Thursday, December 18, 2014


Q. This big Sony hack might deserve a reading now. The hackers who call themselves "The Guardians of Peace" stole Terabytes of personal information from Sony including email addresses of actors and executives, personal phone numbers, and even whole yet to be released movies. They've now threatened to carry out "9-11 style" attacks on movie theaters on the opening night of the movie "The Interview" if Sony chooses to release it. Due to the movie theater chains themselves now deciding that they won't show the movie, Sony has pulled the movie and will not be releasing it on it's scheduled December 25th release date. 

The Interview is a comedy about a producer and a television host (Seth Rogan and James Franco) booking an interview with the dictator of North Korea and being hired by the CIA to assassinate him. 

I would like to know who's behind the hacks, what their ultimate goal is, and if they could and would have carried out these attacks.

A.  The first thing I see is an image of a man with Asian characteristics (I interpret him as being Korean) and he is watching the news and hears an announcement that North Korea is hacking Sony.  The initial thought this man has is "What are those crazy Americans up to now?" as he watches on.  I also am under the impression that this man is within the government and holds a relatively high position because he is the one placed in charge of making statements to the press, announcements to the people and also "feels" to be a negotiator of sorts with other countries (public relations).  He doesn't have power, but has a tremendous amount of influence over those that do.  He is also "in the know" and feels like a "right hand man" of sorts. 

I then fast forward to this man sitting in his office holding a meeting, and people are questioning him regarding these attacks.  They are wanting a response (or know what to tell people), and he sits there almost dumbfounded thinking of what is the appropriate thing is to say because he isn't sure where America is going with this.  He was a little in shock, and I see him telling people in this "meeting" that we need a little time to determine an appropriate response.  I see some turmoil with this as if part of him wants to take credit because I sense feel the dislike he has with America, and this would be looked at like a "win" for North Korea, but at the same time he didn't want to lie and have some kind of backlash for something his government didn't do.  

Q. Who are the "The Guardians of Peace" 

A.  I see them as a completely independent group (I am getting images of Anonymous- not saying it's that organization, but a group of organized people like them).  I also see them affiliated (not working in or with, but alongside) the US government to test security measures and see how hard our systems are to infiltrate.  The Chinese have posed several threats of being able to hack us, so there was a test group created of some of the most brilliant minds to see if this challenge could become a reality.  With the instability of the dollar the US is very scared of a cyber attack (due to retaliation), so they are using this to determine and strengthen possible weaknesses.  

Q. Are movie goers in any danger this holiday season going to the theater?

A. I see many false flags have been planned and then aborted due to the spread of information across the Internet.  The media constantly bombards people with fear (Ebola, ISIS, terror).  This is something else to keep the fear alive so if (and when) the next false flag occurs there is a scapegoat already lined up.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.


Odin said...

Hi Lyn!!

I know Sony corp is on decline especially their electric manufacturing division. Do you think they go bankrupt in the future??

Me too said...

Why would they pick Sony and not some other movie studio? ARe they also behind the Target and JPMorgan chase attacks?

razi09 said...

By scapegoat do you mean shooters to take the fall, innocent theatre goers or both. What locations are they deciding upon? Are there no decent groups in the police, FBI, military, even foreign and U.N., to combat these practices from the U.S. anymore and target the few who do it?

siketa said...

Lynn, is SETI ever going to receive radio transmitted message from deep space?

EA RW said...

You have done a question about kim Jong un earlier. In wich he would be assasinated.
The interesting thought I had. Is the media showing what is going to happen.
Same like we see more aliens and other non spoken topics on TV. Just to prepare us in some way.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Baku: I see them partnering up with another company to offset their differences.

@Fernanda: Sony is big and in the public eye- they serve as a big target that would get a lot of attention. I can't get get a connection to the Target and JPMorgan hacks, but they do feel similar in energy....

@ER RW: I think they are seeing a timeline, and almost forewarning people of this to prevent it.. Like announcing a false flag before it comes to be real.

At everyone else, I need to think about this more. I just went though the comments quickly, and some need more thought... :-)

Alpha Equinox said...

I understand that the hack was a test of sorts but why Sony? Why release all of the information that they stole to the public if they had nothing specifically against Sony? And why are they threatening anyone who has anything to do with The Interview being released?

I can understand a false flag angle but it seems like they're pushing really hard to make a show of this movie not being released, therefore stopping the false flag.

I've been hearing more everyday about this story and it's really making me wonder what's going on. I can't help but think this has some connection to the falling gas prices and the collapsing economy but I don't know how.

@Watch said...

Ukraine Soldier admits: MH17 plane downed by Ukranian secret service probably on behalf of US! "

Craig said...

Lynn why is everyone pointing at North Korea when the the group The Guardians of Peace has said that they did the hacking? Even lately, N Korea denies doing anything, but still makes bold threatening statements as if they are.

The US govt is saying it is "likely" N Korea, has got their "fingerprints" on it but no distinct proof. Yet everyone is blaming N Korea and forgetting about the group that admits they did it. What's happening here? Is the media just forgetting about The Guardians?

Plus these days, you can't be sure where a cyber attack is actually coming from as computers half way around the world can be manipulated to seem like they are the ones sending the attack.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

The US looks to be provoking this- my impression is that it is tied to financials (stock market or dollar valuation).. It also helps with the "fear" that is being spread.. I don't have complete clarity on it, but I get it is going to unfold soon (and by unfold it won't be what we are show on tv, but rather what we see to be true).

@Watch said...

MH17: Now an Ukranian pilot comes forward admitting to have fired at the Boeing by "mistake". This is second "confession" in less than one week (this one more palatable for the PTB).