Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Mental Take Over, MK Ultra, Spell Casting [AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: How to Overcome This...]

[I want to note before going into this post that some of this came to me as I focused on the topic, some came to me through discussions with friends, and some I stumbled upon myself (which I will give credit to those insightful links at the bottom of the post).  I took all of these things, along with submitted questions and formed one post.]  

Q. Hi Lynn. I love your website. I'm addicted to it! I was watching HBO documentary "There's something wrong with aunt Diane" ... About horrible unexplained tragedy that lead a mother drive for 2 miles down the wrong way on the Platonic Highway in NY, killing herself, 3 nieces and daughter. What was the reason or cause how this could have happened? Thanks!
A. I want to first say that everyone has this piece in their brain that is what I call the "reptilian brain."  I see it as the part  of the brain that gives you your primal instincts of survival (looks to be located at the top of the spine where your spine meets your brain).  It doesn't serve a purpose of higher thought, and is void of emotional conditioning (for example, when this part of your mind is awakened, if you are starving you will eat regardless of what is going on around you versus someone with a dormant "reptilian brain" will share what they have to offer with a starving neighbor out of emotional / moral feelings).

Different things trigger the "awakening" of this "reptilian brain."  It can be trauma, depression or just negativity (the lower vibrational frequency you give off during this emotional state forms a gateway for them).  The key with the awakening is we have to allow it to happen and listen to the little voice that accompanies the "awakening."  Most everyone in there life has been under attack and heard or felt feelings that are really not their own, but rather they are from the reptilian ET forces that hibernate underground that try to telepathically take control of humans (by use of the reptilian brain) to either form alliances or complete agendas.  Many things we perceive as evil can be rooted to this reptilian force using humans as their soldiers.

I get that this woman "Diane" had this happen to her.  I get she had been in a low place in her life, and something just snapped (the reptilian part of her brain came alive).  She wasn't herself, and I see that she even realized it, but at the same time felt that even though it was her body completing the actions, it wasn't her thoughts.  She didn't really know what was happening, and before she realized it, the damage was done.

Q. What is the purpose of innocent lives being taken?
A.  I get it is some kind of sacrifice.  It is a way of gifting souls in a way to be recycled.  So many souls are needed to keep the cycle flowing, and it is viewed as necessary.

Q.  How do we fight it off or prevent it?
A.  The biggest way to prevent this is to be conscious that it happens.  When you think something negative (especially when it refers to harming yourself or others) stop and realize if that is your true thought- and if it isn't firmly state (with strong intent) to "go away."  We were SO much stronger than we think, and many times with the first request the thought will go away- you just have belief it will and mean it when you tell it to do so.

Another way to aware is to meditate and stay in tune with you higher self.  Meditation increases vibrations (which makes reptilians fearful because they operate at lower frequencies), and creates a unity of mind, body and soul.  You know when something isn't right, and it is a way to balance yourself.

Something else that has come to me is that for us to be controlled, we (as I said earlier) have to allow and give permission for this control.  Once permission is no longer granted, human beings can take back the planet.  Our language has evolved over the years, and with the evolution spell-casting has flooded it which keeps us in a cloud.  We reinforce the spell every time certain words or phrases are spoken (and I visually get the image of a hazy cloud with people roaming through it).  Rising our awareness to this and really thinking of our language gives us more power, and diminishes theirs (as I type this I visualize a "reptilian" cowering down).  Even eliminating or modifying some of our everyday phrases can start us in the direction of taking back our inherent power on earth.

The following are just a few of the 100s if not 1000s of words / terms I have come across that are used in everyday language to reinforce spell-casting and keep us suppressed. (These have come to me by all sources, both friends, family and my own findings).

