Monday, February 25, 2013

Would it be possible for you to focus on the Antikythera mechanism that was discovered by sponge divers in a ship wreck. It seems to be some kind of machine but no one knows what it was used for. It interesting to find out what it was used for who made it and where did it come from. Also can you focus on the geared mechanism that was found embedded in rock In Kamchatka Russia. It's been dated as 4 million years old. I would like to know what kind of machine was it how did it get there and the date indicates that there was a civilization Long ago that seems to have been destroyed an forgotten about anything on these will be much appreciated. Thanks

8:16 PM - ........Alright it is coming to me slowly...I am getting that an ancient civilization, and it feels like Egyptian to me was trying to make a flying machine....I feel like I could draw it easier than I could describe it...and they were testing it over water when it crashed.  They were inspired and wanted to build this machine to mimic some of the UFOs that they had seen during that time.  They knew flight was capable, but they just did not have advanced technology....I feel like I need to sketch this out...(Getting paper to sketch on)
It feels like a primitive yet sophisticated hot air balloon, but the top of it is stretched tight with fabric like a kite, and the bottom is a container that looks like it holds two people and they can either sit and use their hands to work the pedals or they can use their feet to work the pedals.  And the pedals are geared to rotate the fan blades beneath the top.

And it looks like what they do when they are powering this is they somehow use the fan blades at the top to control direction and elevation.

Q-What part was the Antikythera
A-I feel it was part of the part that controlled the fan blades at the top

Q-Did this device ever achieve flight?
A-I am getting that it did, and what happened was they were flying over water and there was a large wind gust, and even though they had practiced over land several times, wind that is over top of water has a different dynamic and it like... I see like a gust upwards and it took the flying machine down almost sideways and it could not be recovered.

Q-How old is this machine?
A-I am getting like 4000-5000 B.C.

Q-Who invented it, or which civilization?
A-Definitely Egyptian, that is what I keep seeing.

Q-Where there other complex devices similar to this?
A-I am getting that during that time it was like a prosperous time for them, and they were going through and era of like innovation, they had a lot of smart scientific people in their civilization.  I am getting there was like a team that put this flying machine together...and I am getting that another team was working on some kind of sophisticated telescope or some way to look at the stars, and it was like a REALLY big deal.

Q-Also can you focus on the geared mechanism that was found embedded in rock In Kamchatka Russia.  (Then discussion on crinoid stems)
A-Let me just think about it.....when I focus on that , I see like a big muddy marsh, I see tons of plants, and then I get the image of a gobs of pill bugs like you would find in your basement.  

So I am actually leaning toward the crinoid stem, but I could be wrong.  I feel it is I feel like it was once living and it was a carbon based organic thing.  I mean I am seeing a big brontosaurus so I feel like they could even be from a time when the dinosaurs were here.

Q-There have been other artifacts such as metallic hammers, screws etc found in ancient rock, even aluminum which does not naturally exist.  How did these become embedded in ancient rock.
A-I keep getting that we figured out, WE meaning ancient human civilizations, how to super heat iron and mold it to make tools.  I cannot see anything on aluminium.  Do you know that it was aluminum that was found?  I keep getting iron.

Q-I am not sure.
A-I keep seeing that ancient civilizations used iron to enhance their tools and make them more durable an effective.

Q-No my question is in regards to modern object being found in ancient rock, example a vase found in a mountain side that the rock was 100,000 years old, or a spoon found embedded in a chunk of coal.  How do these objects get there?
A-I just got an eerie feeling come over me, and I am being told it was from a past civilization that was not as large as us currently, or as advanced.  But they got to where they were able to manufacture things and had kind of simple lifestyles.  But that civilization died, and people lived on different continents, but since they were not as technically evolved as we are now they went through some kind of a climate change and many of them died.  A lot of the land got reset, overgrown, and those are items that are beginning to be uncovered.

I am getting that there are a lot more things if we were to dig really deep, even like a 100 feet deep.  Because with all the climate changes and weather, dust accumulation, there are many layers above that ancient civilization.

