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Mental Take Over, MK Ultra, Spell Casting [AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: How to Overcome This...]

[I want to note before going into this post that some of this came to me as I focused on the topic, some came to me through discussions with friends, and some I stumbled upon myself (which I will give credit to those insightful links at the bottom of the post).  I took all of these things, along with submitted questions and formed one post.]  

Q. Hi Lynn. I love your website. I'm addicted to it! I was watching HBO documentary "There's something wrong with aunt Diane" ... About horrible unexplained tragedy that lead a mother drive for 2 miles down the wrong way on the Platonic Highway in NY, killing herself, 3 nieces and daughter. What was the reason or cause how this could have happened? Thanks!
A. I want to first say that everyone has this piece in their brain that is what I call the "reptilian brain."  I see it as the part  of the brain that gives you your primal instincts of survival (looks to be located at the top of the spine where your spine meets your brain).  It doesn't serve a purpose of higher thought, and is void of emotional conditioning (for example, when this part of your mind is awakened, if you are starving you will eat regardless of what is going on around you versus someone with a dormant "reptilian brain" will share what they have to offer with a starving neighbor out of emotional / moral feelings).

Different things trigger the "awakening" of this "reptilian brain."  It can be trauma, depression or just negativity (the lower vibrational frequency you give off during this emotional state forms a gateway for them).  The key with the awakening is we have to allow it to happen and listen to the little voice that accompanies the "awakening."  Most everyone in there life has been under attack and heard or felt feelings that are really not their own, but rather they are from the reptilian ET forces that hibernate underground that try to telepathically take control of humans (by use of the reptilian brain) to either form alliances or complete agendas.  Many things we perceive as evil can be rooted to this reptilian force using humans as their soldiers.

I get that this woman "Diane" had this happen to her.  I get she had been in a low place in her life, and something just snapped (the reptilian part of her brain came alive).  She wasn't herself, and I see that she even realized it, but at the same time felt that even though it was her body completing the actions, it wasn't her thoughts.  She didn't really know what was happening, and before she realized it, the damage was done.

Q. What is the purpose of innocent lives being taken?
A.  I get it is some kind of sacrifice.  It is a way of gifting souls in a way to be recycled.  So many souls are needed to keep the cycle flowing, and it is viewed as necessary.

Q.  How do we fight it off or prevent it?
A.  The biggest way to prevent this is to be conscious that it happens.  When you think something negative (especially when it refers to harming yourself or others) stop and realize if that is your true thought- and if it isn't firmly state (with strong intent) to "go away."  We were SO much stronger than we think, and many times with the first request the thought will go away- you just have belief it will and mean it when you tell it to do so.

Another way to aware is to meditate and stay in tune with you higher self.  Meditation increases vibrations (which makes reptilians fearful because they operate at lower frequencies), and creates a unity of mind, body and soul.  You know when something isn't right, and it is a way to balance yourself.

Something else that has come to me is that for us to be controlled, we (as I said earlier) have to allow and give permission for this control.  Once permission is no longer granted, human beings can take back the planet.  Our language has evolved over the years, and with the evolution spell-casting has flooded it which keeps us in a cloud.  We reinforce the spell every time certain words or phrases are spoken (and I visually get the image of a hazy cloud with people roaming through it).  Rising our awareness to this and really thinking of our language gives us more power, and diminishes theirs (as I type this I visualize a "reptilian" cowering down).  Even eliminating or modifying some of our everyday phrases can start us in the direction of taking back our inherent power on earth.

The following are just a few of the 100s if not 1000s of words / terms I have come across that are used in everyday language to reinforce spell-casting and keep us suppressed. (These have come to me by all sources, both friends, family and my own findings).

