Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 - Earth Changes - Weather - Fukushima

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Q.In general what do you see happening in 2014 with weather manipulation and/or weather wars?  Is there a way to stop them?

A.  The first thing I hear in my head is that each storm will be more grandiose that the last. Then I see a chess if each side is taking turns back and looks like they are playing chicken with one another to see who do what. And by saying they're I am referring to the United States....I want to say Japan, but I feel like they are somehow interconnected with China...Russia is starting to become a player but they are kind of behind with technology.  Those are the main counties I see involved.

With regards to the weather in 2014, I see the northeastern part of the United States being a target with a focus on NY.  Then I hear a phrase "The surrounding states are just collateral damage".  I see a bunch of swirls on a map that are white indicating blizzard type storms, just one after another, again with a focus on NY.  I am getting the reason that there is such an imbalance in the weather is because as we receive an attack that causes inclimate weather, we try to counteract it with these unseasonably warm weather conditions.  And even though the result may be storms or tornadoes, it felt that it is less severe than the inclimate weather, and the U.S. is not good at regulating how severe it be.  It seems to be full blast in the cold direction or full blast in the hot direction.

I see that in the early summer around the end of May, there is going to be really bad storm on the southeast coast, clear from Florida up to South Carolina, it looks like a bad hurricane and it blows just right up the whole coast.  In the summer I see a big line of fire....and it looks to be on the western side of Illinois and it spans the whole length of the state.  My mind wants to tell me forest fire, but without a map I can't be sure.

In the Washington State area I keep seeing icefall, and it looks like big long icicles, and it looks like a severe ice storm in store for that area.

When I ask myself if there is a way to "stop them" it looks as if it would be very difficult, the picture in my mind is a group of people in the top of a tower, and there is a mob of people beneath them on the ground, and there is no way to reach the people in the tower (weather manipulators), it is as if they are untouchable.

Q. Why is NY the focus?

A.  Ok I am getting a lot of reasons coming that it is an older city and it is vulnerable, because of it's position, it is a financial heartbeat of the country, and I see a map of the US and NY is pulsating like a heart.  It is really population dense, so a hardship really affects a lot of people.

Q. Please tell us about how the Fukushima problems will impact the world. Hopefully enough people will focus on healing Fukushima that it will avoid any major impact on the Earth.

A.  The first thing I see is litter and the trash washing up on the beaches...I also see a lot of seafoam and at first it seems cool, but as people start to put their hands or feet into it, it has this coating about it that feels like soap scum.  The other image I have too is big fishing boats that are in the Pacific, are getting a lot of garbage in their fishing nets.  I am seeing an image of someone on a boat and they spot what looks like a big school of jellyfish, and when the get close enough to examine it, it is like a ton of these plastic bags.  It is like the garbage floats in "schools".  I get that people become very concerned with consuming the fish out of that part of the Pacific Ocean, to the point where a lot of people in the U.S. won't even buy it.

I also see orange dust in the air over the west coast, and I see these vineyards in California being concerned with the dust on their grapes.  It is like it is killing the grapes.  It is like dust that comes over in clouds from the Pacific, moving in an eastern direction.

I see Fukushima mainly affecting the countries that are to the east.  I mean the water and the air is all tainted but it is much more diluted to the countries to the west of Fukushima, so the Eastern countries will have the higher effects of radiation and pollution.

Q. Hi, just wondering on news on your red comet?  Is the red comet ison? Or is it yet to come? Storms here have been the worst in 40 yrs.
A.  Ok when I ask for the name, I am not given a name but I am given a picture.  What I see is the Earth, this comet (the "Red Comet') and the Sun. being in perfect alignment right now.  And the reason that this comet is hard to see is because it is directly in front of the sun and the brightness of the sun blinds us from it.

Then I am getting a phrase saying "I haven't given you a name but I have given you everything you need to know".   

Q. Regarding the latest storm to hit the Philippines; Was this a man made storm and what was its purpose?  I read that the water fueled car was about to be marketed there, could that be one of the reasons for the weather attack?

A.  I see we were trying to get the Phillippines to join us, by getting members of their government to form an allied group, and they resisted.  I see this American guy in a suit and he is trying to put his arm around this Philippine guy's shoulder, the Philippine guy totally resisted, and the American guy had an arrogance about him and was completely offended.  Then I see two kids picking at each other, one pokes the other and says "How do you like that?", and then the other picks back and says "What about that."  and it does look to me that we retaliated because they did not want to be in business with us (US), but I also get this feeling of regret or remorse like it went way too far.  There is like some shame and embarrassment associated with it too.

When I ask if it was associated to the car, I just see a big field full of oil pumps working, so in my mind the answer is that it was related to the car.

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Me said...

Fond this pic today
Is this the red comet or a sunspot.

Anonymous said...

I live in Washington state and was curious when the big ice storm was coming? Thanks.

Psychic Focus said...

@ Me: It *might* be a sun spot, BUT my gut is telling me it is much more!

Psychic Focus said...

@ 12:53 PM: I see FEB light up in my head. I would be cautious during Feb 2014.

Me said...

Thank you for your quick answer. I thought it has to be one whopper of a sunspot to be photographed from earth at sunset. Instantly thought of your post when I saw it. Either way not normal.

horoscope said...

Can I ask a question that has been bothering me for some time.
Is it true that we have control over our destinies or is it true that our fate is pre ordained?
I mean, is life what we make of it or is life written in stone so no matter what we think and do we follow a set path?
How do experts feel about this?
Thanks if you can offer advice

Psychic Focus said...

I see that we will ultimately have the same ending, but we have free will to chose the path we take to get there. Sometimes the path is difficult, and sometimes it is easy, but we still end up in the same place to learn our life lesson that we are here to learn during this incarnation.