Q-So our current civilization basically just reinvented many of the lost items?
A-Kind of yes, but what you have to remember is that not everyone died, even though it was ancient times, there were still some survivors, so from generation to generation I am getting that there was like this conscious knowledge passed down, and even though some civilizations could not comprehend how to make something, like they could not even wrap their head around it, the knew it was possible.

Eventually, it came to be a reality.  Kind of like if we were wiped out, we would use the tools that we already made, but we would  not necessarily start a spoon factory in the next however many years.  I guess that is how it is relating in my brain.
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hi.. was the meteorite that struck Russia associated with the Red Comet?

7:38 PM - I do see it being related to the Red Comet...It looks like on the back side of the comet a piece broke off, but it is more in the tail end part of it, but it is on the back side for sure. And as I look at Earth, the magnetic field around it looks like it is very it zaps in and out like a..almost like a short circuit looks, and it sounds like white noise on the TV.  And my impression is that this comet is causing this glitching in and out of certain spots in our magnetic field, which even allowed meteorite to breach into our Atmosphere.  And even though this was random event, I think we might see more, but the ones I am seeing are about the size of softballs and basketballs, so I think the one that hit Russia might be the biggest one that we see.  At least that is the biggest one I can see in my mind.

Q-There seems to be a lot more asteroids and meteors lately. Is there a reason: an active portion of the galaxy, or something causing this additional debris to head our way?

A-It looks like as this comet is traveling through space any random object in space are being attracted to it like a magnet, therefor is there is just a lot more debris connected to this comet.  It almost looks like the speed of it gets a little faster with the collection of all the various objects, like it gives it more power and more force.

Q-The asteroid 2012 DA14 is scheduled to pass very close to Earth next Friday. So close that it will interact with our Van Allen electromagnetic belt. Could you focus on what effects this asteroid might have? Is this the "red comet"? Or is there another comet approaching? Does this asteroid impact any orbiting man made satellites?

A-I do not see DA14 as being the Red Comet, I see (The Red comet) still approaching, I feel like it is about the distance Mars as far as distance...I realize I am answering this after the fact, but I do not see any impact on earth...but I am seeing what looks like a bubble opening that, in conjunction with the Red Comet, really screwed up our magnetic shield which allowed the asteroid to come in and hit Russia.  It is like some bubble opened up across the whole like north west quadrant of the globe.  And the bubble is closed, but it is really weak right now in that area.

Q-What countries are below this bubble?
A-North America, Greenland, Canada, but the way I see it is that even though this bubble is on the North West quadrant, things do not look like they come straight down, they look like they always come at an angle...And I see the most vulnerable areas being Africa, Europe, and Russia.

Q-Does this asteroid have any effect on the sun and its solar output?
A-It does not affect the sun, but it affects how WE receive the sun.  It is like the sun is much more intense, and people can sunburn really easy.  At times it is going to appear very bright, and it will feel hotter.  And I keep seeing a white sun, like it is white hot.  So even though the sun will not be different, the filters that we have in our atmosphere will be different.

Q-Some say the object that hit Russia was not a meteor but a new US weapon.  What do you see.
A-I definitely see a meteor, the entire path of travel looks like a fireball, there is not missile shape, no weapon shape, it just looks like a massive fireball.

Q-Was the items that hit Russia really DA14?  What are the odds that they were tracking DA14, but something completely different hit.  Is this just conditioning for the masses?
A-No it looks like DA14, helped open up our magnetic field so a piece of space debris off the Red Comet could enter out atmosphere.

Q-So without DA14, nothing would have hit Russia?
A-I cannot say because the Red Comet is kind of causing the magnetic field to blink in and out, but with DA14 being so close, it almost like paused it open.  It just gave it a more likely chance of something entering.  So it still may have come in and hit Russia, but it would have had less of a chance of success.

Q-The power brokers of the world seem to be preparing for something. They are storing resources, building underground cities, storing seeds, and tightening the noose on world populations especially here in America where they clearly want to disarm us.  Can you tell us what they are up to? What are they afraid of? What is the end game to this behavior? What are the next steps they will take? What is the best way to resist this?