  • Many of us talk about earning a living, but many don't realize that the goal is to have them work (pay taxes and contribute to the system) until they pass away.  Earn can be replaced symbolically with Urn.  In their (reptilian) eyes that is what humans are for- used for a service until our usefulness over.
  • When we are told to believe in something, we know in our gut what is true or false already.  If you feel that someone has to convince you to believe in them, think about what they are really saying.  It was shown to me (especially in media) that saying "Believe or belief" really means "Be lies."
  • Recently on a radio show I heard a mocking of Ebola and the news stories associated to it.  Then they kept mentioning "a bowl of" this and that as a play on words.  I realized then that we are being desensitized so illnesses, so nothing is a shock.  It soaks into our subconscious so when the next flavor is introduced it is accepted (and the fear cycle can resume again only to be dulled back down).
  • People use the term weekend all the time.  When you think of the term, in reality you are talking (or sometimes wishing) a "weakened" period of time.  You really wouldn't want someone "weakened" on Saturday or Sunday- you want them full of life.
  • Morning and mourning sound the same, however one spelling is tied to death and the word overall has a lower vibration tied to it.  We should focus on life and the living.  We are in a habit of saying "Good Morning/Mourning" (which lowers vibrations) when we should think of saying "Happy Day."
  • I get an image of Stanley Kubrick and hear that SO many things are hidden in plain sight that it really mocks us.  For example, the video of the death of James Foley was by many determined fake (link to previous reading is listing on the bottom of this post) and it just so happens in film-making Foley refers to the special effects used to create films and make them more realistic.  We are being told the truth, we just aren't listening to it.
  • Around the time that ISIS became popular in the media Facebook started a "Ice Bucket" or "Ice Us" challenge.  We are bragging of icing ourselves and challenging other to ice themselves.  We are bringing the term into our homes through social medias.
  • When referring to a person we used to call them "Thee or Thou," and something changed that created the term "You."  "Ewe" which is also the same sound as "You" is a female sheep... If you stop to think that every time we refer to a person as "You" we are really saying "Ewe" that reinforces that in some degree we are all female sheep. (I am guilty of this one because the language is so indoctrinated in us that it is hard to change something that feels so natural. I have been meditating on how to make it "right.")
  • "Ment" comes from the word "mental."  When you think of government (which we fully accept the name) we are allowing an organization to govern (or control) our mind.
  • The letter "S" symbolizes a "snake" (which is considered dark and negative) and is found in everyday life such as in the symbol for money ($) and health care/medical symbols (Rx).  It is even common to draw the attention of others by making the pssssssst noise which is actually a negatively oriented vibration.
  • We use negative terms in order to relay (what we think is a positive message) such as "drop dead gorgeous," "take your breath away" or "dressed to kill."
  • We wish people luck by telling them to "break a leg," which is really a negative wish to put into the universe (and possibly influence your karma).
Q.How do we break the cycle and help the consciousness to rise?
A. Focus on being the solution and not contributing to the problem.  When you find yourself feeling negative make a conscious choice to take control, find something that makes you feel positive and increase your vibration.  Don't allow yourself to be negative because that only manifests more negativity.  You may carry an affirmation in your pocket, picture of your pets/children or even a pretty crystal- what ever works for you personally.  Negativity has a low vibratory frequency and keeping yourself elevated creates a happier self and doesn't allow the negativity to creep in.  Like attracts like, so keep yourself at a vibration in which you wish things of an equal vibration coming back toward you.

Q. How do we stay positive when so many things of lower vibrations are going on around us?
A. I first see a bracelet that belongs to a friend of mine.  There is a saying on it that says "Event + Response = Outcome."  I get that it really is that simple.  We cannot change the event, but we can change the way we respond to give us a positive outcome.  For example, you may see something upsetting or feel you are being lied to.  Take that event that you cannot change, but evaluate your response.  Instead of getting angry you can:  walk away which eliminates you from the situation, be thankful that you have the higher level thinking to determine lies versus only thinking what you are told or even just take things in as an expansion of knowledge or experience and leave it at that.  Challenge yourself with responses to situations that leave you at the same level of frequency, if not better.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.

Some websites that gave me insight to this:

Link to previous reading on James Foley

Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year, Predictions and a Push for Positive Energy

With 2014 coming to an end, I wanted to address some different perspectives- good, bad and how we can make it better... I thought I would put my intent to focus on the troublesome items first, so I could end on a positive high (which is where I want to see us be [and stay] as we start a fresh year).

Q.  What events do you see unfolding in 2015?  

A.  I see the earth continuing to wobble in a less and less controlled manor as the "red comet" (past reading referenced below) system continues to approach and mesh with our current solar system.  Along with its' approach we will see more violent weather (due to the dipping down of the north pole as the wobble is out of sink- imagine a top slowing down its' spin and losing more control- it (the weather)  will be uncharacteristic for the season and many "records" regarding weather/temperature will broken in 2015.  In many situations it will be hard to determine if the weather is man made, natural, or man made in order to mitigate the effective the "wobble" is having.  This relates to the earth in general, and not localized to one specific area. 

I get that Monsanto will be huge in 2015!  The people "in the know" knew that we would be having some devastating weather (I get scientists and NASA have seen and known about the "red comet" and "sister sun" for a while), and it will get better we just have to wait it out, but as a result Monsanto was born.  It will thrive this year because it will be viewed as a necessary evil as many farmers struggle with their crops.

As I zoom out and really try to look at things, I see the Pacific Ocean (near the area of Taiwan and Japan being hit with several large storms.  I see swirls after swirls in my mind and it looks to be a chain reaction of storms.  

I also get images of a group of islands to the north east of Australia having a volcano erupt.  It feels sudden and unexpected and creates several mini earthquakes felt in the north eastern part of Australia.  New Zealand feels far enough away that it doesn't get hit with anything (other than some large destructive waves on the coast), however, there are many warnings and alerts (trust your gut with this and listen to the advice if/when these warnings present themselves) of tsunami type activity.

I see California being plagued with a drought.  Washington state seems rainy (to the point of flooding and mudslides), but south of Washington state is dry and forest fires are an issue.  I see that the California drought is man made due to the Fukushima pollution that is floating over California- They don't want rain filtering radiation into the ground.  The thought is that they are working to neutralize the soil, but until they can they don't want food growing in it.  A man-made drought was their solution. They hope to have this "pollution problem" figured out by the end of 2015 in order to resume normal weather for the 2016 planting season.  I get the vineyards are really hurting. People in California can expect unusual amounts of chem-trails appearing as these experimental chemicals are used to attempt to figure out what works, and what can be used to level out the radiation.

