Friday, January 31, 2014

California Crop Circle

6:36 a.m.
Q. Below is a link re a crop circle seen Dec 2013. They destroyed it quickly. Was it man-made or alien made? If so, What does it represent? What's the message? Why is it there and why now?
A. When I first focus on this I hear white noise (a lot of static).  I also get this electronic smell and a taste of metal in my mouth.  In my mind I see a circuit board.  I get that the smell is how they made it, and the circuit board is what is represents.  I see it being made by using magnets and electric, and it looks like the crops/tall grass was burnt as it was broken/bent/cut.

Regarding the debate of this being man made or alien made, something about this feels "off".  The energy surrounding this feels manufactured.  In the past when I have viewed some crop circles I get a spiritual connection as if the energy of the circle amplifies the energy around it that can't be replicated by man made means.  I do not get that with this crop circle.  It feels placed or fake, directing me to vision of it being man made.  

I then get that it was meticulously planned.  It was more of a challenge to see if it could be done. I then get an image of the show The Apprentice.  It looks a close group of people designed it, and the design resulted from some kind of contest.  I also see the group being young, like a highly intelligent college group.  Several months of planning went into this.  There was an aspect of design, architecture and engineering that went into this.  I see one of those large poster-board sized checks being issued to the winner like there was either a cash reward or scholarship associated with this.  

View California Crop Circle here
Additional View of Circle here

And that is all I have for now.  Thanks you.  6:52 a.m..  (No audio available at this time.)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

5:30 AM
Q. Have you had the chance to borrow your library's copy of the movie: Cave of Forgotten Dreams? I would love to know your impression of what those early artists were trying to tell us.
A.  I did recently watch this on Netflix and I remember seeing a question regarding this in my queue.  I was in complete awe at the pure raw art.  It did ring as being pure and genuine, and I have goosebumps typing this.  It depicted a story (in my minds eye)  of their surroundings, their way of life.  I see these paintings as a teaching tools too- I am watching the elders in the tribe teaching their young about hunting and animals as if the paintings are a chalkboard.  It is like they teach their young lessons before even trying it in real life.  I see them talking about hunting tactics, dangers, how to chose wisely which animal to pursue (as if you have one real chance so make it count).  

There was also this tremendous respect for the earth and all things on it.  I see them explaining the circle of life and how all things return back to the earth (not in a reincarnated way, but a physical way such as plants grow, animals/people eat the plants, people eat the animals, and then when we (people)  pass away we are returned physically to the earth.)  It was viewed as sharing back to the earth when you passed and very respectable.  I hear something about when you pass and go back to the earth you are giving of yourself what you have consumed, and it creates a full circle.  

During the film, I did get vivid images of a flood.  I kept asking myself where did these people go?  Did they migrate?  Did they die?  and How?  I just saw massive flooding and flooded the cave.  It looked very sudden and extreme.  It looked like a huge burst of water rushed through the cave, and then remained there for some time before completely clearing.  I see that most everyone passed, and those that didn't right away (I see people that were hunting viewing this flush occur) eventually died.  I get a strong feeling that their presence is still there on the land,- it is there in a positive, protective way. I see an image of someone laying on their back (in current day) and breathing deeply as if in a meditative state- they are soaking in and feeling this tremendous energy because that area is very much alive in their spirits.  There were many souls that have reincarnated and moved on, but many also stayed to protect the land...

This was an amazing movie!  Thank you to my reader for suggesting it.  

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Current Events [Group Posting]

1:35 PM And I thought I would do a group posting on some current events regarding some topics that some people have submitted.  Ok, here goes...

Q. Is the NSA spying on citizens more than we know? I also wondered if the spying was meant to keep tabs on members of congress, house and senators. 
A. The first thing I see is a room filled with people wearing blue tooth head phones and I hear all kinds of white noise.  I can't quite make out what is being said, it is more a quite mumble of a lot of different voices.  It looks like almost anyone can be tapped into at any time; however, most people are over looked.  I see that there are many recordings going on, and there is software to listen for certain key words, but rarely is person doing all the listening.  It looks like if certain key words are used, you are flagged, and then a person will be tuning into you.  

Then I ask myself, what if someone talks in code?  The answer I get is that if someone talks in code, they can many times fly under the radar, but depending on where the going (for example certain areas overseas are more highly monitored) that call is more likely to be analyzed.  

There is also some kind of data profiling happening, such as being able to link phone calls with internet searches with volume of phone traffic, texts, etc that helps NSA folks to cross reference transactions to see who is of interest.  

I don't see this spying as being specific to congress or government officials. I see it being used very widespread.  

