Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I have been studying ancient Egyptian and Sumerian history and am curious about why they used animal heads - birds, alligators and lions - in place of human ones atop their bodies. I don't buy the story that they just stuck an animal there because it was illegal to depict the Gods. I suspect these "Gods" were genetically engineered using animal DNA. In that regard, what is the link between fish and the God Dagon?

8:43 PM - Hmm..Hm....I do not see the use of human heads or the legality of it having anything to do with using animal heads.  I see high people in society using various animals heads more as form of intimidation and to show rank.  As I see this practice being done, and I put my self within these peoples shoes, it is done for this feeling of superiority   Like everyone has a human head, so to add a human head has no significance.  But when you cross the line and add an animal, it is almost like an ego thing that you want people to view you as godlike.  I see it more like gold masks that people wore to represent various gods, and really to represent how they wanted people to view them.  I am having a flashback to a video game that took place in old time and people used to where masks that looked like bird beaks.  So I feel like during these times of these ancient Egyptian gods an so forth it was an actual mask, and some of the more extravagant ones, had real animal feathers or fur made into the mask as one unit.

Q-Was that anything special about these people or were they just normal humans?
A-They were normal humans, and to where the mask, it was a title that they had to earn, and I feel like it was not always the same person that wore the mask, as if that mask would be handed down to someone else worthy of the title.  But I don't think it was like how a King or Queen hands a crown down based on birth, it was more of an earned title that this person had to get.

Q-Why were they considered Gods?
A-I am getting that they were mutants of society, but not necessarily in a negative way, and I am seeing when the masks originated, I have a vision of this man who is physically very strong... body-wise extremely built, and he is also extremely intelligent.  But he had this disfigurement to his face where like his nose was like somewhat twisted, and it was like his upper lip did not cover over his teeth the right way, like his teeth were exposed, and it was like some of the elite of the society at this time, knew that this guy would be a phenomenal leader but visually he would NOT be accepted.  So like that was the first person who began this whole mask thing.

Q-Do you have anything else to add to this reading in general?
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Anonymous said...

The fact of the matter is that such imagery was solely of an esoteric nature. A man with a lion head or a lion with a man's head, etc. were symbols for deep spiritual truths. It is an error to look upon everything from the ancient world in a purely materialistic manner. The "gods" were those spiritual beings whom the ancients perceived with their instinctive clairvoyance. The gods were never physically perceptible nor subject to the laws of DNA.

Psychic Focus said...

I do feel there is much more to the reading... I think my frame of mind when I did this really limited me..

Anonymous said...

I was not so much commenting upon the Answer, as I was the Question. We need to guard against the error of looking back upon the peoples of the ancient world as we look upon ourselves today. Human consciousness is evolving, and therefore the nature and constitution of the consciousness of the ancient Egyptians was entirely different from the consciousness we experience in AD 2013. The peoples of the past were not so deeply immersed within the physical world as we are; and, because of this, they perceived far more of the spiritual side of themselves, the Earth, and the Cosmos, than we can perceive with our more limited perception. The possessed a sort of natural, instinctive clairvoyance, which has gradually faded away within humanity as we pass into new phases of spiritual evolution. These ancients could see and experience the "gods." They knew that there are spiritual beings directing the Cosmos and Earth, and they interacted and communicated with these lofty beings. However, we must emphasize that these "gods" were not physical beings, not incarnate, not subject to the laws of DNA or genetic experimentation. The gods "engineered" us, not we them. Blessings.

Psychic Focus said...

I would completely agree with that too.

Susan said...

Having visited Egypt recently, I encountered many experiences that left no doubt in my mind about the following... There are at least two timelines of Egyptians to look at.

Although the latter still had knowledge, they were like the rest of the world - merging with a new mode of time, in which the 'physical' has dominance. Hence the self importance that was picked up by PF in the reading of the masks. Somewhere along the way there was a corruption to mankind that affected not only the Egyptians but most people. This isn't to say everyone was affected, but yes the majority moved away from the knowledge of who they are. Moved away from truth. I also feel this is not wrong, even if it appears wrong to be severed as a society from our true nature. Our magic. It has a purpose...

What interests me with the Egyptians is the timeline before this... When these Egyptians had the strong connecting link with spirit, aware of mankind's magic. They were more advanced back then, than all the billions of us in our modern world, in terms of awareness. Yes humans are evolving but their awareness was lightyears deeper that ours!

I think these two timelines get mixed up sometimes. I feel the more ancient Egyptians are more 'veiled' as we can relate more to the thinking patterns of the latter Egyptians.... We just don't know much about the earlier Egyptians that words can easily describe, but I did witness some of their magic! And I feel happy that beings like that walked our planet. They were very different to the latter Egyptians who get credited for the works they mearly inherited. To their credit, they built apon them, but the knowledge and awareness clearly diluted.

Maybe whoever the earlier Egyptians were... They left us (our earth) for something else...