Europe also looks to deal with a large amount of rainfall and flooding during the spring.  I see this as a huge issue, and some land will be regained, but some of the lowest elevations will be lost to the water rising.  

I see another (or reinvented version) of a man-made virus coming forward in the fall of 2015 (September / October). I want to call it the "zombie virus." There will be a huge push and much propaganda to immunize against it- don't do it, it hasn't been tested.  This looks somehow tied to Ebola (or be the same thing as Ebola).  I get it will be used in designated geographic areas to "test" the reactions.

Marijuana will make huge strides toward becoming more accepted and legal.  I get that as soon as Philip Morris gets it organized and is ready to manufacture it, we will be seeing a new version of "cigarette" in the US.  I hear something about "the lobbying has already begun to make this happen." I also look for this topic to come up several times with upcoming presidential candidates.

The news will continue (and do so in over-amplification) to focus on differences amongst people such as: black / white, male / female, homo / heterosexual and democrat / republican, (which are ALL non-issues because our physical shell is just temporary for this life, and karma/energetic force is tied to your "soul") in order to distract us from the real issues.  There is power and strength in the unification of mind, bodies and souls- the people that "really know" this will do anything to prevent that from happening. The reptilian mind is working overdrive in 2015 as people see and awaken to what is really going on.

Financial systems will be very weak.  In the beginning of 2015 a restructuring of the dollar will be happening, and while this goes on there will be a huge push for people to use and carry credit.  I don't see the new currency in 2015, but I do see a transition happening to a credit or electronic based system that bridges the gap between the dollar and new system.  

China will start to emerge as a powerful country that many people fear. They carry a dominant presence (and I get some impression of them being a bully). Russia will ally with China, not because they like China, but because they don't want to oppose them.

The Russia / Ukraine will continue to go on... This looks like a long and slow battle and I see no defining end.  The media will broadcast it ONLY when a sprinkle of fear is needed, but the topic doesn't "feel" popular (at least toward the beginning of 2015).

The main focus on worldly turmoil will be Saudi Arabia and surrounding "oil producing" countries. With the dollar losing value to inflation, the next battle will be for oil.  

Q.  Dear Psychic Focus, with all the negative things happening now in our world/time, what positive event/s do you see us gaining in the near future? Thank you so much!

A.  I see a lot of positive things happening in 2015.  I first see that more and more people are waking up and seeking truth- they aren't being satisfied with what they see on tv, and seek out alternative sources, and also are connecting more and more with like-minded people.  People are learning the art and liberation of being free-thinkers.

I also see many people experiencing those "ah- ha-" moments.  They understand how certain truths resonate deep within them, and the empowerment that results.  As people become more empowered they realize they have control of their lives and accountability goes from external sources (luck, religion, someone else) to themselves.  

2015 will be a huge year for homeopathic and natural healing.  I see with the implementation of Obamacare (which for some has been a blessing, while others are left wanting something else), the latter of these people can't afford or aren't able to travel to where they would need to go for appropriate care.  The result is the need for homeopathic and natural medicine- and I see it working.  Herbs, oils, massage and energy work will really increase this next year.  I get that many countries have been doing this already, and the US is slow to catch up because of the ease of health care, but that will change in 2015, and more Americans will be seeking this out. As more and more Americans look and feel better, the trend in this area looks to grow. 

More and more people over the next year will be looking for way to increase vibrations and seek ways to become more enlightened.  Talking, reading and hearing about meditation will be everywhere. Meditation truly is the way to connect with your higher self. For some it is easier than others, but everyone is capable of doing it. It requires a skill, patience and repetition (repetition being the most critical ingredient).  The goal is to connect with your subconscious and quite your rational/conscious mind in order to get a deeper understanding of yourself. [I will do a more detailed reading on "Suggestions on Meditating or How to Get Started" because for some it can feel difficult, confusing or even overwhelming). I see the honest attempts and seeking this form of connection with ones self being more and more sought out.

Q. We can we do to make our world or even personal "world" a better place?

A.  Over the holiday time I have been reminded several times of the Law of Attraction and how we manifest our destiny. Regardless of the situation, if we can react with positivity, we can manifest more positive interactions in our life.  When we have feelings of disgust or know we have been lied to, our human reaction is to be angry or retaliate.  If you can train yourself to be empathic or even show some form of love to the person causing the anger [and I am not saying sacrifice yourself or do anything to your detriment], you will see a change in the energy around you.  For example, if you know someone who is always in a bad mood, just smile at them every time you see them.  You will find that eventually they will smile back OR they will avoid you- either way the energy changed for your betterment. Also keep in mind that small changes will add up. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  I wish all of you a safe, happy and healthy New Year full of positive energy!  Love and light- Lynn

Previous reading on the Red Comet and Sister Sun:

Sunday, December 28, 2014

(Missing Flight) AirAsia Flight QZ8501

[I woke up this morning to several comments, questions and emails on this.  I wanted to do some work on this and get some initial impressions out there. Much love and light to these families!  They need our positive energy!]

