Thursday, June 17, 2021

SubscribeStar: Louise Penny

Q.  Dear Lynn,  Louise Penny is one of my favorite authors, and I overlook that she so blindly follows orders. For several months she's given updates on the book she's co-writing with "her long time good friend Hillary Clinton." Who exactly is Louise communicating with? It's my understanding HRC is on ice somewhere awaiting trial or serving the sentence. And if she's a long time good friend and if this isn't HRC, how is Louise Penny so easily fooled? [Yes, re-read my first sentence and I suppose that's my answer!]  Thank you dear heart ❤️ 

A. To see my response to the above and video discussion, please visit me on SubscribeStar. *If I ever select your question for a SubscribeStar post, and you don't have access, please reach out to me for a copy. 

Love and light (and Lots of Gratitude), Lynn

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