Sunday, November 30, 2014

What's Going on in the Sky? [Group Post]

The following links were all sent to me, and as I watched them I felt they deserved a reading (due to the intensity of energy I felt when I watched them). They also (in their own way) dealt with space and anomalies in the sky / space, so I grouped them into one reading.   
Q1. What is being shown in this video.  Is this real?  If so, is it a good thing?

A.  As I watched this, I got chills.  It felt real, and I instantly knew that people in high political power (high government and military) know and have known of this body in space.  As I tuned in to the video I was trying to determine if it was my "red comet" that I have seen so often and I didn't get that it was, but it was associated to it. 

What I see is a sister sun hidden by our own sun, and this planetary mass that is approaching Saturn is tied to that sun and that sun's own system.  I also get the "red comet" is part of this much smaller solar system that entire system is what is approaching our own system.  That system is preparing to intermingle with some of our outlying planets (I see it like a zipper interviewing).  I am mainly focused on Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Q.So what is going to happen when they mix?  Will they collide?
I get that initially this other system will cause havoc on the outlying planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto).  Orbits and rotations will change.  I also get that this "event" happens on a cycle (I don't have the numbers, but it is 10s of thousands of years), and when these system mesh, most times, Neptune and Pluto abandon our solar system and jump into our sister sun's system.  It isn't an immediate jump, but rather phased over the duration of the sister sun being in closer proximity and while the gravitational pull is too great to prevent the orbits from altering.

I can't get an image of a full on collision, but I do see some moons getting hit.  The specific image I see is a pool ball being hit away from the "8" ball, and the pool ball veering off in a different direction- I see that relating to how some of the moons will be effected in relationship to the planets.  The moons look to be more effected more than the planets themselves.  

Q. What happens to Earth?
A.  I see Earth feeling some reverberations, but nothing like a life ending event.  I see our north / south pole (i.e. the earth wobble) being effected in a way that wobble looks more dramatic creating a very inconsistent weather pattern.  I also see more internal strife with the planet which builds pressure and causes more volcanoes and earthquakes than normal.  It looks to be happening now and won't peak for another ten years (approximately) and then will taper off as the sister sun and it's system departs from ours.    

The other thing I see happening is our day lasting longer, by up to 30 minutes.  I am unclear on how that will be addressed, but I do see alterations in how we measure time.

Q2. Wow, this 9/23 TX video looks like a barely cloaked... thing. Is this a huge organic being, a ship, or a bunch of smaller craft?
Semi-cloaked craft is in bottom left quadrant & shaped like a triangle.
A. As I tune in I get this is a mother ship, and you are right, something was off with the cloaking  I am shown that the mother ships are almost always cloaked for defense, and the satellite ships are more visible.  I also get that UFOs (especially the mother ships) travel through the clouds this was all the time (I hear the phrase "they ride along with the clouds"). 

I then I get a vision of a military pilot.  I'm in a setting as if I am conducting an interview. I begin asking if he has ever seen this (referring to UFOs, ETs, ships, etc)  in the  past- and he responds by saying in a southern accent (??) "Yes ma'm, and there is no doubt in my mind of existence of extraterrestrial life."

Q3. What is this orange glow in the sky in Russia that happened recently?:
A.  I get a couple things with this video.  First, I get that what we are seeing did happen, but it wasn't as intensely bright as what the picture alludes.  It was bright, and had an orange glow, but didn't seem as magnificent as what the video embellished it to be.

Second, I get this was related to a meteor storm that had some debris break through into Earth's atmosphere, and the person in the video witnessed those "chunks" being burnt up.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  


Camryn Villarruel said...

Could it be Nibiru? But supposedly Nibiru causes life changing events on Earth

Michelle Albo said...

Lynn could this be the parallel earth sister from the previous reading you had? Are they trying to come in contact with us? Can Neptune, Uranus and Saturn ever come back into our solar system?

I'm curious can there be an onto potent being like this exist in this universe?

Rusty Bojador said...

Thank you for answering my post. I too worried the probability of this unknown planet entering into our world. Can the ETs saved us from this?
How does a human become enlightened enough to processed a higher dimension?

Watchand Knock said...

Thank you Lynn!!

Alex said...


Pluto isn't really a planet, it's more like an asteroid in the kuiper belt.

Is there another giant planet X further away than Neptune that revolves around our own sun and not the twin sun?

How many planets revolve around the second sun?

Is the planet that's approaching Saturn the outermost planet of our twin sun?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn.....
The first video was shown to be a hoax created by the person in charge of that website to get hits to make money. It was shown that the voice was of the man who has the website. It also showed that the photos were taken from other places and he didn't take them. Do you see this as being true or not?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Camryn: I see Nibiru is part of this system, but not visible yet. It is still behind our sun.

@Michelle: I see that that outlying planets shift back and forth. Not all move all the time (they kind of weave in and out when this other system meshes with ours). They system could very well house our sister Earth, but I can't get a confirmation on it.

@Rusty: ETs can save us (even though it won't be life destroying- just life disrupting).