Q. Hi Lynn!! Can you please do a reading on the disappearance of AirAsia Flight QZ8501? Is there any connection with the disappearance of other airlines? What really happened and will it show up?? Love and Light (Last updated 1-10-15 at the bottom of the post)
A. When I first tune in I see a lot of confusion, noise and scuffle in the passenger area.  It has a dark feel (the the middle of the night when people are startled awake). It looks as though the flight was going smoothly at first, and after the plane reached a certain altitude and a certain location three Muslim men (still trying to scan where exactly these men are from) with fake Malaysian passports emerged and took control of the passengers and flight staff in the passenger area of the plane.  The pilots didn't know what was happening... Once the passengers were under control, one of the men broke into the cockpit area to take control of the pilots and the plane itself.  

Once they make their way into the cockpit they advise the pilots of the new coordinates of where they are to take the plane and that is when the plane left its normal flight path.  They use the excuse of the weather as to the scattered communications, and eventually communications are cut.  There was also threat that if they pilot didn't comply and do exactly what they were told the plane would be blown up.  While this discussion was going on I see erratic behavior of altitude and directional changes (this was blamed on weather, but that is not really what was happening).  

Then I see a black briefcase presented- this briefcase that was said to have a bomb in it.  In reality it held some kind of a jamming device for communications and also disabled any "auto pilot" features that were being used.  Once this was turned on there was no communication and the plane was flying solo. (I even get the impression it scattered the signals or way the black box worked- not completely clear on how it worked).

It looks to be a hijacking situation in which the goal was to steal the plane.  They wanted a (and I keep hearing it being called this) "a small junk plane." The hijackers view it like they are searching for a new car- it is small and efficient and good on gas.??? [It came through almost jokingly which "felt" strange.]

Q. Where was the plane taken? 

A. I get that it was taken to the Bangka Islands which is south east of Singapore.  This isn't a permanent, location and I get this was more of a temporary pit stop.  I get that when (if it hasn't already- I can't get a time, but rather a HUGE sense of urgency) this plane will fly fast and hard northwest out of there until it makes its' way "home." ["Home" feels like the middle of a desert.]

Q. Who took it? 

A. I get a lot of conflict with this because it looks to be layers upon layers of blame and cover-ups going on.  I see Muslims on board with fake passports dressed up and portraying that they are Malaysian. When my focus on the Muslims to see where they are rooted, I get the word ISIS.. Then in my mind I hear, "But you know that ISIS is made up just to support the spread of fear."  I keep going in reverse to get to the start of it, and my mind takes me to the US and Great Britain (England more specifically) however I feel there is a big piece of the puzzle between hearing the word ISIS and backtracking clear back to the US and Britain that is missing (I don't know why it isn't coming forward yet??).  

Q. Why was it taken? 

A. The rebel cause (that is tied to ISIS, US and Britain) needed a "small junk plane" for their cause.  I can't determine if it will be used for transportation only, or if there is a bigger use yet.

Q. Are the passengers OK?  What is their fate?

A. They look to physcially be ok, but emotionally they are very rattled.  They are told they will be ok, they just need to "wait."  I get that once the plane reaches this "desert home" the captors will release these people.  They have no need or desire to take care of the passengers for an extended period of time.  I get they may keep a few of them as hostages (men and / or young boys), but really have no need for the women or children.  I cant' really get a clear visual in the way these people are released, or if they are just sent into the desert to fend for themselves...??  My impression is that they (the captors) don't have it completely detailed out as of yet either.

Q.  What will happen with the search missions, etc?

A. I see this handled in what (energetically) feels odd or negligent... They don't look in the right areas, or they jump to illogical assumptions rather than take in all possibilities.  I also get they will eventally call it a crash without finding or providing what feels like compelling evidence.  I don't see the search lasting long before they declare a crash because they don't want this drug on like the MH370 or MH17.

And that is all I have for now.  (Narrated reading available on YouTube).  As things come to me, I will add them to this post.  Love and light-

Update 12/30/14I too just heard the news that some wreckage and people have been found. I will say some things feel very "wrong" about this. I am hopeful that it is true to give families closure, but I feel more connected to the fact that this is a cover-up for the accident to prevent it from turning into a MH370 or MH17 scenario. I need to feel this out a little better. I suspected something like this would happen (I think I even posted it.).

Update 1/2/15:  I have been tuned into this a lot over the past few days.  I get a lot of conflict with it and find myself asking questions that go in various directions.  

  • I see a large amount of positive energy surrounding this in regards to the families getting answers and some closure, BUT there are also uncertainties surrounding this too.  I get that for some this has given families what they need to move on, but for many there is something skeptical or "not right" about the situation.  I also get that the government involved is going "overboard" in trying to "prove" this was an accident and recover these bodies.  Something feels forced or excessive and not genuine.  Then I hear that "the truth runs naked, but lies need to be covered up."  Something about this feels "covered up."
  • I still see images of this plane being hijacked and flow elsewhere.  I see that by now this plane is being housed safely in a desert (dry, warm, rocky and sandy) location.  
  • This "event" feels tied to the idea and energy associated to ISIS.
  • I get this plane will be used for their agenda (not sure if it will be a weapon or transport vehicle).
  • When the plane resurfaces it will be painted with white, green and red lettering.
I will continue to do updates as things comes to me.  Thank you everyone for your continued shared energy.