A-Can you see what they are up to...I see government viewing our current population more as free thinkers, not everyone is but many more than the past generations had.  Also with the Internet people are more informed and are able to obtain information when they seek it out.  And government feels very threatened by this.  I feel like are current society poses more of a threat to the government than past generations.  I am seeing like a "Woodstock" riot, like at one point people are just going to completely revolt.  And I am hearing the line, enough is enough, I cannot hear one more lie.  That eventually people are not going to be so passive.  And it is like the government knows there are certain areas that will just do what they are told, and believe what they are told, but there is a growing population of people that just do not feel that way.  And it looks like they are most threatened by their southern most states.  I am seeing people standing and swinging white lassos around.  Which to me is like a symbol for southern...

What is the end game to this behavior...I see a lot of civil unrest, more like peaceful rioting, but it looks like strength in numbers.  It looks like it is in the south to me..and it looks like the people kind of go head to head with big government for a while and when big government realizes that all the bullying and fear tactics just are not going to work, the government actually starts to back down because when they realize they cannot win, it is better to give people at least some of what they want and hold things together, rather than be so bull headed and have a real revolt going on.

Q-What are the next steps they will take? What is the best way to resist this?
A-I see them slowly trying to take peoples rights, with the primary focus being on guns.  I feel like they will craft it in such a way, and they will not do it all at once, but they will almost make it sound like it is our idea and that WE want them to do it.  But what the people do not realize is that once they slowly start to take your rights out of fear of safety and protection, you will NEVER get those rights back again.  And they will just keep wanting to take more, because it insures the security of government and lessens the peoples power to do anything against big government.

And the best way to resist it is to stand up and not let even any small right be taken.  And do NOT feed into the fear, and do NOT believe everything that you are told.  It is like there is an agenda out there and I am getting this phrase of "Subliminal Messages" there is some ad campaign out there or...some commercial or broadcasts that has a subliminal message in it.  And it is funded by the government, I keep seeing CNN, like it is something running on that channel.  And they are so desperate the government is, it is like they are trying to brainwash people.  I keep seeing a Donkey, I think it is democratic based.

Q-Some have speculated that the gun grab is really just to get the American people to arm themselves for upcoming turmoil.  Is this true.
A-I actually do not see that as being true.  I mean I might be wrong, but that is just not how I see it.

Q-Is Pierce Morgan knowingly part of this gun grab agenda, or is it just his personal views he is expressing?
A-I see that he has a lot of money to be made by pushing his opinions through, so much that he does not even care about his citizenship.  And when I kind of do a mental rewind, it looks like it is coming from lobbyists.

Q-Do you still see this Red Comet being visible to the naked eye in the next couple months? let me think for a will almost look like a Red Full Moon when we see it, and I feel like it is going to be around the full moon in March (when looking from Eastern US)

Q-Will it be visible at day and night?
A-You will see it during the day, but it will not be as bright, or have a big contrast.  But during night it will be very bright.

Q-Is it circular, elliptical, can you describe it's shape and size in reference to our moon.
A-It is definetly circular, when we first see it, it will look like a star with like a reddish tint but very bright.  As it gets closer to us, it is still going to maintain that circular shape, but I see it about a fourth to a third of the size of our moon.  And it will continue to have that bright red glow around it.  I do not see a visible tail from looking at it with the naked eye, but I feel like with a telescope you will be able to see the tail even.

Q-Will there be any alignments with the sun or moon and this object?
A-I see at one point, it being the sun, then the red comet and then the moon and then us, but it is not in an exact alignment, but it will be close and in that order.

Q-So it is never any closer than our moon?
A-NO, it will be close to our moon, but not on our side of the moon.

Q-Comet ISON is supposed to be here in November of 2013.  Is this really your red comet?
A-I cannot get a name for my comet, but I feel like it is the same one, it just feel much sooner than November to me.  Like I said I feel like it is just past Mars right now.  It is just like I CANNOT get a mental confirmation of the name, but it just feel right to me.

