Thursday, February 25, 2016

MH370 Pilot... Found ??

Q. Did they really find the pilot from MH370? This topic is what lead me to your website 2 years ago and I still cannot shake what happened as there has not been any true closure. I hope this is true so we can know more!!!!!

Thank you for sharing your gift!

A. When I tune into this, I put the intent out there to have several questions answered, but as I focus I cannot see this man connected to the MH370 flight.  I keep hearing and seeing references to him being a fisherman.  It is true that he was found, was in poor health, dehydrated and having memory issues, but it was related to some kind of fishing or boating expedition.  I also get that if you were to search the missing persons reported he would be able to be paired up with one of those images.

When i think more about the MH370 to see where the energy is directing me, I get that "the energy tied to this flight has evaporated and shifted elsewhere."  When I ask for clarification (what does that even mean??) I get that when the MH370 was misdirected, taken over, camouflaged to look like the MH17 and then later shot down, the energy force tied to the tangible plane was released.  The residual memory of the event is recorded (I hear akashic records??), but the plane itself has been destroyed.  

The passengers that have crossed over into spirit used to look like they were pooled together.  When I would tune into the event, I would see many of them together.  Now, they look as though they have dispersed and gone back to family, friends and places significant to them during their life.  The energy surrounding the event is still there, but the intensity has faded as if it was diluted.. (?)

Q. Why was this story even created? 

A. I get it was to bring life back to this story.  It was a huge mystery covered by all types of media, and by drawing attention to it (even if it is false) attracts people.  There are many unanswered questions, people still want closure, and people don't want this to go unforgotten.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Random Group Post

I have so many great questions, I thought it would be fun to do a Random Group Reading...

Q. Hi Lynn,  Can you do a reading on Oprah Winfrey? You posted a diagram/pyramid showing the links/hierarchy of the power that were....she was at the bottom of it. I believe when someone is of that stature of wealth and money  they are in bed with the power that were as if they fund her lifestyle. Yet on her OWNetwork, she promotes spirituality. Isn't that mixed messages? What exactly is she about?? 
A.  When I tune into Oprah I get an intense feeling of regret and guilt.  It is as if she made choices early on in her career to get where she is, and realized once she got the fame and money, it wasn't as satisfying as she thought it would be.  I see her trying to right some of what she felt was wrong by adopting a focus on spirituality on her OWNetwork.  She couldn't do it on the "main" channels, but had more freedom when she changed networks.

Q. Hi Lynn. Will there be a revolution from the crystal and rainbow children? Will they work more behind the scenes? Can drugs (antidepressant or drugs for ADHD or autism) harm a crystal child or are their spirits too strong and can overcome it? Do all crystal children use ESP? Can they communicate via ESP to all people or only to those that are open to receiving? When do they start using these abilities? How can we help them to use these abilities or do they come into their own? Are these children in any danger from ptb?

A. I see the rainbow children as coming together to help raise consciousness.  It looks to be a more passive, but very important and powerful movement.  They do work behind the scenes, and they are very busy on the subconscious level  (and I also hear the word "passive" side). 

Drugs do alter their abilities.  Rainbow children are very sensitive, and these drugs decrease their ability to be truly in tune with their higher selves, therefore, making it more difficult to tap into the collective consciousness.  

Rainbow children, in some capacity do have ESP.  There is a connection with most people, however, the most effective and meaningful connections are with those that are open and receptive.  I also get that due to their sensitivity if they tap into someone or something of a lower vibration, these rainbow children will avoid and reject the connection.

These children start using their abilities when they realize they have them and are able to harness their abilities.  Encouraging and spreading knowledge is a great way to help them.  The PTB are threatened by these children as they work in the greater good of people, earth and the universe which conflicts with the PTB agenda.  The PTB will do what they can to keep vibrations lowered.

Q. Hello Lynn,  Does the company Apple really practice planned obsolescence, in which it is theorized that they deliberately make newer iOS (mobile operating system) run slower and/or laggier on older iOS devices to give incentive to customers to upgrade to a newer iOS device? Hence, Apple getting so much profit. Is there any truth to this? What do you see in regards to what the company Apple really is doing?  What I mean by iOS devices is iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

A. I get that Apple is about market share and making money.  The do release things methodically in order to maximize profits.  With media making people craving the newest, fastest and best, Apple makes lots of money every time a new product is released.  