Q. Another item of interest: Are there FEMA camps? (I believe the are also called "long term retention centers" What is your opinion of these camps and do you see them being used in the future?
A.  It just popped in my mind that even though they may be called FEMA camps or long term retention centers, they are often referred to by FEMA as detention centers.  They do exist, and I a get the reason they are here is to corral people in the event of a catastrophe to cut back on some of the chaos.  I see the master plan for these started around the time of Katrina.  Government wanted to avoid that type of chaos, so the solution was to pack people into these camps and create an illusion that their best interest was in mind.  

I get that these camps will be used for man made, natural or pandemic type situations.  I keep hearing the word "flu" in my head.  

I also get these camps will sound great in order to get people there willingly, but they evolve into some type of manual labor camp.  I see people pounding metal with hammers.  In my mind it looks more like a work camp paying little to nothing for manual labor in exchange for "protection," food and water.  

Q. I am curious on how the gaming industry would look like within the next 10 years. The next generation of consoles have recently been launched and gaming has been very much in the mainstream for a good period of time, but there is a concern that the industry could suffer a crash similar to that of 1983. Is a crash imminent or is it only a gradual decline? How are things expected to look in regards to console gaming? Handheld gaming? PC gaming? Are there any particular innovations that will be seen as revolutionary?
A.  The first image I get is the movie "Paranoia" and I see that people in the gaming industry are looking for the next best things. Almost like the gaming isn't what is going to keep the industry alive regardless of how good the game is or the programming is behind it, it will have to do with the hardware.  I see interactive games where people are wearing 3D helmets and I also see some kind of a chair that actually has feedback when the game being played to make the person feel as though they are there in real life.  

I don't see a crash, but I see a lot of intensity on keeping up with competitors and creating this real life gaming feel.  I see industry heading there, starting small and growing fast in that direction.  

I ask myself if it will be full body, and the answer I get is no because most people want to relax when they play and also be able to play for extended periods of time.  There will be some full body model versions, but the more successful revolve around the full helmet and the chair.  I also see a little to do with voice recognition, but still a controller is used.  

Q. There was this interesting news topic about the moon missions of china.They claim to search for minerals and metals that are an shortage of on earth. Why is china still going to the moon while the usa have already abandoned it. Maybe they have some catching up to do? Or is there another agenda going on?
A.  I do see they want to catch up to what the US says its done, but I see skepticism, as if they don't believe we have been there and want to prove us wrong.  I see a lot of what they do is try to discredit the US (not even just technology, financially, but pretty much everything.)  I don't see that they have landed ?, but they have been around the moon.  I see a lot of exploring, but it looks like robots, not people there.  This really feels more exploratory than anything, like they want to see what is there, what can used, and I see some kind of white substance that tastes very chalky that they hope to find.  It is super fine power that has a sharpness when you rub it in your hand, but yet it is finer that talc. [like powdered glass]

Q. What do you see on medical marijuana, the future of it in general and the use of hemp in the future 
A. I see marijuana as becoming legal in most states over the next four years.  I see this being a big topic during the next election. I also keep hearing Phillip Morris, as if this company wants to start manufacturing it, and it is working on it now.  I also see it being taxed at least equal to if not more than cigarrettes.  Some states will make it legal to buy over the counter, and I see other states requiring a prescription to use it, and it will be bought through pharmacies.  I see big changes in the views of marijuana over the next few years.  I also am hearing message that they are working on studies now to support the claim that it can beneficial, so all the negative stuff that has been documented is being reworked so they are able to push this through.

Q We are hearing about the contamination of the drinking water for a town in West VirginiaThe chemical was poured directly into the river, and the company responsible for this, did not report it. Was this a terrorist act, and what are the long term damages?
A.  The first thing I get is that it isn't a terrorist act, it was because of a negligent company.  They weren't inspected, and did things on the cheap in order to make money.  I also get that the CEO and higher people in the company don't live in that area, and have little respect for the environment.  They didn't even consider the result of not maintaining their equipment or following EPA guidelines.  The effects will last a long while because this will all need flushed out and the chemicals will just continue to move downstream and contaminate other areas along the river.  Not all filtration systems are equipped to filter this type of chemical.  They aren't releasing the real effects of this because they don't want to create hysteria.  For sensitive people I see huge rashes, they look like sunburns.  I also see a lot of digestive issues (I feel a burn in my throat as I even tune into this).  It looks like the mouth and throat are the most effected.  In rare cases there are immune issues - as if the immune system is attacked.  