Q-Is the media deliberately pushing the date back to keep us from being alarmed, are the calculations wrong, or is it going to speed up?  Why the discrepancy?
A-I mean it does speed up as it collects space debris, but I feel like they are saying November, to kind of get the conversation going.  Maybe inspire people to prepare...but I feel like there is this need to start talking about it just to get the topic briefly in the news because a lot of people that seek out information online are already discussing this comet.  And mainstream media feels that they have to at least mention it to try to give their news some kind of a validation.

Q-Like they do not want to be the ones that missed it.
A-Right, they are trying to build credibility because a lot of people are very doubtful of the current news that we hear, at least in the United States.  I sense other countries have already talked about this and are giving a more realistic time frame.  I am getting something about our growing season is approaching and they do not want to cause any hysteria before that time frame, referring to their growing season and planting.

Q-Like they want to get the farmers to sew the seeds before alarming them.
A-Yes, something like that.  Like they want to make sure that they remain loyal and do what needs done before they put all their family and people who are close to them as the priority.

Q-Will wars break out at this time?  If so who are involved.
A-Initially no, in fact I see the opposite, like everybody runs to their home and kind of holds tight.  I do not see countries wanting to spread their self everywhere, they want to make sure their own country is secure.

Q-This time frame is only a month or two away, how have you prepared for this event?
A-Well we have as a family stored a lot of water, stored some food, packed a backpack for each member of our family in case we had to evacuate our home.  We have thought through a million scenarios, and we have purchased a little silver in the event that something were to happen and the dollar be worthless.  We as a family really feel something big is about to happen and we just try to be as prepared as we can.

Q-Do you see many states taking on additional residents due to coastal flooding.
A-I see East of California states taking on more residents.  And I feel like beginning in Georgia and going North, all of those states will end up taking more residents.  In addition to people that are on the coastlines some will stay within their same state but just move inland.

Q-If you were to pick a day when the first American News network announces this comet, when would that day be?
A-I would say mid March, I do not have an exact day.

Q-Where do you feel you get your information from.  What source are you tapping into?
A-I am truly not sure, but I feel like it has to be a part of all the universal consciousness.

Q-Do you have anything you would like to add?
A-No, I do not have anything that is popping into my mind.
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

I read that there are government satellites that can read minds and affect them. Is there truth to this?

7:42 PM - I do not see it as a satellite in space...but I feel like the government has employees and associates that are on the ground located in various parts all over the world, and those associates are trained in like social behaviors and very in depth psychology.  And they are so in tune with how the mind works, and generalized attitudes, that they can sense the energy of what is going on.  For example, say there is a lot of hostility in Chicago, they can pick up on that energy and they just as a whole can tell that that city is either under anxiety or anger.  And I do not feel that it is individual people that are singled out, but more pockets of people with regard to overall attitude and moral on a large scale.

I do not really see any altering of the mind...It is more of a... surveillance on the "Right Now" of the situation.

Q-Does our government or any other government have potentially dangerous satellites?
A-Immediately I see satellites that do high tech video.  Almost like they could spy on anybody on any given time.  It is more of an invasion of privacy that danger, but that was my initial image that I got.  Maybe because it is a danger to your right of privacy.

Q-Are there any satellites with nuclear missiles, laser weapons etc.
A-I actually do see looks like the satellites that cannot contain the defense mechanisms rotate in an orbit that is much closer to Earth, but the satellites that do the communication and video technology I described are much further out.  And the image that I am getting is that there are many layers of satellites.  They are not all at the same distance.

Q-Are there any devices not satellite related that can read minds?
A-I do see a device that is on the ground, it is not a satellite at all, and it looks like something that we would hook up to prisoner, or someone we would capture.  And this person is standing upright, their feet have cuffs around them and so do their wrists, waist, and neck.  There is various electrodes hooked around their head, almost like a super sophisticated lie detector test, but the difference is that when you ask a question, a person can give a verbal response but more importantly the computer deciphers, based on the brain activity, what it is they are really trying to say or think.  That is probably the closest I see to a mind reading device.