Many people are very connected to their phone (calendar, phone, calculator, facebook, and email all in one) and that "need" is also a tactic used to make money in the form of having products that people rely on which easily break.  Their products are overall fragile against water or an accidental drop.  I get that if they wanted a solid product they could make water tight seals or more durable casing (but they would rather sell an expensive cases and insurance which equals more money.)

Q. Lynn can you look into this person - Tila Tequila - the link below is her twitter page. She always post some interesting things. Can you look into if shes telling the truth. Hopefully they do not delete her her tweets. She also mentions she on the 7th dimension.

A.  In looking over some of her tweets, I cannot connect with or resonate with the concept that the earth is flat.  As I "zoom out" and look at the planets and moons, I always see a sphere.  She may be able to get a perspective that I cannot see, but at this time I can't give a clear confirmation that the earth is flat.   

Q. Here is an unimportant question for many. Jennifer Lawrence (who I love) seems to not be a part of the system of fame. Is that possible? I do feel she has changed but in a world weary way. Not putting up with the Hollywood bull. Does she still have her sense of self or is the need to conform to the agenda getting to her?
A.  She does feel like she is having a nagging feeling of being pulled in a direction, and resisting that pull at the same time.  It looks like an internal tug.  Hollywood is getting to her, but she is trying to keep her head grounded.  She does buy into the agenda on a small scale (I hear you have to in order to survive in Hollywood).  She actually feels like she is going through something heavy (related to this) right now, and having a hard time with it.

Q. Hello Lynn, may I ask why they give that weird name (Enchanted Cavern) to the place on the picture ( )? Thank You!

A. I get there is a special healing and health property to the water found within the cavern.  People would go to this cavern and have healing ceremonies.  The name has continued on..

Q. Hi Lynn,  I Have become deeply disturbed by claims that Donald Marshall and others have been making. He claims that during every night when he sleeps during the REM phase of sleep his consciousness is stolen at the push of a button and put into his clone body and tortured night after night every day year after year and He can go from one clone body to another if they kill a body by torturing it to death. He says he can feel every ounce of pain because that can be turned on or off, he has no control, no way to block this. Its been going on since he was five and other people too suffer this fate, mostly celebrities. He says when your consciousness is stolen and put in your clone that these cloning centers are In real underground military bases on earth, They can steal your consciousness from anywhere in the world. How absolutely terrifying.

This has scared me so bad that I have had trouble sleeping and my whole world is turned upside down, I always thought People were safe from this kind of thing.  Donald Marshall and others say that the Illuminati are going to do it to everybody or most people it only takes five months to grow one body. Is he insane? is it really what's going on does he just think this is going on? if this is real, how can it be prevented how can I protect myself from them growing a clone of me and torturing me for infinity? Can I protect my consciousness from being stolen in my sleep?  He Even says death will not let you escape this because they can hit a button and just steal anybody's consciousness! Please help. I'm hoping to hear something good from you.
A.  I get that things can happen to us in our sleep, but we do have the power to control and prevent it. I see there being a few things you can do to guard against this lower vibrational activity.  The power of mental intent is huge.  Before going to bed tell yourself (and believe) you are protected.  State that "all lower energy is prohibited from your space."  Set boundaries and mentally enforce them.  

If you feel you need to strengthen your intent you can place organite and crystals around your home.  I also see placing a pyramid shape under your bed. These tools overall increase vibration and offer protection due to their reflective properties (and some crystals absorb and ground the energy).  

I am left with saying that we should not live in fear, but rather realize you are empowered.  You have all the tools you need, you just need to believe it and use them.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light-

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Politics [Mini Group Post]

Q. Hi Lynn, Can you please do a reading on Bernie Sanders? Does he really believe what he says in his campaigns and debates? Is he part of the "powers that be"or really an "outsider"/"anti-establishment"? What kind of president do you see him being if he won the election? Would he really change a lot of things? Basically, describe anything you see about him.    Thank you so much.
A. When I tune into Bernie, I see him as a man that is genuinely disgusted with the way this country is headed.  He has an idealistic view of how the country should be versus how it is now.  The divide between the rich and the poor is a huge concern of his.  I get that somewhere within him he has an emotional connection to the "lower" and struggling class. I get this if he were elected the lower and lower middle class would love him, but the upper class and corporate side of America would fight him on every issue (even more so than they do Obama right now).  

