Monday, February 11, 2013

There are a lot of 'Doomers' out there, but I believe we will somehow survive. There are two possible ways our civilization will end that the psychic community never seems to mention. One is from GMOs creating toxins in our food or transferring DNA to us or to bacteria and all of these channels end up making people sick. Another is that we are gradually but inevitably running out of fossil fuels so our current industries and transportation in a few decades will no longer work. What do you see in this area?

8:07 PM - In my mind I keep getting snapshots of old fashioned military leaders, I am seeing like Hitler on the TV in black and white, and I see other military figures like yelling and pointing their fingers, and I feel one of the biggest challenges we will have to over come is a power hungry society in which we destroy each other to obtain power.  And the trickle down affect of that is, that while the rich elite people are destroying each other, it is ruining our land and I am seeing vast open areas of dirt, but it is like nothing can grow.  And it looks like destruction and pollution will make vegetation die in areas that once thrived.

And it does not look like a bomb, it looks more stealth like to me, like it is coming from the air, like the snow flakes did in the Wizard of Oz in the poppy field.  I feel like the rich people do not feel as concerned because even in devastated areas these manufactured seeds will have traits that still allow them to grow, and even though the food that is grown from these seeds is edible, I do think they lack some certain nutritional qualities.....So people, the rich people, are not going to starve, and I do not feel like they look too much towards the future but more for the here and the now.  And to go back to these manufactured seeds, I am looking at a normal grape cut in half, and then I see a manufactured grape cut in half.  And it is almost like when you zoom in on it, the size of the fake grape is twice as much and very visually appealing, but the cells look swollen, like they have some water added to it, which gives it the illusion of looking juicier than it really is or nourishing   And this food become scarce because of all this destruction, I see the costs going way high, maybe triple what it is now, but that high income bracket does not care because they can still afford it and they own the companies making the fake food so it all goes back to them anyway.  So I feel like starvation is going to be one of the big issues.

Q-Do you see us running out of fossil fuels anytime soon.
A-I do not see it soon, I feel like we are looking at the late 2020's and the year 2027 just popped out to me.

Q-Do you see any green movements beginning before this time?
A-I see a ton of windmills, much more dominate than solar.  So I feel like there is going to be a big effort toward wind energy.  And I feel like it is going to be around the perimeter of farm fields and in my mind I see it as, instead of people using tree lines or fences to define their properties I feel like it is going to be rows of windmills.

Q-In 2027 what type of housing will be common?
A-I am getting an image of a house that made of concrete, but the outside is smeared in texture that looks like stucco and it is all around the house, not just decorative, and it looks like the tops are rounded there are no shingle, it is on cohesive concrete unit.  Like a very fancy igloo.

Q-What will be people's primary concerns in 2027?
A-My initial thought was food, but more like the quality than the quantity.  It is almost..I am getting the sense that some kind of like scandal or duping went on where something was not regulated or people found out they were not really eating what they believed they were there is this big worry and people do not really truth their food unless they grow it.  And then the second thing, I am seeing this image of the Lorax.  And people in that town were always worried about the quality of their air.  And even though they could not see the air they just knew that they did not have quality of air, and in the Lorax they would even buy fresh air, so I feel like the quality of our air in 2027 will be an issue.

Q-What will religion be like?
A-It is like I see it still being there, but it is not as emphasized, I do not see it being as dominate in political debates either.  Almost like our society is so blended with so many religions, that there is these tiny groups of various religions but there is not this super collective power of one religion that everyone wants you to believe in.

Q-Do you see government and politics in the same roles?
A-It is kind of weird I feel like government and politics is almost like a job, like a business...I am seeing wall street and the stock market.  Almost like it becomes part of wall street is what it looks like.  Like they are hired to do a job.

Q-So no more voting and elections, they just come clean and working lobbyists?
A-I still see voting, but the image is that the business is not handled at the white house, it is like they are at wall street making decisions with other...I want to say bankers but I keep seeing the stock market....I just feel like all this business is being handle NOT in Washington.  Government and politics has to have something with the New York stock exchange because I keep seeing various images related to it.  I am seeing the ticker that goes across the bottom of your TV screen and I keep seeing like a black board with lights spelling out NYSE, so blatant that it like I am supposed to know what that means, but I just keep seeing it over and over.  There is definitely a connection.

Q-Will money and greed still be the primary human motivator?
A-I see it more like money and power, and I feel like we go through some acquisition plan where we want to try to obtain some smaller countries and call them US territories.  I am seeing that spelled out in italics.

Q-Will people still need a college degree for employment or will experience take precedent?
A-I feel like we are going to go back to the practicality of certificates and like technical degrees, not necessarily a four year degree but maybe like an 18 month program.  And I keep hearing the name "journeyman" which I think is what an electrician does by getting some sort of a certification in the beginning and learning through experience.  So I see us going back to that type of education.

Q-What in your opinion is the doom we SHOULD fear in the near future?
A-I feel that some of the people in the upper class, and I am talking upper 5-10% of wealth.  That make their money based on the sweat of the lower class people and that continue to get rich, and hoard their money, are the real threat to society.  I mean the continue to perpetuate a problem because as long as they keep getting richer, the poor get poorer and without reinvesting and allow wages to be higher, and allowing for proper medical care, and proper and safe housing the poor will eventually get to the point where they have nothing to lose.  And desperate people will do desperate things.  But I find more fault with the greedy rich people, than the poor people who were taken advantage of, and through redistribution of wealth, this problem could be eliminated, but the people with the money have become so powerful that they are virtually untouchable.  And to better understand what I am saying, if anyone has time there is a movie called Zeitgeist, that is well worth watching, and it will actually leave you a changed person, and help you understand the way the world as a whole interacts.
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