Q-Who, or which government possess this device?
A-I am getting a white coat with a swastika on it, so I feel like the Germans pioneered it, but I feel we have that technology  here also.  But it is very classified, like I see them using it kinda like in a a dark secluded dungeon feeling spot, because even though it might be someone we captured, it is such an invasion on a person that it like unlawful because of their human rights.

Q-Does the government have any devices, radio wave type that can affect human behavior?
A-As a big population no, but I see them confining a person in a room that is all white, and they subject them to different sounds in conjunction with vibrations that look like and earthquake.  So they can manipulate the mind through that series of training.

Q-What do you think about this reading?
A-I wish it had a little more groundbreaking information, but what I saw looked clear to me so I feel it is fairly accurate.  That really is about it.

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Monday, February 11, 2013

There are a lot of 'Doomers' out there, but I believe we will somehow survive. There are two possible ways our civilization will end that the psychic community never seems to mention. One is from GMOs creating toxins in our food or transferring DNA to us or to bacteria and all of these channels end up making people sick. Another is that we are gradually but inevitably running out of fossil fuels so our current industries and transportation in a few decades will no longer work. What do you see in this area?

8:07 PM - In my mind I keep getting snapshots of old fashioned military leaders, I am seeing like Hitler on the TV in black and white, and I see other military figures like yelling and pointing their fingers, and I feel one of the biggest challenges we will have to over come is a power hungry society in which we destroy each other to obtain power.  And the trickle down affect of that is, that while the rich elite people are destroying each other, it is ruining our land and I am seeing vast open areas of dirt, but it is like nothing can grow.  And it looks like destruction and pollution will make vegetation die in areas that once thrived.

And it does not look like a bomb, it looks more stealth like to me, like it is coming from the air, like the snow flakes did in the Wizard of Oz in the poppy field.  I feel like the rich people do not feel as concerned because even in devastated areas these manufactured seeds will have traits that still allow them to grow, and even though the food that is grown from these seeds is edible, I do think they lack some certain nutritional qualities.....So people, the rich people, are not going to starve, and I do not feel like they look too much towards the future but more for the here and the now.  And to go back to these manufactured seeds, I am looking at a normal grape cut in half, and then I see a manufactured grape cut in half.  And it is almost like when you zoom in on it, the size of the fake grape is twice as much and very visually appealing, but the cells look swollen, like they have some water added to it, which gives it the illusion of looking juicier than it really is or nourishing   And this food become scarce because of all this destruction, I see the costs going way high, maybe triple what it is now, but that high income bracket does not care because they can still afford it and they own the companies making the fake food so it all goes back to them anyway.  So I feel like starvation is going to be one of the big issues.

Q-Do you see us running out of fossil fuels anytime soon.
A-I do not see it soon, I feel like we are looking at the late 2020's and the year 2027 just popped out to me.

Q-Do you see any green movements beginning before this time?
A-I see a ton of windmills, much more dominate than solar.  So I feel like there is going to be a big effort toward wind energy.  And I feel like it is going to be around the perimeter of farm fields and in my mind I see it as, instead of people using tree lines or fences to define their properties I feel like it is going to be rows of windmills.

Q-In 2027 what type of housing will be common?
A-I am getting an image of a house that made of concrete, but the outside is smeared in texture that looks like stucco and it is all around the house, not just decorative, and it looks like the tops are rounded there are no shingle, it is on cohesive concrete unit.  Like a very fancy igloo.

Q-What will be people's primary concerns in 2027?
A-My initial thought was food, but more like the quality than the quantity.  It is almost..I am getting the sense that some kind of like scandal or duping went on where something was not regulated or people found out they were not really eating what they believed they were there is this big worry and people do not really truth their food unless they grow it.  And then the second thing, I am seeing this image of the Lorax.  And people in that town were always worried about the quality of their air.  And even though they could not see the air they just knew that they did not have quality of air, and in the Lorax they would even buy fresh air, so I feel like the quality of our air in 2027 will be an issue.