If he were to be elected the social class (on paper) looks to be more blended, but a different type of divide starts to occur.  Basically, those that want to unify people will be confronted by those that detest this "new system."  And, by new system I hear that he will do what he can to start to redistribute the wealth.  I also see that for some less advantaged people, the financial breaks and social systems really help to let them succeed and afford opportunities they would not have previously had.  

The other thing I see (that would need to be addressed) is due to the availability of programs, the entitlements look to skyrocket.  A huge focus will need to be on creating a good balance of helping those that help themselves, and learning to give tough love to those that will not try.  This looks to be a topic that is brought up to Bernie over and over again.

One other point I am being shown is that under a Bernie administration colleges and certification programs are flooded.  People look to be wanting opportunities to do and be more.  There is an imbalance though, and that is that there are many (and the word I hear is) "fluid" versus "non-fluid" degrees being giving out to Americans.  When I ask for clarification (I have no idea what those terms mean..), I get that "fluid" degrees are things like teachers, artists and writers that have a require a more sensitive side.  Non-fluid refers to engineers, researches, etc that are very analytical.

Q. Lynn, Do you have any thoughts on Donald Trump and his recent comments on 9/11? Where do you see this going? What does he know and what are his intentions?
A. I see that Donald is showing the people that he isn't afraid to say what he thinks or call people out regardless of who they are.  I get that too many people are scared to say what they feel or speculate based on the facts for fear of not being "politically correct."  It is his way of showing that people in power or lobbyists can't control him, and if he disagrees or thinks you should be accountable, he will call you out.

The media is trying to get something scandalous and make it stick because the PTB are threatened at the idea of him being in office (because he can't be bought and has what is symbolically being shown to me, a big ego).  This comment was the "flavor of the moment" and it too will fade when they conjure up another debatable action by him.

Q. Just heard that there was some incriminating evidence in Hillary Clinton's deleted e-mails. Will she be tried and convicted? The US government is sooo corrupt. 
A. I see the Clinton's desperately trying to clear her name.  I also see some back door deal in the works trying to get the president to give her immunity while he still has the power to do so.  She does look to end up going through some kind of investigation and a Q and A session, but ultimately gets off due to her connections.  Some kind of social unrest event will happen as a result of this (I can't be certain what that is, but I see a large group protesting and picketing).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Thursday, February 18, 2016


Q. Is Reiki really a con by the dark side? I've heard that the Reiki symbols create negative effects and attract nasty entities. Was it a positive system that got corrupted by dark influence?
A. I get that Reiki in it's truest form is a beautiful, healing thing.  It is only "dark" if people approach it with negative intentions (extort money or work toward anything outside the greater good).  The practice itself is rooted with high vibrations.  If a lower vibrational person practices lower vibrational activities and labels it "Reiki," it is NOT Reiki, but rather something else all together.

The focus of Reiki is using the energy of a higher, more intense source.  I see that some people may imagine the sun, the universe, light or the earth.  The energy of those sources are funneled through the person and onto the recipient.  The sources are positive in nature, therefore, I see the energy flow being a positive experience for both the person doing the Reiki and the person receiving.

The symbols look to strengthen the intent behind the healing and also enhance the energy flow.  They feel like an amplifier to the natural flow that is already occurring. 

I get that as more focus is put into homeopathic and holistic healing, people will put discouraging information on the web and other sources.  Drug companies are threatened by this alternative healing, therefore, do not support the legitimacy of this type of healing (and evoke statements that create an emotion of doubt and fear).  I hear to be objective and listen to your intuition to guide you.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

[I have not yet been attuned.  This reading is from a psychic, intuitive perspective.  For Reiki masters out there, please feel free to add to this.  I see Reiki as beautiful and want to be certain to share knowledge as I see there is disinfo out there
dissuading people.]

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Mini Group Post [Apple, Microsoft, Clif High Future Reports on Jobs, Gold, Silver, etc..]

Q. Hi Lynn,  
I'd like to have you look into some questions for me that I believe will benefit a lot us, your loyal readers.
I have both Apple and Microsoft computers.  In the past, their updates were infrequent, but now they're happening what seems like all the time, sometimes weekly!  Apple constantly nags me, asking if I'd like an update now, or remind me later.  Microsoft just helps themselves, without even asking.

I don't believe they're doing this out of the kindness of their hearts.   Can you look into both Apple and Microsoft and tell us what their ulterior motives are, and what info on us they're searching for and getting?