Update 1/3/15:  I've been working at getting clarity on this. Last night I did a meditation and over and over I see the same thing- a hijacking and the plane is stolen. The plane first stops at an island close to the flight path, and then takes off for a desert location. 

The main question I posed before I began was "What really happened?" and again I see the same scene play out. I am trying hard to determine if what I am seeing was the plan that was laid out, but the plane went down OR is this what happened and the accident is being reconstructed. As of now, I still see this plane in tact. 

The next thing I want to know is "If the plane is in tact, what bodies are being found and where are the real passengers?" I see the real passengers in the desert and they are being held (sort of like a camp??). They aren't treated bad or good- but rather just exist. I get the impression they will be released soon (the hijackers have no need for them, and they pose no threat). Some of the men may be kept, but everyone else looks to just "be set free." The "staged" accident looks to come from something else that happened in that area (has there been something devastating that took several lives?). It was as if there were unclaimed lives, and they were used..???

My next thing is to again work on clarity as to if I am seeing what was suppose to happen versus what did happen. I am keeping myself open to it and will be sure to post what comes to me... L&L

Update 1/9/15: Hello everyone. I know you are all wanting updates (or what I am able to see or understand). I really see that this was a hijacking. It was done by "ISIS" (even though I see this as a fear based group led by others hiding behind the name rather than a "real" group- for a different reading). I see they got the plane and flew it to the desert and the people who survived the ordeal are being held (some as prisoners) and some are to be set free into the desert. 

I was really question these events for a while, and I realize timelines change, and free will is always a factor. I was trying to determine *IF* what I saw was the full plan *AND* some went awry during the hijacking that caused the plane to go down. I still keep seeing that they managed to get the plane to the desert in one piece and the original plan was a success.

I also was shown in the original reading that this would be handled quickly to avoid have another MH370 situation. Too many things don't add up, and some of the items being presented for closure do not resonate with me (almost confirming that was I first saw was really true). 

I have opened myself up, and have the intent set that if there is a message to be received, I am open to it (as long as it comes from a higher vibrational place). I will share whatever I am able to see.

Updated (based on comments) 1/10/15  When I was interviewed I did say that what I saw may have been the plan rather than the true ending. Either way I see it was hijacked first, but possibly I saw what the intention was rather then what really happened. I thought I mentioned that on the blog as well, and I apologize if I didn't (maybe I thought it and didn't explain it clearly).

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sony and Microsoft Hack

Q. There is a group calling themselves "Lizard Squad" who keep attacking Sony and Microsoft and shutting down their video game services. They've done it many times and always post about it on Twitter but have never been stopped. They've even caught the attention of Anonymous who are now getting angry at them for attacking Tor which is a service that Anonymous uses. 

Who are these people? Why are they doing this? And what is their goal with these kind of attacks?

A. I see this as a similar if not the exact same group that took down Sony (and then the US falsely blamed North Korea).  They look to be working alongside (but not for) the government.  They are testing our vulnerabilities and where we need to strengthen our cyber security.  I hear something about some of the biggest (and most disliked) companies are Sony and Microsoft, and I see this group enjoying the challenge of trying to hack into their system.  They are getting government funding, but the money is filtered to them in such as way that it looks like a donation rather than payment to reduce the tracking ability.

I then get that the head of these companies is aware of what is going to happen, and their goal is to try to ward off the attack.  Sony and Microsoft were fully aware this was going to happen, and were to see if they could prevent it from going down.  They didn't have a choice to participate, but were told- This is happening- Get ready...

 I see this group of about seven people sitting in what looks like a control room working on multiple computers and then high-fiving each other when they make a "breakthrough."  I see this going on for about the next month while they finish all the testing, and then the story will die down.  The media is serving as a source to not only spread fear but to give a little shame to these companies that were breached on American soil.. This all all being done to create a good defense against "real" future attempts from other countries.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.

The following is a link to a recent reading I did regarding Sony's hack... Related Readings: 

Kazakhstan and the Deep Sleep Phenomenon

Q. Hi Lynn, what is happening with these villagers in Kazakhstan? See the link to article titled "Villagers in Kazakhstan Are Falling Asleep En Masse for No Apparent Reason", Thanks.

A. When I first tune into this I see this illness being triggered from the ground up, and NOT from the atmosphere down on them like rain. I hear the word "radon" but I get the impression is is NOT radon doing this, but rather a gas or element from the earth that is like radon.  The exposure to this gas is being breathed in. I am questioning if there is a radioactive element beneath this city that has recently been disturbed that is creating this toxic gas to surface (again, I keep hearing "radon" but sense it isn't radon, but rather something similar that I don't have a visual dictionary symbol in order to relay the message precisely).

People that are sensitive to this gas start to experience symptoms as if they are in a "waking sleep state."  What I mean by this is that they live life half awake, remembering things and functioning as you would when you are sleepwalking- really doing things without having clear recollection of the events or the details.  They seem dazed, confused and just not clear about anything.

Eventually this gas pools up in the protein within the nervous system (specifically the protein in the brain and the protein coating surrounding some nerve endings).  Many times the body will surround and encapsulate toxins in our fat, but this gas stores in the neurological system's protein.  ??  Some "odd" neurological behavior starts to develop in the later stages- weakness, odd sensations, sensory issues, etc because this gas (or toxin) alters the signals along the neural pathways so by the time the signal reaches the destination, it is altered or garbled..  