Q. Is it possible to hear a little bit more about the financial situation for 2014 - 2016, what is going to be a safe haven for wealth preservation beside gold and silver, how high will bitcoin and silver go, and when do you see a game over for bitcoin? What about real estate? 
A.  I see the stock market as a complete roller coaster.  I also get that the stock market can make money, but it is real gamble and you have to know what you are doing.  There really are no safe stocks, you just have to know how to read trends if you want money otherwise you investment will average a flat return (meaning you will end up with what you started with overall).  

I do see gold and silver, along with tangible assets being safe.  I also see real estate, mainly land being a high value item. Whether it is flat land for farming or woodsy for hunting, I see it holding value.  I also see the hotspots being close to, but not inside the city.  AND close to but not on a main road.  

I don't have a top out value for silver or bitcoin, but I can say that bitcoin "feels" like it is about maxed out.  I don't see it lasting more than a few more years.  I see silver rising on a chart but never reaching its "true" value in respect to gold.  I see stacks and stacks of paper being thrown down, cluing me in that the paper silver is still diluting the real silver, and that has to be waited out. That dilution is going to happen until the dollar is highly devalued because I get the rich are buying the real silver and diluting with paper as a backup for when the dollar starts to crash.  

When is the dollar crashing....?  Um, I feels to the future, but not too far out.  My gut is telling me sometime in 2015 it will be obvious by how the stock market and consumer items such as gasoline and food are priced.  There will be a trend and then there will be a radical break from the trend, and we will know.

And that is all I have for now, it is 2:28 PM. Thank you.  Link to Audio.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 - Earth Changes - Weather - Fukushima

6:45 PM

Q.In general what do you see happening in 2014 with weather manipulation and/or weather wars?  Is there a way to stop them?

A.  The first thing I hear in my head is that each storm will be more grandiose that the last. Then I see a chess if each side is taking turns back and looks like they are playing chicken with one another to see who do what. And by saying they're I am referring to the United States....I want to say Japan, but I feel like they are somehow interconnected with China...Russia is starting to become a player but they are kind of behind with technology.  Those are the main counties I see involved.

With regards to the weather in 2014, I see the northeastern part of the United States being a target with a focus on NY.  Then I hear a phrase "The surrounding states are just collateral damage".  I see a bunch of swirls on a map that are white indicating blizzard type storms, just one after another, again with a focus on NY.  I am getting the reason that there is such an imbalance in the weather is because as we receive an attack that causes inclimate weather, we try to counteract it with these unseasonably warm weather conditions.  And even though the result may be storms or tornadoes, it felt that it is less severe than the inclimate weather, and the U.S. is not good at regulating how severe it be.  It seems to be full blast in the cold direction or full blast in the hot direction.

I see that in the early summer around the end of May, there is going to be really bad storm on the southeast coast, clear from Florida up to South Carolina, it looks like a bad hurricane and it blows just right up the whole coast.  In the summer I see a big line of fire....and it looks to be on the western side of Illinois and it spans the whole length of the state.  My mind wants to tell me forest fire, but without a map I can't be sure.

In the Washington State area I keep seeing icefall, and it looks like big long icicles, and it looks like a severe ice storm in store for that area.

When I ask myself if there is a way to "stop them" it looks as if it would be very difficult, the picture in my mind is a group of people in the top of a tower, and there is a mob of people beneath them on the ground, and there is no way to reach the people in the tower (weather manipulators), it is as if they are untouchable.

Q. Why is NY the focus?

A.  Ok I am getting a lot of reasons coming that it is an older city and it is vulnerable, because of it's position, it is a financial heartbeat of the country, and I see a map of the US and NY is pulsating like a heart.  It is really population dense, so a hardship really affects a lot of people.

Q. Please tell us about how the Fukushima problems will impact the world. Hopefully enough people will focus on healing Fukushima that it will avoid any major impact on the Earth.

A.  The first thing I see is litter and the trash washing up on the beaches...I also see a lot of seafoam and at first it seems cool, but as people start to put their hands or feet into it, it has this coating about it that feels like soap scum.  The other image I have too is big fishing boats that are in the Pacific, are getting a lot of garbage in their fishing nets.  I am seeing an image of someone on a boat and they spot what looks like a big school of jellyfish, and when the get close enough to examine it, it is like a ton of these plastic bags.  It is like the garbage floats in "schools".  I get that people become very concerned with consuming the fish out of that part of the Pacific Ocean, to the point where a lot of people in the U.S. won't even buy it.

I also see orange dust in the air over the west coast, and I see these vineyards in California being concerned with the dust on their grapes.  It is like it is killing the grapes.  It is like dust that comes over in clouds from the Pacific, moving in an eastern direction.