A.  The first thing I get as I tune into this is "data mine."  It looks like they are extracting information to compile a data base on the population as a whole.  Even though they are able to extract specific information on specific people, they are more interested in population centers and the consensus of a specific area. It is like a demographic polling of sorts.  I get they are able to use certain "buzz words" to determine certain things ranging from political interests, marketing ideas and general topics of concern.  

As we approach an election year, and there are uncertain times politically and economically, the updates are more frequent because things are more volatile and the need to appease people is much greater.  With regard to marketing, concerns and special interest groups (who knows who and what groups are friends) Apple and Microsoft products (along with Google and Facebook) serve as the largest (and cheapest) means of self reporting (people volunteer everything unknowingly).  

Then I am left with hearing "everything you do and say can and will be used against you" so proceed with caution when volunteering information. .

Q. Then, Cliff High on Half Past Human just published an Alta report that has some detailed info on economic events starting next month, and throughout the remainder of the year.   It dovetails with predictions you've talked about, but as we know, the further out you see things, the bigger the odds are that the severity will be different.

Anything you can tell us with regards to his report, or at least about when and where you see food & supplies, dollar, jobs, gold, silver, bitcoins, housing??  (Worse than 2008?) Really anything you can shed some light on as I know you don't have all day! ;)  Thank you soooooo much!   I appreciate what you do!

A.  I think I will approach this by breaking the items down one at a time: 

Food / Supplies: The cost of goods is going to rise. It will be done creatively.  I see packages smaller and a price increase too (lessens the shock factor of the true price difference per ounce).  I also see the quality of food on the decline.  There will be huge GMO push (it will be cheaper so those on a budget feel forced to go this route).  Most food will be slightly tainted with the Fukushima backlash, but pay special caution to produce coming out of southern California.

Dollar / Gold / Silver: The dollar is on the decline in comparison to other currencies.  It is being held but barely sustainable.  If the natural progression were to go (without the act of freewill intervention), it would collapse.  The PTB don't want that to happen, but it is getting more and more difficult to keep it going.  Other countries would like to see the dollar fail as they desire to emerge as a power. 

The government knows this system is fragile, and they are trying to get people on a more electronic currency system.  There is a huge push to use credit cards, and paper currency will be discouraged.  This way they can keep better track, and also as money has to be "reset in value" it can be done more easily.  The example I am shown is when money was devalued in other countries they had to take a wad of cash to buy a loaf of bread.  If they money was handled electronically, rather than carry a wad of cash, you just swipe your same card so handling the price adjustment doesn't have the same visual psychological impact.

Gold and silver are suppressed in a major way during the beginning of 2016, and this will start to ease up some around June / July.  I see that people will try to cash in their "silver certificates" around this time and some kind of rush on the silver occurs (because there is not enough silver to fulfill the certificates), so those that have physical silver will really make out.  (I hear "cha ching').

Jobs: I get that staying on the current timeline, there are more and more jobs opening up under the guideline of certification programs and technical degrees (IT, electronics, medical assisting, etc).  These look like lower paying jobs, but more attainable and a push for hands on and real world experience will be valued.  CEO salaries look to rise out of control, and there is a huge divide between those that do real work and those that make money at the top, BUT there is a shift (feels more like a revolt) against this behavior on the horizon.

Housing: Housing and mortgages look to be fairly flat.  I cannot see a huge gain or loss in regards to those investments.  I do get it will be harder to get a loan, and banks are looking at things more closely.  I see a tightening on the banks and a more forced accountability which trickles down onto the consumer.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, February 15, 2016

Death of Justice Antonin Scalia

Q. Was there any foul play involved in the death of Justice Antonin Scalia?  We he be replaced this year?  Who will replace him?  Where there be significant changes in the direction of the country as a result of the new justice?
A. When I tune into this I get that he did have some health issues, but things were being managed adequately through medications. 

As I look into the cause of death, I see that they are layers to the root cause.  The depth of the investigation will reveal the cause, and I see it much like you would peal the layers off an onion (however, few make it to the deepest layer).  On the surface, it will be labeled as "natural causes, and given his age will be acceptable to most people."  For those that need more closure (which looks to be some of his family) they will determine there was a conflict of meds, or he took something incorrectly.  The blame will root back to some medical professionals that Antonin dealt with.  For those in the know (which I cannot see the investigation going this deep), they will find something in his toxicology report indicating that he was exposed or given something that spiked his potassium to deadly levels, and that is what ultimately caused his death. The appearance of this spike was similar to a heart attack, but it was more like an induced heart attack.

