Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

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Q. Have you had the chance to borrow your library's copy of the movie: Cave of Forgotten Dreams? I would love to know your impression of what those early artists were trying to tell us.
A.  I did recently watch this on Netflix and I remember seeing a question regarding this in my queue.  I was in complete awe at the pure raw art.  It did ring as being pure and genuine, and I have goosebumps typing this.  It depicted a story (in my minds eye)  of their surroundings, their way of life.  I see these paintings as a teaching tools too- I am watching the elders in the tribe teaching their young about hunting and animals as if the paintings are a chalkboard.  It is like they teach their young lessons before even trying it in real life.  I see them talking about hunting tactics, dangers, how to chose wisely which animal to pursue (as if you have one real chance so make it count).  

There was also this tremendous respect for the earth and all things on it.  I see them explaining the circle of life and how all things return back to the earth (not in a reincarnated way, but a physical way such as plants grow, animals/people eat the plants, people eat the animals, and then when we (people)  pass away we are returned physically to the earth.)  It was viewed as sharing back to the earth when you passed and very respectable.  I hear something about when you pass and go back to the earth you are giving of yourself what you have consumed, and it creates a full circle.  

During the film, I did get vivid images of a flood.  I kept asking myself where did these people go?  Did they migrate?  Did they die?  and How?  I just saw massive flooding and flooded the cave.  It looked very sudden and extreme.  It looked like a huge burst of water rushed through the cave, and then remained there for some time before completely clearing.  I see that most everyone passed, and those that didn't right away (I see people that were hunting viewing this flush occur) eventually died.  I get a strong feeling that their presence is still there on the land,- it is there in a positive, protective way. I see an image of someone laying on their back (in current day) and breathing deeply as if in a meditative state- they are soaking in and feeling this tremendous energy because that area is very much alive in their spirits.  There were many souls that have reincarnated and moved on, but many also stayed to protect the land...

This was an amazing movie!  Thank you to my reader for suggesting it.  

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Anonymous said...

Was this flood the "Great Flood" depicted in the bible?

Psychic Focus said...

I can't say with certainty that it was the "Great Flood" but it was a very significant life changing flood that altered the lay of the land..