I see Fukushima mainly affecting the countries that are to the east.  I mean the water and the air is all tainted but it is much more diluted to the countries to the west of Fukushima, so the Eastern countries will have the higher effects of radiation and pollution.

Q. Hi, just wondering on news on your red comet?  Is the red comet ison? Or is it yet to come? Storms here have been the worst in 40 yrs.
A.  Ok when I ask for the name, I am not given a name but I am given a picture.  What I see is the Earth, this comet (the "Red Comet') and the Sun. being in perfect alignment right now.  And the reason that this comet is hard to see is because it is directly in front of the sun and the brightness of the sun blinds us from it.

Then I am getting a phrase saying "I haven't given you a name but I have given you everything you need to know".   

Q. Regarding the latest storm to hit the Philippines; Was this a man made storm and what was its purpose?  I read that the water fueled car was about to be marketed there, could that be one of the reasons for the weather attack?

A.  I see we were trying to get the Phillippines to join us, by getting members of their government to form an allied group, and they resisted.  I see this American guy in a suit and he is trying to put his arm around this Philippine guy's shoulder, the Philippine guy totally resisted, and the American guy had an arrogance about him and was completely offended.  Then I see two kids picking at each other, one pokes the other and says "How do you like that?", and then the other picks back and says "What about that."  and it does look to me that we retaliated because they did not want to be in business with us (US), but I also get this feeling of regret or remorse like it went way too far.  There is like some shame and embarrassment associated with it too.

When I ask if it was associated to the car, I just see a big field full of oil pumps working, so in my mind the answer is that it was related to the car.

7:12 PM Link to Audio

Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 - Financial Reading

9:55 PM

Q. Can you see what is up with the dollar in 2014. The Fed is claiming they will taper their mad printing of quantitative easing in January but most experts think they won't and its too late anyways. China is no longer buying our dollars and many corporations no longer trust them either. So it looks like the dollar could crash very soon and the world turn away from trusting us financially. Will this happen or will they find another crafty, illegal way to stay in power in a bit longer, maybe by austerity measures or stealing money out of bank accounts ala Cypress....???
A. The first thing I see is that inflation is going to be huge in the beginning of 2014, then I saw an image of $7.14, as I focus a little deeper it turns into 7-14 as in July 14th.

I can also see a group of men meeting, they are all wearing white dress shirts and ties, and they are discussing the financial situation.  And I keep hearing them say a phrase and the words are "The rule of seven", and I keep seeing the number seven over and over again, as if it is going to play a big significance in what happens.  Like the 7th month is important, and there is some calculation involving this rule of 7 as if the dollar will max out when it reaches this calculation, as if there is no sustainability or no way it can be diluted anymore.

With regards to China...I always see golden dump trucks filled with Gold, and now my mind flashes back to the group of gentlemen wearing white shirts, and they are concerned because China is wanting to alter their interest rate to a higher rate to compensate for inflation, and they can either do that, pay the higher rate, or pay in gold.  And I do not see China interested in Silver, they want Gold.  And this group of guys are....they are sweating...trying to figure this out.  And it looks like at that point we show incredible weakness to China, and it looks as though China is not even financially dependent on that money, but they are laughing at America for getting into such a financial mess.
I mean I see these Chinese men and they are actually laughing.

I do not see the dollar collapsing by the end of 2014, but I see a lot of concern as if it's days are numbered.  It looks like it is just barely hanging on, there is a lot of talk on how to preserve it....Because what people are worried about is it is not necessarily about losing the dollar, it is the power associated with the dollar.  It is as if people in the know realize that once the dollar collapses a new world currency will take over and then a lot of control is lost because it is much more difficult to manipulate a currency that is out of your hands.  Then I get the word "Enron" like they will hold on to the dollar until there is just absolutely no way they can preserve or sustain it.

I see two different things happening with regard to a Cyprus situation here in the States, the first thing, when we collapse, or the dollar collapses I should say, and we need funds to help bail us out, I do see a lockdown on some of the rather large financial accounts.  When it gets close, it is almost like the wealthiest know it that it is happening, and there is a frenzy to get their money to offshore accounts to protect them.. and that is the loophole that the rich use to protect their wealth.
Only the accounts housed in the US are able to be frozen.  The second things that I see happening is when a new world currency goes into effect, people will exchange their dollars for this new currency and they are going to realize that they have much less money than they thought.