I then look to see who or what organization is the root of this and why...  I keep hearing something about Hilary Clinton.  She wasn't involved, but a group that supports her is.  It looks to be tied to the "super pacs" that are funding her campaign.  I get that there are people that want her (and to some extent Bill) back in the white house.  This group also realizes that she has created a lot of problems for herself with the "email scandal" and needs to have people in play that will let her off when the investigation reaches a certain extent.  

I see Obama already being approached to give her some immunity as president before his term is done, and he has said that there is no way the people will swallow that.  It cannot be done behind closed doors, and it cannot be done and accepted in the public.  These people in powerful positions had to resort to "plan B" which involves stacking the deck in their favor to ensure when things escalate she is given a better than good chance of being absolved of all this.

I get it will take some time to get him replaced.  They are looking for the right candidate.  I see the final result of this being a court that is weighted toward the democratic party ideals.  The new justice will be appointed by the current administration with some influence of key players. 

The goal is to be able to pass through changes that appear to be unconstitutional.  The current structure looked to uphold the constitution and block things that the PTB were in favor of, so the PTB wanted and needed a certain amount of reorganization to take place.  Guns and the second amendment look to be one of the first things to be addressed (making some guns illegal, and creating a taxation system for those that are legal).

The long term goal is to create a situation where there is better control of the people and the law looks to work against them rather that for them.  Continuing down that path the constitution looks to be manipulated and amended to where the end result is a diluted version of it's true self.

I also get that "we the people" do have the control to stand against this, but the important thing is to recognize what is happening.  I hear we can't be the "frog in a boiling pot of water."  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Saturday, February 13, 2016

The New X-Files

Q. Hi Lynn! I'm finally getting to watching the new X-Files. Needless to say a long time favorite. Episode one just brought up a lot of things we discuss here. What is your take on it. I'm amazed to see all this brought up on prime time tv. Who is allowing it and why?
A. When I tune into this I hear that it is partly tied to "spell casting" and partly tied to "the need for desensitization."

I get that for the PTB to work agendas they must be honest with the people.  It is as if they must tell people the truth in order to be allowed to continue on their path.  The thought is if they reveal the truth and people allow it to happen, then essentially the people permitted it.  Where things are tricky is that the PTB have crafted their delivery in such a way that the truth is in plain sight for those that want to see and accept it, but they are good at discrediting the truth or making it difficult to find.  It is as if the PTB are working the system based on technicalities.  This entire process looks like a magic trick on the mind..

The threat of disclosure is on the horizon, so by revealing things (UFOs, truth behind conspiracy events, etc) it takes some of the shock factor away for when the real truth comes out.  The time frame for disclosure has long past, and our ET friends out there are becoming impatient.  They want an opportunity to come here and full on help humans.  These glimpses of truth in the media also help to appease these ETs (sort of soothe things over and buy time) until the truth can become part of our reality.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What's That? A UFO? A Reappearing Ship? [Mini Group Post]

Q. In this short YouTube video, it appears that some kind of portal opens and a ship goes into it. Is this real or fake? If real, who was using the portal? Are they being more obvious as this was over Geneva?
A.  I get that what you are seeing is an anomaly that can happen during certain phases of a CERN operation.  I see this portal opening up, and at the moment it happened scientists at the CERN location saw it, became alarmed and slowed / shut down the operation.

The goal of CERN is not to make a portal, even though they know the possibility of it happening are real.   They actually don't want to open up a gateway (at least yet until they know how to control it better).

I see a ship coming out of a snow capped mountain top and flying near the portal.  Some kind of air, pressure and gravity disruption drew them out to investigate what was happening. I also get the ship  didn't necessarily want to go into the portal, but was sucked into it due to the speed and pressure behind its' creation.  This was even further disturbing to these ETs (they look all white and have a soft glow to them) because the portal closed after they went through it, and they are telling me they had to come the "long way back" to get to their base..

Q. Lynn, what are you thoughts on this?  This shipped supposedly appeared after being missing for 90 years.  Is this story real?
A.  I get this happens more than we know, but most vessels are small and come back unmanned.  The unmanned vessels then sink.  The Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious place, and when the right things align, can serve as a portal to an alternate reality to a different time and place.  I get it is difficult for people to make it back here once they leave (very hard on organic material of our 3D body), but on VERY rare occasions it is possible.  