Q-What will religion be like?
A-It is like I see it still being there, but it is not as emphasized, I do not see it being as dominate in political debates either.  Almost like our society is so blended with so many religions, that there is these tiny groups of various religions but there is not this super collective power of one religion that everyone wants you to believe in.

Q-Do you see government and politics in the same roles?
A-It is kind of weird I feel like government and politics is almost like a job, like a business...I am seeing wall street and the stock market.  Almost like it becomes part of wall street is what it looks like.  Like they are hired to do a job.

Q-So no more voting and elections, they just come clean and working lobbyists?
A-I still see voting, but the image is that the business is not handled at the white house, it is like they are at wall street making decisions with other...I want to say bankers but I keep seeing the stock market....I just feel like all this business is being handle NOT in Washington.  Government and politics has to have something with the New York stock exchange because I keep seeing various images related to it.  I am seeing the ticker that goes across the bottom of your TV screen and I keep seeing like a black board with lights spelling out NYSE, so blatant that it like I am supposed to know what that means, but I just keep seeing it over and over.  There is definitely a connection.

Q-Will money and greed still be the primary human motivator?
A-I see it more like money and power, and I feel like we go through some acquisition plan where we want to try to obtain some smaller countries and call them US territories.  I am seeing that spelled out in italics.

Q-Will people still need a college degree for employment or will experience take precedent?
A-I feel like we are going to go back to the practicality of certificates and like technical degrees, not necessarily a four year degree but maybe like an 18 month program.  And I keep hearing the name "journeyman" which I think is what an electrician does by getting some sort of a certification in the beginning and learning through experience.  So I see us going back to that type of education.

Q-What in your opinion is the doom we SHOULD fear in the near future?
A-I feel that some of the people in the upper class, and I am talking upper 5-10% of wealth.  That make their money based on the sweat of the lower class people and that continue to get rich, and hoard their money, are the real threat to society.  I mean the continue to perpetuate a problem because as long as they keep getting richer, the poor get poorer and without reinvesting and allow wages to be higher, and allowing for proper medical care, and proper and safe housing the poor will eventually get to the point where they have nothing to lose.  And desperate people will do desperate things.  But I find more fault with the greedy rich people, than the poor people who were taken advantage of, and through redistribution of wealth, this problem could be eliminated, but the people with the money have become so powerful that they are virtually untouchable.  And to better understand what I am saying, if anyone has time there is a movie called Zeitgeist, that is well worth watching, and it will actually leave you a changed person, and help you understand the way the world as a whole interacts.
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I have been studying ancient Egyptian and Sumerian history and am curious about why they used animal heads - birds, alligators and lions - in place of human ones atop their bodies. I don't buy the story that they just stuck an animal there because it was illegal to depict the Gods. I suspect these "Gods" were genetically engineered using animal DNA. In that regard, what is the link between fish and the God Dagon?

8:43 PM - Hmm..Hm....I do not see the use of human heads or the legality of it having anything to do with using animal heads.  I see high people in society using various animals heads more as form of intimidation and to show rank.  As I see this practice being done, and I put my self within these peoples shoes, it is done for this feeling of superiority   Like everyone has a human head, so to add a human head has no significance.  But when you cross the line and add an animal, it is almost like an ego thing that you want people to view you as godlike.  I see it more like gold masks that people wore to represent various gods, and really to represent how they wanted people to view them.  I am having a flashback to a video game that took place in old time and people used to where masks that looked like bird beaks.  So I feel like during these times of these ancient Egyptian gods an so forth it was an actual mask, and some of the more extravagant ones, had real animal feathers or fur made into the mask as one unit.

Q-Was that anything special about these people or were they just normal humans?
A-They were normal humans, and to where the mask, it was a title that they had to earn, and I feel like it was not always the same person that wore the mask, as if that mask would be handed down to someone else worthy of the title.  But I don't think it was like how a King or Queen hands a crown down based on birth, it was more of an earned title that this person had to get.