At its' peak, the person goes to sleep, and the sleepy state looks to be equivalent to someone under anesthesia (I see a mask being put over a persons face similar to one used when you are put under general anesthetic).  The person is still alive, however body functions are very slowed (including breathing and brain activity).

How do you reverse the effects or "wake" them up?
A. I see you first HAVE to get them away from the toxin- It can be a man made room or relocate to a different city.  You then have to flood the body with oxygen and alkaline rich fluid (I see lemon juice in an IV which looks to be symbolic of the action that needs to happen).  I see the person slowly coming out as the toxin eliminates from the body.  I also get that you have to slowly detox to prevent re-absorption.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Founding Fathers

Q. Happy Holidays Lynn,
I was wondering what the Founding Fathers (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln ) think about our current situation in the U.S with our technological growth and referring to Jefferson: 'our continued entanglements in foreign affairs'. We seem to be further away from our core values, our debt is incredibly high.....I could go on. I wonder what they think of our current situation and the direction in which we are headed?

A.  There is really two sides to this- I see some things they are proud of, as well as things they find very troubling.  I will focus my intent on the things they are most proud of...  The first image I get is a map of the United States- I see a dotted line being made from the far south to the north (as if it is a mapped traveling path).  They look to feel good that we went from the original states to acquiring and unifying a huge country that we are "seemingly" in control of within the borders- no other countries are trying to take over our territory (at least by war or physical force).  In addition to the amount of land we have accumulated (the 48 connected states), our access and ability to roam / travel (with high efficiency) from one location to another far exceeds (in an impressive way) what they ever could have imagined.  

Some things that are disturbing are the freedoms we have willingly given up.  I see them calling us "frogs"- and making a reference to us giving up rights much like a frog boiling in water.  They are taking things from us slowly (like a frog gradually coming to a boil) and if we don't stop and wake up, our rights will be taken with little to no resistance.  There is definitely angry energy tied to this point.

They also find it strange that debates about guns are even happening.  They find it perplexing that EVERYONE doesn't have a gun of some kind.  Even if you don't use it, just to have it seems odd.  They just nod and feel speechless about this.

Something disappointing is that they laid out the plan for laws and the how government should be handled.  They even gave a checks a balances clause stating something about the government could be rebuilt if it failed to work for the people.  They mentioned that all we have done is add to government (and then they show me a box of bandaids) implying that instead of fixing the problems and things that weren't working, they have just added to the government and layered it (the government) like one bandaid fix after another.  

They also went on to show me images of the size of government, and then they make a gasping sound as they illustrate it.  I first see one building, then the building keeps growing, and it finally grows to where is consumes streets and eventually cities.  Then I hear, "How do we have this large of a government, and why do you have this large of a government?"  Then they say "What do you people do, invent things that need to be governed?" and then I hear laughing in a sarcastic way, but yet appalled.  They intended for people to govern themselves and the "government" was purely a guide- instead we let them tell us everything.  We have gone from having a voice to forced silence.

The last thing that I hear is "Why does the US not operate independently?"  I pause for a moment, and then I am shown that by now they expected the US to to maintain good relations with other countries, but NOT be involved in aspects of their daily life.  They said that the US doing so this out of ego and not the best interest of anyone.  Change in how people live has to come from the people and not forced from what another country feels is ideal.  By now the US should manufacture most of their products and grow much of their food.  You can barter with other countries, but don't allow yourself to be dependent- it just shows weakness.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Q & A XLXII: Biblical / Religious / Christmas Questions [Mini Reading - Group Post]

(I always hesitate doing a reading involving religion... I know this is a sensitive and very serious topic to some of you.  I apologize in advance if it comes across offensive.  I am only reporting what I see.)

Q. As it is Christmas soon, curious to know how Father Christmas or Santa Claus happened to settle to Lapland, Finland thousands of years ago (according common belief), or is it so? I suppose his example of generosity helps the humans to be more caring for others - or does the commercialization of Christmas negate it?
A.  I see this town or settlement of "Santa" started many years ago and is based on religious beliefs.  Dedicating a holiday to saints that did great deeds was felt to bring luck, protection and positivity back to them full circle.  The people in Lapland kept the energy alive by dedicating so much to their town.  I view it like a wall-less "church the size of a town."  Rather than having a physical church, they have an entire town.  

Over the years the meaning has been lost.  It was once used to remind people of sharing, caring and selflessness.  I see it now more like a vacation spot where people can sightsee and hear stories of the "way it used to be."  I also get the image of the people that built this (I see 5 men standing in front of two buildings) shaking their head back and forth as if they are disappointed that something that was so great and meaningful turned into what it is today.  I also see them collecting a pile of money and burning it as if to say that money is what "changed" this place that they loved.

Q. Considering that it is the Holiday season, can you do a reading and determine who the Wise Men were and if there were actually three of them ? Did they come to see the birth of Jesus ? Did they follow a bright star in the sky ?
A. The image I get is I see three ETs coming from the heavens.  They don't look to be in a ship, but just their beings alone float down.  As they float and get closer to the ground they morph into a human shape. I am told that they came down to watch over Jesus, serve as some kind of protection (guardians), and changing their physical appearance allowed them to do so without causing panic or worry.  They didn't follow a bright star, but rather came from it.