[Note:  In the early days of the blog I did a few readings on the Bermuda Triangle.  You may find them of interest.]

Q. Hi, Lynn!  I found some more interesting's subject is: Uknown (Alien?) skulls.
What do you see about them?  Are these stories true? Thanks and best regards,
A. i do get these are real.  Alien skills are difficult to find, and even harder to not have confiscated if you do find one.  Modern science is just now opening up to the concept that other beings had influence on the human evolution.  It is a push that is starting to become more and more accepted and undeniable.

Older generations wanted to believe that evolution alone got us to where we are today, therefore, the concept of ET interference was suppressed.  With relation to religion many concepts of evolution were already challenged, and the paradigm that we created most certainly didn't leave room for ET intervention.  

I see that both the Bulgarian and German skull findings are real.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, February 8, 2016

Amityville Horror: Fact or Fiction

Q Hi Lynn!  Long time reader, but my first request. I can see you are simply inundated with requests but I would liek to see see what you think, as I don't know if this topic has been requested before, and I cannot locate it in the Blog-search field. 

So, The Amityville Horror. Fact, fiction, fraud or a tragic combination?  Much debate has raged over this since the 70s, and it has absolutely polarised the skeptics and the believers. It would have to be the most infamous alleged haunting in history?  Many, many players involved here, and at least two families had their lives ruined due to the tragic circumstances involved. Does the problem in fact go back centuries, to any previous occupants or incidents occurring on the estate prior to the house being built? 

There are so many questions to be asked here, particularly about the state of mind or motive of the key players, but I'm apprehensive to do so, as I don't wish to contaminate any conceptions you may already have over it's history.
And I've no doubt you have heard about it throughout the years - we all have!  Kind regards, 
A.  When I first tune into this I hear that there are elements of truth and elements of embellishments went into this story.  

A major tragedy did occur in this home.  I cannot connect to a spirit influencing Mr. DeFeo (the man convicted of killing his family), but rather a mental imbalance that resulted in him having an abnormal amount of paranoia.  It was as if he was incarnated with this karmatic debt that forced him down this path, and his internal free will didn't kick in and overcome it..

When the Lutz family (second family) moved in this home had a lot of unsettled energy due to the trauma that occurred there.  Even though the trauma was tied to some kind of karmatic force, the energy left behind looks like a thumbprint of sorts.  The intensity will fade over time, but it was too "fresh" at the time the Lutz's moved in.  I do get they could see and feel things, but those things don't look threatening in nature. It looks more like nuisance.  It was as if there was a death to the physical 3D bodies, but the spiritual bodies remained, (they were not ready to leave the earth plane just yet) and that spiritual bodies that remained were good in nature.

The Lutz's did see, feel and experience spirits in the home.  The more they could "sense" them, the stronger the feelings and experiences got.  It did create an uneasy feeling (more because of the preconceived notions of society and the church) even though what was happenings was harmless.  I cannot see this house causing the Lutz's physical harm, but it did cause emotional harm to them because of their perception of this (neutral) activity. (I hear that in their minds spirits = evil, so anything paranormal was interpreted as bad).

When the concept of a book started, this was a very interesting and unique story.  It appealed to people, and to their curiosity.  They did take many facts, but they embellished the events in a more negative way to draw people in and also shape opinions.  I also see an underlying agenda in which many religious beliefs wanted and needed the paranormal concept to be "scary" or "evil."  To think that a being can be helpful, guiding, protective, safe or even neutral can be very contradicting to many religious ideals.  To think of spirits as being positive also allows people to let their guards down and be more at one with the supernatural realm.  This can promote more thinking outside the box and asking questions that weren't ready to be answered.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, February 5, 2016

Five for Friday #28

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to our latest Five for Friday. Let's get started.

Image #1: GoogleEarth Blackout
GoogleEarth recently blanked out this region in the Himalayas, a region rife with UFO and yeti sightings. What’s behind this black patch?

What Lynn Saw
"Hm. When I look at that... I'm seeing UFOs flying all around. Right there in that location is some secret entrance to a UFO base. It's sorta semi-cloaked, normally, but a UFO crashed while trying to get into this base, and someone is trying to retrieve it. So, it's a very sensitive thing going on right there, tied to the regular greys. I heard, 'You've already stolen enough of our technology, you're not getting this, too.' The Chinese look to be behind this. They're hiding it from the US, but the US knows that something went down there. The Chinese blacked it out because they didn't want the US to steal it or lay claim to it."