Q-Why were they considered Gods?
A-I am getting that they were mutants of society, but not necessarily in a negative way, and I am seeing when the masks originated, I have a vision of this man who is physically very strong... body-wise extremely built, and he is also extremely intelligent.  But he had this disfigurement to his face where like his nose was like somewhat twisted, and it was like his upper lip did not cover over his teeth the right way, like his teeth were exposed, and it was like some of the elite of the society at this time, knew that this guy would be a phenomenal leader but visually he would NOT be accepted.  So like that was the first person who began this whole mask thing.

Q-Do you have anything else to add to this reading in general?
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Monday, February 4, 2013

Hello. I have heard that there exists a 'Stargate', for want of a better word in the Pirin mountains in Bulgaria. This is supposedly very ancient technology. Please could you share with me the validity of this. I am not looking for the exact location but simply confirmation one way or the other.

7:50 PM - I do see a guy, and he is standing on a mountaintop, and he has his arms stretched out wide...this beam of light shines down on him...but the odd thing about the light looks like it has particles of all different colors within the the strange light shines down on the guy...and it is almost like he vanishes, but as he does his body turns into these strange light particles and then he travels up this beam of light into the sky.  And I feel like this does exist, but it is not open all the is like the moon and the stars have to be in a special alignment and it is like a meditation has to occur for this to happen.  And this guy is making some sort of humming noise...and I am getting that the reason he has to do that is because it creates a vibration for his entire body and part of the meditation is achieving a certain frequency.  And it is a very low deep bass sound that he is making....As my mind zooms out of this vision a little, I am seeing group of only men, in a circle, surrounding the guy that was teleported out, and the have what looks like, like a horn.  Each of them have a horn and they too are making that deep base humming sound.  I keep asking what has to go on with the moon and stars for it to go on, and the only name I get is Sirius.  Like that constellation has to be dominate during that time frame.  Now I am asking where they go when they disappear.  And what I am getting is that they are experiencing like that level of universal consciousness,  um... almost like and ascension type of experience, and then they come back to earth.  So I not saying that they cannot go anywhere specific, but in this scenario, I feel like they are just experiencing an extremely high form of enlightenment, and then they are returned back to earth.  I see these men sitting in a circle, until the one in the middle is brought back or shows back up.  And when he comes back he actually looks very mean it is like he survives the experience but it takes and incredible toll both physically and mentally.  But it is like his life experience is so much more enriched by this, it is like he has a much higher understanding.  And I feel like after someone has endured all of that, the men that were sitting in the circle, must view this guy as godly or godlike.  Like it is a privileged to touch this person.  Because I see them touching this person, and they can almost feel this output of energy that he exudes.  And there is something significant about the eyes too when they come is like the guy functions as normal, but as I look at his eyes it is like he cannot see with his eyes....but he walks around as any other man.  That is all I see unless you have questions?