Q. Was Jesus born in a manger like they said? When he was born, did they know he was an enlightened being or was he considered just another child? Was his birth natural or was there an immaculate conception?  How close is the traditional story to the actual truth?
A. I get what really happened is his mother, Mary, was taken by ETs and a pregnancy was "implanted" in her.  This is what made the conception "immaculate."  His mother had no recollection of this abduction or medical intervention that was done to her body, which made it seem so mysterious.  I get it was a normal birth, and did happen in a manger as described.  When Jesus was born, the humans on earth had no idea Jesus was enlightened, but they knew that there was something special or different about him.

The "wise men" that came to earth to "watch and guard" him did so to see how this implanted birth which was part human and part ET went.  I get it was one of the first times this was successful.  The "wise men" knew very well that Jesus was going to grow to be special, they just didn't know in what way.  
Throughout Jesus's life he was a normal, humble man.  He didn't want worshipped or treated special.  He knew he was different, and had a connection to the universe that he didn't understand.  (I see his connection was in part due to he had unique DNA, and was created from a higher vibration being.) He wanted to use that connection (his enlightenment, but he didn't know what it was or what word to use) to help people.  It not only scared, but threatened those in power.  As a result he was killed- not because of our (human) sins, but because those in power were scared of someone as genuine and pure as he was being liked and gaining a large (and strong) following.

Q. In the Bible, Ezekiel 4-28 seems to be describing God (Adonai) as looking like a human, as well as hybrid human-animals and a flying machine. Could you read and explain what is being described there? Thank you!
A. He was describing what "God" truly looked like.  I get as humans we try to interpret what we are told so it makes sense in our mind based on the paradigm we live in.  If it doesn't fit what we have been programmed to think, we twist it around to make sense.  Rather than interpret and manipulate information, if we take it at face value and open up to it, we would see that there is an element of truth to most things (even if it is implied and we have to look "between the lines").  

As I snap to this image I see God as taking on a human form (I see he is capable of taking many forms, some of which are purely energetic), but rather large, almost giant size- He looks to be at least eight feet tall.  I also see "helpers" that are half human, and half birds. Adonai, along with these human-birds, came on a ship down to earth.  (I'm not familiar with this part of the bible) It looks like some kind of fighting or war was starting to ensue, and Adonai came here to intervene and promote peace.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Q. This big Sony hack might deserve a reading now. The hackers who call themselves "The Guardians of Peace" stole Terabytes of personal information from Sony including email addresses of actors and executives, personal phone numbers, and even whole yet to be released movies. They've now threatened to carry out "9-11 style" attacks on movie theaters on the opening night of the movie "The Interview" if Sony chooses to release it. Due to the movie theater chains themselves now deciding that they won't show the movie, Sony has pulled the movie and will not be releasing it on it's scheduled December 25th release date. 

The Interview is a comedy about a producer and a television host (Seth Rogan and James Franco) booking an interview with the dictator of North Korea and being hired by the CIA to assassinate him. 

I would like to know who's behind the hacks, what their ultimate goal is, and if they could and would have carried out these attacks.

A.  The first thing I see is an image of a man with Asian characteristics (I interpret him as being Korean) and he is watching the news and hears an announcement that North Korea is hacking Sony.  The initial thought this man has is "What are those crazy Americans up to now?" as he watches on.  I also am under the impression that this man is within the government and holds a relatively high position because he is the one placed in charge of making statements to the press, announcements to the people and also "feels" to be a negotiator of sorts with other countries (public relations).  He doesn't have power, but has a tremendous amount of influence over those that do.  He is also "in the know" and feels like a "right hand man" of sorts. 

I then fast forward to this man sitting in his office holding a meeting, and people are questioning him regarding these attacks.  They are wanting a response (or know what to tell people), and he sits there almost dumbfounded thinking of what is the appropriate thing is to say because he isn't sure where America is going with this.  He was a little in shock, and I see him telling people in this "meeting" that we need a little time to determine an appropriate response.  I see some turmoil with this as if part of him wants to take credit because I sense feel the dislike he has with America, and this would be looked at like a "win" for North Korea, but at the same time he didn't want to lie and have some kind of backlash for something his government didn't do.  

Q. Who are the "The Guardians of Peace" 

A.  I see them as a completely independent group (I am getting images of Anonymous- not saying it's that organization, but a group of organized people like them).  I also see them affiliated (not working in or with, but alongside) the US government to test security measures and see how hard our systems are to infiltrate.  The Chinese have posed several threats of being able to hack us, so there was a test group created of some of the most brilliant minds to see if this challenge could become a reality.  With the instability of the dollar the US is very scared of a cyber attack (due to retaliation), so they are using this to determine and strengthen possible weaknesses.  

