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Would it be possible for you to focus on the Antikythera mechanism that was discovered by sponge divers in a ship wreck. It seems to be some kind of machine but no one knows what it was used for. It interesting to find out what it was used for who made it and where did it come from. Also can you focus on the geared mechanism that was found embedded in rock In Kamchatka Russia. It's been dated as 4 million years old. I would like to know what kind of machine was it how did it get there and the date indicates that there was a civilization Long ago that seems to have been destroyed an forgotten about anything on these will be much appreciated. Thanks

8:16 PM - ........Alright it is coming to me slowly...I am getting that an ancient civilization, and it feels like Egyptian to me was trying to make a flying machine....I feel like I could draw it easier than I could describe it...and they were testing it over water when it crashed.  They were inspired and wanted to build this machine to mimic some of the UFOs that they had seen during that time.  They knew flight was capable, but they just did not have advanced technology....I feel like I need to sketch this out...(Getting paper to sketch on)
It feels like a primitive yet sophisticated hot air balloon, but the top of it is stretched tight with fabric like a kite, and the bottom is a container that looks like it holds two people and they can either sit and use their hands to work the pedals or they can use their feet to work the pedals.  And the pedals are geared to rotate the fan blades beneath the top.

And it looks like what they do when they are powering this is they somehow use the fan blades at the top to control direction and elevation.

Q-What part was the Antikythera
A-I feel it was part of the part that controlled the fan blades at the top

Q-Did this device ever achieve flight?
A-I am getting that it did, and what happened was they were flying over water and there was a large wind gust, and even though they had practiced over land several times, wind that is over top of water has a different dynamic and it like... I see like a gust upwards and it took the flying machine down almost sideways and it could not be recovered.

Q-How old is this machine?
A-I am getting like 4000-5000 B.C.

Q-Who invented it, or which civilization?
A-Definitely Egyptian, that is what I keep seeing.

Q-Where there other complex devices similar to this?
A-I am getting that during that time it was like a prosperous time for them, and they were going through and era of like innovation, they had a lot of smart scientific people in their civilization.  I am getting there was like a team that put this flying machine together...and I am getting that another team was working on some kind of sophisticated telescope or some way to look at the stars, and it was like a REALLY big deal.

Q-Also can you focus on the geared mechanism that was found embedded in rock In Kamchatka Russia.  (Then discussion on crinoid stems)
A-Let me just think about it.....when I focus on that , I see like a big muddy marsh, I see tons of plants, and then I get the image of a gobs of pill bugs like you would find in your basement.  

So I am actually leaning toward the crinoid stem, but I could be wrong.  I feel it is I feel like it was once living and it was a carbon based organic thing.  I mean I am seeing a big brontosaurus so I feel like they could even be from a time when the dinosaurs were here.

Q-There have been other artifacts such as metallic hammers, screws etc found in ancient rock, even aluminum which does not naturally exist.  How did these become embedded in ancient rock.
A-I keep getting that we figured out, WE meaning ancient human civilizations, how to super heat iron and mold it to make tools.  I cannot see anything on aluminium.  Do you know that it was aluminum that was found?  I keep getting iron.

Q-I am not sure.
A-I keep seeing that ancient civilizations used iron to enhance their tools and make them more durable an effective.

Q-No my question is in regards to modern object being found in ancient rock, example a vase found in a mountain side that the rock was 100,000 years old, or a spoon found embedded in a chunk of coal.  How do these objects get there?
A-I just got an eerie feeling come over me, and I am being told it was from a past civilization that was not as large as us currently, or as advanced.  But they got to where they were able to manufacture things and had kind of simple lifestyles.  But that civilization died, and people lived on different continents, but since they were not as technically evolved as we are now they went through some kind of a climate change and many of them died.  A lot of the land got reset, overgrown, and those are items that are beginning to be uncovered.

I am getting that there are a lot more things if we were to dig really deep, even like a 100 feet deep.  Because with all the climate changes and weather, dust accumulation, there are many layers above that ancient civilization.

Q-So our current civilization basically just reinvented many of the lost items?
A-Kind of yes, but what you have to remember is that not everyone died, even though it was ancient times, there were still some survivors, so from generation to generation I am getting that there was like this conscious knowledge passed down, and even though some civilizations could not comprehend how to make something, like they could not even wrap their head around it, the knew it was possible.

Eventually, it came to be a reality.  Kind of like if we were wiped out, we would use the tools that we already made, but we would  not necessarily start a spoon factory in the next however many years.  I guess that is how it is relating in my brain.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for reading! Also interesting to discover new information, i remember seeing in pictures of Egyptian pyramid walls that had what seems like flying machines.

Anonymous said...

There are two comets, Ison and comet Pan-STARRS that will be visible in northern hemisphere in March.

Anonymous said...

This device is about 3000 years old, was used as a navigation device for boat. Was built in a lost city in today's Turkey. Person made a scribe, calendar, and fire starting devices too. Also a coin trick device and a mechanical toy fish.

Anonymous said...

the Antikythera has been extensively x-rayed, thermally studied and recreated. it was a complex model of our solar system as known at that time. It had nothing to do with a flying machine and the tiny gears in the photo could not have been used to turn paddle wheels. This may have been 'part' of a hot air machine, but not a piece of the mechanicals. Love your red comet stuff though... and would like to hear moreabout when we can see it