Image #2: East Coast Micro-Spheres
These little spheres were recently found after the recent huge snowstorm on the East Coast. What’s their purpose and who dropped them?

What Lynn Saw

"I get they're part of this whole weather manipulation thing, via chemtrails. It's a test. Feels like a newer product, trying to neutralize any kind of Fukushima radiation. There's a chemical reaction that takes place with this spraying, and by the time it gets to the ground, it resembles these little spheres. They're testing it in various places and at various temperatures; this East Coast appearance was part of that test. They're trying to get it right before they use it on the West Coast, where we really need it. I see these spheres forming a solid matrix around a toxin. I get they will eventually break down, but the goal is to have the element inside neutralized before that happens. For example, say you have something nasty encapsulated in it, and the half-life is 20 years (and the potency is mild in like 30), the capsules are designed to last that long. I also hear 'glycerin' as if there is some kind of glycerin component to them. It's meant to be beneficial."

Image #3: The Thing on the Balcony
This was part of a video someone sent in, showing an image of a being that Google removed from their GoogleEarth database, which originally appeared on a balcony somewhere in the Netherlands. Is this real, or a statue?? What is that thing?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that it's real. It's a type of low-level ET. This is not its true form, like this being was moving and the image was distorted. Whoever lives there may have had a really weird night, like an abduction or something, some strange phenomena. Feels like a very dark being. Very low level, very dark, and very creepy. I can't put a label on the dimension (doesn't even feel as high as 4th or 5th), but I will say the vibration of this thing is bad." [Yikes.]

Image #4. Sistine Chapel Pineal Gland??
Is it just a coincidence, or did Michelangelo intentionally paint this part of his famous Sistine Chapel fresco (a mainstay of High Renaissance art) to mirror the brain, its structures and pineal gland??

What Lynn Saw
"I get that... YES, he did! I hear something about it illustrating the Christ Consciousness. Regardless of one's belief system, one's SOURCE connection is via the pineal gland. This is showing you that the connectedness is through our own self, and that you have all of this within you. This is definitely what Michelangelo had in mind here. He came to this realization on his own; he was guided in so many ways. He was very brilliant, but had his challenges. I've done a lot of readings on him for another client, so this was an exciting ah ha moment for me!" [Wow.]

Image #5: The REAL Shining
This is the Stanley Hotel in Colorado, the inspiration for Stephen King’s “The Shining.” Is there anything special about the land the hotel sits on? It seems special to me, though I couldn't tell you why.

What Lynn Saw
"What's special about this land pertains to who lived there before the hotel existed. There is an enormous Native American energy associated with it. There's a lot of positivity there. A lot of Mother Earth, good-connectedness happened there. If you walked around barefoot there, I feel like you'd experience a lot of good mojo. The Native Americans created their own center of positivity there, they drew it in and it never left. It feels very sacred. It's a beautiful, beautiful land, very grounding." [The hotel could perhaps try marketing that aspect. Now I want to go there.]

And that's it. Join us Friday after next for Episode #29!

[Note: all images and freaky mojo copyright their respective owners.]

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Psychic Focus Book - A Psychic Journey

In the four years I have been doing these types of readings I have learned and developed my intuitive skills and helped many people.   One of the many questions I get is "How do you become a Psychic or how did you know you were psychic?"

I am raising funds to develop a book explaining my development and journey in the spiritual and intuitive realm.   I do many readings each day, and I think that the exchange in these readings would be helpful for one to understand the mediumship process.  I am very humble and by no means feel I am a spiritual leader, but I do feel that by expressing my journey in becoming a medium I can benefit others.

How do you become a psychic?  We all are psychic in some sense of the word.  The first step is acceptance, I still have doubts that I am, and still question where I get my information from.

The funds will be used for publishing costs and to commission a proper writer.  By no means am I writer, I have tried to write this myself and when the source is myself I cannot organize a thought.  This writer I will provide my source material for organization and compilation.   I have many files cabinets of readings and each on is an example of what I get during my readings.  The book will also walk the reader through my journey.

I did not set out to become an intuitive or medium.  I visited one for curiosity and entertainment purposes.  I was intrigued and started attending a psychic development class out of this curiosity and I demonstrated some natural ability.  This book will describe this journey.