  • Many of us talk about earning a living, but many don't realize that the goal is to have them work (pay taxes and contribute to the system) until they pass away.  Earn can be replaced symbolically with Urn.  In their (reptilian) eyes that is what humans are for- used for a service until our usefulness over.
  • When we are told to believe in something, we know in our gut what is true or false already.  If you feel that someone has to convince you to believe in them, think about what they are really saying.  It was shown to me (especially in media) that saying "Believe or belief" really means "Be lies."
  • Recently on a radio show I heard a mocking of Ebola and the news stories associated to it.  Then they kept mentioning "a bowl of" this and that as a play on words.  I realized then that we are being desensitized so illnesses, so nothing is a shock.  It soaks into our subconscious so when the next flavor is introduced it is accepted (and the fear cycle can resume again only to be dulled back down).
  • People use the term weekend all the time.  When you think of the term, in reality you are talking (or sometimes wishing) a "weakened" period of time.  You really wouldn't want someone "weakened" on Saturday or Sunday- you want them full of life.
  • Morning and mourning sound the same, however one spelling is tied to death and the word overall has a lower vibration tied to it.  We should focus on life and the living.  We are in a habit of saying "Good Morning/Mourning" (which lowers vibrations) when we should think of saying "Happy Day."
  • I get an image of Stanley Kubrick and hear that SO many things are hidden in plain sight that it really mocks us.  For example, the video of the death of James Foley was by many determined fake (link to previous reading is listing on the bottom of this post) and it just so happens in film-making Foley refers to the special effects used to create films and make them more realistic.  We are being told the truth, we just aren't listening to it.
  • Around the time that ISIS became popular in the media Facebook started a "Ice Bucket" or "Ice Us" challenge.  We are bragging of icing ourselves and challenging other to ice themselves.  We are bringing the term into our homes through social medias.
  • When referring to a person we used to call them "Thee or Thou," and something changed that created the term "You."  "Ewe" which is also the same sound as "You" is a female sheep... If you stop to think that every time we refer to a person as "You" we are really saying "Ewe" that reinforces that in some degree we are all female sheep. (I am guilty of this one because the language is so indoctrinated in us that it is hard to change something that feels so natural. I have been meditating on how to make it "right.")
  • "Ment" comes from the word "mental."  When you think of government (which we fully accept the name) we are allowing an organization to govern (or control) our mind.
  • The letter "S" symbolizes a "snake" (which is considered dark and negative) and is found in everyday life such as in the symbol for money ($) and health care/medical symbols (Rx).  It is even common to draw the attention of others by making the pssssssst noise which is actually a negatively oriented vibration.
  • We use negative terms in order to relay (what we think is a positive message) such as "drop dead gorgeous," "take your breath away" or "dressed to kill."
  • We wish people luck by telling them to "break a leg," which is really a negative wish to put into the universe (and possibly influence your karma).
Q.How do we break the cycle and help the consciousness to rise?
A. Focus on being the solution and not contributing to the problem.  When you find yourself feeling negative make a conscious choice to take control, find something that makes you feel positive and increase your vibration.  Don't allow yourself to be negative because that only manifests more negativity.  You may carry an affirmation in your pocket, picture of your pets/children or even a pretty crystal- what ever works for you personally.  Negativity has a low vibratory frequency and keeping yourself elevated creates a happier self and doesn't allow the negativity to creep in.  Like attracts like, so keep yourself at a vibration in which you wish things of an equal vibration coming back toward you.

Q. How do we stay positive when so many things of lower vibrations are going on around us?
A. I first see a bracelet that belongs to a friend of mine.  There is a saying on it that says "Event + Response = Outcome."  I get that it really is that simple.  We cannot change the event, but we can change the way we respond to give us a positive outcome.  For example, you may see something upsetting or feel you are being lied to.  Take that event that you cannot change, but evaluate your response.  Instead of getting angry you can:  walk away which eliminates you from the situation, be thankful that you have the higher level thinking to determine lies versus only thinking what you are told or even just take things in as an expansion of knowledge or experience and leave it at that.  Challenge yourself with responses to situations that leave you at the same level of frequency, if not better.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.

Some websites that gave me insight to this:

Link to previous reading on James Foley


Chatty Cathy said...

Thanks for this insightful reading. I've often pondered how it came about that people say "G-d d@mn!" or "Jesus Christ!" to express anger at someone or something.

Truth & light said...

this reading is absolutely interesting and eye-opening

EA RW said...

Truly amazing, only to work on one's vocabulary. That these simple words do so much. It takes some time to get really conscious of the language we use everydays in our lifes. I'm practicing while I'm writing this comment :).

luv said...

Lynn, does the letter S mean Serpent and how does it affect the word used or name of a person with it in its name? ALSO IS THE NUMBER 5 the same as that and does that affect your behavior if you are born say.5.5.59?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@luv: I do see "S" meaning serpent or snake and that is how the symbol made it to the alphabets. I have never studied numerology or symbols regarding numbers, so I don't have a clear answer about "5," but I think it is a great question. I will have to ponder that and see if anything comes up If so, I will be sure to follow up to this post.

They Live said...

Thank you for this reading! Concerning the recycling of our souls, do these Reptilian beings go through the same process? Are their memories also wiped, do they too go into the light? Who is in the light that wipes us and wants us recycled especially if the light is of high vibration unless it's a fabricated light. Thank thou as always for your time :)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@They Live: The light feels controlled by a higher evolved version of the reptilian forces. It was given to them as part of a deal here on earth???? Reptilians go through it but know how to maintain themselves in a way that they aren't fully "wiped." They lose memories, but not all the memories. I get an image of them being "programmed robots"

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for all that you do!!!!! This was a great article to read and really think about!!

They Live said...

Will this reptilian rule ever come to an end(over humans, earth and the light?) Many thanks as always!