Q-When you said horns, animal horns or instrumentals?
A-It...looked like an animal horn, out of like bone, but they were making the noise through the horn.  So it was an animal product but it made a musical type of horn.
Q-Is this stargate a place, location, structure?
A-There was no structure, I tried to focus on the location that I was given, and it came to me as a mountaintop.  Almost like a flat mountaintop.  And it looked grassy, no snow.
Q-Are there other stargate locations, if so where?
A-On a globe I keep seeing the north pole.
Q-Are there any on the Moon or Mars.
A-Hmm..I do not see one to Mars, but now that I have seen the north pole one, I feel like it goes to one spot on the moon.  But it is strange because the way that it connects to it does not hit the bottom like a lollipop in any of the spots, but it looks like and elevator that hits it like close to it's equator.  Like it would if it were a lowercase letter q.
Q-So you feel the stargate on the north connects to the moon?
A-Yes....but the thing I was focusing on in Bulgaria, that was more like a some awesome spiritual enlightening thing.
Q-Can a stargate take you to specific location, and or be used to travel to the future or into the past?
A-In my mind it looks like an elevator to an existing place in time.  That does not mean...I do not see the other ones, I am only picking up on the ones that take you on our current timeline.  Um, I will say that when I saw the guy kind of dissolve into these different colors of light and have his experience, I feel like he experienced the past the present the future, almost like he became all knowing through his gate.  So I feel like it depends on what gate you use.
Q-Are these gates technological based or natural phenomena.
A-I feel like they are natural, and they have like been here forever.  Like the feel historic to me, very old.
Q-When was the last time one was used?
A-I am getting 1820, and then I am getting something as I look at that picture (picture of fictional SG in this blog) , that all of that stone is just built to symbolize where these things and this phenomena happen, but do not interpret that circular stone as being a gate itself, because the gate comes from above, it is not like something that you walk through.  And it was like it was angry.  It was like it was angry as I was looking at the picture. (misc talk of fictional stargates)
Q-When used in 1820, for what purpose.
A-I got that it was for an enlightenment purpose, and the men that used it at that time they have a religious feel about them, they were wearing like brown kind of like robes, but no belts, and the main thing was they had a beard but only on their chin and in circle, I do not know what that was called.
Q-Did these men contribute to our present civilization in any way, and if so how.
A-....I keep seeing church steeples, a...if they contributed it was some kind of religious contribution.  I do not really see it doing anything for our society, aside from really strengthening their religious path.
Q-Focus on this elevator to moon, can you tell me more about it?
A-I see people that look like astronauts using it.  I feel like we go up there frequently using it.  But I do not see us taking anything there or bringing anything back.  It feels like we travel very fast through this elevator, but it is like the elevator itself pressurizes you that you do not feel the g force behind it.  I will say that the one on the North Pole, now that I am honed in on it is having a man made feeling to it, and it is controlled by some kind of a magnetic field that can be turned off and on.  The one in Bulgaria 100% natural, but this one I am feeling in the North Pole, it is like they can flip a switch and turn it on and off.  And I do not know what color everybody's space suits are, but the ones being used at the North Pole are bright white, and their helmets are so tinted that they look black and you cannot see through them.  And I am getting because it is so bright that it would blind you.
Q-Who controls this elevator?
A-The UN..that is weird.  Ya, I feel like they dictate the when and how.
Q-Why has this not been mentioned to the public.
A-It is something about the public is not ready for it yet, they still have a lot that they need to do in research, they do not want to have to answer questions, I feel like they may entertain trying to put a colony up there, but they do not want the bombardment of it.
Q-That don't make sense?
A-It made sense in my head.
Q-What do they do when go there?
A-I feel like they have meetings with people that already live there.  It is not like a colony that supports everyday life, but there is research teams that live there and it is like they go there to have discussions to get like progress notes.
Q-How often do we travel there?
A-I feel like it is once a month we go there.  And I am getting that is why we abandoned the space shuttle program, because we found a more efficient means of going to the moon.
Q-Is our base on the dark or light side of the moon?
A-I am getting that we have a little on the dark and light side, and if you look at the moon, it is on the east most point, it would be at right at 3:00 position.
Q-Is this elevator mechanical or magnetic, what is it made of?
A-Ok, it is coming to me that it is magnetic, and when they turn it on it creates some kind of anti-gravity spot that forms a vacuum...and those are like the underlying principals of how this works.
Q-Going back to the Bulgarian Stargate, when will the Sirius constellation and conditions be right for enlightenment?
A-Hmm...It is something about that it happens in March, the solstice, because as we approach spring, it is the time of new growth, so I feel like it will sometime near the end of March.
Q-So it an annual occurrence?
Q-In previous readings you mentioned alien life on the moon, how do they feel about monthly visits?
A-We do not interact with them, in fact I was thinking about them this reading.  And they have a certain area on the dark side of the moon, that as long as we do not cross that boundary they are ok with us being there.
Q-What is the purpose of the moon?
A-It is like I am hearing that it is a balance of energies, it is there to keep earth like at an equilibrium.
Q-How do you feel about this reading and do you have any comments or anything else to add?
A-Um, it was interesting, I do not know if it was accurate but it was clear to me, and that is really it.
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