Sunday, September 16, 2012

What are the conditions at the Bermuda and devil triangle? The physical conditions in that area that allow for teleportation? Can the conditions be reproduced synthetically?

9:00 PM - Mm..Ok...Well t he first thing that I am noticing is that I am getting that Ionic breeze taste in my mouth, so I feel like the air there is really electrically charged...I am also getting this humming noise, let me try to figure out what that is, it is like a motor of some kind..there is something very distinct about his noise because it keeps getting louder and louder like I am supposed to know what this is.
Q-Describe it.
A-It is just this low humming noise and it is consistent, it is constant hum, OK now I am seeing a belt on a wheel, with a handle on it, like turning the wheel.  What is that thing called?. 
Q-It is a Wimshurst machine (Pointing to mine on the top shelf), and it does create static electricity.
A-No wonder it was treating me stupid like I was supposed to know what it was...I feel like I am supposed to know more about that machine than what I do, does it work using magnets?
Q-No, it has to plates coasted with a metallic substance, each plate rotates opposite of the other, they are separated by a small air gap.  There is a bar with pointed collector that collect the static electricity, and stores it in the two vertical capacitors.  The capacitors are basically metallic coated on the outside and inside.  The balls are connected to capacitor and the charge when built up gets released.
A-Well I guess my impression after all of that is, at in those two areas in the ocean there is a really high concentration of electricity and a high concentration of ionization in the air right there and that is what allows the phenomenon to happen.
Q-Can those conditions be reproduced synthetically?
A-I am getting an image in my mind that yes it could, but it would have to be very precise and it is like a dissected slide, and on the bottom you have your salt water, and then on the top you have your atmosphere, but the like the key ingredient is the ionized air and then there is like this mist of like salt water and it is like this exact combination of this misty saltwater and the ionized air.
Q-What is significance of these area on earth, do they create necessary environment, because in previous reading you saw a white pyramid with a light going away from the Bermuda and a dark light going into the Devils triangle.
A-yeah a, but I do not remember shit after I say it.
Q-Can these condition exist outside of the Bermuda and Devil triangles?
A-I feel like on the ocean floor in these two places, there is some kind of highly magnetic rock, like iron, or something like that that makes this electricity kind of pool up in this one are and not dissipate.
Q-Is there anything else, any comments?  A-No 


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