Q. What is the reason there is a financial crisis in the world? Why does the US have so much debt? What do you see as the outcome to all of this?
A.  I see a pie tin, and it is filled full of gold...I don't know where my mind went with that...ok it is coming to me like this:  There is limited resources, so in the beginning when people worked and the population was much less you could be paid in physical gold and silver and exchange gold and silver for goods and services....but with the growth in population there just was not enough gold and silver to physically be distributed and exchanged, so some sort of a credit system was developed.  Then from there the credit system allowed a disconnect between tangible gold and silver and the actual money owed.  Once the one to one ratio or fixed ratio is lost a debt starts to form, or rather inflation is started.  The US has debt partly because of the continued printing of our money, which dilutes the dollar, and partly because we do not have the revenue to pay much more than just the interest so we just continue to owe money.  The outcome is going to be having a dollar that is heavily diluted, we are going to be inferior to financially stable countries, people will be nervous to do business in exchange for our dollar and the reputation of the United States is going to suffer.

Q.  When do you see a disconnect between the price of physical gold and silver and the manipulated wall street price of paper precious metals?
A.  I keep seeing um that July 14th date again, it looks like July is very significant, I get that some of the wealthiest people are manipulating the price of gold and silver, mostly silver to keep the price low so that they can buy a lot of it, because whenever the financial issues hit in July, they will be able to balance themselves out with silver because it will become closer to it's true price.  I am also getting too that they are using the paper silver to keep the price of both paper and physical silver down, but when they buy the silver they are buying the physical silver.  It looks as if the paper silver is just some kind of magic trick, like it is being waved in the wind, like it's just paper with silver on it....

Q.  Can you take a look at what other monetary systems are doing such as the Iraqi Dinar and Bitcoin?
A.  The Iraqi Dinar...looks really rock solid, I see people using it, I see people throwing one on the table as a tip in a coffee shop.  I am also getting that even when the world currency comes about, that it will still hold true to it's value and be used as cash, and there will be two forms of valid currency, one being the Dinar and one being the world currency.  Even though in my mind I see this gold coin, I am seeing some Iraqi guy, and he is saying that "his money is backed by oil" and there is just a look of strength in their money.

Ok when I think of Bitcoin, I see a bunch of 1 ones and 0 like the beginning of the Matrix when the movie starts, as if that is all Bitcoin is, there is no substance behind it, it is all electronic exchanges.  I do not see any collapse of it in 2014 but I do see a lot of instability of it, like one day it could be high and the next day it could be low.  Then I see a roulette wheel on a Las Vegas table, and it looks to like Bitcoin is just a big gamble, and then the dealer says, eventually everybody loses and swipes the coin or the chips off the table, (laugh) he is wearing a red and white striped vest, and his face is painted blue with white stars...strange.

Q.  Why is China not interested in silver?
A.  The first thing that I get is that I am told that it is inferior to Gold...and then I see Walter White say "Because it is subpar'

Q.  How does the stock Market fare in July when the dollar declines July, should an investor buy Stocks or Silver in the early part of 2014.
A.  I see the stock Market taking a pretty good hit in July and a lot of people get scared and start pulling their money, and it is like the wealthy people know before the rest of the people of this potential sweep on the large investment accounts and start moving their money out of the country, Easter, some time around Easter in 2014  (April 20th) they start reallocating their assets out of the US, because they know this hit is going to be in July.  People should start buying real silver, not paper silver and the big jump is going to be on silver not gold.

Q.  What do they consider a large investment account?
A.  Ok it is coming through that this is a three step process.  The first accounts will be the huge corporations like Walmart and those type of companies, Apple.  Then the next set of accounts will be individual people's accounts, like Bill Gates, the people who have like billions of dollars personally.  Ok I am trying to get the third one, I just keep seeing blue and white pinwheels.  I want to say millionaires but it is people that are actively employed.  It is like if you are retired and you have 3 million in the bank they are not as fixated on you, but for a CEO who is employed and has millions in the bank that is who this third tier affects.

Q.  How do they justify this theft of money?
A.  Hmm.....They a...tell the people that were affected that over the course of the next so many years, and it looks like 10, they will get deduction or some special treatment on their income tax, so they do not refer to it as stealing, it is more like a loan, and they are told that they will be able to recoup that money.

Q.  So it only affects the 1%?  How does the 99% feel about this, and are they affected in any way.
A.  The 99% are scared because they do not know if they will be up next, but I also see crowds of people like happy :), like holding signs of support is almost like they feel it was some kind of justice, because they feel the top 1% put them in this situation and it is only right that they pay the price for it.  The 99% are more so affected by the stock market issues and the instability of our dollar, than the sweeping of rich peoples accounts.

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