Friday, January 31, 2014

California Crop Circle

6:36 a.m.
Q. Below is a link re a crop circle seen Dec 2013. They destroyed it quickly. Was it man-made or alien made? If so, What does it represent? What's the message? Why is it there and why now?
A. When I first focus on this I hear white noise (a lot of static).  I also get this electronic smell and a taste of metal in my mouth.  In my mind I see a circuit board.  I get that the smell is how they made it, and the circuit board is what is represents.  I see it being made by using magnets and electric, and it looks like the crops/tall grass was burnt as it was broken/bent/cut.

Regarding the debate of this being man made or alien made, something about this feels "off".  The energy surrounding this feels manufactured.  In the past when I have viewed some crop circles I get a spiritual connection as if the energy of the circle amplifies the energy around it that can't be replicated by man made means.  I do not get that with this crop circle.  It feels placed or fake, directing me to vision of it being man made.  

I then get that it was meticulously planned.  It was more of a challenge to see if it could be done. I then get an image of the show The Apprentice.  It looks a close group of people designed it, and the design resulted from some kind of contest.  I also see the group being young, like a highly intelligent college group.  Several months of planning went into this.  There was an aspect of design, architecture and engineering that went into this.  I see one of those large poster-board sized checks being issued to the winner like there was either a cash reward or scholarship associated with this.  

View California Crop Circle here
Additional View of Circle here

And that is all I have for now.  Thanks you.  6:52 a.m..  (No audio available at this time.)

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Anonymous said...

The crop circle was a Marketing stunt by a technology company promoting its new processor Chip for mobile phones.