Q. Are movie goers in any danger this holiday season going to the theater?

A. I see many false flags have been planned and then aborted due to the spread of information across the Internet.  The media constantly bombards people with fear (Ebola, ISIS, terror).  This is something else to keep the fear alive so if (and when) the next false flag occurs there is a scapegoat already lined up.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Strange Noises in the United Kingdom

I have had the following question a few times, so I thought today would be a good day to address it...
Q. Hi Psychic Focus, I was wondering if you could do a session on the mystery noises heard in the UK recently?
A. When I first tune in, I hear a sound that reminds me of what the metal sounded like when the ship was breaking apart in the movie Titanic. It is an eerie, almost moaning sound that gives me chills.  I connect to this sounds being and feeling similar to that.

My mind then takes me to an image of the earth.  I have always seen the earth as living thing.  As I watch the ground I see it raise and lower much like you would see someones chest raise and lower as they take a breath.  

I then zoom out and see the sun, and its' connectedness to the earth.  As the sun shines down on the earth, the earth absorbs the energy in this plasma / core layer of earth (not the central most hollow portion, but the core layer that comes before that).  I see this energy absorption has occurred for a long time to the point that there is so much potential energy stored that something has to happen (ie volcanic eruption or some kind of geographic movement).  I get the earth goes through these cycles of energy absorption- then an event happens, and then the build up of energy starts all over again.  I see the route the earth is taking is a growth / expansion approach to release this current build up of energy.  The earth is stretching and growing- I see it getting wider (as opposed to taller) and the process of stretching is causing these strange sounds- sounds that I get are unusual and like something that is difficult to put into words.  I also get that this growth is minimal (a few inches or feet??), but that seemingly little difference can have a huge impact on the earth as a whole.  

I also get that there are other "stress marks or tectonic plate connections" that are  experiencing very similar noises around the earth.  They are in places where the cracks between the plates run north and south as the earth stretches wider east and west.  

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sydney Siege

Q. Hi Lynn. Sorry to bother you with yet another question. But could you please look into this "Sydney Siege" that occurred yesterday (15th Dec) in Sydney, Australia. Apparently an Islamist took hostages at a cafe and now he and 2 of the hostages are dead. Was this whole thing a false flag? Or was it just the action of a crazed man? There's just something that seems really off to me about this incident. Thanks for all that you do, Lynn. Love and light.
A. The first thing I see is someone (a normal guy) and he is dressing up in a costume like he is getting ready to do a show.  There are people helping to primp him (referring to the gunman), and I see them strategically placing microphones under his clothes.  This was premeditated, and people were "pumping him up" before the performance as I see he was really nervous and having a hard time pulling it together.

Q. Who helped him and what did Man Haron Monis get for all this? 

A.  This looks complicated, like a layer within and layer, so let me explain... I see caucasian looking men (American?, British?) dressed up in muslim clothes (feels like a costume) approaching Man Haron Monis.  Man Haron Monis is somewhat imbalanced, and very much believes in the muslim culture (the religion and belief system resonates with him).  Man Haron Monis isn't an activist, but yet still stands out and many people knew who he was.  So, we have men pretending they are muslim (and they aren't) getting a man to dress up like a muslim and act out (which isn't him either).  

I see these caucasian men paid Man Haron Monis a great deal of money to create this hostage situation BUT there were conditions to the agreement.  Man Haron Monis was given money, prepped (so they could maiting contact and know what was going on) BUT once he entered the cafe, he was on his own.  It was up to him to pull this off and escape, and he wouldn't be protected after he went on his own.

Q. Was the gunman under any psychic influence? Any drugs involved? 

A.  At a glance he is sweating (A LOT) and when he talks spit keeps flying out of his mouth.  He looks to be under something, but when I really focus it looks like his nerves... I keep getting references to this being like a show and he has to preform.

Q. What was the purpose?
A. I definitely see that this man was coached and encouraged to create this hostage situation.  The emphasis of this situation was to include ISIS-ISIL (that was the need for the clothing and flag). The goal of this was a few things: 

  • The want to keep the idea of ISIS in the media.  Many are disputing the true existence of this group (versus a fear based "idea").  The want it alive and well. 
  • They are planting the seed for other attacks (even self-inflicted) that promote and protect other agendas. I hear the phrase "If / when these attacks do happen it must be ISIS." 
  • They keep talking about "Lone Wolf" attacks and how individuals are rising up doing these horrible things.  In reality the media is inspiring the attacks (by people that aren't government sponsored) because they keep talking about them and creating false fame.  Media is promoting the exact thing they are telling people to be fearful of. This is also a tactic to have "patsys" available for when something does go down.
  • This is used to reinforce the idea that "guns are bad" to make that another issue.  When false attacks have occurred on American soil, America still didn't relinquish their guns, but if it happens somewhere else it is viewed as more "shock factor."
  • Most importantly, they want a war to get a reason to occupy and control oil-producing countries.  As the monetary systems start to suffer, gold is where the value lies, and oil is "black gold."
Q.  In a semi-sort of unrelated way, what is the future of guns?
A. I see that countries that do still have the right to bear arms will have a forced registration to the owner.  For you to own a gun, it must be registered and you will have to pay a tax (like a property tax) on each gun.  The tax is determined by the type of gun (something about barrel length, per inch).  This allow the government to have a data base to determine who has what, what certain geographic areas have (density of gun owners) and creates more revenue for them  It will be considered illegal (even a felony) to have an unregistered gun.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.