Humans have to have the life experience (knowledge & wisdom earned through experience) and an ability of higher level thinking before they graduate to the higher dimensions.

@Alex: I still see Pluto as a planet (even though it may not be technically one) because it feels static to our sun system. I do not see an image of a Planet X (even though there was talk of it many years ago- I see an image of Halley's Comet- so there appears to be a body with those types of characteristics, but not a "planet"). I see three planets around the second sun, and the diameter of this system is much smaller than our solar system. I do get the impression based on what I see that the planet approaching Saturn (and the perspective is very skewed- I don't see a collision any more than our own moon colliding with us) is the outermost planet of that system.

@kellyrosepalmer: I see the image as true. It isn't a money making scheme. There are dis-info people out there that want (and need) to cause doubt when truth is leaked. There are organizations that make a living out of it. I see this as very real.

EA RW said...

If neptune and pluto disappear! how about astrology? I mean it must impact us on some kind of level.
Could be astrologers looking to get a new job in the near future.

EA RW said...

Just remembered the 00skyview channel also detected a body in the orbit of neptune and uranus. Could this be the same?
Although they aren't active anymore.
Just dissappeared in thin air.

Alpha X said...

"Humans have to have the life experience (knowledge & wisdom earned through experience) and an ability of higher level thinking before they graduate to the higher dimensions"

I have a question about this that might be better suited in the blog request area.

When one is spiritually ready to advance, does their soul change in any obvious way or does the process just change the bodies in which the soul would choose or be able to inhabit?

Side question: What would be the affect of a soul inhabiting a body of a higher level than the soul?

I've heard of higher beings inhabiting human bodies but never a lower being inhabiting a higher body. I admit that I do have an idea of the answer to my side question but I'd like to hear your take.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@EA RW: It does effect us, but not to where humans are destroyed. Earth is hit with the reverberations of this. Energetically it is a huge shift.

I get this other system does present itself and then disappears as the planets move and rotate. Yes, it looks to be the mass you are referring to.

@Alpha X: I do think this is a good blog question. Side question...I don't see the two being able to work- if the body's vibration is too high it would only work at the capacity of the soul, and if the soul's vibration is too high, the soul would be forced to "dumb down" because the physical body isn't capable of operating at the soul level.

EA RW said...

Interesting question from alpha-
I don't know for some reason I had to get back to the reading of angelic souls in a human body. In wich you said about the physical body was unzipped.
Because I went to this psychic person in the early 2000's. The first thing she asked if I was afraid of dying. And that question has always played in my head.

Watchand Knock said...

Hi Lynn may I ask when this non life threatening but life changing event will happen? I'm asking, cause I'm sure I won't graduate to 4 or 5 th dimension, and therefore I'll probably get more affected by it than you guys! ;) Thank You!

The Boookworm said...

Is that the reason why there is a rising number of UFO sightings? Because of the appearance of the sister sun?

My second question is do you know anything about the Watchers? Why do I have the feeling they are linked to the Greys? Are they going to come back like they promised?

The thing is....I've known the Watchers existed since I was a little kid. I have no clue why. Its not just that, though, I've been surrounded by UFOs since I was a kid...

Alpha X said...

Talk about synchronicity. I imagine Bookwooorm's comment has little to do with what we talked about, Lynn, but I find it very interesting considering that you didn't mention watchers on the blog.

I'm interested to see if there is a connection or if that's just a coincidence.

a2k said...

Dear PF, if you still remember, I sent you an exclusive,genuine pic of something distinctly visible besides sun.The pic was not downloaded from anywhere but my cousin took that from his own phone only. In my opinion, this was a rock solid crucial evidence of ETs. I am still hoping, you do a reading on that!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@WatchandKnock: I just see a lot of climate change that appears unpredictable. I also get that the reverberations of the earth will cause some plate shifting (earthquakes / volcanos). The climate will be the big issue and being able to grow food, but I also get that is being planned out now..

@Bookworm: I do see the reason for UFO activity is related to all the changes the earth is (and is going to go) through. Not just the sister sun, but energetic change in general.

The Watchers are very real, and I do see will help to guide us- not in a bossing type way, but help to guide us even on a subconscious level to make choices in our "greater good."

@Alpa X: I don't believe in coincidence as much as I see synchronicity working... :-)

@A2K: I do remember you sending me this- and it was genuine and does reveal a lot!

a2k said...

I am wondering PF, then why u never posted the reading!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: I had the picture and a couple times I tried to get it into the blog and it kept distorting and doing strange things.. To be honest I just got frustrated with it and it is in my rough drafts and didn't get back to it. If you can send a another pic (or maybe a jpeg or different file) I am happy to revisit it. jpeg and gifs should work. I am not sure what the issue was with this. The pic is what will give the reading so much more meaning..

Anonymous said...


You are so right about that!! Thanks very much for the confirmation.

Watchand Knock said...

Thank You Lynn!

Lightseeker said...

I hate to tell you this, but the video of the enormous body beyond Saturn is a fake by someone who is making money from it. See the following video analysis and the followup video with further proof.