I was told psychic books are a dime a dozen, and that may be true, but if this book can help just one person to become more intuitive and tap into the natural gifts I feel we all have then it will be worth it.  I also want to explain the process of how I get messages and the development of the mental dictionary.  In expanding who I can help I started visiting other psychics and mediums in my area to get a feel for what they were about.  I have met amazing mediums and a handful of frauds.  I want this book to counteract the fraud effect.  If I met a fraud on my first encounter, I most likely would never have developed my gifts.  This book is meant to help others who like me have the latent gift inside, just need a little coaxing to open it up, and I hope they do once they open this book up.

My greatest joy in life is my children and my helping others.   I want to spread love and light to every corner of this world that is laden with negativity and provide a light (knowledge) to everyone.   “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  Mahatma Gandhi.   This is my attempt to be the change.

Love and Light - Lynn Focus

If you would like to support this book, you can click on the big PURPLE Go Fund Me, button on the right of this blog, or go here :

If you are not in this country and would like to contribute, click on the orange PayPal Donation button to right.  Login, and Enter my email,  Click next, and in the note area put Book.

Leave comment in regards to what you would like to see in this book, questions you would like answered.  Help me to share this knowledge.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Beings and Spirits [Group Question]

Q. Hi Lynn,  Can you please another reading on ghosts?  How would you describe ghosts? Are they really souls of deceased people or are "glimpses" of people from another layer of earth/dimension or both?  
A. I get they are both. I also get they don't like to be called "ghosts" as that has a negative feel to the term.  They would like to be called "spirits" or "beings."  

These beings or spirits reside in a different layer on earth, and they are able to do so due to their specific vibration.  Some of them are  the spirits of deceased people that have unfinished business or are choosing to wait to incarnate.  Some are other beings (like ETs)  that want to hang out here on earth, but in an elevated plane.

Q. Do ghosts spirits see what living humans see? How do ghosts spirits perceive living humans?  
A. Some do and some do not.  It really depends on what their intention is for living in their earth plane.  If they are here to guide, protect or finish something, they are very in tune to humans.  They see us just as you and I would see each other, however, our 3D limitations prevent us (most times) from having that clear of a return connection.

If they decided not to go to the light and continue to live on earth, they they sort of "ignore" what humans are doing.  They live their life, and I hear that most times they have a ritual or behavior (always walk the steps at a certain time, or turn on water at a certain time, etc).  

Q. Are ghosts really more active at night than during the day or is that really a misconception?  
A. It is a misconception.  I get that we hear and experience them more at night because things are calmer, and it is tied to our subconscious activity that occurs either before, during or immediately after sleeping.  Spirit interactions happen at all times of the day, we are just more aware (or have a hind sight awareness) during the night (sleepy time) hours.  I also get that people that meditate and tap into their alfa and theta brainwaves during the day will have an increased ability to experience spirits during the daytime as well as the nighttime.

Q. Does a building that is haunted by ghosts spirits basically stay haunted forever or will they eventually go away on their own?  Thank you.
A.  If really depends on their purpose for being there.  Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be shifted elsewhere.  They do have the ability to leave, but not always the desire.  Most times they need coaxed if they are tied to the property, but if they are here for other reasons, they may chose to go on their own.

Q. Hi Lynn, Could you tell us how do spirits distinguish between the tunnel of light to the spirit world versus the tunnel of light to the human womb (reincarnation)? 
A. I get the tunnel to reincarnation has a brilliant yellow glow at the end and there is also a noise that sort of draws you in.  Then I hear that "you are drawn to this light like a moth to a flame."

When a spirit chooses to stay in the spirit world, there is a certain determination.  This determination can be strengthened by the spirit's vibration.  If they resist or reject the golden yellow light, the tunnel sort of fades and you are here on earth, but on a different plane.

Q. Are there different tunnels of light with different colors for different humans depending on their spiritual evolution? Or do all humans go to one and only tunnel of light?
A.  The end of the tunnel looks the same (a brilliant white and yellow light), but the tunnel walls look to be different for everyone.  The wall color looks to be related to a chakra or something significant  in their life (therefore making the transition very comforting).  I hear, that for example, if someone had heart problems during their life, when they passed they would most likely see tunnel walls in various shades of green.

I also get that the color of the walls can be in shades we have never experienced with our human eyes.  We don't have the human limitations when we pass, so we see all things.  There are hues in every color we never knew existed.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-