torturing it to death. He says he can feel every ounce of pain because that can be turned on or off, he has no control, no way to block this. Its been going on since he was five and other people too suffer this fate, mostly celebrities. He says when your consciousness is stolen and put in your clone that these cloning centers are In real underground military bases on earth, They can steal your consciousness from anywhere in the world. How absolutely terrifying.

This has scared me so bad that I have had trouble sleeping and my whole world is turned upside down, I always thought People were safe from this kind of thing.  Donald Marshall and others say that the Illuminati are going to do it to everybody or most people it only takes five months to grow one body. Is he insane? is it really what's going on does he just think this is going on? if this is real, how can it be prevented how can I protect myself from them growing a clone of me and torturing me for infinity? Can I protect my consciousness from being stolen in my sleep?  He Even says death will not let you escape this because they can hit a button and just steal anybody's consciousness! Please help. I'm hoping to hear something good from you.
A.  I get that things can happen to us in our sleep, but we do have the power to control and prevent it. I see there being a few things you can do to guard against this lower vibrational activity.  The power of mental intent is huge.  Before going to bed tell yourself (and believe) you are protected.  State that "all lower energy is prohibited from your space."  Set boundaries and mentally enforce them.  

If you feel you need to strengthen your intent you can place organite and crystals around your home.  I also see placing a pyramid shape under your bed. These tools overall increase vibration and offer protection due to their reflective properties (and some crystals absorb and ground the energy).  

I am left with saying that we should not live in fear, but rather realize you are empowered.  You have all the tools you need, you just need to believe it and use them.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light-


capserone said...

What is the link/hierarchy that is mentioned in the Oprah question? I have looked but can't find anything on this. Can you repost or tell us where to find it, Lynn? Thank you!

Joao Gomes said...

Thank You so much Lynn! <3

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@caperone: Let me do some digging. I can't remember what the title of the post was. If anyone out there (or the person that submitted the question knows) please let me know. Thanks. :-)

Bee E-lightened said...

I saw it on a post related to the powers that were but I can remember exactly what post it was. You had just post the pic showing how the system is linked.

Bee E-lightened said...

Heres the link...at the bottol of the reading is the diagram:


Lynn, what kind of stuff did she (Oprah) do earlier in her career to get where she is today?!

NatalieW said...

The Donald Marshall reading is very disturbing. I had a horribly bad vibe come over me reading it. Im not sure why I clicked the link but I did and reading through some of the posts I felt an overwhelming fear and darkness. Wow.

Joao Gomes said...

Thanks again Lynn and here's the reason why locals (based on fishermen tales?) named it "enchanted" cavern is http://postimg.org/image/4pq5sg0j3/5ea12cdc/ :)

A Man Called Da-da said...

I used to love horror movies, books. But now I know that they not only lower your vibration, they serve as a DISTRACTION, keeping you from thinking about what's really important. That Marshall stuff is no different. Every time you "pay" attention to something, it receives energy. So... look elsewhere. If you're afraid, meditate and
remind yourself that nothing in the illusion can hurt you. You are INDESTRUCTIBLE and IMMORTAL. Period. And you have higher beings looking out for you, often when you've not evern called them, but it always helps to do so (after you've grounded and set protection). I've had (lower) spirits do all kinds of things around me, say things like "Get out," and buzz around and I just wave them away and say, "Yeah, yeah." Move on to where you're better served, as Lynn says.

Now, change gears. Imagine how you'd feel if your indestructible, immortal toddler wandered off 13.89B years ago. SOURCE wants us HOME. Or at least remembering HOME, so we start back in that direction.

Daedalus said...

Donald Marshall has his own agenda - whether it is something of his own plan , or something bigger - it really is not important . What is important is that you are much more than you think and NOTHING goes out of the path of your own free will . Even when it seems it is not like that at all ...

They can manipulate you , trick you ... but only if you give them a permission to . And if you buy into fear - you get exactly for what you wish .

Bashar :

Humanity is the experience of God touching its own forehead and asking, "Who is touching me?"

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for the comments!

One thing I want to mention is not to let the Donald Marshall stuff get to you too much. We do have power and control over ourselves. I like how Daedalus mentioned that you have to give them permission. Great point and very true.

scorpio said...


Why don't you discuss the use of the Ancient Mystery Religions used by TPTB that Oprah and Jennifer have sold their soul to? They regret because they have to sacrifice children, eat feces and the like for fame and money. It's not real regret, the fact that they lack a soul probably makes them pretty hollow.

Bee E-lightened said...

At my fellow scorpio....Which Jennifer?!

A Fox said...

Thank you so much Lynn, a man called Dada, Daedalus and all others who helped with talking about the Donald Marshall story. The words you guys wrote helped so much!
There is very little that I believed could rock me to my core like that story did and I just could not figure out what I needed to hear or how to make myself believe that this would never happen to me. I heard what I needed to hear from all of you and I'm forever grateful.

It's interesting that I got so panicked from this because for the last year or 2 whenever I have a bad dream that I want to wake up from I yell out to my mother (who died in 1995) and i instantly wake up with the memory of calling her to help. Every single time it happens I'm amazed it worked.
I should know better that I have power over everything but I guess we need reminding sometimes :)

A Man Called Da-da said...

Da-da has power over everything but children and donuts.

Buddhist Lady said...

Wonderful suggestions for preparing to sleep, Lynn. I wonder if the merkaba form wouldn't also provide a great deal of protection. Perhaps the Poster might also like to listen to some chakra-harmonizing music like Steven Halpern's "Chakra Suite" (or anything else you might find while searching the web) so that all chakras can open, connect to the Earth's magnetoelectric grid, and thereby the Poster can connect more directly with his/her Higher Consciousness and Guardians. Poster, your Guardians will never allow you to be hurt. Please don't worry.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Anything elevating vibrations or creating a positive feeling (which is high in vibration) is an excellent way to fall asleep. You can use intent, or tools to strengthen intent. The goal is to mentally get there, and the physical will take care of itself.

@Dada: LOL, my kryptonite is a cinnamon roll sprinkled with pecans (that's why I don't buy them). LOL

MorL W said...

Hi Lynn,

I have a nagging question about the Flat Earth thing, given that a lot of people now are claiming that the earth is flat. There seems to be almost a controlled display of flat earth discussions everywhere we look. My question is WHY is it being done? Is there a formalized group behind this 'flat earth' theory, and if so, what is their motive? Why on 'earth' would this be coming up now? Is someone wanting to see how many people they can get to believe a lie, or how programmable the public is on a topic/narrative they feed?

I would love to hear your thoughts...